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Terrano running slow when check engine light comes on

Subject : Terrano running slow when check engine light comes on
Hello all, I use a Nissan Terrano 2 automatic transmission with ZD30 engine.I've noticed some few things with my car lately that I want solution for:
1-The automatic transmission selection is slow to pick when driving.
2-When on Parking or Neutral, there is an unusual noise which comes from the gearbox
3-Very slow unnecessarily when climbing the slightest of a hill
4-When driving and I accelerate beyond 110kph, the check engine light comes up and when I stop momentarily, it becomes difficult to move unless I press on the accelerator fully before it moves and it behaves like that until I turn-off the engine and turn it back on then the check engine goes off and it becomes normal
5-Generally, its performance is slow and driving it is so so annoying.

My mechanic suggested a change of air flow meter/sensor but to no avail...I'm seriously stressed about this car......Please help!!!! thanks

Accra, Ghana, UK

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