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1997 terrano 2.7tdi auto trans

Subject : 1997 terrano 2.7tdi auto trans
Hi guys

Having some issues with my 1997 terrano 2.7tdi auto ( only 150000k) r50.
I've been noticing a lag when going from reverse to drive, with the box taking longer than it should to engage. Say 1-2 seconds. Gotta be careful to let it engage before giving it any juce or it'll make a bit of a clunky groany sound that I don't like and jerk.

Other than that it goes pretty well.

Anyway i got it looked at at a trans service place and what do you know they found some metal filings when they dropped the pan. Bugger.

So, any ideas on what the root issue is?
Have been estimated up to 4k to fix (o god), it would be good to know more before jumping into that...

And then ideas on what to do about it... fix, leave it, flick it, get a new trans (where from?), general advice would be awesome.

Thanks in advance, it's cool to see the level of help you guys are giving out here.

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

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