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Electric cooling fan

Subject : Electric cooling fan
Take a good hard look at the space available between the water pump pulley and the radiator after you have taken away the fan itself and the viscous coupling.
Measure it.
Now try and find any thin electric fan of any brand which will fit there.

When you find it, buy it.

You will also have to purchase a fitting that inserts in your top radiator hose and which houses a temp sensor, and wire that to a variable
switch gizmo with relays so you can set the on and off temps for the electric fan.
Plus wiring in the fans themselves including fuses etc.

The theoretical size limit for the electric fan is one that covers the largest amount of the radiator.

You don't have to go by the size of the present shroud as the electric fan sucks up right against the core, and when it is not working air flows through from the vehicle's forward movement.

Whereas the viscous fan has to have a certain amount of clearance to cope with the possibility of the engine moving both sideways and back and forth, hence the plastic fan shroud....

It's not a great deal of trouble to take the radiator out (disconnect the auto trans hoses of course0 and replace the viscous fan coupling..usually they come attached to a new water pump as well.
Look up the youtube videos on how to repair and set the viscous coupling to work properly.


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