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rear passenger window won't open

Subject : rear passenger window won't open
Could be coincidence, the motor could have burnt out, the module in the door which senses obstructions could have fritzed itself, there may be no power getting to that door, the lead in wire 9look for a rubber coated couple of wires going from the pillar to the door) may have been broken for one reason or another, the switch either in the driver's control or on the door itself could be will need to get out the voltage meter and see what is going on. The motor is common to a lot of Nissans, you just have to get the one that is for the right or left hand side of the car (opposite rotation). The serial number on the motor will tell you which to get from a wreckers..simple to disassemble the door, take out the motorised track and replace the motor when it is out of the car.

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