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AT malfunction

Subject : AT malfunction
I, too, have and am still experiencing the old "sticks in first when cold, especially after coming to a stop at traffic lights within 2 km of home"
My solution which has worked so far is to pull to the side of the road, engage reverse and back up 10 metres. This seems to loosen up whatever is sticking in the auto and it then drives normally for the rest of the day, week, month...until unpredictably the the problem hits again.
you have done what I did, new filter, new fluid, and I even fitted an extra in line filter with a magnet as well as pleated paper core to eliminate all possible ferrous particles etc down to X microns.
I will see if I can locate a problem flow chart re the trans and let you know what i find.
Others may have the same problem and a (hopefully) simple and cheap solution.


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