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Believe it or not, Steve, it is the bushes at the ends of the radius arms, which being OEM rubber, degrade and allow the axle to move forwards and backwards under acceleration and deceleration..but not equally at each side, thereby steering the vehicle causing it to "wobble".
But you need to replace the panhard rod bushes, too.
You will need a very good hydraulic press because the rubber bushes are surrounded by a steel sleeve, and the steel sleeves rust very solidly into the bush formed in the radius arm.
Using a hyrdraulic 20 ton press with a socket just the right size to exert pressure on the edge of the bush sleeve...scary but doable, and be prepared for a big bang when the rust loses it's grip...
Supercheap or Repco can order all the bushes in, or if you know the right people in the trade it shouldn't take long to source them. they are also advertised on TME, of course.
I used Nolathane from Aussie, so far have only done the lower control arms, the upper are shorter so have less effect on the steering, and as OEM they have lasted over 220k without signs of cracking.
plenty of Google-Fu will get some amazing complaints made to the National Tranportation authority by Americans that have been scared to death of their killer vehicle, have replaced everything they thought could be causing it, only to finally find that they could have replaced the offending bushes by buying and then fitting ready made new arms in a couple of hours.......
They are normal maintenance items, they are rubber and they wear out.
Have fun....


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