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ABS Light

Subject : ABS Light
Did you disconnect battery depress brake pedal count to 30 with it depressed
This clears codes from system.
OBD11 useless I to have the Mazda conversion lead and scanner. Only way forward is to get it in on a £1000 machine
Clearing codes may help
Or google Mazda mx5 diagnostic wire. Either make one with 12 volt neon or buy it fabricated from eBay Count the flashes and pauses and Google Ranger / Mazda B2500 results
Follow the connection instructions and it does work. Don't rush as its live wires and could cook the fuses etc.
The flash cycle is repeated in a continuous loop
I have the full Ford/Mazda workshop manual on CD as PDF files
No diagnostics though £9.00 email
All the best

Glos, Shire, UK

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