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Subject : stalling
The stalling after a couple of minutes: are you actually driving along at over 20mph, or under 20 and / or coming to a stop or trying to accelerate away?
The reason behind the question is that the starting on the button means the glow plugs are obviously working at the start; however there is a tricky little relay which activates until the temperature of the coolant reaches 50c, or the speed of the vehicle reaches/exceeds 20mph.
This relay cycles the glow plugs to keep "the fire lit", so to speak.
How quickly can you restart after the engine stops?
When the engine is warmed up, normal operating temperature, is there any stalling/stuttering then?
Have you recently done any maintenance, e.g. changed fuel filter, changed battery etc etc?
You could test the operation of the glow plugs by connecting a multi meter to the buss bar that connects all the plugs together and noting the voltage at start, and the lower voltage that occurs when the relay cycles the glow plugs at a lower voltage until the parameters are met to cease operation...


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