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3.0 patrol

Subject : 3.0 patrol
You have two choices...
if you are happy at all other times with the performance of the vehicle,but it is too underpowered for towing...reduce the size of the caravan, or slow down and enjoy life in the slow lane.

If you can't stand the performance of the vehicle overall, and it's getting you down, change your vehicle to one with higher horsepower.
The 3.0 is known to be weak on horsepower, and in Aus and NZ has the least hp of all it's competitors.

You can't change that.
You could install a new more powerful engine, but you would create an orphan.

Your choice.
Spend money on better cooling system, new radiator, extra electric fans, aux engine oil cooler and extra large auto trans cooler (with fans) and still lack hp uphill, or change the vehicle....


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