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ROCKY 1993 no 4x4?

Subject : ROCKY 1993 no 4x4?
i a 1993 rocky 2.8 2 door, 4 wheel drive wasnt working so i was told to change the automatic wheel hubs as they have a tendancy to buger up, did this and my 4 wheel drive is still not working , tried it just in 4h mode off the switch i can hear it engageing in the box but still doesnt work, ive tried low on the leaver it goes into low mode but still doesnt engage front wheels !!! tried it with switch and leaver in on postioins and still nothing !!! THIS IS DRIVING ME SPARE !!! its a great little jeep but i deaperately need the 4x4 to work can anyone give me some sugestions what to do? PLEASE
dumfries, dumfries and galloway, UK

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