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Subject : Engine cutting out at low revs when warm
My Challenger has just started the nasty habit of cutting out at an intersection when stopped. The revs are low & the engine is warm. It is fine when I start up in the morning but after about 15 mins driving she nods off in the queue...any ideas anyone??
Brooklet, NSW, Australia - Tue 31st March 2015 09:08am (GMT)
Subject : clutch problem

nairobi, kenya, kenya - Tue 31st March 2015 08:22am (GMT)
Subject : kyron viscous fan noise
I am aware of all comments and ctricisms of the whirring noise from the fan. Mine is 2007 which I have only owned for 5 months but I am aware that the frequency of the fan coming in has increased with the slight increase in ambient temperature. I understand this but I foresee that it will become unbearable [to me ]in midsummer. Can the viscous fan be worn and should I expect improvement if replaced with new?
dave foster
- Mon 30th March 2015 04:08pm (GMT)
Subject : Part Number ssangyong Kyron
The Gear oil cooler pipe is leaking and i needed to replace it. Dealer tells me , i got to wait for about 2 weeks, can someoe help me with the part number so i can get it on an open market instead of waiting for the dealer?
thank you

Lonod, greater Lonodn, UK - Mon 30th March 2015 03:27pm (GMT)
Subject : Shogun Cutting Out
I have a 2003 Shogun 3.2 did. It has a problem of cutting out as soon as you engage gear (auto box. At first the thought was fuel pump, tank etc but all this has proved to be good. Even off a separate fuel supply it revs, returns to tick over, but as soon as drive is selected it dies. Any ideas please?
Robert Price
Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, UK - Thu 26th March 2015 06:58am (GMT)
Subject : Door mirror Leds
My 2009 led door mirror indicators have stopped working on my suzuki GrandeVitara can any one help me thanks
John leek
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK - Sat 21st March 2015 04:57pm (GMT)
Subject : rear brake cylinders
Hi does any one no which are the write rear brake cylinders for my nissan terrano 11 2.7 tdi estate ,5 door year 1999 thanks
Paul Cullen
swansea, wales, UK - Fri 20th March 2015 03:47pm (GMT)
Subject : rear brake cylinders
Hi does any one no which are the write rear brake cylinders for my nissan terrano 11 2.7 tdi estate ,5 door year 1999 thanks
Paul Cullen
swansea, wales, UK - Fri 20th March 2015 03:27pm (GMT)
Subject : noise after clutch change
I have just had a garage fit a comple clutch kit in my shogun warrior sport after the thrust bearing started to squeal. Since I picked the motor back up I get what people are describing as a 'chatter' which goes when I put my foot on the clutch. I spoke to the garage that fitted the clutch and the only answer I get is that it's 'the nature of the beast!' They all do it!! This didn't do it before so surely it can't be gearbox related or down to gearbox oil change which was done when the clutch was fitted. Any pointers or the smallest amount of help would be greatly appreciated. The only thing I will add us that I am sure it was not fitted with a Mitsubishi original part, but would this make such a noise on tick-over? Many thanks in advance .
Redditch, Worc's, UK - Fri 13th March 2015 01:58pm (GMT)
Subject :
where is the auotmatic gearbox ecu on a 1996 D21 terrano/navara
- NZ - Thu 12th March 2015 04:36am (GMT)
Subject : mitsubishi shogun 2004 3.2 did stuck in 4 wheel drive low

we have the above model. we have an amber light flashing on the dash and no green lights.

all transfer switches are okay. but light will not go off.

any ideas anyone please.

if anyone out there thinks that they know a lot about this model i would appreciate sharing some of your knowledge

rotherham, south yorks, UK - Sun 08th March 2015 04:33pm (GMT)
  • Subject : mitsubishi shogun 2004 3.2 did stuck in 4 wheel drive low
    It was the front ABS speed sensors faults that caused a the amber diff light to flash on my 2003 3.2 did. Did it if you drove more that 50 yards in 4 wheel drive. Computer showed short circuit fault on both front sensors.
    Southampton, Hampshire, UK - Sat 21st March 2015 12:46pm (GMT)

Subject : engine cuts out when driving
Can anyone help.
Its just started ,when driving it it just cuts out and you have to completly stop turn off and then restart and its fine.

dartford , kent, UK - Sat 07th March 2015 09:30pm (GMT)
Subject : Maverick XLT
I'm trying to find a vehicle speed sensor for a 2.0L Maverick XLT. Speedo and milometer not working. Part no. is 4096087 but Ford no longer supply them. have looked on the web but nothing..if anyone has any ideas would appreciate it.

Mike Bird
- Suffolk, UK - Mon 02nd March 2015 04:06pm (GMT)
Subject : mistral 97 warning light for battery a/t oil temp and another one
Hey I was driving my mistral the other day and 3 warning lights all come on at once for battery a/t oil temp and another I think cooling and was wondering if anyone had any ideas to what this could be
Auckland, new Zealand - Sun 01st March 2015 02:56am (GMT)
Subject : musso clutch/immobiliser
Have a 2000 musso. It ran outta clutch fluid. Have had it topped up and bled. So the pedal is resistant again. But cant start the car....would running out of fluid and pedal problems have affected the immobiliser
Glasgow, City of Glasgow, UK - Tue 24th February 2015 03:31pm (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong Actyon, speedometer reading, Vibrating at high speed and glow plug
I have Ssangyong Actyon Sports, 4x4 2008 model. Digital speedometer reading is flicking showing some lose connection. Fuel filter display ( there are two filters ) which one to change)Glow plug was giving signal and now I cant start the vehicle. The starter is making the engine move but doesn't start.If it is the dead glow plug which is not allowing the Van to start then I ave to all the glow plugs. Can any body can give a contact of a co.where I can buy the glow plug, fuel filter etc for my Ssang Actyon Twin cab van.

Suva, Fiji, Fiji Islands - Mon 23rd February 2015 01:35am (GMT)
Subject : Actyon - reverse gear issue
My actyon intermittently doesn't like going into reverse. It's fine when the engine/gearbox are cold but 50/50 when it warms up. It's a 4-speed auto. Anyone had the same problem?


David BT
kuala lumpur, Malaysia - Mon 16th February 2015 05:18am (GMT)
Subject : To change from MPH back to KPH
I have a 1998 3.5 V6 Auto LWB GLS Pajero that I brought from Australia to the UK and the mitsubishi local dealer did some electronic thing to change the speedo to read MPH rather than the original KPH.
I am now taking the faithful stead back to Australia and need to change the speedo reading back to KPH.

Can anyone tell me what electronic wizardry is involved and where it is located. Also, how to change the speedo back to KPH.

Many thanks

Ken Spong
Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK - Sat 14th February 2015 06:19pm (GMT)
Subject : on board display
can any one tell me if i can change the on board mileage display from k/m to miles on the screen .(how many miles left in the tank ) many thanks.
tony booker
marlow, buckinghamshire, UK - Tue 10th February 2015 04:28pm (GMT)
Subject : Fuel gauge
Hi my Vauxhall frontera sport fuel gauge is registering full all the time when the ignition is on, checked the fuses, where do i look now?
colin mcmaster
bulwell, UK - Tue 10th February 2015 11:03am (GMT)
Subject : Rear stop lights
Just updated my 19yr old Pajero for a 56 plate shogun equip 3.2 I want to have the rear high level tail lights connected to the bumper tail lights but cannot get hold of the freflecters/bulb holders, can anyone help?
Barry Harvey
Newcastle, Staffordshire, UK - Mon 09th February 2015 11:50pm (GMT)
Subject : equippe sport
Are these shoguns known for gear box problems or am I just unlucky.
Ipswich, UK - Mon 09th February 2015 09:26am (GMT)
Subject : starting proplem
i have a shogun mk 3 it starts fine but a couple of times just cut out as i start to pull off but starts up agian any ideas
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK - Sat 07th February 2015 03:35pm (GMT)
Subject : washer pump
i would like to know how to change the washer pump on my frontera
bruce puddicombe
yelverton, [Pick One], UK - Thu 05th February 2015 05:00pm (GMT)
Subject : gearbox terrios
will a 2001 terrios auto gearbox fit a 1998 manual terrios
wangarratta, vic, australia - Thu 05th February 2015 01:23pm (GMT)
Subject : 99 Pathfinder
a 99 nissan pathfinder stalls sometimes when driving in 2wd but always works perfectly in 4wd. What could be the issues im facing
Marky D
Roachville, NB, Canada - Tue 03rd February 2015 04:57pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 99 Pathfinder
    More info needed. What engine? What transmission? What happens/what conditions are you running in when the stall happens? Accelerating, or braking? Hot or cold? Wet or dry? Turning/driving straight? Fuel level in tank? uphill/downhill? Overrun?
    NZ - Sat 07th February 2015 11:30am (GMT)

Subject : my temp
my temp gauge is reading 3/4 when driveing but when you put the cluch in it goes down 97 triton 4x4
cooran, qld, australia - Tue 03rd February 2015 12:04pm (GMT)
Subject : engine
My 1995 isuzu bighorn 3.1d engine need changing can you recommend any supplier to me were i can purchase a recondition engine,one that is younger than what in now
Elston Marshall
Bridgetown, st micheal, Barbados - Sat 31st January 2015 03:42pm (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyoung REXTON
Hi can anyone help me out have a couple of things I need or want advise about.
1st. I am looking the signs of REXTON, door sings RX270 and a font bonnet badge.
All badges sign sings are worn out lost their sliver coatings etc
Would great to hear anybody knows where I can get replacments.
2nd I also have a lot of electrical problems continuosly as others have stated on the forum, esp goin, check engine light, all lighter port for electrical keep blowing and the interior some lights dont work to blown.
The main pain is the check engine, and esp going off when car is loade3d with family and bags etc, up and down motorways! temp gauge also drops to 0 until it starts again.
I would be please to hear from anyone on the above two points greatful.

Tim Hart
torre pacheco, murcia, spain - Sat 31st January 2015 01:49pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Ssangyoung REXTON
    all your signs can be bought via ebay mainly from south korea. that's exactly what I did 2 years ago. cheers. Glanny
    glanny naidu
    Richards bay, South Africa, ZA - Tue 24th February 2015 01:52pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Ssangyoung REXTON
    all your signs can be bought via ebay mainly from south korea. that's exactly what I did 2 years ago. cheers. Glanny
    glanny naidu
    Richards bay, South Africa, ZA - Tue 24th February 2015 01:52pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Ssangyoung REXTON
    Hi Torre,
    Happy to help you solve your following problem. "Temp gauge drops to 0 on highway".This can easily be solved by adding coolant. Add engine coolant above marked max. level. Make sure to fill 3 to 4 cm above marked level.
    Check Engine light and shut off Air Conditioner by itself (you should notice if AC is on when temp gauge drops) is a indication of fault and precaution.So this should also solved.
    Please report progress.
    Kapila from Sri Lanka.

    Kapila Jayasundara
    Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka - Fri 20th March 2015 03:44am (GMT)

Subject : qd 32
John , Been a while as have had computer issues . We were away over xmas and on the way home found that if you went to pass a car or clime a hill the auto would chop down to 3rd as it should , then the engine would pull strong untill exactly 3500rpm then it was like the governers were switched on and would not rev past that point . Lots of black smoke as well . Take your foot off the gas for a bit and slow down and then give her the jandal again and yet again pulls well to that same rpm mark .When driving normally it is fine . It dose this when overdrive is on or off. Fuel filters air filters all good . Sounds more like engine management do you think ??


ashburton, nz - Sat 31st January 2015 09:47am (GMT)
  • Subject : qd 32
    Sorry thought my post had not been put up then found your reply
    nz - Sat 31st January 2015 09:49am (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Patrol ZD 30
Can somebody perhaps help with questions I have on the ZD 30 motor.
I have a 2001 Patrol 3.0 with the ZD 30 motor. The motor has blown and I have been offered a ZD 30 from a Neo/Terrano. Are they compatable and will it just bolt on. Any help will be highly appreciated

Dave Faddel
George, South Africa - Fri 30th January 2015 11:02am (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Patrol ZD 30
    Theoretically they should be compatible..but you will have to physically compare them to be sure. Are they the same year? Have you got any friends at a Nissan workshop that you can ask???
    NZ - Sat 31st January 2015 04:37am (GMT)

    • Subject : Nissan Patrol ZD 30
      Thanks for the reply. I see the top plastic cover states that the "new" motor was salvaged from a Neo, I believe around a 2006 model.On the specs web pages I see it is slightly down on power but a full 50Nm down on torque. My concern however is type of diesel pump and basic control system. The Patrol's is said to be not too good hence the nickname of "Hand Grenade" This is mostly blamed on the turbo control system and pressure sensors. This is of concern to me as I don't know if the electronics are compatible, is it bolt in or do I now have to sit with engine management problems.
      Dave Faddel
      George, South Africa, South Africa - Sat 31st January 2015 06:20pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Nissan Patrol ZD 30
        That is why I strongly suggest inquiries with a NISSAN MECHANIC/WORKSHOP...the chance of stumbling across someone on the www who has done this swap out/in and has posted the answers is very slim.
        NZ - Sat 07th February 2015 11:34am (GMT)

Subject :
John Been a while as computer was down and have finally got sorted . Away at xmas and on the way home found that our terrano when you chop down out of overdrive into 3rd and give her the jandal the motor will pull well untill 3500 rpm then it like the governers cut in and wont pull any more revs or accelerate at all . Lots of black smoke when this happens . Now I dont drive at hogh revs all the time so this is not a problem 99 % of the time . No issues at lower rev range under 3500rpm
Possibly engine sensor ? No engine check light on so would a code show up on a scanner ?

Cheers Steve

ashburton, nz - Fri 30th January 2015 10:39am (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Steve, last time that happened to me the fix was to replace the fuel filter. It was full of black crud probably algae...but it was the original Japanese filter and was 90k and 9 years old! How long was your Terrano off the road sittuing idle..in a shed or out in the open?? and was the fuel tank full or only partially full? (think expansion /contraction and water condensation in tank) Can't say we have had all that much rain lately so probably not rain water in the fuel???
    Can you think of any other reason not enough fuel is getting to the injectors at times of high demand? e.g air leak, diaphragm holed on fuel filter pump etc etc?

    NZ - Sat 31st January 2015 04:35am (GMT)

    • Subject :
      Did the fuel filter last november just part of a service . Is shed stored and gets a run probably every couple of weeks . Fuel is from work and is filtered with very good filters as all our tractors and combine are common rail . Its more like an engine sensor telling the engine not to rev above 3500rpm .Only thing I have not done in ages is clean the MAF sensor . If it was starving for fuel would there be lots of black smoke ??
      ashburton, nz - Sat 31st January 2015 09:59am (GMT)

      • Subject :
        My one did smoke something chronic with the clogged filter. I think your idea of cleaning the MAF would be a good start if it has not been done in a while.
        NZ - Mon 02nd February 2015 12:01am (GMT)

Subject : mitusbishi l200 new shape 08
I'm driving this jeep about 8 months know and a few weeks ago engine management light came on so I brought to a mechanical he put on diagnosis but couldn't find any fault so he told me it just needs a good service after a week later it happens again so I brought it to another guy for diagnosis an it reads fault with fuel pressure regulator system is this a common problem for these jeeps and is the symptoms of bad regulator enough to bring on engine light an put jeep into limp home mode as this happens every time I'm stopped at traffic lights and engine is left idioling, I drops back to a maximum of 2000 revs until I turn off the engine and restart it light stays on but revs go back to normal until I stop again and if I keep the revs up while stopped it's ok apart from light being on please help me out with this one cause I'm baffled?????????.
padraigpearce brennan
Dublin , Dublin city , Ireland - Fri 30th January 2015 10:36am (GMT)
  • Subject : mitusbishi l200 new shape 08
    egr valve had the same problim get it took off and cleaned only takes 30 min
    glasgow, lannarkshire, UK - Fri 13th February 2015 08:31pm (GMT)

    • Subject : mitusbishi l200 new shape 08
      mate check the egr valve i live close to you have a diagnostic machine that i can check your egr valve for free i had this problem
      glasgow, UK - Tue 03rd March 2015 10:41pm (GMT)

Subject : kryon
hi,ihave a 2007 kryon m200xdi that goes into limp mode and eml light comes on.fault code for boost pressure comes up,new turbo fitted recently,also changed boost pressure valve on inlet manifold but still does it,has anyone come across this befor????
colin kelly
cork, cork, roi - Wed 28th January 2015 05:18pm (GMT)
Subject : 2003 £ dr Pinin
I would like to convert the fixed rear windows to vent opening is this possible? thanks
Gill Gallagher
Portsmouth, Hampshir, UK - Sun 25th January 2015 05:04pm (GMT)
Subject : l200 warrior 2006
i have owned above vehicle for 6 years now.This problem happened afew years ago once and now again yesterday. Happened both times in cold weather ( 1 degree) and before -5 degrees. Driving along at truck gets to about 50mph and starts pulling and bouncing about.Got told its the fuel freezing in fuel pump.put new fuel filter on 1st time it happened and old filter was all waxed up. was going to renew again . is this the fault or is it something different? how can i prevent from repeating? any ideas?
darlington, durham, UK - Fri 23rd January 2015 03:22pm (GMT)
  • Subject : l200 warrior 2006
    If you look in the manual, in cold weather you can add some unleaded to thin the diesel. Up to 20% rings a bell but do check
    NKT, Sflk, UK - Fri 06th February 2015 05:58pm (GMT)

Subject : Grand Vitara soft brake
My 59 plate 2.4 G Vit has suddenly developed an issue with the brakes, fluid level is fine and there are no warning lights (so assume abs system is ok). Brake pedal is not as firm as it was and randomly the pedal will travel excessive distance before activating brakes, pedal may even travel full distance,other than this the brakes are fully functional, ie no other symptoms, any suggestions please!
Malvern, Worcs, UK - Fri 23rd January 2015 02:00am (GMT)
  • Subject : Grand Vitara soft brake
    There's a star wheel inside the rear drums that you can adjust to take up the wear of your shoes (normally done automatically by a ratchet device near the star wheel). To get the drum off you'll need to buy two 8mm bolts and screw them into the holes in the drum which forces it off.
    Tony Breeze
    Nottingham, Notts, UK - Fri 13th March 2015 06:44am (GMT)

    • Subject : Grand Vitara soft brake
      Thanks for your input, now sorted. It turned out to be the master cylinder, but in the course of investigating also found that the reverse face of all 4 discs were very badly corroded so had all 4 plus pads replaced. Happily all covered by warantee.
      Malvern, UK - Fri 13th March 2015 10:08am (GMT)

Subject : bad starting
2013 3.2 shogun bad starting been back to mitsubishi who say they cant find anything wrong i have had to use easy start spray to get it going any ideasregards roger
Bordon, Hampshire, UK - Thu 22nd January 2015 09:21am (GMT)
  • Subject : bad starting
    do you have the folt as i have one the same

    Sheffield, uk, UK - Fri 30th January 2015 09:06pm (GMT)

Subject : Fan belts breaking
I have a Shogun Sport 2004 plate and the fan belts keep breaking. My mechanic can't find what's causing it. Any ideas please
Sandra Barber
Sheffield, UK - Tue 20th January 2015 02:24pm (GMT)
Subject : indicators
I have a 1997 musso wagon the lhs indicator works fine the rhs comes on and stays on you disconnect the battery for a while and it goes off then after a while it comes back on won't flash or anything just stays on anyone got any ideas please
Brisbane, qld, Australia - Tue 20th January 2015 09:07am (GMT)
Subject : MAVERICK 1994 GREAT RUNNER for sale

I have a M REG 1994 2.7tdi Ford Maverick, Starts and runs great and MOT till end Jan but just failed new mot test (Weld over rear left wheel to chassis needed plus shock absorber and minor bits. Good solid body but laguer peel on part of bonnet. roof bars bull bar pulls like a train (if u can afford that much fuel) is anyone interested for 400 or offer. bill

Northants, UK - Tue 20th January 2015 12:58am (GMT)
Subject : engine temperature not showing on 1998' Shogun
My engine temperature gauge stopped working showing nothing but engine is hot.
It started showing a low reading temporarily then dropped to nothing again

David Madgin
Chard, Somerset, UK - Sun 18th January 2015 09:58am (GMT)
Subject : Intermitant ABS LIght
Hi I have an intermittant ABS light showing.
Works as normal most of the time but then will come on for no apparent reason and will not extinguish.
Happens more in wet weather.
can anyone point me in the right diirection?

graham erskine
Tonbridge, Kent, UK - Fri 16th January 2015 08:08pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Intermitant ABS LIght
    Hi, I used to have this on my "N" reg 2.8 Pajero, found the cause was the plastic filter that sits on top of the brake oil resavoir, cleared the abs fault if removed, no problem with brakes!
    Barry Harvey
    Newcastle, Staffordshire, UK - Mon 09th February 2015 11:59pm (GMT)

Subject : Test
Test, Test, UK - Thu 15th January 2015 09:49am (GMT)
Subject : Diesel Injector Pump Removel
Im having trouble removing my injector pump from my sr5 1993 Toyota Hilux.
Is there anyone out there that can help me please.

Bundaberg, Qld, Australia - Sun 11th January 2015 01:27am (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong kyron alarm
I've got a problem with my ssangyong kyron 06 plate
The alarm keeps going of when I out the indicaters on
Any ideas ??

Warrington, Cheshire, UK - Sat 10th January 2015 08:26pm (GMT)
Subject : Nissan Terrano upgrade to 6 speed G/box
Can anyone tell me what 6 speed gearbox will fit my nissan Terrano 3.0 SVE??
Thurso, Caithness, UK - Thu 08th January 2015 05:09pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Terrano upgrade to 6 speed G/box
    You can make anything fit by throwing enough money and time at it. What are you trying to do? It's not a sports car, so a sixth (overdrive) gear won't help it handle better at higher speeds. The low gear might also not be as low as the gear you now have, so that won't help off road...what are you trying to do???
    NZ - Sun 18th January 2015 09:12am (GMT)

    • Subject : Nissan Terrano upgrade to 6 speed G/box
      I am simply trying to make it more fuel economic. I did try and locate an overdrive unit for it without success, so the question of the 6 speed box came into my mind. Can you help??

      Sandy Bennie
      Thurso, , Caithness, UK - Sun 18th January 2015 04:32pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Nissan Terrano upgrade to 6 speed G/box
        See my first answer. The Terrano is a four wheel drive which weighs more than the average vehicle. It takes energy to move mass..the heavier vehicle can never be as economical as a lighter one unless you change various factors...you already have a diesel engine, it is turbocharged..that's two factors.
        If you build in some other gearbox you will alter the overall gearing and may get better fuel economy on a long trip at steady speeds. But do you use the vehicle for towing a caravan or a horse float? If so, will the gearing suit that task? Most 6 speed gearboxes are manual..are you swapping out an existing manual or trying to convert from auto to manual? In which case it will require a new flywheel etc as well. Your vehicle has a computer to run the electronic fuel injection pump, and an ECU to run the transmission as well if it is an auto gearbox.
        You will be better off deciding to sell the Terrano and buying an economical small car that is set up to get maximum fuel economy..

        NZ - Mon 19th January 2015 11:33pm (GMT)

Subject : Rexton
I have a 2005 ssangyung Reston 2.7 auto I have had for 6 years with no trouble very happy with car just had two new tyres put on front of car still thr old tyres on back just that the car now drives on and off like you just hit a pothole it shudders through the wheels it has been checked can't see any problems I am thinking is it possible that the wheels are not turning at the same rotation giving it this the problem of car shudder now and then because it is in 4wd all the time and if new tyres on front and old on back must be about 2o mm differents on rotation any body got any isoluction to this
Southampton , Hampshire , UK - Tue 06th January 2015 08:18pm (GMT)
Subject : electrical fault
I have a 1997 fortrack which when I connect my new ifor Williams trailer to the 7 pin connector the fog lights comes on and I have one back light on trailer working and one front light, but when I connect a temp lighting board the fog lights does not come on and the board works perfect. I have cjecked the connections and the fog light switch, has anyone encountered such a problem as this, any suggestions would be appreciated
owen thomas
holyhead, Anglesey, UK - Mon 05th January 2015 03:45pm (GMT)
Subject : mitsubishi shogun 3.2 2004 starting problem
struggles to start then wont tick over
then wont start again

checked the primer pump and goes soft.

rotherham, south yorkshire, UK - Sat 03rd January 2015 08:07pm (GMT)
  • Subject : mitsubishi shogun 3.2 2004 starting problem
    have you found the folt as i have the same
    there is no light on just doing the same as yours my number 07976890046 give me your number

    Sheffield, uk, UK - Fri 30th January 2015 08:59pm (GMT)

Subject :
My 2002 mitsubishi montero 4x4 makes a chirping noise when it starts up and when you drives. Trying to find out what it can be
Watauga, US - Sat 27th December 2014 08:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Have you checked the belts. Sounds like one may be worn or loose.
    Accrington, Lancashire, UK - Tue 30th December 2014 09:36pm (GMT)

  • Subject :
    My Delica did this and even thought the crank bolt was firm the crank pully had started moving. Removing the pully shoewed the washer as shiney so slipping back and forth with engine vibration. The pully keyway had also widned increasing the noise with wear. The crank bolt was tight as it had bneen thread sealed. New pully solved the problem.
    Altrincham, Cheshire, UK - Fri 06th February 2015 03:56pm (GMT)

Subject : Problems with changing gears
I have a 09 2.7 Rexton.

Recently the transmission has developed a problem. I can't change gears unless I start the vehicle in gear and don't take my foot completely off the clutch.

This started one night my wife was going to take the Rexton out. She didn't get very far only about 100yards before she stopped the vehicle because she could not change up. And that the clutch pedal was on the floor. and that the "WD4low" light was on.

I got there and lifted the pedal up. the pedal felt stiff. I then put the vehicle in 1st, started the vehicle as it lurched forward. I managed to get it home. Than I was able to start it in reverse and for some reason I could then shift to 1st and then 2nd and back to first again.

But if I put the car in neutral, take my foot off the clutch, I can than not get it into any gears. I have to turn off the engine, shift into gear an then I can setup.

The only think is that putting into WD4low did something. I hope the wife wasn't driving on the motorway with that on!

How should I start on this. The Rexton has rarely been driven. It has 10000 miles on it. Bit early for the clutch to go.

I certainly hope you can help out.


Accrington, Lancashire, UK - Thu 25th December 2014 03:09pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Problems with changing gears
    Hi Sal,

    It sounds like when your wife drove the car in 4x4 low, the drive wheels have spun on themselves. When you drive in low you must not drive on dry/wet flat tarmac.

    Try putting car in 4x4low and reverse the car as long as you can.

    Hopefully this should put the wheels correctly

    Jamie Mumford
    oldbury, west midlands , UK - Fri 26th December 2014 04:46pm (GMT)

Subject : Crank but no ignition
I have just got a 95 pajero 2.8 turbo intercooler diesel automatic, last night I placed the drivers side wing against a tree and it caused a dent in the wing and side step, got it out fine got it home and begun work in the morning to try and 1. Repair the wing and 2. Remove the side steps.
Side steps removed fine, went on to the wing, tried removing the wing but got fed up and ended up just getting part of it off and repaired wing the best of my ability, put it all back together went to start the truck and nothing.
No dash lights like glow plugs, handbrake, battery, seatbelt you know the usual, everything apart from the 2 front wheels flashing green on the dash display, for the 4 wheel drive diagram.
Engine will crank and crank and crank but no start, please any help would be muchly appreciated :)

Craig Coleman
Somerset, UK - Wed 24th December 2014 05:08pm (GMT)
Subject : Central locking not working
Hi I've just had new fan belt on M reg shogun pajero lwb and now my radio turns on and off alsorts of lights flash on the dash now and then headlights don't seem as bright and the central locking isn't working although the alarm bleeps and lights flash when I press it. Can anyone help please?
Stacey Williams
Derby, UK - Wed 17th December 2014 09:22pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Central locking not working
    Hi, I had a simaler thing happen to our C3 and it turned out to be a duff battery.

    Peter cox
    Beckenham, Kent, UK - Sun 21st December 2014 01:34pm (GMT)

Subject : Unexpected increase in revs
Hi, have got a rexton ssangyong 4x4. Over the past week whilst driving it, it suddenly increases in revs even though I don't have my foot on the clutch! It does move, but slowly. Will switch off the engine, but when I restart, it is the same. Only after you drive it for 10 mins will it return to normal. There are no warning lights showing the whole time. Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks Anne
Inverness, Scotland, UK - Wed 17th December 2014 05:55pm (GMT)
Subject : water loss
hi any ideas I have a 2001 y reg 2.5 diesel sho gun sport problem is it is loseing water found water coming from head gasket and top hose into block but cant tell exactly have to top up water weekly engine has only done 69000 milels any ideas cheers jim.
fyvie, Aberdeenshire, UK - Mon 15th December 2014 09:45pm (GMT)
Subject : Backfiring on Gas
I have 2000 Musso on dual fuel, has started to backfire on gas and blows part of the air intake system which is between the oxygen sensor and the engine and so loses power and won't idle. Considering a 'sock' to replace part but mechanic says not strong enough. suggestions would be very welcome.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Mon 15th December 2014 07:22am (GMT)
Subject : Ticking noise when engine under strain
I have just bought a 2013 Barbarian L200 with 7k on the clock, runs great however slight ticking noise can be heard under strain i.e when accelerating or going uphill, any thoughts what this could be, should I be concerned ?
- UK - Sun 14th December 2014 01:46pm (GMT)
Subject : Ticking noise when engine under strain
I have just bought a 2013 Barbarian L200 with 7k on the clock, runs great however slight ticking noise can be heard under strain i.e when accelerating or going uphill, any thoughts what this could be, should I be concerned ?
- UK - Sun 14th December 2014 01:46pm (GMT)
Subject : ssangyong korando not working 4x4
hello, on my ssangyong korando not working 4x4, then i start engine, both lights 4H and 4L is shining, but nothing changening, meybe somebody have same problem before
klaipeda, lithuania, lithuania - Fri 12th December 2014 03:58pm (GMT)
  • Subject : ssangyong korando not working 4x4
    They have vacuum pipes that suck the front hubs into place so they are then connected to the gearbox. On my Korando (and many others) they came off and the metal parts had rusted away so I couldn't just reconnect pipes.

    If you look behind your front wheels just above the center CV joints there are flexible hoses, 1 per side. Follow them go to a little box on the inner wing. This box has 1 electrical connector block and 1 hose that connected to the back of the engine. Check that the electrical connector is working and in place. If you're careful and confident you can disconnect the hoses to check them. Get somebody to select 4wd and the box should allow suction to the pipes that go to the wheels, feel for it. If there is suction then check the whole length of the hoses for holes, all the way to the back of the hubs. If there are no leaks then the hub itself may not be airtight or the metal stubby pipes on the hub may be rotten (my problem).
    I tried several repairs and all worked for a time but I gave up in the end and bought manual locking hubs.
    If you are okay working on a car you can buy manual locking hubs and put them on yourself.
    It is an easy job but if you're not confident then get a mechanic to do it.
    If you do have manual hubs put on then it will mean that you will have to get out of the car to turn the hubs then get back in and select 4WD BUT it is a very good solution and extremely reliable.
    I got my hubs on Ebay for £100 a pair. The manual locking hubs have never failed me.
    This club is very good and there's lots of help here.

    UK - Tue 10th February 2015 02:17pm (GMT)

Subject : Ranger and Mazda B2500
To all those enquiring
I still have workshop manual in PDF format on CD
These sell for £9 on eBay so £8.50 PayPal as no eBay fees
Email thebeeches1@talktalk.net

Gloucester, Rudford, UK - Wed 10th December 2014 01:43pm (GMT)
Subject :
I have a mitsubishi montero 1993 3.0 4x4 I have a problem when I drive it normal shift, the 4x4 engage some time disengage other times stay in 4x4, any one have knows, please reply.
California, US, UK - Wed 10th December 2014 05:01am (GMT)
Subject : mitsubishi l200 2002
Engine management light comes on when going up hills knock engine off light goes out after 30 secs then okay till I go up hills again
Graeme Lowrey
Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK - Sun 07th December 2014 09:20am (GMT)
  • Subject : mitsubishi l200 2002
    This is a common problem and Mitsubishi knows about it and does nothing!OK if you look near your Turbo you will see connected to it the Wastegate which is lying horizontal and there is a diaphram connected by a rod that goes in and out when the Turbo is actuated.You can ether spray WD40 on it in case it is sticking. The other solution is if you follow the pipe down from the Wastegate to the engine you will see that it is connected by 2 nuts and the connection is oval.Make blank cover in metal and place it on top of the Gasket being careful not to break the fluted end of the pipe.This will then render the Wastegate as inoperative but will not affect your engine that you would notice.This in turn should stop the management light from coming on.I think that it also could be an electrical sensor problem giving the management system a false reading hence having waited for 30 secs thye system resets and off you go
    brestak village, Varna - Mon 08th December 2014 12:52pm (GMT)

Subject : overheating
Hi everyone I have recently been given an Isuzu ESP diesel MU 1996, the previous owner said he put a new radiator ect but it still overheats when travelling long distances. can someone please help me with this problem as the nearest large town is a 2 1/2 hr drive and the nearest city is an 8 hr drive and I don't want to break down between either place because we suffer from 40+ degree's heat. Someone please help thanks
patty wyborn
cloncurry, QLD, Aust - Mon 01st December 2014 10:19pm (GMT)
Subject : 2004 rexton 2.9
My rexton wont go in 5
castlecomer, kilkenny , ireland - Sun 30th November 2014 12:15pm (GMT)
Subject :
I am considering buying a 2002 Isuzu TF pickup ... how much trouble am I going to have finding parts!! ??
Somerset, UK - Thu 27th November 2014 04:43pm (GMT)
Subject : Brava dash
Hi I have a vauxhall brava 4x4 single cab 2.5tdi. I need to remove the dash as the fuel gauge does'nt work and I want to check the connection. Any help appreciated. Thanks


Uttoxeter, Staffordshirr, UK - Thu 27th November 2014 01:56pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Brava dash
    chek the wiring on the fuel tank first there should be three of them going in to the side.
    Robin Pilcher
    Watchet, Somerset, UK - Sun 22nd February 2015 09:54am (GMT)

Subject :
I live in east timor and i have a Nissan Regulus , 1999/ 2000 .
The car when i drive it s good but if i stop very fast, like a emergency brake the engine stop ,,,,,,
Here doesn t exist technical information about this car and also don t have spare parts.
Someone can help me ?
Fuel pump?
automatic gearbox?
Thank s

- UK - Wed 19th November 2014 05:17am (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Noberto, have you just bought the vehicle?
    Has this behaviour just started?
    Is this the only time the engine quits..after an emergency stop?
    From what speed?

    If the vehicle is above 60kmh, the auto trans "locks up" in "fourth" or "overdrive" so that it becomes almost a manual transmisson..and if the lockup doesn't release for whatever reason the auto box won't automatically compensate for the rapid slowdown and will not change into first gear by the time you come to a stop. That may cause a stall.

    Any trouble codes or check engine lights show up?
    Does the vehicle start immediately after the stall if you switch the key off first, then restart..or can you restart the engine without turning the key completely back to off or acc?

    However, if the vehicle is below 60 kmh it should be in the lower gears anyway, and the lockup should not have bee..or should not be activated.

    So you can test this theory by emergency stops in "D" (drive) over 60 kmh as normal with overdrive on;
    and then other stops with overdrive "locked out" with the button on the gearstick from above 60 kmh; then below 60 kmh, followed by stops with gear held manually in 2 and in 1.

    Any trouble codes or check engine lights show up?

    Do you have access to a mechanic with a scan tool who can check if any trouble codes have been recorded on the OBD2 system?

    If the mechanic can ride with you and have the scan tool plugged in while you do these stops it may show a momentary fault??

    as I have said many times before, dropping the pan on the transmission and replacing the filter, refilling with new fluid and flushing the old fluid out by pumping out the old while replacing it with new can have a very good effect on the transmission..and may be the cheapest cure for it's ailments... see other previous posts on this subject and look up the you tube videos on how to do it yourself..it's not hard to do....

    NZ - Wed 19th November 2014 08:38am (GMT)

    • Subject :
      If you can send more technical information about this car, i appreciate because here we don t have nothing. Sorry.
      From japan Nissan dealer say me this car it s only for japan and so, the manual s are in japanese language. But i just understand english and portuguese!

      Norberto Batista
      Dili , East Timor - Thu 20th November 2014 04:15pm (GMT)

  • Subject :
    Just a few references that I found after writing my first answer..



    Check section 17, Page AT-108

    - NZ - Wed 19th November 2014 11:53am (GMT)

    • Subject :
      Ei brother thank s for the information.
      1 let me tell you that is the first time some one tell me that . Thank s allot
      In Portugal... i m portuguese i have a Jeep GCherokee , automatic , it a gearbox RE44 , american , and no mather the speed i stop , the engine never stop.
      Here, in east timor i don t have access to a software of nissan regulus, but i will try answer all your questions
      That s happanen below 60km h ,,,,
      I change engine oil and filter , air filter , oil and filter in autogerabox, im surprised because in mechanic tell me it s around 16 liters
      Before this car also stop the engine when i stop in traffic lights and i put the gerabox in N waiting for the green light , then.,..when i pass to D some times the engine stop.
      After i go to several mechanics and spend allot of money , i found a portuguese mechanic can help me
      all the oils are new,,, the injectors are clean ,
      I fell the relanti of this car are very down, just around 650 rpm, it s supposed to be around 700....750 rpm,,,,
      Only when i turn ON the air com the rel anti go up to 750 rpm/ 800 rpm
      Before i also turn up a little the accelerator pedal , because he have a regulation.But continue the same ....
      I m almost want broken this car belive me!
      It s more easy to me communicate it you by mail or facebook , can we change that .
      Thank you so much

      Norberto Batista
      Dili , East Timor - Thu 20th November 2014 03:18pm (GMT)

      • Subject :
        You have done all the things that are the easy fixes..except one that I did not mention before..and which slipped my mind until now. These vehicles seem to have a problem with the grounding straps that run from the engine to the body, and from the body to the negative terminal of the battery. Just to make sure, unbolt these ground straps, examine them for corrosion or breakage, test them with a multimeter while twisting them and turning and pulling on them (to test that there is no internal corrosion or breaks in the wire), including the one from the gearbox to the chassis (if there is one) and sandpaper the attachment points until bright metal shows. Use an anti-seize grease and re bolt them all down tight. The electronic controls for the engine and transmission rely on the ground wires for the electrical path back to the battery..and if the ground wires are corroded either inside the wires themselves or at the attachment point, the electricity will not flow. Since when you put the car in drive after being in neutral the engine and gearbox "twist" under torque, the wires may be disturbed just enough for the loss of electrical contact..and the same when you brake hard. It would be like the key being turned off....
        NZ - Fri 21st November 2014 03:50am (GMT)

        • Subject :
          I m doing all you tell me

          My last suspicious is the fuel injection pump.

          Here i don t have dealer i don t have technical support , so please in case i need can you find i injection pump to me me from new zeland ? I transfer the money for your account. I use ANZ bank so i think it s not complicate to transfer money for you !

          Thank s

          Norberto Batista
          Dili , East Timor , UK - Wed 03rd December 2014 07:34am (GMT)

Subject :
Nissan Regulus
Norberto Batista
Dili , East Timor , East Timor - Wed 19th November 2014 05:14am (GMT)
Subject : Looking at 1994 Terrano II / Mistral
Looking at buying a 1994 Mistral Sport (Terrano II) here in the UK. 2.7TD Automatic. The underbody looks pretty good for the age (i.e. not much corrosion). However, there does appear to a slight weeping of oil from some of the pipes from the tube to the engine. Is this normal? Also revving the engine produces a bit of black smoke. Although the seller did mention that the vehicle had been stood around on his drive for a while? Anything else I should look out for on this model?
- UK - Sun 16th November 2014 08:25pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Looking at 1994 Terrano II / Mistral
    The slight leaking of oil is from the compressed air from the turbo going through those pipes to the intake valves of the engine. The air entering the turbo charger comes from two sources; out of the air filter, and partway along the hose leading to the turbo intake is a small hoses that leads to the positive crankcase ventilation valve on the valve cover. This small hose sucks oil misted air from the engine keeping a mild negative pressure on the engine and helps to keep the oil from leaking out from the valve cover, sump and any other place with a gasket or seal. In the old days it used to go straight out into a road draft tube, an open pipe pointed at the road surface below the engine..before we all got PC and sucked that waste back into the engine to be burnt up in the cylinders and poked out the exhaust....
    Anyhoo, when oil mist plus air is pressurised it tries to escape where ever it can, and so it leaks out at hose joints between rubber and metal no matter how tight you wind the clamps.
    Just wipe the outside every so often and ignore it for the rest.
    As for the excess black smoke on acceleration, the instant you plant foot on the accelerator the injection system pumps lots more diesel through the injectors..more that the turbo can produce air to provide the correct ratio for clean burning. As you probably noticed, as soon as equilibrium is reached, the smoke disappears.
    he other cause for excessive black smoke may be crudded-up injectors where the spray pattern is disrupted by carbon.
    There is lots of reading on this WWW about all those subjects.
    These vehicles are long lasting, especially the engines if maintained well. As with all diesels, change the oil often as the vacuum pump on the back of the alternator that produces the vacuum for the power brakes needs clean oil to continue to function well. You don't need synthetics, just a good 15/40w diesel oil with lots of nice detergents in it. The oil will go black within 100kms (diesels are dirty inside) but will last 5000kms (3,000 miles) before needing a change. The autos last well if the fluid is changed every 50k or so. if using it to tow, instal an extra trans fluid cooler in line with the one in the bottom of the radiator to cope with the extra heat, and tow with the overdrive lockup off.

    NZ - Sun 16th November 2014 11:53pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Looking at 1994 Terrano II / Mistral
      Thanks for the reply. I suppose I'm used to the more modern direct injection diesels which don't (or at least aren't supposed to) produce much visible emissions when revving the engine. I'll have to give the Terrano another consideration when shopping around this week.
      UK - Mon 17th November 2014 09:57am (GMT)

      • Subject : Looking at 1994 Terrano II / Mistral
        The modern diesel also has a particulate filter in the exhaust, and may need "blue fluid" (urea) added as well to purify the exhaust.

        But have you seen the intake manifold of a modern direct injection diesel which always has an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system?

        The huge amount of very fine carbon particles produced by direct injection when mixed with the oil misted air from the crankcase/valve cover form a horrendous black hard sooty clag all the way to the back of the intake valves....

        Have a read on the internet re blocking off the EGR valves...

        NZ - Wed 19th November 2014 08:48am (GMT)

Subject : idle to fast
97 bighorn turbo diesel, how do i turn down the idle speed, currently around 750-800 revs
Auckland, NZ, NZ - Thu 13th November 2014 05:49am (GMT)
Subject : nissan diesel patrol
HI can someone help me please when I drive all seems good until I go over 2000 rpm then a fan kicks,Only as I accelerate and it goes over the 2000 I can turn the inside fan on and off it makes no difference and black smoke is starting to appear out the back now does anyone have a clue please?
Debby kendall
Seville East, vic, australia - Mon 10th November 2014 04:44am (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan diesel patrol
    I am trying to decipher what you are telling me is the problem.
    The fan kicking in...is that a loud roaring sound from the engine compartment? Open your bonnet when the engine is cold and OFF. Check if you can rotate the white fan blades on the end of the water pump by hand. How difficult is it to turn the blades..is there much resistance? Do you have an auxiliary electric radiator fan fitted as well as the engine driven one?

    Otherwise read up about the operation of thermally activated fan clutches and their operation, and go from there.

    What temperature shows on the temp gauge when the fan kicks in..over half way?

    When was the last time you took the radiator out and gave it to a radiator shop to take the top and bottom tanks off and have the tubes rodded out?

    Could you get back to us with the results and we can go from there?

    NZ - Mon 17th November 2014 12:03am (GMT)

Subject : CO Emissions
Hi my 1998 Terrano 2.4i has just failed its test on CO emissions it appears to be ok on tick over but when revved to 2000rpm it goes over the limit, have changed the O2 sensor and the cat and the reading is still the same, have checked the air filter and changed the oil but seem to be getting no where any one got any pointers to what may be causing the problem.
- UK - Wed 05th November 2014 07:55pm (GMT)
  • Subject : CO Emissions
    try fual addetive in tank like fual
    injector cleaner redax
    also before adding this cleaner
    add petrol with low emissions more exspensive but worth trying it my be your injectors that need cleaning give it a try wont cost alot and will do it good and before you take it back for emissions give it a good run out when you have done all the above it should pass

    MANCHESTER, uk, UK - Thu 06th November 2014 07:01pm (GMT)

  • Subject : CO Emissions
    try fual addetive in tank like fual
    injector cleaner redax
    also before adding this cleaner
    add petrol with low emissions more exspensive but worth trying it my be your injectors that need cleaning give it a try wont cost alot and will do it good and before you take it back for emissions give it a good run out when you have done all the above it should pass

    MANCHESTER, uk, UK - Thu 06th November 2014 07:01pm (GMT)

Subject : nissan terrano down pipe
how do you remove front exhaust down pipe

- uk, UK - Wed 05th November 2014 07:35pm (GMT)
Subject : 4 wheel driver stuck under 4H
I was driving in a muddy road and locked 4by4 under 4H. After passing that muddy road it can go back to its normal position.
Maseru, Lesotho, Lesotho - Wed 05th November 2014 10:02am (GMT)
Subject : Accelerator free play
Hi all
I have a 1998 2.8td lwb shogun and would like to know the correct free play on the accelerator pedal as there is almost 50mm of play on mine and doesn't seem to be any adjustment left on the thread. Peter

Peter Cox
Beckenham, Kent, UK - Tue 04th November 2014 09:23pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Accelerator free play
    I had a similar problem, the accelerator cable came loose on the carb.I put it back retightend ht nuts everything was fine.
    Kingston, Jamaica, UK - Sun 23rd November 2014 01:48pm (GMT)

Subject : 1994 gq patrol 12v nz new
Hi iv gt a problem in my rear diff.Has gt a turbo on 35s and a tough dog setup currently having problems with rear diff that has moved foward to one side is this a common problem??
Karam Braddick
levin, nz, new zealand - Mon 03rd November 2014 09:07pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 1994 gq patrol 12v nz new







    Once you have read these and other posts you will probably find that your lift has screwed with the radius arm and panhard rod settings, (as you lift the panhard rod in particular becomes too short and will "pull" on the axle) and you will need adjustable arms/rods to get the geometry sorted.
    Note that for 35's you need to move the front diff forward for clearance either with spacers or drop boxes.
    Is this an off road only truck?
    For on road, legal in NZ? Certified???
    Best find out before you go on road.
    Maybe tell your insurance company too?

    NZ - Tue 04th November 2014 09:59am (GMT)

Subject : 1995 nissan mistral 2.7
Hi. I live in Barbados and need to get a turbocharger for a 1995 Nissan Mistral 2.7D. Can anyone direct me to where I may buy one?


Basil Graham
St. Michael , Barbados, UK - Fri 31st October 2014 06:54pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 1995 nissan mistral 2.7
    Pick a country most likely to have these parts available, eg UK, Japan, New Zealand. Use Google to find out who deals in either second hand parts or new. Contact them. Order the part. Make payment as required by the seller. Wait for part to arrive. Install part.
    P.S. The 2.7D is a normally aspirated engine..no turbo. The 2.7TD is a TURBO diesel Do you know what you want???

    NZ - Sun 02nd November 2014 08:52am (GMT)

Subject : Brake problem
Hi can anybody help!!!I have a Nissan Terrano 2 2.7TDI LWB 2004
When i brake there is a grinding noise as if its metal to metal and i feel the rumble through my brake pedal and the pedal feels quite hard then when i take my foot off the pedal and press again its ok and stops me straight away. i have replaced new discs and pads the flexi hoses on each side were replaced last year my friend has done a live diagnostic check and no faults are showing when i brake it only happens now and again. Will be grateful for any help you can give me.

Blyth, Northumberland, UK - Wed 29th October 2014 05:06pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Brake problem
    When does the grinding occur..only the first time you brake after the vehicle sits overnight? ...this could be a light surface rust from overnight dew being ground off by the first application of brake.
    Check with a torch(flashlight) early each morning before you take off for work and see if there is rust there....
    The likelihood for rusting increases if the replacement rotors were aftermarket rather than OEM Nissan.

    If it happens all through the day, then it won't be rust (unless the rotors are really crappy cast iron).
    Which side grinds the most?
    Is it Front or back brakes?
    Is there a possibility that there is a small stone trapped in between either the splash shield or the calipers and rotor?
    By replacing all the brake components and no doubt lubricating the pins upon which the calipers slide it leaves only rust or something that has attached itself since all new components were installed and whatever it is is along for the ride until you find it and fix it...

    NZ - Fri 31st October 2014 05:42am (GMT)

    • Subject : Brake problem
      Cheers John
      The disc and pads have only done about 50 miles so there is no rust on the discs the problems is there on and off all day its feels like the front brakes it shudders on the brake pedal and a loud grinding noise when i brake and i replaced the shoes on the rear about 2 months ago. Do you think it maybe one of the front brake hoses may be faulty and is collapsing internally even though they are only about 18 months old. It’s a pain in the butt as i cannot take the caravan away until this problem is fixed.
      Cheers Rob.

      Blyth, Northumberland, UK - Fri 31st October 2014 12:26pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Brake problem
        When you took off the old discs, did you clean very thoroughly the mating surface between the new disc and the hub. If not, rust on the seating here can make the disc wobble.
        Do you have ABS? If so, take the front wheels off and clean thoroughly around the sensor as any metallic particles including a build up of rust can cause problems.
        Check that the sensor has not been pushed out of position by rust..too big a gap can cause problems.
        I come back to a very pertinent point..these problems only started after new discs and pads were fitted.
        Did you check the dimensions of the new discs in relation to the old ones, e.g. diameter of centre hole, total thickness of discs etc?
        Did you fit them yourself?
        Did you let the calipers hang from the brake hose, or perhaps did you disturb the ABS sensor or it's wire?
        Were the discs and pads from Nissan, or a factor?
        What hardness rating on the pads?
        Did you follow instructions re breaking them in?
        Did you ever bleed all the old fluid out of the brakes so fresh fluid flows throughout the system?
        Have you checked wheel bearing play and wear? Ever repacked the front wheel bearings?
        If all else fails, it's time to take the problem to an expert to have him look over what you have done. He may spot the problem within seconds...that allows you to go on holiday pronto.

        NZ - Sun 02nd November 2014 08:46am (GMT)

        • Subject : Brake problem




          NZ - Sun 02nd November 2014 09:27am (GMT)

Subject : Triton starting only in reverse
I have a Triton 2.5 DI-D that will only strat in reverse gear. there are three switches on the gearbox one for the reverse lights one for the speedo, what is the third switch for. When i take that switch out and keep the pin in i can start the vehicle in any gear. Please does anyone have a answer for me.
Gysie Burger
Strand, Western cape, South Africa - Wed 29th October 2014 03:16pm (GMT)
Subject : Grand vitara
clutch gone on 60 plate grand vitara only done 36,000 miles serviced very 9k.
Garage want to charge £1000 for new clutch kit. Andy ideas on why this should happen on such low mileage

shrewsbury, shropshire, UK - Mon 27th October 2014 03:23pm (GMT)
Subject : NISSAN 2.7 TD 1995

MANCHESTER, UK, UK - Sun 26th October 2014 09:13am (GMT)
  • Subject : NISSAN 2.7 TD 1995
    Remove left front wheel after jacking up left side and resting vehicle on jack stands and go in through the rubber curtain that covers the hole in the inner mudguard..like you do when you replace the oil filter.
    if you don't usually even replace the oil filter, bite the bullet and take the vehicle to an exhaust place where they can fix f-ups like broken studs, screwed nuts, replace gaskets etc on site.
    Doing that enables you to drive in and drive out......

    NZ - Fri 31st October 2014 05:49am (GMT)

    • Subject : NISSAN 2.7 TD 1995
      so front end jacked up wheel removed
      then rubber inspection curtain removed
      from inner wheel arch.

      now then there is 3 studs holding down pipe to manifold so undue this nuts then under jeep unduo 2 studs from centre pipe so which way will down pipe be removed

      manchester, UK, UK - Sun 02nd November 2014 10:51am (GMT)

  • Subject : NISSAN 2.7 TD 1995

    azme mrewat
    nazareth, israel nazareth, UK - Thu 11th December 2014 04:04pm (GMT)

Subject : lost reverse and second gear
Hi there,

Driving my Ssang yong actyon sport 4x4 2009 today i felt a noise, didn't pay much attention, but soon after lost reverse and second gear. can anyone tell me what this is?

Kind regards

sydney, nsw, australia - Sat 18th October 2014 02:42am (GMT)
Subject : Nissan Terrano 3 litre
I have a 04 Nissan Terrano 3L manual, Turbo diesel. When in normal drive the vehicle runs well. When I put it into 4WD high and worse still into 4WD low the vehicle has a very heavy drag on the steering. It seems to be fighting against the steering when I try to turn the wheel and there is a nasty "clunk" which shakes the whole back axle. I have checked the oil and have put in the correct limited slip-diff oil but it is no better. When I drained the diff.oil I took the cover off the diff. and there was no sign of any damage inside. The only other thing I can say there are 245x17 tyres all round instead of the normal 235 tyres. But surely this wouldn`t make a difference as they are all the same size. Any ideas please?
Wrexham, N. Wales, UK - Thu 09th October 2014 03:07pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Terrano 3 litre
    You have "selectable 4WD".
    This means that when you select 4wd the entire drive line both front and back is sent the same amount of power from the transfer case. Any attempt to turn the front wheels means one front wheel is going to have to try to cover more ground (the "outside of the curve" wheel, and the inner wheel will cover less ground (fewer rotations). The drive coming to the front wheels from the transfer case will not change. Somehow the front diff has to cope.
    This "coping" is the drag you feel.
    If you also have a limited slip diff in the front axle,(not very common because the "fight" is even worse, and something only hardcore 4WD enthusiasts welcome) it will fight this "slip' between the two front wheels. (it will try to "not slip") Depending on how "tight" the LSD action has been set up, this can and will give you bangs and shudders.
    If you have a LSD rear axle diff as well, those wheels will be doing the same battle at the other end of the vehicle. As one wheel grips best, the LSD transfers some of the drive force to the other "slipping" wheel bang grip, slip,bang grip slip, bang..
    Now if you are on a slippery surface, say mud, wet grass or clay, sand or gravel, the drive line can cope as all wheels can slip. However, on tarmac, concrete, hard packed surfaces etc the drive line "winds up" as the wheels cannot slip...until the pressure overcomes the wheel grip on a loose stone or slippery bit (or a very expensive bit of metal goes "bang".
    Since all your tyres are the same size it is only the operating conditions that you are subjecting the vehicle to that are causing what you perceive as a problem.
    The resistance to changing direction even in a normal "open" diff is perfectly normal as the back wheels are still trying to push the vehicle in the easiest direction i.e. straight ahead.

    I hope this helps.
    For more detailed explanations and diagrams do a google search or refer to your local library for a book on 4WD operation.

    Be very pleased you can select 4WD, rather than having an all wheel drive. BMW front diffs can explode in very little pieces just from being put on rollers in brake tests for the MOT, or ion street driving "yumping" with the front end coming off the ground and losing traction. In NZ, that is $8000..about 3500 pounds before labour....

    NZ - Sat 11th October 2014 05:24am (GMT)

Subject : Transmission shudder
I have this Ssangyong Actyon double cab fitted with DSI 6-speed automatic transmission. It has done 80,000 km. Now the transmission developed shuddering particularly at high gear (I think 5 or 6th gear). Replacing the ATF and filter did not help. Could it be the torque converter? Please advise. TKS!
Jimmy Chang
Inanam/Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia - Thu 09th October 2014 03:57am (GMT)
Subject : ecu reader
hi I have a Terrano 1999 2.4i with the KA24E engine
Is there a socket to plug a code reader into, where abouts is the ecu and socket and has anyone used a code reader to diagnose faults, and if so which one was it.

- UK - Sun 05th October 2014 10:07pm (GMT)
  • Subject : ecu reader
    Google is your friend. Google "port location 1999 nissan terrano"

    get results





    Have at it.

    NZ - Wed 08th October 2014 09:47am (GMT)

Subject : 4wd warning light
hello, hoping somebody can help please. recently the orange 4wd warning light has been coming on on my dashboard.it randomly switches the light on when im driving. the revs also increase, i had a friend test it and it isn't actually in full 4wd ,took it for a test on a local paddock in both 2 and 4wd and it definitely isn't in 4wd when the light is on ,hence why I think it is just a warning light.if I turn off the ignition (99% of the time) the light turns off the revs drop and its fine ...until next time (which is often) .so does anybody have any clue what this is. we have removed the switch to see if it was that, not that and have reconnected it. could it just need more fluid, or a transmission service maybe? or something else. any help much appreciated. the make and model is petrol 1997 terrano regulus auto. im thinking big $$$$$ its scaring me. thank you
vicki prince
lower hutt, new zealnd - Fri 03rd October 2014 05:52am (GMT)
  • Subject : 4wd warning light
    Have you recently bought and fitted new tyres to the vehicle, either both front or both back? If so and the vehicle does have ABS, then the warning may be for a mis-match in the rolling circumference of the tyres causing a warning that if 4wd is engaged the mismatch could cause "wind-up" in the driveline as one set of wheels would turn faster than the other, even in a straight line. If the vehicle does have ABS.
    Otherwise I suggest taking the vehicle to a technician with a scan machine and interrogating the computer for the fault codes that will be in there, before you start throwing parts and service at it....

    NZ - Sat 04th October 2014 06:21am (GMT)

    • Subject : 4wd warning light
      an update on this incase anybody else has the same issue, went on computer for a test and it was the throttle position sensor.didnt need replacing ,just cleaning and had loose intake hose tightened.so relieved ,I was thinking this was going to be expensive, $150 and good as new incuding the best car groom ever ,thanks to an honest mechanic who could have "found" or charged me for more.
      vicki prince
      lower hutt, new zealand, nz - Tue 14th October 2014 04:54am (GMT)

  • Subject : 4wd warning light
    Hey,just had new tire,s put on my nissan terrano and 4wd light comes on and flashes after about 15 mins ive heard due to height difference as front ones are worn and back have new tread and on board computer picks it up as problem.this info from nissan dealer.chch.
    christchurch, new zealand - Tue 03rd March 2015 06:43am (GMT)

    • Subject : 4wd warning light
      thanks carl, I had read that on other forums too.in this case it was just the sensor its-self.got a new one from the wrecker and its been fine since.
      vicki prince
      Lower Hutt, new zealand, nz - Wed 04th March 2015 06:15am (GMT)

Hi, your help please.

My SUZUKI GRAND VITARA DIESEL 2011 (JT) SZ5 DDIS (45,000 mls on clock) recently developed a strong smell of fumes coming through the engine bulk head into the passengers area, checked underneath and oil was leaking from the rear drive transmission box, splashing up onto the body and dripping onto the hot exhaust, hence the smell I thought, had the seal replaced and rechecked and no oil escapes but still the smell is there ?
Rechecked and the smell is coming from the off-side of the engine department when the hood is open and engine running. Hood shut smell is strongest near the grill between the wind-screen and bonnet again on off-side.
Checked under bonnet with torch with engine running from underneath via my pit and from above, no sign of fumes escaping or hose split or oil leakage and no oil is being used / lost checking via the dip stick ????????
The smell is the same as that from my first car a Morris Minor that had a hose from the rocker box cover to the air filter into the carburetor which I used to remove from the air filter end and allow to hang loose as once the engine got old caused oil vapor to clog the air filter -------------THAT SMELL / FUMES is the smell I have now ?????
Any thoughts..

FROME, SOMERSET, UK - Tue 30th September 2014 08:23am (GMT)
Subject : Mitsubishi shogun 3.2 di-d

my shogun 3.2 di-d wont key startnaturally , only when i remove the intake hose and spray either fuel or aerosol in it does it key start. does anyone know why this is .

kingston, jamaica, jamaica - Mon 29th September 2014 07:12pm (GMT)
Subject : 2004 Saangyong Rexton
My 2004 Saangyong no Speedo and when I put it in reverse/park it comes up with P on the dashboard
Dianne Swan
Balaklava, South Australia, Australia - Mon 29th September 2014 07:48am (GMT)
Subject : Fuel!
My Ssang Yong Kyron was almost out of diesel, now it won't start! Is there a pump/lever to feed the diesel through, if so, where? Thanks. G.
Newry, Down, UK - Thu 25th September 2014 08:31pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Fuel!
    Did you ever get an answer toi this? I got the same problem and I see in the manual they mention the pump... just can't find it :(
    I feel so silly really

    Thabiso Lionel Madiba
    Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Wed 26th November 2014 12:10pm (GMT)

Subject : 4H Gear Position
Hi, I got used 97 Montero Sport LS. I wanted to ask if you set gear to 4H position, does the stick move sideways? At 2H/4L the stick is "locked". 1st time to own a 4WD Montero. Thanks.
Cebu, Cebu, Philippines - Thu 25th September 2014 07:51am (GMT)
Subject : Jacck Handle location
Bought the 2.7 2004 Rexton a couple of weeks ago, found the jack but cant find the jack handle and its needed to remove the spare wheel, check under seats etc can anybody help please.
Colin Herbert
East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, UK - Sun 21st September 2014 03:03pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Jacck Handle location
    It is under the rear near side passenger seat. Lift the seat, look on the floor there's a compartment built into the floor. Lift the lid, there it is.
    Alresford, HANTS, UK - Mon 06th October 2014 12:03pm (GMT)

Subject : Flashing immobiliser light on dash
Hi my immobiliser light is flashing on dash car starts fine checked all doors etc and boot and then it does a long beep when I switch car off any ideas as manual not to hand
Huddersfield , UK - Tue 16th September 2014 11:51am (GMT)
Subject : Dust covers/gaiters
Hi i need to replace all track rod end gaiters/dust cap covers. Any suggestions where i can get them from? Thanks
- UK - Mon 08th September 2014 09:56pm (GMT)
Subject : hyundai galloper 1998 4wd
I wish to know how to allow the front passenger to open their window. It closes just fine from the passenger window control but does not allow opening. I guess its a child safety feature. I have the user manual which is all in Portuguese which I do not read. Can any one help explain how I overcome this child safety feature? The owners manual refers to an unlock button between the up and down buttons but my model does not have an unlock button.
david jenkins
portimao, algarve, portugal - Tue 02nd September 2014 10:25am (GMT)
Subject : ssangyong rexton gearbox issue stuck in second gear
hi wondering if anyone could help me i have a 2005 270 rexton automatic the car has 63000 kilomotors on the clock car has been lying idol for two years iv just replaced the fuel pump and injectors and now the jeep will not come out of second gear it will work in r and n and then put it into d and it will drive but only in the one gear the oils and filter are done so im lost any help would be appreciated
dublin, dublin, Ireland - Sat 30th August 2014 12:32pm (GMT)
Subject : Triton upper control arm bolts
I have a 00 model 2.8mk titon, upper control arm bolts keep coming loose any ideas thanks
Lismore, Nsw, Australia - Wed 27th August 2014 08:00am (GMT)
Subject : turbo charger
please help me im looking for a wastegate actuator for my l200 2.5 di.d auomatic on07 plate
sheffield, southyorkshire, UK - Tue 26th August 2014 07:19pm (GMT)
  • Subject : turbo charger
    I am looking for a turbo charger for my 2004 Mitsubishi Colt 2.5 diesel L200. Thank you guys in advance for your help.
    Patrick Motlogi
    Gaborone, Botswana - Fri 06th March 2015 12:53pm (GMT)

Subject : snorkel
is there anywhere or anyone who can fit my snorkel to my shogunsport[2005]in the doncaster area please???cheers
les robson
doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK - Sun 24th August 2014 11:21am (GMT)
Subject : Vacuum problem
I have a 1996 Musso.The previous owner has played with the Vacuum hoses.I want to know where to connect the hoses from the small actuator next to the hub lock actuator
Graeme Douglas
- Tokoroa, New Zealand - Sun 24th August 2014 01:58am (GMT)
Subject : Looking for Isuzu Bighorn 1998 3.1D TOD Adometer clock (KM/H)
Looking for a working Adometer for Isuzu Bighorn 3.1D Automatic Transmission with a TOD in KM/H and not Miles/Hour.
Please send me quotations if any.

Emmanuel B
Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania - Thu 21st August 2014 10:17am (GMT)
Subject : blinking red light and beeping on center armrest console
My daughters 1994 Pathfinder has a red light blinking in the center armrest console and a beeping noise. I need help clearing it and what is causing it.
Dave Lawson
Blytheville, Arkansas, USA - Wed 20th August 2014 12:25am (GMT)
Subject : engine wont start
I have a 2006 rexton 2.7 turbo diesel I have changed the glow plugs and the fuel filter and it will only start if I use easy start does any one no wot the problem might be.
middlesbrough, cleveland, UK - Mon 18th August 2014 06:34pm (GMT)
Subject : engine wont start
I have a 2006 rexton 2.7 turbo diesel I have changed the glow plugs and the fuel filter and it will only start if I use easy start does any one no wot the problem might be.
middlesbrough, cleveland, UK - Mon 18th August 2014 06:32pm (GMT)
  • Subject : engine wont start
    is the starter motor ok ? needs to be good to start the engine
    kenneth anders
    warrington, England, UK - Sat 20th December 2014 09:26pm (GMT)

Subject : TURBO
turbo has gone on 2005 ssangyong rexton
dont think it has destroyed itself but is making rattling sound and loosing power- AA said not to drive it - ant ideas on cost of repair?

MILTON KEYNES, UK - Mon 18th August 2014 02:36pm (GMT)
Subject : rexton 4wheel drive
I have a 2005 rexton auto . The 4wh doesn't seem to work no lights on dash and don't hear anything . But the 4wl does work the light comes on dash and I can hear it activate. What could be the problem
leeds, west yorkshire, UK - Fri 15th August 2014 06:46pm (GMT)
Subject : 1992 Daihatsu feroza engine conversion
What's the biggest petrol or diesel engine that can be converted into a 1992 diahatsu feroza sxp?
- australia - Fri 15th August 2014 09:30am (GMT)
Subject : Indicators on Shogun Elegance
I have just bought a 2010 Shogun Elegance and the only indicator which is flashing is the small square at the bottom of the vehicle. I have just contacted the dealership and they have told me that the indicators/lights on the reverse of the vehicle are just reflectors? Can anyone confirm this please as I find it hard to believe that an indicator about 2 inches is the only one that should flash. Thanks
Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK - Tue 12th August 2014 02:28pm (GMT)
Subject : Oil leak on auto gearbox
Hi - i am battling to get rid of the oil leak from the automatic gearbox of my SSangyong Rexton 2.7 xdi 2005 model. Initially i replaced 2 pan gasket, the leak is not coming from teh pan, eventually thru the breather pipe from the top, this then stopped now its leaking at teh wire Harness taht plugs into the front of the gearbox, changed o ring, after a while still leaking. please help.
Glanny Naidu
Richards Bay, South Africa, za - Mon 11th August 2014 02:33pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Oil leak on auto gearbox
    i have the same problem did you get yours fixed ? trying to get the O ring part not easy here in UK ? Any help ..
    kenneth anders
    warrington, England, UK - Sat 20th December 2014 09:30pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Oil leak on auto gearbox
      Hi i have just replaced the plug adaptor where the wire harness fits and there is no more oil leak. teh o ring can be bought from any bearing company, when you replace it, please apply some grey silicone. then you are sorted out. regards Glanny
      glanny naidu
      Richards Bay, kzn, ZA - Wed 21st January 2015 07:07am (GMT)

Subject : air condition problem
Hi, I have pajero 99, 3500 GDI.. I have problem with air conditioning system.. When i switch it on the rpm pointer goes down and make stress to the engine .. After that i loss the gas..please advise me ??
muscat, muscat, Oman - Sun 10th August 2014 05:57pm (GMT)
  • Subject : air condition problem
    I have exactly the same problem.. its driving me nuts.. i have a shogun 06 registration.. have you had any solutions or answers on what to do mate.. any sort of help will be gratefully accepted cheers
    craig milligan
    kilmarnock, Ayrshire, UK - Tue 02nd September 2014 02:38pm (GMT)

Subject : Gear Box?Transmission
Hello, i desperately need help. My GDI 3500 V6 2005 is starting without a problem but the engine cuts out when gear is engaged. When driving, the gears take a little more time to engange and you have to step on the accelerator for you to go fsster
Ushiwa Choza
LUSAKA, Lusaka, Zambia - Fri 08th August 2014 11:11am (GMT)
  • Subject : Gear Box?Transmission
    My Mitsubishi pajero 6G74 engages gear pretty well during the first 50 miles. when the engine gets hot, changing gears stays at 3 or 4 regardless of speed, Engine warning light flashes and stops as the car hesitates. what is this and remedy please.


    joviter katabaro
    Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Fri 30th January 2015 03:14pm (GMT)

Subject :

- UK - Tue 05th August 2014 10:30pm (GMT)
Subject : Rear Axle
re previous message, I would like to know if a rear axle from an early terrano will fit a terrano 11 2003 with rear differential removal. if not does anyone know the difference
mr b grimes
Widnes, Cheshire, UK - Sat 02nd August 2014 02:34pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Rear Axle
    Are you asking if the complete rear axle (wheel to wheel) from an early Terrano (which one, the Spanish built or the Japanese) will fit a late model Terrano (which one, Spanish or Japanese?
    Or are you asking if the axle (the steel shaft going from the differential to the hub) will fit (Spanish or Japanese made) etc etc???

    NZ - Thu 07th August 2014 06:15am (GMT)

    • Subject : Rear Axle
      Both Japanese, and have found out since that the axle fits, the only difference is the gearing. Thanks anyway
      Barry Grimes
      Widnes, Cheshire, UK - Thu 07th August 2014 05:23pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Rear Axle
        HI Barry,
        I have just bought a Terrano II and live in Runcorn.
        Could you contact me please on
        Hopefully use your knowledge
        Thanks Paul Mahon

        Paul Mahon
        runcorn , Cheshire, UK - Mon 29th September 2014 07:36am (GMT)

Subject : rear axle
does a early terrano rear axle with rear differential removal, fit the terrano 11. does anyone know please
mr b grimes
widnes, cheshire, UK - Sat 02nd August 2014 02:27pm (GMT)
Subject : breaking
Hi Iam Currently Breaking mistral and terrano 1996 to 1999 2.7td and 2.7tdi so if you need parts reply can post most parts s
robert lane
Gloucester, gloucewstershire, UK - Sat 02nd August 2014 11:59am (GMT)
  • Subject : breaking

    Dear Hellen,

    Please give me a quotation for the LCL spare parts mentioned below:

    BF Number: CV43985
    I need replacement parts for Nissan Mistral Model: TD27B. Following are the parts I need.
    FRONT BUMPER AMBER INDICATOR LIGHTS (Both passenger and driver side) + Fender Mirror

    please give me a quote including shipping cost

    Lusaka, Lusaka, Zambia - Sun 17th August 2014 05:16pm (GMT)

  • Subject : breaking
    i,m looking a passenger side door mirror for my terrano 1998 but says its a mistral because its a jap import
    belfast, co antrim, UK - Tue 27th January 2015 09:51am (GMT)

Subject : nissan Terrano 2.7 litre R20 diesel 1997
Have air in fuel line and Nissan mechanics cannot find out why. Does anyone know?
coomera, qld., australia - Thu 31st July 2014 07:00am (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan Terrano 2.7 litre R20 diesel 1997
    Did the air leak start after you had the vehicle serviced, i.e. say after you had the fuel filter changed? If not, then you will have to start looking for the air leak in the fuel system anywhere in the line from the tank (including the pickup tube inside the tank..does the air leak happen more often at low tank levels???) all the way to the first pump (the lift pump) since after the first pump the fuel will be under pressure.
    Top suspect and easiest fix would be a leaking seal on the fuel filter. (also check the filter housing that the filter screws into for cracking)second would be a pinhole in a steel line caused by rubbing/flexing of the line against some part of the body, third a crack in the pickup line inside the tank...

    NZ - Sat 02nd August 2014 06:57am (GMT)

  • Subject : nissan Terrano 2.7 litre R20 diesel 1997
    air in system try the fuel primer
    its on the right side its got a plunger on top off it which you press a few times and till you feel resistance
    i add this problem and ever time you rev up lots of white smoke i even went to a diesel fitter he told me it could be the injector pump put was not sure
    so i did my own thing and found the problem
    it was dieyerphram that was damaged and drawing air in inside fuel primer
    its on your right the one that the fuel filter screw to let me know how get on for more info

    MANCHESTER, uk, UK - Wed 05th November 2014 07:03pm (GMT)

Subject : blowing whirring engine sound
i am experiencing intermittent blowing whirring sound when accelerating and some loss of power. seems to happen more often when temperature is higher.
i have a 2005 ssangyong rexton 2.7 turbo diesel
any help appreciated

milton keynes, UK - Mon 28th July 2014 04:53pm (GMT)
  • Subject : blowing whirring engine sound
    Nothing to worry about, it is just the viscous fan working harder due to the warm weather.
    Andrew Germaine
    Garton on the Wolds, East Yorkshire, UK - Mon 11th August 2014 07:38pm (GMT)

    • Subject : blowing whirring engine sound
      Hi I am having a problem with my rexton it sounds like the interior fan is blowing really hard when I accelerate in low gears ?
      Chelmsford, Essex, UK - Mon 24th November 2014 04:45pm (GMT)

Subject : Terrano rear axle noise
I have a Nissan Terrano 11 se W reg 2000
s/wb 2.7 My rear axle is rumbling as I drive if I Depress the clutch The noise goes away have you any ideas to rectify please thank you

Wrexham, Flintshire, UK - Fri 25th July 2014 12:28pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Terrano rear axle noise
    Drain your rear axle. Examine the colour and contents of the gear oil that comes out. If it sparkles with metallic particles the differential will need an overhaul..new bearings etc.
    If you entrust this inspection to a professional, get them to quote re an overhaul versus the complete replacement "bolt in" of a good second-hand axle, "wheel to wheel".
    You could do the research yourself at the local wreckers to give an indication as to the normal price of the second hand unit before fitting costs are factored in. Some wreckers will also give a warranty..say three months..if problems develop they will get another unit to repalce the faulty one. It's not rocket science..you and a friend could do this yourselves with a few tools and some planning.

    This may also give you the opportunity to put in a limited slip diff (if you don't already have one).

    Also it allows you to have a good look at the radius arm bushings..they may as well be replaced at the same time. Refer to "Nissan death wobble" in Pathfinders in the US. You have the same suspension...)

    As always, maintenance is the key....it pays to drain and refill the rear axle every 30k or so, (a 15 minute job, and 2.8 litres of fluid available at all factors etc) and it should also be drained and refilled at any time if the axle has been immersed in water over 500mm deep, as the rapidly cooling diff sucks in water through the bearings and the axle breathers......

    NZ - Sat 26th July 2014 06:45am (GMT)

  • Subject : Terrano rear axle noise
    check your propshift universal joints
    for play can couse alot of rumbling

    MANCHESTER, UK - Wed 05th November 2014 07:28pm (GMT)

Subject : exhuast
can any one tell me where I can get off the shelf middle and back box for a 2002 2lt ford maverick (not stainless).
Aylesbury, Bucks, UK - Wed 09th July 2014 07:53pm (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong Musso glow plug
The problem is no light in the dash for the glow plug. There is power on the battery and the starter is going. The engine dont start. Eny one know what the problem is?
Horten, Vestfold, Norway - Fri 04th July 2014 02:24pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Ssangyong Musso glow plug
    Samme problem her. Første symptom var at den begynte å starte litt dårlig, så kom LaPaz på en gang i blandt. Så kom den på hele tiden også under kjøring. Dog byttet jeg alle glødepluggene og vips var problemet borte. Bare ha det i bakhodet, på noen av disse bilene sitter de så hardt at de ryker.
    Tønsberg, Vestfold, Norway - Wed 16th July 2014 02:55pm (GMT)

Subject : Oil breather
My 2001 2.7 Auto developed smoke from oil breather,filler cap and around that area, Spanish mechanic changed oil,filter and cleaned breather with Benzine but problem has come back after 3-4 weeks.Nissan garage here says if I change breather 247€.... the problem will come back as its an old car,no offer of flushing oil, is there another valve maybe thats blocked
Ray Mynott
Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain - Tue 01st July 2014 11:29am (GMT)
  • Subject : Oil breather
    The PCV (positive crankcase ventilation ) system draws air mixed with oil fumes out of the engine and into the air intake through the rubber pipe leading from the rocker cover to the plastic tubing (just in front of the turbo) from the air filter. If you blow through this you should notice no effort is required to blow; it free-flows air.
    Google "catch tank" and you will see that you can separate out most of the oil mist..except when the engine is worn out. Then the blow-by gases leaking past the piston rings overwhelm the system, and the crankcase has a positive (pressurised) amount of air inside which will escape from every hole it can find....resulting in oily pastches like you have at the joints in the engine, such as rocker cover, oil filler hole, turbo piping and joints etc.
    So, is your vehicle that old and worn that no matter how many holes and rubber tubes you were to put in it would still have excess pressure and leaks?
    If so, you will need to either fix it or scrap it.
    May I suggest that you mostly ignore it, but keep an eye on the severity of the oil fumes produced. If that gets too much, Google "runaway engine" and see what could happen if the fumes actually start fuelling the engine.....

    NZ - Wed 02nd July 2014 10:46am (GMT)

Subject : Rough idle td2.7
My 97 teranno 2.7TD has developed a rough idle and low speed cutting out.Starts first kick and goes well at normal speeds with no loss of power but gets rather jerky when coming off the throttle.All filters have been replaced and the maf sensor carefully cleaned but no difference.Would appreciate any ideas before I do the sensible thing and take it to a diesel mechanic.Cheers Laurie
Cheshunt, Victoria, Australia - Tue 01st July 2014 02:12am (GMT)
  • Subject : Rough idle td2.7
    Laurie, what about first ringing the diesel expert to see if he has a a scan tool to check what trouble codes might be lurking in the ECU brain? This could give the diesel expert (who may or may not have a scan tool) a clue or a confirmation as to the problem.

    NZ - Tue 01st July 2014 06:39am (GMT)

    • Subject : Rough idle td2.7
      A reading showing No1 injector lift sensor problem can also mean any one of the injectors or all of them have a problem..how many kms on the clock?
      Ever had the injectors overhauled/replaced? Any problems with water/crap in the fuel? Dirty fuel filters a problem before you changed in the last filter? Ever had a look at the small gauze filter under the banjo bolt on the fuel line connection to the injector pump? Glow plugs tested and all firing correctly at start up including up to 50 degrees c during warmup? Any smoke out the tail pipe in excess of what it used to be?

      NZ - Tue 01st July 2014 06:45am (GMT)

      • Subject : Rough idle td2.7
        Took it to a diesel shop today and was told actuator valve was the prob and over $2000 to fix or $18000 !!for reconditioned pump.This for a car worth $3500 tops.Will wait till I get home for another quote..Cheers John..Laurie
        Ceshunt, Victoria, Australia - Wed 02nd July 2014 07:13am (GMT)

        • Subject : Rough idle td2.7
          The suction control valve is a lot cheaper than that to buy....
          NZ - Fri 04th July 2014 11:06am (GMT)

Subject : Noise
I have a humming noise while driving though it was wheel bearing so changed passenger side, but still humming but worse got drivers front wheel bearing change 6 months ago. When turning left at roughly 30mph it's worse but a lot quieter when turning right. Someone says it's the front diff but wouldn't the diff humm and wine all the time and not get worse or less noise when turning left or right???
Gordon hylands
Renfrew , Glasgow, UK - Sat 28th June 2014 05:29pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Noise
    How aggressive is your tyre pattern? Mud grips really hum, A/T gently hum, and HT is the quietest tread pattern.
    So, did you change tyres shortly before the humming started to bother you?
    If there has been no change in the tyres, and both wheel bearings have been replaced and set correctly, then the only possible noise maker left would be the differential, which actually works harder when you are turning than when you run in a straight line.
    You did not say the make, model, year and gearbox/hi-lo ratio etc of your particular vehicle, so the following may/not apply?
    Is your vehicle permanent 4WD? Or is it selectable? Does it have auto- engaging hubs? Do you know if these work properly..i.e. if they actually are disengaging?
    If both sides are disengaged the steering effort is slight. Both engaged, the steering effort is high. One side not disengaged will pull strongly towards that side.
    Please get back to us with more details if this does not fit your situation....

    NZ - Sun 29th June 2014 01:25am (GMT)

Subject : nissan navara auto gearbox
By mistake when i was checking coolant level, i interchanged the caps - for radiator cap and breather cap. the problem now is the car is not moving fast as it used to be. its like the gears are taking time to change and is making a lot of raving noise before it changes to the next gear. i have done all the service, but nothing has changed. the manual book is saying the engine may overheat if you interchange the caps. what should i do, please help, i bought the car recently, its a 2007 model, 4by4 2.5 dci. please help i am very desperate and i do not know what i should do now
keyness, Hetfordshire, uk - Thu 26th June 2014 09:24am (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan navara auto gearbox
    Keyness, you cannot be helped. the last time you posted this on another website you were from Africa..troll.
    NZ - Fri 27th June 2014 06:27am (GMT)

    • Subject : nissan navara auto gearbox
      james, Botswana
      Nissan Navara

      recently imported my car from Uk to Botswana. By mistake i interchanged the radiator cap and the breather cap. Its no longer speeding as it used to do. gears are taking time to move to the next gear (automatic). i have changed, oil, filters but nothing has changed. Any idea what this might be. Please help. the car is Nissan Navara Aventura 2.5 DCI, AUTOMATIC , 2007 model. its hard to drive


      James, take your vehicle to a mechanic. Anyone that can't tell the difference between a radiator cap and a breather cap NEEDS to see a mechanic. you have probably done other damage to the vehicle and you will do more damage if you don't go and see a mechanic. John Smith from New Zealand

      Submitted: 26/05/2014 14:58:18 | ID: 96191

      NZ - Fri 27th June 2014 06:36am (GMT)

Subject : terrano 2.7 sunroof
My sunroof is not working when press the switch, At first it was just clcking and moving up down about half an inch,Now it has stopt clicking alltogether with no movement or sound,
Barry McHale
runcorn, cheshire, UK - Wed 25th June 2014 09:07am (GMT)
  • Subject : terrano 2.7 sunroof
    NZ - Thu 26th June 2014 07:12am (GMT)

    • Subject : terrano 2.7 sunroof
      NZ - Thu 26th June 2014 07:21am (GMT)

Subject : Shocks upgrade
I have come across a free pair of Ironman 12791GR front shocks and EFS elite 36-5560 rear shocks. I'd like to put them on my 2005 Musso sports ute, but I have no idea if they'll fit. Anyone know if they'll get on? Any comments would be much appreciated.


Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Tue 24th June 2014 04:48am (GMT)
Subject : 4x4
Hi there, I have a 94 3.1ltr turbo diesel isuzu Bighorn. When I first brought the truck sometimes there would be a loud clunking noise when I was in 4x4 this happend until one day on the beach it just wouldnt go in to 4x4 which left me stuck in the sand. I then replaced the the auto hubs and it was away again for about a year and then the clunking noise was back and the same scenario occured once again. I hoping u guys can point me in the right direction as I don't want to get rid of my truck for this is the only trouvle ive had over the last seven years of owning it. But whitebait season is approching and my truck needs to be ready cheers look forward to a reply.
- Bay of Plenty, New Zealand - Mon 23rd June 2014 03:28am (GMT)
  • Subject : 4x4
    Hi there

    I have the exact same problem but on my Isuzu trooper. Did you ever solve it?


    Old Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom - Mon 01st December 2014 02:48pm (GMT)

Subject : Isuzu kb 2.8td radiator needed
Hi, can any one tell me where I can get a radiator for a 1997 isuzu kb 4 door pick up 2779 cc. many many thanks.
torquay, devon, UK - Fri 20th June 2014 09:01pm (GMT)
Subject : nissan pathfiner
Does a terrano 2.7 engine fit in a pathfinder
Banbridge, UK - Tue 17th June 2014 10:23pm (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan pathfiner
    Possibly if you lay it down on it's side and have both rear seats down you might be able to get it in.
    NZ - Wed 18th June 2014 06:45am (GMT)

  • Subject : nissan pathfiner
    What I was ment to say can it go into the engine bay as a replacement
    Banbridge, UK - Wed 18th June 2014 07:32am (GMT)

    • Subject : nissan pathfiner
      David, what engine is in there at the moment? Is it a manual gearbox, because if it is an auto, you will have to cobble together an ECU,a new bell housing, flywheel and flex plate as well...
      in most cases unless you are replacing like for like the end result is an expensive time and cash devouring orphan with little resale value.

      NZ - Thu 19th June 2014 04:02am (GMT)

Subject : spacestar 1.9 did
hi I have a strange electrical prob with my spacestar 1.9 DiD unlocked car as normal went to start car no dash lights checked batt and fuses all ok then checked fuses again removed 40amp ignition fuse then re installed it all lights came back on any clues have to keep doing this every time I use car any help please
loughborough, leicestershire, UK - Thu 12th June 2014 11:01pm (GMT)
Subject : rexton 2.7 xdi wont start
Hi my 04 2.7 xdi wont start with out easy start then runs okish rev it and there smoke come from down by where exhaust meets engine and a wierd squeel noise ive changed the camshaft sensor and new battery .I had to tow a large caravan home like this and there were loads of black smoke down side of van the carsppoweris still there but it all so stalls when you take foot of revs any help would be great hi 5 as well
wolves, west mid, UK - Mon 09th June 2014 06:25pm (GMT)
  • Subject : rexton 2.7 xdi wont start
    Hi, Replace the pressure booster sensor on top of your intake manifold.

    John Dummler
    Wangaratta, Victoria, UK - Wed 23rd July 2014 02:26pm (GMT)

Subject : rexton 2.7 xdi wont start
Hi my 04 2.7 xdi wont start with out easy start then runs okish rev it and there smoke come from down by where exhaust meets engine and a wierd squeel noise ive changed the camshaft sensor and new battery .I had to tow a large caravan home like this and there were loads of black smoke down side of van the carsppoweris still there but it all so stalls when you take foot of revs any help would be great hi 5 as well
wolves, west mid, UK - Mon 09th June 2014 06:22pm (GMT)
Subject : Speedo sensor
Nissan navara 96 d21 4x4 speedo sensor are they the same as 2wd of same model
Yeppoon , QLD , Australia - Thu 05th June 2014 08:51am (GMT)
  • Subject : Speedo sensor
    99% certainty that the sensor would be the same if the type of transmission (automatic) is the same. Wanna bet???
    If not, ask your Nissan dealer parts department if the part numbers are the same for both models...they should know..

    NZ - Mon 09th June 2014 04:20am (GMT)

Subject :
hi does anyone know how difficult it is to change the front down pipe exhaust on a 98 auto terrano ?thanks ste
- UK - Wed 04th June 2014 02:20pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Haven't done it to my own, but there is always a problem with exhaust where corroded fasteners slow things down. Plus, do you have a replacement pipe ready to install? If not, you will need one.....
    NZ - Mon 09th June 2014 04:23am (GMT)

  • Subject :
    i am about to remove front down pipe
    becouse been qoute £136 plus vat
    have posted the same regarding removing
    down pipe i can buy one of ebay for£35 been told that you jack up jeep
    then support with stands .
    take off front wheel on the manifold side then remove rubber inspection curtian thats inside wheel arch.
    once removed you will be able to locate 3 studs that held the down pipe
    now this is wear you could shear the studs off you could start engine and warm it up this will make it more easy to losen studs this should work and carefull whilste working around very hot pipe .
    now bolts have been removed there will be 2 more under jeep in centre of exhuast . this is information that i already know before i start .
    what i want to now when all bolts are removed from down pipe it will be free to remove but which way dos it go

    MANCHESTER, uk, UK - Sun 02nd November 2014 07:41pm (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Terrano Used car parts
I am looking for a used starter motor and waterpump
Waitakere City, NZ, UK - Mon 02nd June 2014 12:36pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Terrano Used car parts
    Try Trade Me or a wrecker who is linked to all other wreckers in NZ for guaranteed results.
    NZ - Mon 02nd June 2014 10:07pm (GMT)

Subject : 4 wheel drive problem
The 4 wheel drive dont seem to engage even the 4 wheel high and low lights are on the dashboard showig on , but only 2 wheels driving
Grahame Davies
Six Bells, Gwent, UK - Sat 31st May 2014 09:25pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 4 wheel drive problem
    hi did u try swich off esp because i have same problem if esp is on no power is lazy rexton but after esp off go perfect ...martin
    london, hounslow, UK - Sun 08th June 2014 10:59pm (GMT)

  • Subject : 4 wheel drive problem
    Sounds like a break in a vacuum pipe. The first one that went on mine was a small U shaped rubber pipe that connects to a vacuum modulator at the front of the battery box, pence to fix, the next ones to go were the steel pipes that feed vacuum to the wheel hubs (to engage the free wheel hubs)This is a bit trickier to fix, I made up some small copper pipes and fixed them in place using some epoxy putty. No problems since.
    Andrew Germaine
    Garton on the Wolds, East Yorkshire, UK - Mon 11th August 2014 07:43pm (GMT)

Subject : Gearbox
My surf won't go into gear unless its in 4WD! It goes into gear but it won't engage let the clutch out and it's like it's still in neutral!!
Christchurch , New Zealand - Fri 30th May 2014 11:39pm (GMT)
Subject : Nissan Mistral
hi there, i have a 94 Nissan Mistral that take a bit longer to change gears from 2nd gear to 3rd gear (rpm goes up to 2500 then only change the gears), 1st to 2nd is ok,is that something to do with tranny? did an ATF changed a week ago, still no luck. hope someone can give me some advise.
Auckland, NZ, NZ - Tue 27th May 2014 02:22pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Mistral
    Do you have a power/normal/hold button on the dash? If so, make sure it is in "Normal" mode. "Power' will hold in the gears to a higher rev than usual before ther trans changes up..just what your symptoms are....
    NZ - Wed 28th May 2014 04:20am (GMT)

Subject : terrano 3.0l
hi i have a Nissan Terrano 3.0l 04 plate it has slowly lost power over last couple of months..
Iv serviced it with all filters..
ehaust was blowing in flexi at front of motor fixed that as well.
Toady the turbo was making alot of noise an in result after stopping the motor is smoking with white an blue smoke continually an the engine knows flutters on its own as you take your foot of the throttle.
is this sounding just like a turbo prob or more????
pls can some one give me advice as its a clean motor..

Norwich, uk, UK - Mon 26th May 2014 09:17am (GMT)
  • Subject : terrano 3.0l
    Jemma, frankly this doesn't sound good...I would suspect the turbo bearings being worn out. Please do not drive the vehicle as when the bearing really let go at speed, the engine can "run away" as the oil from the crankcase is pumped into the intake and becomes fuel for the engine. You cannot stop it by turning off the key. Google runaway diesel to see it happen.
    You need to see a good mechanic who will assess the situation before informing you of the best course of action.
    The turbo will cost, but the worry is any other damage to the engine itself from bits that may have been ground off the turbo blades etc.
    If you are going to deal with the engine on a DIY basis, unbolt the turbo to have it overhauled, ask the overhauler to assess and ascertain what fragments of blades may be missing,and before giving him the ok to overhaul the turbo, check for those bits in the inlet manifold, AND check cylinder compressions.
    If all your compressions are good, and there are no bits found, go ahead with the overhaul and bolt the overhauled turbo back on and see what happens.
    You may be lucky....

    However if damage to the motor has also occurred, then it may be better to replace it with a second hand good one from a wrecker.

    NZ - Wed 28th May 2014 04:36am (GMT)

Subject : nissan sd33t
What would make a poping sound coming from the exhaust
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Sun 25th May 2014 10:08am (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan sd33t
    If you had a Pope in your exhaust pipe, he could make a poping sound. However, the normal "popping" on overrun is an occasional partially unburnt charge of air and fuel not completely burnt in the engine which exits the exhaust valve and is then ignited by another exiting and still burning charge from an adjacent cylinder. "Pop" goes the exhaust. Big bore exhausts with straight through mufflers emphasise this otherwise non- harmful sound.
    NZ - Mon 26th May 2014 06:23am (GMT)

  • Subject : nissan sd33t
    So check your ignition components, coil packs, HT wires, but most of all, sparkplugs.
    - NZ - Mon 26th May 2014 06:25am (GMT)

Subject :
help needed have 98 tdi lwb auto the problem is that when moving 4wd lever the light on the dash does not come on has anyone else had this problem if so how would u fix it many thanks ..daz
- UK - Wed 21st May 2014 07:59pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Replies to previous posts with electrical problems which you can read in this thread point towards known poor grounding points needing cleaning, and to every connector going to the transmission units needing to be taken apart and sprayed with contact cleaner. After doing that, start looking at a blown bulb in the dash.
    NZ - Thu 22nd May 2014 05:24am (GMT)

Subject : turbo mixing oil and water
How do l fix this problem. Boilinh Caused problems with turbo.
Cape Town, SA, South Africa - Sat 17th May 2014 09:42am (GMT)
Subject : turbo mixing oil and water
How do l fix this problem. Boilinh Caused problems with turbo.
Cape Town, SA, South Africa - Sat 17th May 2014 09:42am (GMT)
Subject : 1998 3.0 Isuzu mu
Hi there I'm just wondering if any one else has ever come across this,
my MU drives fine and does everything that its meant to do,
However when I'm doing 100kms an hour just cruzing along and if i go to overtake someone if i put my foot down i get this weird loud clicking noise and it sound like its coming from my left hand side of the engine, it only does it when its about to hit 4thou revs. and it does it if i put my foot down to get up and over mountains

william Ball
Taumarunui, Nz , New Zealand - Sat 17th May 2014 09:20am (GMT)
  • Subject : 1998 3.0 Isuzu mu
    Hi did you find the problem? I have a 3.0 holden colorado and its doing the exact same thing
    Winthrop, WA, Australia - Tue 25th November 2014 09:45am (GMT)

Subject :
A young fellow I know has just brought a 1994 Nissan terrano and when he gets up to open road speed the auto starts to slip and the engine starts to rev . Its ok around town at lower speeds . Is the auto stuffed .The trannsmission has just had a service . Any thoughts ????
ashburton, nz - Sat 17th May 2014 07:07am (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Did the slippage start immediately after the service? Was the vehicle O.K. before that? What fluid did they put in the trans? (Nissanmatic/dex 3 or equivalent (not Dex 4,5,6) What did they find when they took the old filter out? Did they cut the old filter open with shears and look at the debris? Any metal filings in the pan when it was inspected and cleaned? Is there enough fluid in the trans? Is it actually getting into lock up overdrive, then slipping back out e.g goes in as usual at 60kmh, then gets to 100 and slips????
    NZ - Sun 18th May 2014 06:15am (GMT)

Subject : Problem partly fixed!
Hello. My 2000 Musso 3200 is on dual fuel and has an intermittent problem on both fuels. Loss of power, gear changes become clunky, won’t change down when it should. Found that the top connector rubber boot, of the narrow plastic vacuum pipe from top of inlet manifold to gearbox, was perished and letting in air so we taped it up and this seal fixed the problem; thus I ordered a new replacement.
After installing the replacement I am getting the identical problem after I have driven around 15km and it won’t disappear on that journey. However, it appears that when I have parked for a while and start up, it’s fine again. IN all other respects, everything is working fine. Would appreciate any ideas about why I had the improvement but still have a problem. Thanks to all.

Mooroolbark, Vic, Australia - Sun 11th May 2014 11:14am (GMT)
Subject : Glow plugs
Have a 2006 Kyron with 88Ks on it and am on the fifth glow plug.Light comes on then have to get replaced.
Any one got any ideas why,becoming annoying!!!!!!

Russell Spence
Rangewood, QLD - Wed 07th May 2014 07:24am (GMT)
Subject : Front lights are too dim
Hi all, my Daihatsu Terios 1998 is having issues with really dim front lights. When I have my brights on, it's fine, but as soon as I have to change from brights, the lights are almost too dim to see which is a bit worrying when I travel late at night. Any ideas on what would help?
- South Africa - Tue 06th May 2014 02:08pm (GMT)
Subject : Indicators stopped working
Hi, both my indicators have stopped working on my Mitsi Shogun 3 door P reg car, please can someone advise on what could be wrong? Thanks
lostwithiel, cornwall, UK - Tue 06th May 2014 01:39pm (GMT)
Subject : engine swap concerns on vg30i to vg30e nissan
my 86 2wd v6 truck-vg30i- timing belt broke an destroyed the inferance motor. looking to replace with a 94 v6-vg30e 4x4 pathfinder engine...may have been automatic. other than intake-and thottle body vs fuel rail system difference what stop the exchange...will the timing cover or oil pumps or pans or brackets on front
swap out and pumps does 2wd-4wd matter or the 86-94 v6 change over work?

birmingham, alabama, Usa - Sat 03rd May 2014 01:15pm (GMT)
Subject : 4x4 locks up
We have a 4x4 ranger 2004 that locks itself up when driving, it goes from 2wheel drive to 4 wheel drive by itself without touching anything. Any idea what causes this and any solutions. Thanks
Derek Morrison
bradford on avon , wiltshire, UK - Mon 28th April 2014 10:52am (GMT)
  • Subject : 4x4 locks up
    Hi did you get anywhere with your problem of transmission selection.
    keith huddlestone
    newark, UK - Tue 18th November 2014 05:30pm (GMT)

Subject : back seats
how do you put the back seats down on a 1992 pajero lwb. and does anyone know hoe to drain the radiator as i want to flush it threw . it has a overdrive on it does that affect it .
Adele May
halesowen, west midlands, UK - Sat 26th April 2014 12:40pm (GMT)
Subject : Brake Servo
Hello, l am looking for a brake servo for ford maverick 2001. Can anyone help? Ford Dealership price is too high.
Manchester, UK - Thu 24th April 2014 11:52pm (GMT)
Subject : nissan terrano cutting out
Hi have a 2000 reg 2.7 diesel nissan terrano automatic. It is cutting out sometimes when I select drive or reverse or it can cut out when the revs drop to idling speed and then I go to accelerate off. The EM light is coming on the only fault code I am getting is fuel injector no1 fault? Is it just the injector sensor at fault or cud it be a number of faults? Any help appreciated thanks.
bargoed, Caerphilly, UK - Wed 23rd April 2014 12:27am (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan terrano cutting out
    You would be wise to start by replacing that No1 sensor, as that is the most likely cause of all those problems.
    Once you have replaced that, get the technician to remove all the fault codes in the computer, and drive until the EM light comes on again. with any luck, it won't!
    Look at directly buying the Bosch No1 unit yourself rather than going through the dealer and paying very large amounts of money.
    Google is your friend....

    NZ - Thu 24th April 2014 07:26am (GMT)

  • Subject : nissan terrano cutting out

    The injector problem may be more than one injector being the problem but the problem shows up in the no1 injector code...

    - NZ - Thu 08th May 2014 02:06pm (GMT)

  • Subject : nissan terrano cutting out
    I changed my engine and had similar trouble, the nissan dealer reset the Throtle Position Sensor to fix the problem, it only happened when engine cold.
    - new zealand - Thu 12th March 2015 04:09am (GMT)

Subject : 3500 GDI
Reply with quote
Sad guys i really need help here im driving mitsubishi pajero 6G74 3500 GDI model 2001, its have been having this problem of lossing power, like when its cold it will start
well and drive well and when i stop and start it agian then will be no power it will drive for some time then the power will come back, but today is just stopped well im
driving now is not starting, what can be the problem please help

Gaborone, south East, Botswana - Mon 21st April 2014 04:35pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 3500 GDI
    Hi, It seems that thermostat valve is stucked and allowing direct flow of water from radiator to engine before getting a specific temperature. Surely heat indicator will show low temperatue as compared to earlier. Thermostat valve price is app 12 to 15 US dollars. It is located just after the out water pipe from radiator.
    M Irfan
    Kuwait, Kuwait, kuwait - Tue 20th May 2014 05:22am (GMT)

Subject : Starting
Hi there,my 1995 mistral 2.7diesel auto starts when I turn key ignition on,without turning to Starter,and starter wont stop running on ignition or start.The engine starts and starter motor keeps running.Then it works fine ,but will fault again anytime.I have checked ,starter ,ignition switch replaced,checked all terminals ,have I missed something or have you seen this fault before. Cheers Joe Greig
joe greig
Auckland new zealand, North Shore, New Zealand - Mon 21st April 2014 05:29am (GMT)
  • Subject : Starting
    Could there be a "feedback" somewhere in the hot wire to the terminal of the starter solenoid?
    More likely, is the starter solenoid "sticky" so that when the solenoid is energised, it pulls the plunger which engages the starter, the the main contacts are bridged, the starter turns and keeps running even when the key is released.
    Even if the solenoid is de-energised, (key turned back to Run or off) the rod/piston keeps it's forward position and the starter keeps turning until vibration rattles the actuator rod loose again.
    Take out the starter and check the solenoid very carefully and actuate it "on the bench" to check....
    In fact solenoids are not very expensive and it might pay to just replace it....

    Christchurch, NZ - Mon 21st April 2014 12:36pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Starting
      Before replacing the solenoid, clean and clean and clean the rest of the mechanism until the engagement and disengagement movement is smooth.
      NZ - Mon 21st April 2014 12:40pm (GMT)

Subject : B2500 tailgate
I need as complete tailgate for 2001 Mazda B2500 pick up. Doesnt matter what colour as it will be wrapped but has to be straight.
Cash waiting.

Mike Pinnington
Cenarth, UK - Sun 20th April 2014 02:37pm (GMT)
Subject : Toyota RAV4
my question is what best speed to engage/disengage the 4 wheel drive of the toyota rav4 4x4 1996 model 3doors with manual tranny. thanks a lot , ojie
Ojie Dotig
Batangas City, Batangas, Philippines - Sun 20th April 2014 09:13am (GMT)
Subject : Oil appears in water reservoire
I bought the 2002 model of Ssangyong Rexton (290) about 4 months ago and have enjoyed using it. Recently, I started experiencing the problem whereby oil appears in the water reservoire. I consulted mechanics and they changed the head gasket for me, but the problem persists.
Anyone with an idea about the possible causes?
Thank you.

Tamale, Ghana, GHANA - Sat 19th April 2014 10:51am (GMT)
  • Subject : Oil appears in water reservoire
    had the same problem got it fix by skimming the head replace new head gasket and new head bolt the torque setting is a bit tricky cylinder head bolts 55nm and then 90 deg angle torque and again 90 deg angle torque hope this help
    johannesburg, south africa, UK - Fri 11th July 2014 12:00pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Oil appears in water reservoire
    Hi - I have a similar problem with my 2005 Rexton 2.7 xdi - took it to the agents - they identified it as the oil cooler. The oil cooler is very expensive unfortunately, I still need to fixe mine.
    Richards Bay, South africa, za - Thu 26th February 2015 02:42pm (GMT)

Subject : boost pressure
recently whiletowing caravan up incline engine management light came on pulleed over stoped and turned off engine after a couple of mins restarted all ok until another incline same again
took car into garage mechanic put delphi tester on came back with error code 28
mechanic says its
boost pressure intake pipe pressure too high?
he checked all pipes for splits but nothing.
wondering what's the cause and if it's safe to tow anything.

wigan, grrt manchester, UK - Fri 18th April 2014 07:58pm (GMT)
Subject : japanese fuse box
Hi, i have a nissan mistral/terrano 97 , does any one got an english version of fuse box sticker? mine is on japanese...cheers..
- nz - Wed 16th April 2014 03:40am (GMT)
  • Subject : japanese fuse box
    What are you trying to find out?
    Using a DMM (digital multi-meter)turning the key on and probing the little metal ends of the fuse as they stick out of the fuse box will tell you if the fuse is Ok or not, and leaving the key off after all fuses test ok and then retesting fuses tells you which fuse is live all the time.
    The rating of the fuses should be in arabic numerals.....10,15,20,30

    NZ - Wed 16th April 2014 05:24am (GMT)

Subject : Engine warning light & high Temp
I have a Rexton 2005 RX270 XDI, When driving I have the engine warning light comes on and at the same time the temperature gauge rises instantly to above Hot. I pull over turn the car off wait 5 seconds and turn it back on light off temp back to normal. Have Just purchased the car and found a receipt from previous owner for Water sensor, Have had it put over Computer and and found Code P1115 - Coolant Temp Sensor malfunction. Does this vehicle have a Water temp Sensor and a Coolant temp sensor, Brought a Manual for 220 series not 270 different, cant find manual for 270. Please help
Cobargo, nsw, AUS - Mon 14th April 2014 07:31am (GMT)
  • Subject : Engine warning light & high Temp
    Hi I have a Similar problem with my 2006 RX 2.7 XDI as well Check engine light goes on but the temp gauge drops to under C. I spoke with a mechanic he said sensor problem. Yes It has a coolant temp sensor. Not sure if replacing it will help ?
    How did you go with your issue?

    Perth, WA, Australia - Mon 05th May 2014 03:11pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Engine warning light & high Temp
    It could be a electrical short problem. You could have somebody sit in the car and try and move/jiggle the wiring to see if you can repeat the issue. Try it first with the car not running but with the ignition on. If that does not find anything then start it up and do the same thing being careful about the things moving and hot in the engine compartment.
    Leopold, VIC, Australia - Sun 11th May 2014 01:13pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Engine warning light & high Temp
    My 2006 Kyron has this same odd overheat warning that comes up without reason. The first time it happened I nearly freaked out but when I stopped I found there was nothing wrong. I restarted and drove on with no probs. You can do it at the red lights or pull over. I've found that sometimes you can just keep going and it will return to normal in a K or so. However, if you don't actually stop, it can keep going on and off and drive you crazy. The actual stop and switch off cures the problem. It seems to happen if you take a break for half an hour after running the highway for 2 or 3 hours. A shorter toilet break doesn't seem to trigger it. Maybe a steam bubble forms or the block overheats the sensors while it is temporarily switched off. The engine bay does not seem overheated. In any event I'm not going to blow bucks on something that I can live with. Apart from that, I'm happy with the car. Cheers, Geoff.
    Geoff Stevenson
    Blackburn Nth, Vic, Australia - Tue 20th May 2014 07:15am (GMT)

  • Subject : Engine warning light & high Temp
    I have exactly the same problem with 2006 Kyron. It never alarms from a cold start (I CAN DRIVE ALL DAY) but once I stop for a spell and re-start the temp alarm goes off.

    Gold Coast, QLD, Australia - Wed 21st May 2014 04:42am (GMT)

Subject : 1996 frontera with the 2.5td isuzu engine
Changed everything due to it puffing black. New gaskets n full xhaust Injectors n glow plugs. My egr is stuck open. Any ideas on how to cure black smoke would be appreciated
Brynmawr, Wales, UK - Sun 13th April 2014 01:46pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 1996 frontera with the 2.5td isuzu engine
    Just had something the same on my brava same engine, the aa came out and put a universal blanking plate on the erg outlet as they said it's not nessesary so it can be blocked off and no more black smoke
    Ventnor, Iow, UK - Sat 07th June 2014 01:45pm (GMT)

Subject : flasher relay location
turn signals and emergency flasher not working. I have new flasher relay but cant find location behind dash. Please help!
Carl Ebrus
hana, Ha, United States - Fri 11th April 2014 11:37pm (GMT)
  • Subject : flasher relay location
    1990 Daihatsu rocky is the vehicle for the flasher relay location post.
    hana, Ha, United States - Fri 11th April 2014 11:41pm (GMT)

Subject : Front Wheel Bearing
Hi all.. Just replaced bearings on front of my Maverick 2ltr xlt. Does anyone no the correct torque for the bearing nut on the front.Many thank Garry.
Ruthin, Denbighshire, UK - Wed 09th April 2014 07:00pm (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong Kyron Problem
Have a 2006 Kyron which i am about to give up on. Cut out after a fill of fuel so assumed it was a problem with fuel, drained it, replaced injectors, common rail pump, fuel tank and fuel line, filters etc. Now has no power and a knocking noise. Have spent a fortune so far and reluctant to have to spend more! Any ideas appreciated! Thanks
Joe Johnston
Newry, County Down, UK - Sun 30th March 2014 11:06am (GMT)
Subject : Bubbles in cooling system
Hi I have a V6 Frontera 53 plate a little while back I had a problem where the cooling system over pressurised causing damage to the rad, removed the heads thinking it was a head gasket had heads pressure tested and skimmed both heads passed test.

Re fitted the heads with all new gaskets but when I started the engine after bleeding the cooling system I still had lots of bubbles in rad.

I then suspected a crack in cylinder bore, got myself another engine that was running without issues, have fitted that engine and it is running like a watch it has done less than 150 miles and it has blown a small hole in rad and the rubber O rings on the heater pipes and I have loads of bubbles in the rad'

Am I missing something here it seems unlikely that the new engine had no issues before removal but has issues after fitting, pulling my hair out Help lol

David Thomas
Ferndale, RCT, UK - Tue 25th March 2014 03:04pm (GMT)
Subject : engine cutting out
Hi I have a 2000 reg 2.7 auto terrano. It has recently started to cut out when I select drive or reverse? It also cut out once while driving. The management light is now on altho I do not know code as yet. Where do I start to look thanks
Scott Lovesey
Bargoed, Gwent, UK - Sat 22nd March 2014 09:20pm (GMT)
  • Subject : engine cutting out
    You start by looking at the trouble codes in the computer.
    That is what will give you the answers to some of the questions.

    UK - Tue 25th March 2014 03:32am (GMT)

Subject : engine cutting out
Hi I have a 2000 reg 2.7 auto terrano. It has recently started to cut out when I select drive or reverse? It also cut out once while driving. The management light is now on altho I do not know code as yet. Where do I start to look thanks
Scott Lovesey
Bargoed, Gwent, UK - Sat 22nd March 2014 09:19pm (GMT)
  • Subject : engine cutting out
    I shall say this only once..again..
    You start by looking at the trouble codes in the computer.
    That is
    what will give you the answers to some of the questions.

    UK - Tue 25th March 2014 03:33am (GMT)

    • Subject : engine cutting out
      Hi thanks Doug the code has come back as the no1 fuel injector sensor? Is this the cause or could it be the tip if the iceberg? It cuts out when drive or reverse is selected but does sometimes cut out when I slow down to idling speed then go to accelerate? Any help appreciated thanks
      Scott Lovesey
      Bargoed, Caerphilly, UK - Tue 22nd April 2014 07:46pm (GMT)

      • Subject : engine cutting out
        Now look up No1 injector sensor on the web, see what it does, see what is typical of the faults that a failing/failed No1 injector engenders, and find the replacement injector via a trade connection buying generic Bosch rather than paying retail at Nissan dealers...you'll see why when you price it.
        It's not a biggie to replace the injector yourself, or if you don't want to do this, give it to your mechanic to do. Then after replacement, clear all the codes, drive the vehicle and see if any other codes come up and if driveability improves..which it will.

        UK - Thu 08th May 2014 07:36am (GMT)

        • Subject : engine cutting out

          The injector problem may be more
          than one injector being the problem but the problem shows up in the
          no1 injector code...

          NZ - Wed 28th May 2014 11:30pm (GMT)

Subject : Frontera 2000 4x4 fuse number.
Can anyone tell me how I can find out what number fuse runs the 4x4 on a 2000 Frontera? Many thanks!
Hamish Macleod
Inverness, UK - Fri 21st March 2014 04:04pm (GMT)
Subject :
change the fuel filter on my nissan terrano2 diesal 1999 and ever since its
rough engine light comes on white smoke from exhaust
replace fuel filter again for expensive make still no
all pipes are clear fiter in bango bolt clear charcoal
filter on tank was blown out still nothing can anyone PLEASE advise

daventry, northampton, UK - Sun 16th March 2014 01:33pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    as per below..try running the engine with the engine stationary and the charcoal filter disconnected, in case your "blowing it clear" actually coagulated/clumped up all the carbon granules......affecting the flow of circulating air/fuel???
    UK - Tue 18th March 2014 07:32am (GMT)

    • Subject :
      yes i did disconect the charcoal filter at 1st was great then back to problem

      i blew charcoal filter out with airline crud came out but .........

      daventry, UK - Tue 18th March 2014 04:13pm (GMT)

      • Subject :
        Alright, now you should definitely replace the charcoal filter, since, as you tested, it went alright at first after you disconnected it. Logically, the absence of the filter allowed more air circulation..but that may then be too much air ingestion if it is not constricted by the filter medium. So, to attain the right balance of air, replace the filter with a new one..and don't blow it out again....
        UK - Wed 19th March 2014 02:37am (GMT)

Subject :
change the fuel filter on my nissan terrano2 diesal and ever since its running
rough engine light comes on white smoke from exhaust replace fuel filter again for expensive make still no diffrence
all pipes are clear fiter in bango bolt clear charcoal filter on tank was blown out still nothing can anyone PLEASE advise

daventry, northampton, UK - Sun 16th March 2014 01:31pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Get the computer scanned for the codes which will tell you what the problem is. It may be a coincidence that all the roughness started after the filter change, maybe some crud got through into the injection pump..but before panicking, GET THE CODES READ.
    What do you mean about the charcoal filter being blown out? How did you blow it?
    these are supposed to be replaced, as they are a non serviceable item...

    UK - Tue 18th March 2014 07:29am (GMT)

Subject : Wiring harness
I have a 1993 nissan 4x4 pickup that
I have converted from a v6 Standard
to a td27turbo diesel automatic.I have
not been able to find the schematic to
wire up the transmission control module.I thought that if I couldn't find the schematic mabe easier to find
a used complete or main wiring harness.
Thank you Dan Heina

dan Heina
McAllen, Texas, USA - Fri 14th March 2014 08:09pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Wiring harness
    This is for the Terrano 2 (also known as the Mistral in world markets other than the UK, which is Spanish made, uses the same basic engine but with electronic controls and intercooler, same transmssion with it's ECU.
    hope this helps..

    New Zealand - Sun 16th March 2014 07:13am (GMT)

Subject : 2.5turbo isuzu engine
had problems with alternator, fitted new unit, charging ok but can't stop engine when you turn key off ! any suggestions
steve baldock
stone, staffs, UK - Wed 12th March 2014 10:16pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 2.5turbo isuzu engine
    Hi, did you manage to find the cause of the problem? I have a similar issue
    Tredegar, UK - Fri 22nd August 2014 10:34am (GMT)

    • Subject : 2.5turbo isuzu engine
      There is a problem with some aftermarket alternators: The connections on the three pin connector (alternator regulator) are reversed. To fix it, you have to exchange the black wire to the green / white wire and vice versa.
      Chemnitz, Saxony, GER - Sat 04th October 2014 08:59pm (GMT)

Subject :
hi need help 96 terrano diesel leaking heater matrix how could I bypass this for a while .thanks
- UK - Wed 12th March 2014 02:31pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    There should be two hoses leading from the front of the engine near the thermostat housing to the heater matrix at the firewall. One is the input and one the return. Disconnect both hoses from at the thermostat housing and replace them with one hose connecting both the inlet and outlet on the thermostat housing. You could use one of the heater hoses if you disconnec it at the heater matrix as well and loop it. The coolant then cannot circulate through the heater matrix. You can still drive the vehicle without a problem.
    Are you sure it is a leaking matrix and not just a leaking connection at the firewall? Check that first.

    NZ - Thu 13th March 2014 12:25am (GMT)

Subject : Starting problems 2006 Rexton 270
Some days my Rexton will start easily, other days it doesn't start at all. It is the same with cold and warm engine. Error codes tells us there are something wrong with the camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor. Both of them are replaced, wiring for the camshaft sensor is also replaced. Power relay for engine system is also replaced. I would be happy if someone have any ideas of whats wrong! Thanks!

Frode Mørreaunet
Aafjord, Norway, Norway - Sat 08th March 2014 11:43am (GMT)
  • Subject : Starting problems 2006 Rexton 270
    i had similar problems, its the starter that needs to be refurbished or replaced. (the solonoid on the starter)
    Glanny Naidu
    Richards bay, South Africa, za - Mon 11th August 2014 02:37pm (GMT)

Subject : nissan 4x4 p/up
is all nissan 4x4x pickup 3.2 valve?
alfred auman aritrangco
- cagayan de oro city, philippines - Fri 07th March 2014 08:26pm (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan 4x4 p/up
    Can you explain a little further, please?
    Are you referring to the number of intake and exhaust valves on the Nissan 3.2 litre diesel?

    NZ - Sat 08th March 2014 05:14am (GMT)

Subject :
JUST WONDERING does anyone know what other model doors will fit a 1996 kb isuzu double cab pick up import? drivers front is knackerd thanks carl
carl duncan lloyd
wrecsam, Wales, UK - Fri 07th March 2014 09:42am (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Hi Carl, I fitted a wing from a vauxhall bravo to a 2.8td kb 1997 and fitted no problems so a good chance the doors are the same. I need a radiator any thoughts. J
    torquay, devon, UK - Fri 20th June 2014 09:04pm (GMT)

Subject : bighorn alternator
Hi, I have taken out my alternator from my bighorn 3.1 td auto 1996.
I need to find out what alternator it is and what amps. The data badge is missing so no details on the old alternator.
How can i find out which one it originally was.
Thanks guys

helen sanders
portsmouth, hampshire, UK - Mon 03rd March 2014 08:06pm (GMT)
Subject :

- UK - Sun 02nd March 2014 02:09pm (GMT)
Subject : 1993 Mu
I have trouble with my brakes took the servo of that works fine replaced the alternator . Hose from vacuum no suction. I have been told it could be a blockage in the engine and how wouls I fix that ? Please help my family want me to dump it.
Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK - Sun 23rd February 2014 11:48pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 1993 Mu
    just bought a 93 izuzu mu,its a 2.8diesel.starts and runs fine but I just noticed the bottom pulley on the engine seems to move forward and backwards a few mm when running at very low revs but when the revs increase a bit it seems not to,i don't think the pulley is loose or anything like that but as its the crankshaft pulley how can this be happening, it only moves maybe 3 or 4 mm but only when the engine is ticking over, hope its not serious, anyone got any ideas, thanks
    Thom Troy
    Birr, Offaly, Ireland - Mon 24th February 2014 11:53pm (GMT)

Subject : 1993 Mu
I have trouble with my brakes took the servo of that works fine replaced the alternator . Hose from vacuum no suction. I have been told it could be a blockage in the engine and how wouls I fix that ? Please help my family want me to dump it.
Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK - Sun 23rd February 2014 11:48pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 1993 Mu
    try replacing the hoses and shoving a pipe cleaner down all the holes. also attach a syringe to the hoses and try blowing pressure the the other direction.
    Robin Pilcher
    taunton, Somerset (SOM), UK - Fri 28th February 2014 08:08am (GMT)

Subject : sticky gears
I have a ford maveric xlt 2 litre petrol. sometimes the gears stick and the clutch does'nt start till the pedal is half way down does anyone know whats happening?
west kilbride, scotland, UK - Sat 15th February 2014 06:54pm (GMT)
Subject : 1997 Isuzu Rodeo Bearings help
I have a 1997 Isuzu rodeo i need to know if the bearings are sealed or not and if jot how to grease them.
fair groveo, mo, U.S. - Fri 14th February 2014 12:23pm (GMT)
Subject :
My 2007 Ssangyong Kyron had a flat battery so i replaced it with a brand new one,the problem now is the engine is turning over but not starting has anyone any ideas what it could be.



sean conway
Dunlaoghaire, Dublin, Ireland - Thu 13th February 2014 11:40am (GMT)
  • Subject :
    I had an issue that sounds very similar. I ended up taking the car into the Ssangyong dealership, (on the back of a truck), they plugged it into the computer and reprogrammed the ignition to read the keys as it had been scrambled. They think that as I had been need a large transmitter tower on a minesite when the issue had occurred, it had scrambled the coding between the keys and the ignition. Took all of about two minutes to correct but cost me $300 for the truck ride. Still love the car though.
    Joe Meagher
    Perth, WA, Australia - Sun 02nd March 2014 02:46am (GMT)

Subject : PR50 Speedo
Hi I've a 97 2.4 Diesel Auto PR50 Pathfinder in the US, R3M Terrano in Japan & the Speedo has stopped working.

I took it to a dealer in France today who said they sender is working but couldn't go any further because they didn't have any circuit or wiring diagrams.

Does anyone know if & where these are obtainable from?

I've isolated the wire that feeds the speedo behind the instrument pack, does anyone know if that is an analogue or pulse signal?

Thanks in advance

Nick Thompson
Guingamp, France - Tue 11th February 2014 09:28pm (GMT)
  • Subject : PR50 Speedo
    If you read through this site you would find numerous references to this particular model's problems with the printed circuit board in the dash having breaks occurring over time causing intermittent faults on most of the instruments, but particularly the speedo and tacho. There is a UK firm that will work on them and repair them..google is your friend.
    NZ - Tue 11th February 2014 10:09pm (GMT)

    • Subject : PR50 Speedo
      Thanks, I did search & found others with the same problem on this BBS but no real answer.

      I'll check the PCB tomorrow.

      Nick Thompson
      Guingamp, France - Tue 11th February 2014 11:25pm (GMT)

      • Subject : PR50 Speedo
        Yep, people get help but very few can be bothered informing of the final result.
        Possibly because it was too painful on the wallet to want to remember or post it????

        NZ - Tue 11th February 2014 11:33pm (GMT)

      • Subject : PR50 Speedo
        I checked the PCB on the back of the speedo & could find any broken tracks or bad solder joints, although it did take me back 45 years to the couple of months I spent on PCB inspection during my apprenticeship.

        I'll ask again, does anyone know if the circuit & wiring diagrams are available & what signal goes to the dash?

        Nick Thompson
        Guingamp, France - Wed 12th February 2014 11:55am (GMT)

        • Subject : PR50 Speedo
          Nick, how did you go with repairs?
          NZ - Thu 17th April 2014 03:30am (GMT)

Subject : Have you seen this mint auto Denver at auction?
Halifax, Yorks, UK - Tue 11th February 2014 10:50am (GMT)
Subject : shogun 3.5 gdi
hi can you help me every now and again the back wheel on my shogun locks if ye turn the car off and turn it back on its goes ok its a frightening experience when we are all in the car
stoke-0n-trent, staffordshire, UK - Sun 02nd February 2014 02:51pm (GMT)
Subject : Hard wire a SatNav
Hi, I have a Nissan Terrano and want to hard wire my SatNav. Could someone tell me please how to get cable through to the dash and where to connect wires to. I do have the correct fused kit but no instructions.
Thanking you in advance

Sid Wooddeson
Ramsgate, Kent, UK - Thu 30th January 2014 02:57pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Hard wire a SatNav
    Is this an in-dash sat nav or a dash top one?
    UK - Sat 01st February 2014 01:23am (GMT)

Subject : Vauxhall brava
hi i have a Vauxhall brava crewcab pickup. i drove through a gateway slowly went change gear selected wrong one and she stalled an wouldnt start a garage had a look at it an said the fuel pump had gone an was going to cost £2000 to fix.it seems odd to me that the pick up never had any poor revs or any running problems before this happened?
mid wales, powys, UK - Wed 29th January 2014 05:58pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Vauxhall brava
    your being taken for a ride. hope you didnt pay out.

    Robin Pilcher
    taunton, Somerset (SOM), UK - Fri 28th February 2014 07:58am (GMT)

Subject : nissan terrano
Hi my nissan has a real judder at about the 50mph speed then goes away above 60mph. Have changed all the wheels, had it balanced, but neither seems to improve it. would welcome any ideas/help
newport, shropshire, UK - Wed 29th January 2014 05:20pm (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan terrano
    What year? Which gearbox? How do you engage 4wd? How do you disengage it? Which engine? Do you have a limited slip differential rear axle? When was the last time the rear axle fluid was changed if you do have an LSD? Did you use the right fluid for LSD? Have you greased the slip yoke on the drive shafts front and rear (if you have greaseable slip joints)? Have you checked the play in the universal joints? Ever had problems with the brakes? Does judder rise and fall in intensity with speed change? Can you "drive through it" ie going faster or slower eliminates the judder? Any warning lights showing on the dash? Did this start after any particular event ie did you engage 4WD for the first time after a long spell in 2wd?
    The most obvious is worn out bushes in the rear radius arms, those large steel rods that connect the body to the axle and stop it moving backwards and forwards. Google "death wobble in pathfinder" It is not too hard to have the bushes replaced except it needs a large hydraulic press so probably best to leave it to a mechanic that has one. You can buy replacement bushes, jack the vehicle up and remove the links/radius arms, then take them to him to do the pressing.

    NZ - Wed 29th January 2014 10:24pm (GMT)

Subject : fuel tank
does anyone know of a source for a new
or second hand diesel fuel tank for a vauxhall brava d cab 2000 pickup ex AA

maurice suddes
consett, Durham, UK - Mon 27th January 2014 11:25am (GMT)
  • Subject : fuel tank
    best to patch it and re paint also seal it on the inside will be good as new. while the tank is out look at the break line they really corrode i that gap between the chssie and tank. best replace them and redirect them round the other side.
    Robin Pilcher
    taunton, Somerset (SOM), UK - Fri 28th February 2014 08:01am (GMT)

    • Subject : fuel tank
      thanks robin have tank out found pipe leaking..have damaged one of two plastic covers on top of tank what are these ...and can i repair one am now running on half a tank of fuel at a time in case fuel leaks out of this broken cover...
      maurice suddes
      Consett, Durham, UK - Thu 13th March 2014 10:07am (GMT)

Subject : 1992 2.8 turbo patrol
Has anybody got an idea what may be causing a heavy clonk from the front of my Patrol I have had it looked at by a garage on the ramp but they cant find anything wrong.It happens when you go from lock to lock and sometimes over a bump,you can feel the clonk through the floor when your driving ,its very worrying .I have had the car from new and its immaculate and has only 50.000 mls on the clock, any ideas.
barry lee
HASTINGS, East Sussex, UK - Sat 25th January 2014 08:25am (GMT)
  • Subject : 1992 2.8 turbo patrol
    Two possible things; the most likely is metal to metal contact on the "wheel stops" which is limits your steering. usually they have nylon pads, these wear, them it grauches on full lock when the suspension moves up and down. Solved with a dab of grease on the stops (4 of them, two each side, for and aft.
    Raise both front wheels off the ground and turn the steering onto full lock, you'll see what limits the travel, and you will also see bright metal caused by this rubbing.
    Second possibility if it truly is a clonk, is worn sway bar (also known as anti roll bar bushes, both those on the suspension A arms and on the bar to chassis mounts.
    These are easily replaced, should take less than one hour, buy poly bushes nd look on youtube for instructional videos

    NZ - Sun 26th January 2014 12:27am (GMT)

Subject : Oil Cooler
Hi, I have a 2008 SsangYong Kyron, I recently put an external oil cooler on for the transmission, the first one burst and the second one is holding, when we drive at 100klms an hour transmission oil is coming out of the dipstick join on the box, replaced the seals and still pushing out oil, any suggestions?
Paul Morrison
Gladstone, Queensland, Australia - Fri 24th January 2014 07:16pm (GMT)
Subject : Speed sensor
I have a Maverick year 2003 the problem I have is when driving the speedo just goes to zero and looses power and you have to use high gears and the rev counter does not go beyond 50.Is it the speedo sensor with a prblem or it might be something big as another thing is that when it has done that and you stop for a while it will start and drive normally for a diastance.Please help anyone.
Frank Shava
Chelmsford, UK - Tue 21st January 2014 02:33am (GMT)
Subject : gear box oil smell
i have recently bought a 56 plate L200 Animal, after a week or so i started to smell what i think is gear box oil in the cab, what do i need to do? is it a case of a new gear box or is it something else, there is no clunking noise when changing gear or slipping of the clutch when driving but the smell is getting worse, please HELP as im panicing that this will cost ££££££
Paul James
goffs oak, hertfordshire, UK - Sun 19th January 2014 08:01pm (GMT)
  • Subject : gear box oil smell
    make sure its in 2 wheel drive! do not drive in 4wd on road
    John Halsey
    Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, UK - Thu 27th March 2014 01:49pm (GMT)

Subject : nissan r3mr 2.7 diesel, 1996 spares wanted
Please can anyone help, I want front shocks for this vehicle, must be in good working condition, thanks in advance, julian
julian cornmell
gloucester, gloucestershire, UK - Sat 18th January 2014 09:03am (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan r3mr 2.7 diesel, 1996 spares wanted
    Don't waste your time with second hand shocks unless you know and trust the seller.
    NZ - Sun 19th January 2014 06:55am (GMT)

    • Subject : nissan r3mr 2.7 diesel, 1996 spares wanted
      Hi, thanks, have purchased new as you advised,

      julian cornmell
      gloucester, gloucestershire, UK - Thu 23rd January 2014 07:28am (GMT)

      • Subject : nissan r3mr 2.7 diesel, 1996 spares wanted
        Thanks for that. You won't regret it and the change for the better in handling is amazing. Do you have any sort of a wobble/judder in the rear of the vehicle at speed 55 to 60 mph? That will be the radius arm bushings needing replacement: Google "pathfinder death wobble" for details...
        NZ - Thu 30th January 2014 04:28am (GMT)

  • Subject : nissan r3mr 2.7 diesel, 1996 spares wanted
    get in touch with milners at matlock very fast and friendly service they only cater for jap 4x4's and very reasonable prices
    derbyshire, UK - Mon 20th January 2014 05:38pm (GMT)

  • Subject : nissan r3mr 2.7 diesel, 1996 spares wanted
    Can anyone advise please,the above vehicle is consuming a lot of diesel. Also black diesel smoke on hard acceleration, and flat spot, thanks in advance
    julian cornmell
    varna, bulgaria, Bulgaria - Tue 15th April 2014 05:06am (GMT)

    • Subject : nissan r3mr 2.7 diesel, 1996 spares wanted
      Have you computer codes read/scanned first. This may give you a clue. Also read through this site and Google the fault as there are many causes of this, most of which have previously been covered.
      NZ - Thu 17th April 2014 03:39am (GMT)

Subject : nissan terrano 2002 3.0L
Hi I wondered if anyone can help me? My terrano's engine management light keeps coming on, with loss of power, smoking unburnt fuel out the back! Been in garage now on and off since end of november! When been put on diagnostics by my garage and my local nissans error code P7-F timing FB has come up a pump timing control system fault.my mechanic has replaced the solanoid on the diesal pump and had the ecu on it sent off with no fault found! Nissan have also checked all wiring to pump and from ECM and checked lives/earths for pump all ok! they have said fault is either with pump or ecm.ecm has now been sent away for testing and surely if main part of pump was faulty it would not function full stop not this constant intermittent problem? Any ideas or input welcome, many thanks.
weymouth, dorset, UK - Thu 16th January 2014 09:28pm (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan terrano 2002 3.0L
    Au contraire, possibly it is an ECM problem as intermittent functioning is most likely to be electronic circuit related, possibly something like a dry solder joint on a circuit board in the ECM. Driving the vehicle produces vibrations. The right vibrations make the circuit complete; wrong vibrations, temperature variations etc expand or flex the board and break the circuit causing problems.
    By any chance is there a particular length of time after starting to drive that the problems occur?
    Does it happen shortly after hitting a particular bump/roughness in the road? Does it happen on hot days, or cold? I presume that the problem is not there when the engine is cold????
    Wait for the diagnosis from Nissan.
    If there is no fault found, that doesn't mean that there is no fault in the unit; it just means testing it on the bench without the surrounding vehicle and normal driving conditions cannot replicate or induce the fault. The ultimate test is swapping a known good unit from a vehicle with no fault into your vehicle and driving to see if the fault happens again. If it does, then the problem is in the wiring leading to and from the injector pump, or in the injector pump itself; again, bench testing without the vehicle moving may not induce the fault. This is why mechanics hate intermittent faults....
    PS ask if this particular model engine has a sensor on the No1 injector and if they have checked or replaced it...unfortunately they are quite pricey..

    NZ - Fri 17th January 2014 09:42am (GMT)

  • Subject : nissan terrano 2002 3.0L
    How did the diagnosis go? Did you acquire and test a known good unit in situ and find out that the ECM was indeed at fault???
    - NZ - Tue 11th February 2014 11:35pm (GMT)

    • Subject : nissan terrano 2002 3.0L
      Hi ya! Our terrrano still off the road! We sent main ecm unders drivers dash off for testing and it came back that it had a diode blown which has now been repaired....the repairer said not to refit it as they believe a host wiring fault caused it! We are now waiting for an auto electrition to come and check the car. Before this all happened I have thought of a few things that have happened on car and wondered if they are connected to our presents probs? 1, before the engine management light first came on last august while towing ,my husband changed the twin electric towing sockets on the car and since then the towing indicator sounder goes off even when not towing! Could this b connected? 2, our alarm siren sounder does not work when alarm triggered only hazzards! I assumed it was the siren unit faulty and was getting round to getting it looked at but was not a priority for me at the time! Could this b connected? 3, also in around september/october car was struggling to start in the mornings...garage found all 4 glowplugs had blown! These were replaced last year as well including the relay which was blowing first then they found the glow plug prob! This time round car was repearedly struggling to start for longer....Could this b connected? 4, temp guage stopped working for a short time after intial work was done on diesal pump (the ecm to b precise) then it started working again with no intervention! Could this b connected? 5, while being diagnosed at nissans they found an airbag fault logged in the system, but light on dash doesnt work as bulb at some point before I got car has been removed! Also some dash bulbs have blown and stereo lcd display doesnt work but this has been like it since I bought car and I again was about to get this repaired or replaced but wasnt a priority as stereo itself worked fine! Could this b connected? Any input would b greatly appreciated as I just want my car back on road now with problem sorted, I am pursuing the issue with this car as before all this happened she was an excellant and economical tow car and is overall immaculate but this is becoming increasingly frustrating as no obvious cause apart from fault on ecm has been found yet!?! Help! Many thanks in advance.
      weymouth, UK - Wed 12th February 2014 03:40pm (GMT)

    • Subject : nissan terrano 2002 3.0L
      Hi ya! Our terrrano still off the road! We sent main ecm unders drivers dash off for testing and it came back that it had a diode blown which has now been repaired....the repairer said not to refit it as they believe a host wiring fault caused it! We are now waiting for an auto electrition to come and check the car. Before this all happened I have thought of a few things that have happened on car and wondered if they are connected to our presents probs? 1, before the engine management light first came on last august while towing ,my husband changed the twin electric towing sockets on the car and since then the towing indicator sounder goes off even when not towing! Could this b connected? 2, our alarm siren sounder does not work when alarm triggered only hazzards! I assumed it was the siren unit faulty and was getting round to getting it looked at but was not a priority for me at the time! Could this b connected? 3, also in around september/october car was struggling to start in the mornings...garage found all 4 glowplugs had blown! These were replaced last year as well including the relay which was blowing first then they found the glow plug prob! This time round car was repearedly struggling to start for longer....Could this b connected? 4, temp guage stopped working for a short time after intial work was done on diesal pump (the ecm to b precise) then it started working again with no intervention! Could this b connected? 5, while being diagnosed at nissans they found an airbag fault logged in the system, but light on dash doesnt work as bulb at some point before I got car has been removed! Also some dash bulbs have blown and stereo lcd display doesnt work but this has been like it since I bought car and I again was about to get this repaired or replaced but wasnt a priority as stereo itself worked fine! Could this b connected? Any input would b greatly appreciated as I just want my car back on road now with problem sorted, I am pursuing the issue with this car as before all this happened she was an excellant and economical tow car and is overall immaculate but this is becoming increasingly frustrating as no obvious cause apart from fault on ecm has been found yet!?! Help! Many thanks in advance.
      weymouth, UK - Wed 12th February 2014 04:01pm (GMT)

      • Subject : nissan terrano 2002 3.0L
        Just found this at the bottom of the thread...yes, I am afraid he who fiddled with the wiring is probably responsible for the fault in relation to the towing indicator.It also probably blew the diode in the ECM..
        Other faults not as likely to have been caused by this short circuit...
        Alarm siren fault should not be related to this as the fault could be in the alarm system itself, or in the siren itself crapping out.
        Glow plug problem seems endemic in these vehicles. As the glow plugs each consume 20 amps when lit, that's 80 amps going through the relay..The relay will handle that, but if there is a direct short circuit in the glow plug or the circuit the relay will burn up....smoke and flames have occurred in other cases.
        Temp gauge coming right indicates that the connector may have been disturbed just enough to cause a non-circuit; the vibration of normal running would twitch the connecter back into the normal position so it worked again. Spray contact cleaner on the connection and wriggle it around to clean it up.
        Air bag light being removed is a trick used by sellers to fool buyers when there is a problem with the Air bag system. As soon as you replace this bulb, you will have that light going full time. You will need to have the computer scanned for the fault..it will tell you what it thinks is wrong. You really don't want a not-working airbag if you have a crash.....
        Replace the other missing or blown dash bulbs since you are in there anyway..the klutz that removed the airbag light may have done other damage to the circuit board or light sockets.The warning bulbs are there to help you when things go wrong before it turns into a catastrophe....

        NZ - Tue 11th March 2014 03:24am (GMT)

Subject : nissan terrano 2002 3.0L
Hi I wondered if anyone can help me? My terrano's engine management light keeps coming on, with loss of power, smoking unburnt fuel out the back! Been in garage now on and off since end of november! When been put on diagnostics by my garage and my local nissans error code P7-F timing FB has come up a pump timing control system fault.my mechanic has replaced the solanoid on the diesal pump and had the ecu on it sent off with no fault found! Nissan have also checked all wiring to pump and from ECM and checked lives/earths for pump all ok! they have said fault is either with pump or ecm.ecm has now been sent away for testing and surely if main part of pump was faulty it would not function full stop not this constant intermittent problem? Any ideas or input welcome, many thanks.
weymouth, dorset, UK - Thu 16th January 2014 09:27pm (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan terrano 2002 3.0L







    NZ - Fri 17th January 2014 11:51am (GMT)

Subject : speed sensor abs
hello,my shogun currently has the abs light on and when i plug it into the code reader it comes up with speed sensor erratic behavior, i have done a data check and all 4 speed sensors are working fine,any ideas?? thanks dave
david jones
holyhead, wales, UK - Thu 16th January 2014 06:47pm (GMT)
Subject : vibration
hello,my 2003 shogun 3.2 did has a bad vibration when you go over 40mph but if i take my foot off the excelerator the vibration goes away,only vibrates when the power is on,any ideas?? thanks dave
david jones
holyhead, wales, UK - Thu 16th January 2014 06:43pm (GMT)
  • Subject : vibration

    The Problem Is Caused By What To Do
    Shudder as car accelerates from stop or low speed Loose U-joint Tighten U-joint or have it replaced
    Defective center bearing Have center bearing replaced
    Loud clunk in driveshaft when shifting gears Worn U-joints Have U-joints replaced
    Roughness or vibration at any speed Out-of-balance, bent or dented driveshaft Have driveshaft serviced
    Worn U-joints Have U-joints serviced
    U-joint clamp bolts loose Tighten U-joint clamp bolts
    Squeaking noise at low speeds Lack of U-joint lubrication Lubricate U-joint; if problem persists, have U-joint serviced
    Knock or clicking noise U-joint or driveshaft hitting frame tunnel Correct overloaded condition
    Worn constant velocity joint Have constant velocity joint replaced

    Riyadh, ARRIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA - Sat 01st February 2014 10:27pm (GMT)

Subject : tyre sizes
I need 4 x 215/70 16 tyres for my old p reg rav 4
any one know cheapest place to get these tyres?
can i put any other size tyres on my car?
daft question probably but i know nothing bout tyres only that 4 new tyres are very expensive for me at the moment

boston, lincs, UK - Tue 14th January 2014 04:48pm (GMT)
Subject : 4wd problem
why will my ssangyoung korando 1998 not go in to 4wd and have no lights on my
dash board aswell
Also when I have been driving for a while or put foot down its like it loses power for a second or two and is very shaky

Johan de Beer
Phalaborwa, Limpopo, South Africa - Mon 13th January 2014 07:23am (GMT)
Subject : hrv full lock
Hi!my hrv front wheels seem to catch on full lock, is this possible only had car a year still under warranty, mot due 1st feb 2014 not sure what to due, tony thanks
Tony Robottom
mansfield, notts, UK - Sun 12th January 2014 07:52pm (GMT)
Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual
I have a workshop manual for the Mazda B2500/Ford Ranger WL & WLT 2.5 12 Valve engine up to and inc EARLY 2006
This is a full vehicle workshop manual copied to CD in an orderly cross referencable lay out.In PDF files
£8.50 inc. Paypal thebeeches1@talktalk.net
All the Best

Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK - Tue 07th January 2014 08:01pm (GMT)
  • Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual
    07717154084 how can I get a copy of this. I have a MK 3 200d ford ranger thunder 2.5 DIESEL does this cover it and also do you know how to access the engine management with a cable and laptop
    burscough, lancs, UK - Sun 12th January 2014 01:33pm (GMT)

    • Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual
      Yes this is for the 2.5 WL and WLT engine and All the Vehicle
      I run a 2003 and its spot on
      Re engine link Laptop
      I have been watching listing on eBay 290903531545
      May or may not be of help
      If you want a copy of the disc Please
      PayPal £8.50 to thebeeches1@talktalk.net
      I Will post on the next school run after cleared funds
      I Will get a proof of posting
      I Will confirm posting to your PayPal account linked
      Hope this is of help
      All the Best

      Glos, Gloucester, UK - Sun 12th January 2014 02:31pm (GMT)

      • Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual
        I am after one of these, do you still have a copy . What`s the cost?
        Jonathan Davis
        Nottingham, Notts, UK - Mon 29th September 2014 10:24am (GMT)

      • Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual
        I need 1

        maputo, maputo, mozambique - Mon 09th March 2015 06:27am (GMT)

    • Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual

      Jose Feliciano Pereira Junior
      Araçatuba, SP, BR - Wed 13th August 2014 02:41am (GMT)

  • Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual
    Is this an official Mazda workshop manual?.



    malaga, malaga, spain - Sun 12th January 2014 03:46pm (GMT)

  • Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual
    Will this manual cover 2001 diesel engines and gearboxes?
    Chris van der Linde
    Richards Bay, KZN, South Africa - Tue 09th December 2014 10:32pm (GMT)

    • Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual
      Yes it covers all the vehicle. WL mad WLT engines Gear Box. Electrics etc
      Rudford, Gloucester, UK - Wed 10th December 2014 01:45pm (GMT)

    • Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual
      Contact details if you require one As this forum crashes when replying. thebeeches1@talktalk.net
      Rudford, Gloucester, UK - Wed 10th December 2014 01:48pm (GMT)

      • Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual
        hi Mark, do you still have the manual?
        UK - Sat 13th December 2014 10:23pm (GMT)

        • Subject : B2500 Workshop Manual
          Hi Andrew
          Yes I still have a copy

          Glos, Gloucester, UK - Sun 14th December 2014 09:26am (GMT)

Subject : 2001 musso auto won't change up the gears
I have a 2001 daewoo musso 2.9td gearbox cooler pipe had a hole so replaced with new pipe have filled gearbox up with ATF fluid have drive and reverse but gearbox won't chnage up to 3rd or 4th gear any ideas, could it be fluid or is the box broke.
Wales, Cardiff, UK - Sun 29th December 2013 12:10pm (GMT)
Subject : mazda b2500 water leak
Hi all,
Ihave a b2500 05 plate, pick up,that is letting in water somewhere,all the cockpit floor is soaked and other footwells are wet.i can here water sloshing about under floor,so getting in somewhere any thoughts ???tried the obvious drains etc.

lee naylor
liversedge, UK - Sat 28th December 2013 11:50am (GMT)
  • Subject : mazda b2500 water leak
    Hi there, did you find out where the water is getting in? I have an 02 Ford Ranger with the same problem. Thanks, Nigel.
    Nigel Moore
    Omagh, Tyrone, UK - Fri 13th June 2014 08:02pm (GMT)

Subject : holidays
You heading for the hills these holidays john ?

- canterbury, nz - Sun 22nd December 2013 04:25am (GMT)
  • Subject : holidays
    No, I'm giving my toy a run instead.
    It has 2 x 54 litre fuel tanks that take 95 octane, so I'm going to try to avoid too many hills....
    Steve, hope you have some good 4WD fun with the family.....

    NZ - Mon 23rd December 2013 08:55am (GMT)

    • Subject : holidays
      Hmm sounds expensive .Boating ?
      - Tue 24th December 2013 09:03am (GMT)

Subject : Ssangyong Rexton 2.7 XDi
Water separator light showed for about 3 minutes and has not shown again,where is the fuel pump located on the 2005 model thanks
Warrington, Cheshire, UK - Thu 19th December 2013 08:40am (GMT)
Subject : My 1996 terrano || 2.7tdi
My steering wheel vibrates but went for track in doing and the guy at the garage said it wasn't tracking prob steering box???? Any ideas guys thanks
Daniel turner
Rotherham, South yorkshire, UK - Tue 17th December 2013 08:47am (GMT)
  • Subject : My 1996 terrano || 2.7tdi
    If you could bring yourself to use whole sentences and explain further we could probably help.
    If I understand correctly, your mechanic said it was not a tracking problem, but possible wear in the actual steering box. This is usually felt by 'slack' or "play" at the steering wheel rim when you turn the steering wheel and nothing seems to happen at the front wheels.
    Google "pathfinder" and on one or two American sites it explains how to carefully adjust the steering box using the adjuster and locking nut on top of it. Turn the steering wheel a half turn either way, left or right, then loosen the locking nut, then turn the adjuster "righty-tighty" until you just feel a resistance to be screwed in further. Tighten lock nut, you're done. Going too tight could cause catastrophic steering failure. Be gentle.
    As Steve wrote, start with the simple things. Get your wheels professionally dynamically balanced, both front and rear, before you start looking further.
    Checks for bulges in the tyre or uneven wear while the tyres are off the vehicle.
    Grease your ball joints and steering link, plus the idler arm and check for play in all those areas.

    - NZ - Wed 18th December 2013 10:07pm (GMT)

  • Subject : My 1996 terrano || 2.7tdi



    - UK - Fri 20th December 2013 09:02am (GMT)

Subject : Rexton Transfer Box
HI I have a Rexton 2005 diesel and about 4 half years ago starting getting knocking noise mainly from back of car underneath, went to garage etc couldn't say what it was, until 6 months agpo car wasn't used very much but since then in use and noise gotten worse, helps sometimes if increase back air pressure, just been told could be transfer box, is this easy to fix? Sound is like loud knocking especially when breaking now thanks
Rainham, Essex, UK - Thu 05th December 2013 05:46pm (GMT)
Subject : oil sensor
Please could some body tell me where my oil sensor it located on my 2002 ford ranger 2.5td? Iv got a oil pressure gauge I'm trying to fit.
Dave Clarkson
lancaster, uk, UK - Wed 04th December 2013 08:58pm (GMT)
Subject : oil sensor
Please could some body tell me where my oil sensor it located on my 2002 ford ranger 2.5td? Iv got a oil pressure gauge I'm trying to fit.
Dave Clarkson
lancaster, uk, UK - Wed 04th December 2013 08:56pm (GMT)
Subject : cant change from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive
Ssangyong 1989 musso 620el. vehicle currentlu only change within seconds from 1st to 3rd gear in drive. Anyone can give guidance on what the problem may be?
Vredenburg, South AFRICA - Mon 02nd December 2013 06:07pm (GMT)
Subject : suzuki vitara
i have just changed a flat battery on my grand vitara now it wont tick over when its got warm help
brian reid
skipton, n yorkshire, UK - Tue 26th November 2013 08:50pm (GMT)
Subject : New 4wd website
Hi, I'm Andrew Batty from you4wd.com.

As a 4wd enthusiast myself I have spent the last 12 months developing this website for us to use and contribute to building the world's first 4x4 video geo-referenced track database for the entire world.

If you get a moment, I hope you can jump on and have a look at the site and let us know your thoughts.

You can search for videos in any part of the world by using the map, upload videos using your desktop computer by manually entering in coordinates or by putting a placemark into the area.
I have also developed applications to use on your phones which automatically remember the location of where the video was taken and you simply take the video using the app, upload it on the go or save it until you get back to WIFI.

All videos on the users accounts get uploaded to their own YouTube account as normal so this is just an in-between step to help build the database of 4x4 georeferenced videos.

Now that the hard work in developing the site is complete and working, I'm now trying to spread the word around to get it noticed in the 4wd community.

I would be greatly appreciated if you could possibly mention the above comments on your forum to try and spread the word?

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask and I hope this is ok with you?

Andrew Batty

Andrew Batty
Yarra Glen, Victoria, Australia - Wed 20th November 2013 01:43am (GMT)
Subject : Korando K290
I have a 2006 Korando K290 TDi E/l F/lift, which has recently started not turning off. I have no problem starting but when I go to turn the key off the engine still runs and I am having to do a force stall. Mech and auto elec can't seem to find the problem. Any ideas or suggestions would be most helpful.

- KZN, South Africa - Mon 18th November 2013 03:38pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Korando K290
    Hi KZN,

    I think the ignition system is managed by air/vacuum and one of the air circuits shuts off the fuel supply when the ignition is switched off.

    If air is escaping from that circuit, then the fuel would not be shut off when you turn the ignition off and remove the key.

    I head that this is how a 2001 model is set up but I'm not sure about a 2006 model.

    Good luck!

    Dublin, Dublin, Ireland - Tue 24th December 2013 10:50pm (GMT)

Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
hi I have a problem with the 4wd on my rexton the lights on the dash don't go out when engine is on and it doesn't seem to click into 4h or 4l is this an easy fix or have I got a big problem.i have been told it could be just a hole in an air pipe could it be that simple.
thanks for your advice

eoin murphy
gorey, wexford, ireland - Sun 17th November 2013 02:19pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
    Possible the cucumber hose is leaking or cracked. Also check the C and J joints at the solenoid valve under the battery for leak.
    P.J, Sel., Malaysia - Sun 24th November 2013 02:01pm (GMT)

    • Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
      Cucumber hose** vacuum hose.
      PJ, Sel., Malaysia - Sun 24th November 2013 02:18pm (GMT)

      • Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
        Is the vacuum hose conected to the transfer box ?

        What does it activate ?


        Vincent Lalor
        Dublin, Ireland - Wed 02nd April 2014 01:08pm (GMT)

Subject : Battery discharging, Terrano taking long time to heat up
Thought this might be of use to Northern hemisphere Terrano owners:
from Fixya:
Did you hear the one about the Terrano with a charging problem?
Just fix it by replacing the thermostat!
Seriously - check your temperature gauge does it take ages for the needle to barely get off cold? (and is the heater useless?)
The needle should get to just below half way in 2 or 3 minutes.
If the thermostat is stuck open, then the engine does not get up to temperature.
The glow plug control senses the engine temperature is cold, so the glow plugs stay on for an extended period of time (sometimes 10 to 15 minutes) - short trips particularly in winter, with more headlight driving - the alternator can't keep up with the current being drawn off and from time to time you will end up with a flat battery!
A thermostat is cheap, and easy to replace (three bolts and about a half litre of coolant - I pumped the coolant from the top of the radiator, and didn't spill a drop when the thermostat housing was removed).
Sure enough, as the engine temperature reached about 50C, the glow plugs turned off.

Christchurch, NZ - Fri 15th November 2013 10:17am (GMT)
  • Subject : Battery discharging, Terrano taking long time to heat up
    Good advice . Make sure you use genuine Nissan thermostat as have heard after market ones can have a smaller hole in them and reduces water flow when they are open slowing water flow and cooling .
    asvagus, nz - Fri 15th November 2013 11:15am (GMT)

  • Subject : Battery discharging, Terrano taking long time to heat up
    An American who knows his Pathfinder (Terrano) stuff!


    - NZ - Mon 18th November 2013 10:32am (GMT)

    • Subject : Battery discharging, Terrano taking long time to heat up
      But note that this is the procedure for the V6 petrol..the 2.7 diesel is much simpler as the thermostat housing is right on the top of the engine where the top radiator hose exits the engine...couldn't be simpler!
      And a universal thermostat gasket fits perfectly..

      NZ - Mon 18th November 2013 10:43am (GMT)

Subject : 2012 Ssangyong Korando
Just had my vehicle serviced today & as I was leaving put it in reverse. As soon as I released the clutch it started to stall. I call over my mechanic to see the problem. I was pushing down on the accelerator & there was no revving. My mechanic put the computer thing on it came up with nothing. It happen again about 20 mins later. So can anyone tell me what is going on. Even stumped my mechanic & told me to go on here. I don't want to be caught with this problem to far away from home. Thank you.
Maureen Preston
Bathurst, NSW, Australia - Fri 08th November 2013 05:11am (GMT)
Subject : Kyron 4wd mode
Hi my Kyron keeps going into 4wd mode for no reason. Cant drive it then as wont change gears.
Can anyone help?

Barbara Martin
Swan Bay, NSW, Australia - Sun 27th October 2013 11:40pm (GMT)
Subject : nissan mistral
sorry its a automatic box
jim shep
gedling, nottingham, UK - Sun 27th October 2013 02:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan mistral
    The first thing to do is service the transmission. If you feel confident you can do it yourself, saving a lot of money. but it will involve raising the vehicle so you can get under it with a 10 litre container to catch the old trans fluid when you unbolt the sump. This may involve old fluid running down your arms , some swear words and a lot of rags to wipe up the inevitable spillage.
    then you remove the filter from the trans, making sure that the o ring that seals the pickup tube to the trans pump is also removed (may involve more swear words) and then cut (not saw) the filter into two pieces so you can examine the debris caught therein, which will give you an indication whether things are wearing a little 9normal) or a lot...oh dear, more swear words ...]
    Then you insert a new filter and o ring in place and install a new gasket and bolt up the sump.
    Now comes the interesting part. The torque converter is still full of old trans fluid. YOU SHOULD GET THIS OUT.
    Take output hose from the trans leading to the bottom of the radiator fluid cooler and extend it with another hose and place it in a bucket. tie it to the bucket with duct tape as the fluid squirts out and can move the hose..more swear words, rags required etc.
    Take another length of trans hose you have bought and attach one end to the input end of the trans fluid cooler on the radiator and extend the other end up past the engine clear of all whirly bits. Insert small funnel, and start pouring trans fluid (dexron 3) in until you replace all the fluid you drained out when you dropped the sump usually about 3 litres. Noe start the engine and you should notice that even in park the hose in the bucket will eject fluid.
    run engine 10 seconds, switch off, replace same amount of new fluid back into trans via funnel and hose. do this until the fluid coming out is the same nice bright pink as the fluid going in.
    Then reconnect the hoses as originally found; check levels as per book, add fluid through trans dipstick hole as required.
    Or take the truck to a good auto trans man, and stay and watch him do all this!!

    NZ - Mon 28th October 2013 07:53am (GMT)

Subject : nissan mistral
hi my mistral is sticking in first gear but if I change gears myself seems to be ok
jim shepherd
gedling, nottingham, UK - Sun 27th October 2013 01:56pm (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan mistral
    As above, servicing the trans is the first thing to do. I sometimes have the same thing happen to me, usually in cold weather, within the first 2 km of driving, after coming to a stop at traffic lights. In gear, idling, go to take off, fails to shift from first, revs past 3,500...so I pull to the side of the road and stop, shift into reverse, reverse 10 metres, back into drive and away..no problems for the rest of the day, week, month...until it happens at random again. I replace the trans fluid every 30,000km (20,000miles) along with the filter, and have recently installed a Magnafine filter in the cooler line in order to try to trap the very finest particle possible which I think is causing this problem.
    Otherwise the trans works like a dream, almost 200,000km (120,000miles) I spoke to an owner of a similar vehicle a month ago and he stated that his had covered 2 million kms (1.2 million miles) without overhaul using the same regime of maintenance. Remember, we have no salt on the roads in winter and the bodies just don't rust out here.......

    Nz - Mon 28th October 2013 08:05am (GMT)

Subject : power problem
hi everybody,
before one month it happen with me during driving the audio system and the ac stop working for 1 or 2 second in my car it happen to me 2 time, i have rexton 3.2 2005 model after stoping i switch off my car and i try to start some sound coming " toc" and the car not starting the tempreture and the fuel guage get stucked up same with the key out. i disconect the battery and lucky my car started and the temprature , fuel gage back to normal it happen to me 2 or 3 times any body have idea please help me

doha , qatar, qatar - Sat 26th October 2013 04:57pm (GMT)
  • Subject : power problem
    I have had a similar problem, though my headlights were going out aswell and my Kyron would fault and cause the engine immobilizer to activate, sometimes when I was driving at 100kmh, the fault was my alternator!
    Gladstone, Qld, Australia - Fri 07th February 2014 12:55am (GMT)

Subject :
hi all need help I have a Suzuki grand vetara 2.0 T/D intercooler with HRZ engine I am looking to change the idle wheel on the fan belt ? But it does not seem to be listed, it has air con so with it`s own belt, Does anybody have any idea what the part number may be, or have you had the same problem.
regards to all Richard

Loughton, Essex, UK - Sat 26th October 2013 12:12pm (GMT)
Subject : Terrano 96 / 2.7 / Auto - Whine at top gears...
Hi John, I bought this few months back and hear loud whine on top gear. Only comes when pressed accelerator pedal. Recently changed oils for Differential, Transfer and Auto trans. But still no difference. When googled read on another forum saying that Nissan has advised to fill gear box 5.1L to fix this issue... Can you please advise what next step should be.... Thanks.
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand - Tue 15th October 2013 11:33am (GMT)
  • Subject : Terrano 96 / 2.7 / Auto - Whine at top gears...
    Where do you think this whine is coming from..the actual auto trans or some other part of the driveline, such as the rear axle?
    Is the rear diff limited slip?
    Did you replace the diff oil with LSD compatible oil?
    Is there a specific speed that this whine starts at? Have you wound down your driver's window and listened to the tyres..do they hum at speed?
    Have you recently replaced the tyres?
    Which gearbox are you considering filling to 5.1 litres????

    NZ - Tue 15th October 2013 12:31pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Terrano 96 / 2.7 / Auto - Whine at top gears...
      Many thanks for quick reply....
      - I'm pretty sure it comes at front / middle area around auto trans / transfer.
      - Yes, it's LSD. I filled Diff with Nulon GL5/6 oil.(But noise was same before oil replacement)
      - I feel whine is there whole time and increases with 50 / 60km speed. Two weeks before I had drive out of town, still same.
      - It came with new tyres, but seems no relation since noise comes only when gas pedal pressed at any speed.


      Christchurch, NZ - Tue 15th October 2013 11:24pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Terrano 96 / 2.7 / Auto - Whine at top gears...
    The torque converter 'locks up" in top gear

    - NZ - Tue 15th October 2013 12:45pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Terrano 96 / 2.7 / Auto - Whine at top gears...


    "but I have that same thing on my 1998 Nissan Pathfinder SE (AT). Speeds between 55mph and 60mph yield the loudest noise, which trails off at 75mph. My mechanic pointed me to a torque converter issue, which isn't going to get fixed on my 8-year old Path with 120K miles...


    I found this reference to increasing gearbox fluid level..note this is a MANUAL gearbox behind the 3 litre v6.
    You have the auto box...

    My advice is to try to pin down exactly where the noise is coming from...use a mate to listen for it while you concentrate on driving....
    Good luck, and I hope it isn't expensive....

    - NZ - Tue 15th October 2013 01:25pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Terrano 96 / 2.7 / Auto - Whine at top gears...
    Did you change the oils yourself ? Was there any metal files in the old oil . How clean was the oil .
    Are the driveshaft universals OK ?
    Dose it still whine if you flick it into 4wd while on the go?
    Our Terrano whines a we bit but has never got any worse .
    This could be a tricky one !!

    ashburton, nz - Wed 16th October 2013 08:00am (GMT)

    • Subject : Terrano 96 / 2.7 / Auto - Whine at top gears...
      Yes I changed oil myself for both diff, transfer and drained refilled auto trans. Did not find any metal files.
      Actually this is my 4x4 vehicle, I noticed this is bit worse after driving same model Terrano 98 my friend bought recently but has done over 60k than mine.
      Yes, last night driven 4WD, whine same as 2WD or suspect more at pick up (slow speed).
      I will check drive shaft universals tomorrow, push grease and update result. Think I saw in another forum John posted someone got better after lube shafts.

      Can you pls advise if any special thing / way to check and what's correct grease should use.

      Many Thanks.

      Christchurch, NZ - Wed 16th October 2013 08:52am (GMT)

  • Subject : Terrano 96 / 2.7 / Auto - Whine at top gears...
    John or anton , I have not got our truck here to have a look ( getting radiator looked at to see if needs tubes cleaned out) But dose the r50 have a hanger bearing on the rear drive shaft ? . Our Navara had a bad gearbox whine and found the bearing in that rubber bush was poked .
    - nz - Wed 16th October 2013 09:32am (GMT)

    • Subject : Terrano 96 / 2.7 / Auto - Whine at top gears...
      Just been and had a look at our Terrano on the hoist and no hanger bearing on the rear drive shaft so that throws that theory out the window .
      nz - Thu 17th October 2013 08:34am (GMT)

  • Subject : Terrano 96 / 2.7 / Auto - Whine at top gears...
    This may also explain the whine...but the poster did not elucidate on his "experience" at the Nissan dealership....

    Joined: 22 Jan 2012
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    Location: Prospect, VA

    PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:29 pm
    It's probably the rear diff; I replaced a few of them when I worked for Nissan. They'll make a high-pitched whine with a load on them, but when you release the gas pedal and take the load off of the diff, the noise goes away.
    2006 Pathfinder LE VQ40DE AWD, Michelin LTX M/S2 P265/65R17, new aftermarket radiator "just because"

    - NZ - Wed 27th November 2013 12:49pm (GMT)

Subject : cat
Does anyone know which way around a cat is meant to go on a car? Because I'm changing the one on my car and every other one that I have seen have the hangers in different positions to where mine are. Cat part near down pipe, then long pipe to silencer. My car is a Suzuki Vitara JX 1998
wantage, oxfordshire, UK - Wed 09th October 2013 07:27pm (GMT)
Subject : no power
hi I have a t reg 1999 12 cc jimney it has a crack front down pipe but it had that before the lost of power at most it will do 40mph but have to drive it hard to get there help
carisle, cumbria, UK - Thu 03rd October 2013 08:13pm (GMT)
Subject : 94 nissan d21 v6 transmission pan
How do you remove the teansmission pan? I know that you have to remove eighteen 10 millimeter bolts, but the pan wont come out between the exhaust. Thanks
mat baker
Weleetka, oklahoma, usa - Mon 30th September 2013 08:41pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 94 nissan d21 v6 transmission pan
    What would be the chances of dropping the exhaust down off the manifolds; would that allow enough room to slide the pan sideways and out?
    NZ - Tue 01st October 2013 05:27am (GMT)

    • Subject : 94 nissan d21 v6 transmission pan
      I will try that, I only droid the passenger side the first go around.thanks!
      mat baker
      Weleetka, ok, usa - Tue 01st October 2013 04:33pm (GMT)

Subject : Flared arches
Does anyone know where to get flared arches front and back for a 2001 brava double cab
Ventnor, IOW, UK - Sat 28th September 2013 09:01pm (GMT)
Subject :

- UK - Sat 28th September 2013 08:58pm (GMT)
Subject : engine for 2002 2.0L XLT
Hi all, long story ended up with a lpg done 20,000 and the values burnt out.What other engine could I fit into the same body and still use the lpg zetec hate lpg :( :(



Mark Graham
Coventry, Warwickshire, UK - Thu 26th September 2013 02:50pm (GMT)
Subject : immobiliser failure
the key immobiliser fails intermittently on my Honda crv year 2000, battery been changed. how can i take off the immobiler manually so that i can use the ignition key after using hte key to get into the car?
portsmouth, hants, UK - Mon 23rd September 2013 06:20pm (GMT)
Subject :
Hi there, I have a 2.7td maverick 1997, when I turn off the ignition the gear stick/box area has a good shake,Any one have a clue,of what it might be?
CHEERS George.

- Devon, UK - Sat 21st September 2013 08:29pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    It's just a big diesel shutting off
    G/mountings rubber Engine mount rubber
    It's normal unless engine running on.
    If it didn't have the ability to shake it would break as vibration would destroy the mounts that's why it's bonded rubber to metal mounts

    Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK - Mon 23rd December 2013 08:18am (GMT)

Subject : Isuzu 2.8l pick up
I have a 2.8l pick up not sure if its a tfs, i was juat wondering dose anyone know if the rear diff off anything else will fit badly stuck cant seem to get parts in ireland that easy, would be so pleased if someone could help
Jonathan O'Dwyer
Waterford, Ireland - Fri 20th September 2013 08:03pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Isuzu 2.8l pick up
    a vauxhall brava or frontera would probably work. make sure you get the right ratio.
    Robin Pilcher
    taunton, Somerset (SOM), UK - Fri 28th February 2014 08:04am (GMT)

Brake servos leaking air and loosing pressure on my 03 TF Sport,finding a replacement new or second hand is proving difficult,can anybody help.?
newkey, cornwall, UK - Thu 19th September 2013 12:17pm (GMT)
Subject : Musso 2.9 Diesel Starting Problem
I have a 96 Musso 2.9 Diesel. Shes been running perfectly, but has not been used for a few days, and may have run dry on fuel. The Moose will nor start now. Turns over, nearly sparks into life and then just drains the battery. I have put in fuel (obviously), but I am not winning.

Bill Nosworthy
Cape Town, SA, South Africa - Fri 13th September 2013 05:36pm (GMT)
Subject : Nissan Navara D21 Door handle
Where can I find instruction on replacing the exterior door handle on a Nissan Navara D21 series.
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Mon 09th September 2013 11:04am (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Navara D21 Door handle
    This is for a later model, but will give you a hint as to what Nissan usually does to fasten the door inners so you can access the inner door to remove and replace the exterior door handle. Note especially that "plug" in the armrest/door pull which covers the hidden screw. Everything else should be logical. If it won't move, don't force it..find the fastener you missed....

    NZ - Tue 10th September 2013 05:14am (GMT)

Subject : 3.2 Shogun speedo
I have just bought a 2002 Shogun 3.2 DiD LWB- its runs like a dream but when I was on the motorway I was following my husband doing somewhere between 70-80 mph and the speed was reading 50-60. This morning my son took it out with a sat nav for comparison and reckoned it was reading about 10mph slow
Any ideas?

Plymouth, devon, UK - Fri 06th September 2013 02:33pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 3.2 Shogun speedo
    What size tyres are on the vehicle? If they are larger(taller)than original, the rolling circumference is altered and the speedo reads under your true speed.
    Two complicated solutions:
    Go back to original size tyres;
    find an electronic gizmo that alters the signal from the VSS (vehicle speed sensor to take into account the larger tyres.

    Simple solution: add 10mph to indicated speed and enjoy the fact that your odometer is clocking on the miles at a reduced rate.....

    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:33am (GMT)

Subject :
I have a 2.7 rexton diesel ...
Runs for 1/2 hr then stops ...
Wait for 1/2 hr and starts again ..
Been to dealer but no fault codes found ..
Please help

Christchurch, Nz - Mon 02nd September 2013 02:07am (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Sounds like your crankshaft sensor has gone bad.
    You can get to it either from the top or underneith.
    It's located next to the drivetrain in the top and is hold by an allen screw.
    What it does is that when your car is cold it's functioning as usual but as soon as it gets warm it's resistance is altered and gives an indication to the ecu that your timing is of and it shuts down the engine to protect it from damage.
    If you look from the top you will see a connector in the far back end of the engine with 2 wires in it.
    thats the CS sensor. Unscrew the screw and pull it straight up. Look at it and see if you have the one with an flat base or the one with an metal pig on it so that you can get the right one on ebay for instance. You can also do a search on google by using the a number that is stamped on it. Bought mine for $40 on Ebay, replaced it and it's been running fine for an year now.
    While you are at it replace the camshaft sensor (top front next to the egr pipe on the left side of the engine) as it usually goes when the CS sensor goes.

    Gothenburg, Sweden - Sat 02nd November 2013 02:34pm (GMT)

Subject : autogearbox button?
hi ive just brought a 94 nissan terrano 3.0 v6 petrol with automaic and there is a button to the left(passengers) side of thr hand brake with 3 stages to it,ive figured out that the 1st stage(up) locks it in the gear you are in but i dont know what the other two stages do,advice anyone??
newplymouth, newplymouth, newzealand - Sat 31st August 2013 05:30am (GMT)
  • Subject : autogearbox button?
    If its the switch I think it is it will be power,normal,hold or snow mode for the trans . Power lets the motor rev a bit more in each gear as its changing up for the likes of towing trailers with heavy loads ect .Hold or snow mode changes the gears up a lot sooner in the rev range so as not to spin the wheels in snow or slippery conditions . and normal is I guess just for normal every day driving.
    ashburton, nz - Sun 01st September 2013 05:13am (GMT)

    • Subject : autogearbox button?
      Steve, it's good to see you back...Nissans still going well?
      Christchurch - Sun 01st September 2013 10:28am (GMT)

      • Subject : autogearbox button?
        Hi john , Yes have been around and we still have our terrano .Dose not get a lot of use now .The odd 4wd trip and carts my rc planes around and that's about it .240 000 on the clock now with no major problems . Cant beat regular servicing .Do you think that is what the switch is for above . Mine is under the radio but not sure where the d21 switch is situated ?
        ashburton, nz - Mon 02nd September 2013 07:32am (GMT)

        • Subject : autogearbox button?
          Seems right to me, especially if the OP has already discovered one function of that switch changes the behaviour of the gearbox...so must the other two positions..and one has to be "normal" and the other locks out 1st gear..starts in 2 for snow and ice...
          NZ - Tue 03rd September 2013 10:48am (GMT)

Subject : ssangyong korando 2.3 not firing on all cylinders
Our petrol korando is not firing on all cylinders. What could be causing this? The leaded, plugs and coils have been replaced.
matlock, derbyshire, UK - Fri 30th August 2013 08:05pm (GMT)
Subject : noise
HI i got a 4 wheel drive l200 the year is 1994. I got a strange noise coming from the air filter. I clean the air filter but the noise i think is coming from the engein and is making that loud sound.Can i have an advice
port louis, mauritius, mauritius - Wed 28th August 2013 04:58pm (GMT)
  • Subject : noise
    Don't switch on the engine; this will reduce the sound so there will be nothing to worry about.
    Seriously..we can't tell what is making the noise until you describe what you are doing when it makes the noise; are you accelerating, slowing down, is it hot, is it cold, does it change after a couple of kms driving etc.

    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:37am (GMT)

Subject : rexton wont start without easy start
im having some bother with my 2007 rexton was driving ok then decided to not start without easy start. it came up with cam sensor replaced and went into limp mode done fuel filter and now its coming up with P1254 rail pressure high cnr mal. can some one please help me before I lose it with this jeep.
airdrie, north lanarkshire, UK - Thu 22nd August 2013 06:42pm (GMT)
  • Subject : rexton wont start without easy start
    Hi, a faulty camshaft sensor can create many issues so replacing it is a start.
    Make sure your battery is in good condition as a weak battery can send mixed signals to the computer.
    Try disconnecting you battery and reconnecting it after a few minutes this can help sometimes.
    In regards to fuel pressure did you prime the hand pump after you replaced the fuel filter as your system is probably detecting air in the system, don't be afraid to pump the primer several times or more.
    Hope this helps.

    John Dummler
    Everton Upper, Victoria, Australia - Fri 23rd August 2013 03:31pm (GMT)

  • Subject : rexton wont start without easy start
    Hi I have o5 rexton 2.7 and just replaced the battery but she started with difficult drove tovthe shop bout and mile away came out and the car wont start but its turning over any ideas could some one tell me what "easy start is "
    Bernie Donnelly
    DRAPERSTOWN, LONDONDERRY, UK - Sun 25th August 2013 01:06am (GMT)

    • Subject : rexton wont start without easy start
      My car started to become difficult to start over a period of a week until she would not start at all.
      The car would crank over but would not fire. After replacing the cam shaft sensor problem solve.

      John Dummler
      Everton upper, Victoria, Australia - Fri 06th September 2013 01:39pm (GMT)

Subject : 4WD
am confused between the two button for 4WD wich one i have to use for long way driving in 4 wheel drive,is the 4H or the 4L? also what's the deffrence betwen them ?
really appreciate your help.
by the way the car is RX 320 2005 model .

Al Saad, Doha, Qatar - Thu 22nd August 2013 11:34am (GMT)
  • Subject : 4WD

    You should use the 4wd HI as this allows the transfer box to drive at speed. The 4wd Low is for off road or driving in the snow

    airdrie, UK - Thu 22nd August 2013 06:45pm (GMT)

  • Subject : 4WD
    use the 4h inside the sand never use the 4l for a long way , the 4 low is used only when the car stucked inside the sand لما تغرس اخوي
    doha, qatar, qatar - Sat 26th October 2013 04:50pm (GMT)

- nz - Wed 21st August 2013 07:46am (GMT)
    when you say you open it manually, are you physically turning the mirror with your hands until it is in the extended position?
    Or are you using the switch to extend it from the parked position?
    If you are using the switch, then there is no problem with the switch or the mirror motor..just with the 'automatic" provision of 12 volts on initial turn of the key...

    NZ - Thu 22nd August 2013 12:19pm (GMT)

      HI, I am physically turning the mirror with my hands to extend on driver side . only its closes with the switch, when it closes i can hear the motor sound.. cheers
      nz - Thu 22nd August 2013 08:09pm (GMT)

        Time to check the switch has 12v coming into it on the "opening" side; check switch operation by switching wires one side to the other.
        NZ - Fri 23rd August 2013 09:45am (GMT)

Subject : Glow plug removal.
Just like to share some advice on how to remove glow plugs from a Rexton 2.7.

When the time came to replace the glow plugs in my Rexton with 190256km, I found them extremely tight and a couple barely movable.
What I did was to crack the glow plugs about quarter to half a turn and then fill the glow plug wells with WD40, drive the car for at least a week keeping the wells topped up.
What this does is when the piston moves up and down it gradually draws in the WD40 in the threads of the glow plugs and softens the carbon within the threads.
Before removal next warm your engine and use your glow plug socket and turn the glow plugs back and forth millimetre x millimetre be patient as this can take some time, this again will allow the WD40 to penetrate the glow plug threads.
Don't apply to much force on the socket as over exertion can snap the plug.
Once all removed clean blow out the threads in the head, You can crank the engine this will also assist in blowing out any impurities.
Before installing the new plugs make sure you apply anti seize on the threads of the new plugs as this will seal the threads and assist in the removal plugs the next time the require replacement.

John Dummler
Everton Upper, Victoria, Australia - Sun 18th August 2013 03:20pm (GMT)
Subject : refurb
Hi looking for a company to restore the missus rossini vitara needs respray new hood and wheels refurb and other bits and pieces if anyone is interested or know of any good companies let me know thxs.
david sedgwick
Wolverhampton, west mids, UK - Sun 18th August 2013 12:46pm (GMT)
Subject : Brava bits
Is their anyone out there who actually knows what parts make up a brava, ie are the doors off of another vauxhall model, like a frontera I would welcome some help as good arts are hard to come by
Ventnor, Iow, UK - Sat 17th August 2013 10:33pm (GMT)
Subject : engine management light
"terrano 2.7 diesel engine management light comes on under load at about 2500rpm and looses power, any idea why
- shropshire, UK - Sat 17th August 2013 03:51pm (GMT)
  • Subject : engine management light
    What year Terrano? Did anything else 'go wrong' before this problem occurred? Did you run out of fuel at any time/ Did you recently replace the fuel filter? have you ever checked and cleaned the gauze filter under the banjo bolt at the fuel line entrance to the fuel pump? Have you recently checked and/or replaced the air filter? Did you drown the vehicle crossing a river? Has the vehicle overheated recently? Is the exhaust system free from obstructions, or has any part of the exhaust been crushed by off-roading?
    The more you can tell us, the quicker we can try to diagnose the problems.

    UK - Sun 18th August 2013 08:35am (GMT)

Subject : Engine change
I am about to change the 3200 petrol engine in my Musso 3200 EL for a 662 turbo motor.Has anyone done this, are there any major problems...does anyone need a good condition 3200 petrol motor?
Cape Town, South Africa - Thu 15th August 2013 08:28pm (GMT)
Subject : EL3200 Manual
Can anyone tell e if I can run the 320 EL 5 speed Musso on 2 wheel drice. Standard it is in 4 wd?
Cape Town - Thu 15th August 2013 08:01pm (GMT)
Subject : side lights
hi i have a 2002 teranno with no side lights back and front not working all bulbs are ok also no dash light
all fuses are ok is there a relay that i can check ?
any advice welcom


esat cowes, isle of wight, UK - Wed 14th August 2013 01:17pm (GMT)
  • Subject : side lights
    Kevin, the way to check fuses is with a multimeter. Ground the negative lead on the chassis somewhere (I usually use the door restraint) and use the red lead on each of the small points of the metal of the fuse that are able to be prodded by your probe. you don't take the fuse out...12v on one end and not the other = stuffed fuse. Just looking at it is not good enough these days with blade fuses.
    Or you can buy a circuit/continuity tester with a light and do the same thing.
    A cheap multi-meter also allows you to check the state of the battery and the charging system.

    UK - Thu 15th August 2013 07:24am (GMT)

Subject : torsion bars
k I have a 96 mistral that's got a frontal lurch to port and thinking it's time to look at replacing the left torsion bar or should I be considering doing both and just how difficult/ awkward are these things to change out ?
hey you
AK, New Zealand - Thu 08th August 2013 07:28am (GMT)
  • Subject : torsion bars
    read down a couple of postings and look up the web references..explains all.
    NZ - Thu 08th August 2013 09:44am (GMT)

  • Subject : torsion bars
    no need to replace they are adjustable, long bolts rear of gearbox rick
    Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, UK - Sat 10th August 2013 09:16pm (GMT)

    • Subject : torsion bars
      Yes, you can take them out and turn them a spline or two tighter as well..but you risk them snapping violently under this extra pressure. Any spring wears out if compressed and released often enough..they are metal so they fatigue. If you can get second hand ones from a much younger vehicle, ensure that you put the springs on the correct side of the vehicle left/left, right/right. Otherwise almost instant failures will result.
      All explained 8 posts down with the relevant web references, with pics.

      NZ - Sun 11th August 2013 09:48am (GMT)

Subject : ssanyonge rexton not starting
hi all i have a rexton 270 diesel on an 06
im having trouble starting it iv had the glow plugs changed still no good.
If i use easy start it starts up and runs fine but if i turn it off it wont start again unless i use easy start again has anyone got any ideas what this could be thanx for any help

aveley, Essex, UK - Wed 07th August 2013 07:42pm (GMT)
  • Subject : ssanyonge rexton not starting
    Hi did you get any response to your question as mine is doing the same thanks
    Hockley, Essex, UK - Sun 11th August 2013 07:47am (GMT)

  • Subject : ssanyonge rexton not starting
    Hi, I had an issue with mine where the car over a period of two weeks became harder to start to eventually it would crank but not fire.
    I found the crank shaft sensor to be faulty, once replaced no problem.

    John Dummler
    Everton Upper, Victoria, Australia - Sun 18th August 2013 02:09pm (GMT)

  • Subject : ssanyonge rexton not starting
    Rexto would start with easy start replased glow plugs which involved moving pipes to injectors then would not start. code low fuel pressure. removed injectors sent for inspection all choked. After emptying fuel filter into clear bowl could see metalic flecks in diesel pump breaking down all to gether around £2000.
    jef t
    newcastle, tyne wear, UK - Wed 13th November 2013 07:27pm (GMT)

Subject : 4wd problem
why will my ssangyoung 1999 not go in to 4wd and have no lights on my dash board aswell
devon, UK - Fri 02nd August 2013 02:31pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 4wd problem
    Hi There Did you get the problem sorted.? I have the lights on the dashboard , but no 4 wheel drive
    Grahame Davies
    Six Bells, Gwent, UK - Sat 31st May 2014 09:33pm (GMT)

Subject : brava 1997 crewcab pickup
Been kindly given this pickup by my uncle as he has bought something else, it starts first time on the key and idles fine but when you put your accelerator down it dies off ... could this be fuel pump , filter or maybe air flow sensor or something??? ... need it fixed time is money :)
newbury, Berkshire, UK - Sun 28th July 2013 03:58pm (GMT)
  • Subject : brava 1997 crewcab pickup
    Hi there, I've got the same problem - have you found an answer?
    Achiltibuie, Ross-shire, UK - Tue 13th August 2013 09:51pm (GMT)

  • Subject : brava 1997 crewcab pickup
    its air in the fule line. undo the bolt on the top of te filter and pump it till diesel comes out then close the nut quick and pumpin it till it wont go down any more.
    Robin Pilcher
    taunton, Somerset (SOM), UK - Fri 28th February 2014 07:36am (GMT)

Subject : Fuel Release Cable
Hi . My fuel release cable has corroded & snapped. Is there an easy way of replacing it?
Cary Plumpton
Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, UK - Wed 24th July 2013 12:43pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Fuel Release Cable
    Theoretically you should be able to extract the broken bits from each end of the mechanism; then you need to measure the overall length of the broken bits to find the length of new cable; buy the new cable and with a little lubrication and luck slip the new cable into the outer and voila: working mechanism.
    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:39am (GMT)

Subject : Fuel Release Cable
Hi . My fuel release cable has corroded & snapped. Is there an easy way of replacing it?
Cary Plumpton
Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, UK - Wed 24th July 2013 12:39pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Fuel Release Cable
    See above answer: covers all the salient points.
    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:40am (GMT)

Subject : Hot Hub/Disc
Hi all after a trip up to the ski field I notice when I got home that I could smell a rubber burning smell and notice that the left rear wheel Hub/Disc was very hot(not smoking)but more the disc, I`m guesting that the brake caliper piston might be stuck or something along the lines of that?? any help would be great!

- NZ - Wed 24th July 2013 09:17am (GMT)
  • Subject : Hot Hub/Disc
    Check that the sliding part of the calipers can actually slide over the pins...take the sliding caliper off and give the pins a good scrubbing removing crud.Use a smear of high temperature grease to lubricate the pins.
    The left side (front and back) has more road dirt, water etc spraying up off the road surface, therefore is more likely to crud up.
    This also accounts for the left side suspension and shockies wearing faster etc etc.
    You may as well check everything else while you are in there, and on both sides.

    Christchurch - Thu 25th July 2013 04:36am (GMT)

    • Subject : Hot Hub/Disc
      Hi John, have cleaned and lube calipers on all four wheels was a bit of build up etc after a quick 5min run the problem still there!? was thinking wheel bearing/repacking? ???
      NZ - Thu 25th July 2013 10:59am (GMT)

      • Subject : Hot Hub/Disc
        The problem will be ascertaining the cause of the heat ....brakes being applied or not releasing...from the hub...bearings needing replacement or lubrication or adjustment.

        Examine carefully the flexible brake lines..any cracking in exterior, or leaking, or "crunchy' non flexible bits?
        One cause of residual pressure can be the breakdown of the inner walls of the flexible, forming 'valves" which stop fluid coming back out of the pistons.
        Another could be a buildup of crap in the system causing a "plug' effect blocking some smaller orifice with the same result.
        Is there excessive or noticeable difference with the wear on the left rear disc or pads compared to the right side?
        if you are friendly with your local WOF place and they have a very good brake testing roller system you could try them to see if there is a difference between brakes on/brakes off left/right?

        Perhaps go for a longer run at a steady state speed and coast to a halt without using the brakes, then test temperature?
        Good luck, keep us informed.

        NZ - Fri 26th July 2013 03:58am (GMT)

        • Subject : Hot Hub/Disc
          Hey John, Was under truck again today re-checked an lube pins, shafts etc on all four calipers again. Flexi hoses seem all good no cracks ,leaks or brittle etc, all even wear on pads, piston is not stuck as I can press in back in with a clamp, there is a bit of friction (grab) as I spin the rear wheels free hand, the front are fine an spin real good free hand! Maybe look at a brake flush and bleed take rotors off and inspect hand-bake drums? Bearings would be mine next mission. I have notice grease like stuff coming out of the bearing cover on hub, whats involved with taking off hub, bearing adjusting?? tighten?? etc.
          Cheers Scottie

          NZ - Fri 26th July 2013 05:45am (GMT)

          • Subject : Hot Hub/Disc
            NZ - Sun 28th July 2013 01:37am (GMT)

Subject : Korando Diesel
My Diesel Korando has now done 41,000 km's. It has ongoing transmission/throttle problems. It jerks from a start, accelerates uncontrollably through the gears. sometimes it refuses to accelerate. It often gets stuck in 2nd gear. My SsangYong dealer can't sort it out. Can someone help me?
Robin McCarthy
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zeland - Tue 23rd July 2013 11:27am (GMT)
  • Subject : Korando Diesel
    Hi Rob, you say your SsangYong dealer cannot locate the fault? ie Armstrong Motors in St Asaph St. Did they complete a diagnostic check? I do wonder if a computer chip is at fault? Otherwise check on the Aussie SsangYong 4wd Club website - they seem to know a lot more. What year & model? taustin@actrix.co.nz
    Terry Austin
    Christchurch, NZ - Wed 24th July 2013 09:35am (GMT)

Subject : header tank
I need a replacement header tank for my Ford Maverick xlt 2003 petrol V6.

Mine has a small hole which has been repaired with Araldite and is holding for now and Ford want £100+ for a new one.

Any ideas would be helpful


Roy Olsen
Glossop, Derbyshire, UK - Mon 22nd July 2013 09:58pm (GMT)
Subject : header tank
I need a replacement header tank for my Ford Maverick xlt 2003 petrol V6.

Mine has a small hole which has been repaired with Araldite and is holding for now and Ford want £100+ for a new one.

Any ideas would be helpful


Roy Olsen
Glossop, Derbyshire, UK - Mon 22nd July 2013 09:52pm (GMT)
Subject : Musso Diesel won't run or accelerate
2004 diesel musso sports difficult to start and engine will not accelerate then stalls.
Any suggestions? I had thought it maybe air in the pump but it wasn't run out of fuel and I believe it is a self bleeding system

Charlie F
sunshine coast, Qld, AUS - Mon 22nd July 2013 04:50pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Musso Diesel won't run or accelerate
    Hi, your engine has a mechanical pump which needs to be bleed.
    First when was the last time you changed your diesel filter.
    What you need to do is crack your injector lines at the injectors prime your system by pumping the manual hand primer until you feel it getting firm then get someone to turn your engine over until you see fuel spurting from the cracked injector lines once this happens tighten the injector lines gradually until the engine fires and rune evenly.

    John Dummler
    Everton Upper, Victoria, Australia - Sun 18th August 2013 02:34pm (GMT)

I am looking to buy VAUXHALL BRAVA ISUZU DOUBLE CAB with 4JA1 ENGINE , 2.5D 4X4 1996 2499cc Diesel pick-up. If anyone has one to sell please mail me on dell2be@hotmail.com or call 07941594298


Balasuriyage Perera
Barking, Essex, UK - Sat 20th July 2013 05:40pm (GMT)
Subject : VAUXHALL BRAVA ISUZU DOUBLE CAB 2.5D 4X4 1996 Model 2499cc

Hi to All
I am looking VAUXHALL BRAVA ISUZU DOUBLE CAB 2.5D 4X4 Engine parts or (ENGINE REBUILT KIT for 4JA1)or these parts: INCLUDING

Actually looking for the
Japanese parts not the Chinese parts some of them in eBay

Any help would be appreciate mail me dell2be@hotmaul.com or call 07941594298
Many Thanks
Balasuriyage Perera

Balasuriyage Perera
Barking, Essex, UK - Sat 20th July 2013 05:31pm (GMT)
Subject : Mr
Hi All
I am looking VAUXHALL BRAVA ISUZU DOUBLE CAB 2.5D 4X4 Engine parts or (ENGINE REBUILT KIT for 4JA1)or these parts: INCLUDING PARTS :
ISUZU 4JA1 4JA1T ENGINE OVERHAUL GASKET KIT Z-5-87812-685-0/Z-8-94332-097-1

Actually looking for the Japanese parts not the Chinese parts some of them in eBay etc..

Any help would be appreciate
Many Thanks

Balasuriyage Perera
Barking, Essex, UK - Sat 20th July 2013 05:24pm (GMT)
Subject : showgun
hi I have a 1992 Mitsubishi showgun and it keeps backing up and my radiator pips keeping going flat I have flushed the radiator out and put a new thermostat in what can it be
lytham st annes, lancs, UK - Sat 20th July 2013 01:13pm (GMT)
  • Subject : showgun
    Looks like you need a new radiator core and/or a new bottom radiator to engine rubber hose. The water pump is producing suction and for some reason (usually one of the two above) there is no flow of water. Replace the bottom hose first as it is the cheapest solution.
    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:44am (GMT)

  • Subject : showgun
    ineed some explanation about this problem
    joanel michel
    miami, florida, UK - Tue 15th July 2014 05:23am (GMT)

Subject : Suzuki vitara
Hi am looking for a Suzuki vitara wideboy/ fatboy in any condition must be white in colour willing to travel anywhere in the uk
Irvine, Ayrshire, UK - Thu 18th July 2013 03:14pm (GMT)
Subject : Suzuki vitara
Hi am looking for a Suzuki vitara wideboy/ fatboy in any condition must be white in colour willing to travel anywhere in the uk
Irvine, Ayrshire, UK - Thu 18th July 2013 03:13pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Suzuki vitara
    I have a JLX Fatboy soft top with front bull bars, roofrack, on a private plate, 10 month mot and 1 months tax, email me if you want photos, this is in top condition for a 1995 car, and not been beaten up with off road driving.
    Bolton, Lancashire, UK - Sat 17th August 2013 06:51pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Suzuki vitara
      What colour please?
      Dacre Tusler
      Storrington, West Sussex, UK - Mon 12th May 2014 07:36pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Suzuki vitara
        Sold 6 months ago mate.
        Bolton, Lancs, UK - Mon 12th May 2014 11:57pm (GMT)

Subject : bypass ecu
some one tried to steal my kyron and in the process of failing miserably, broke the fob of the key and threw it away so now i have no way of starting the car. So could anyone tell me how i could bypass the ecu and wire into the pump so the car will start the car turns over with the key but wont start
Garry Pearson
blackburn, lancashire, UK - Thu 11th July 2013 08:57pm (GMT)
Subject : gearbox
Hi all..I have a 52plate 3.0.lwb Nissan terano and the gearbox is on its way out..am haveing trouble finding a second hand one as there doesn't spear to be many for the 3.0 Lyra about..but there does apear to be plenty of 2 .7ltr lwb about..so my question is ..will a 52plate 2 7box.fit a 3.0 ltr car of the same year..thanks
imminghan, lincs, UK - Wed 10th July 2013 11:57am (GMT)
  • Subject : gearbox
    Better to fix your own auto as it will then be ok for many thousands more miles,whereas the second hand unit is a pig in a poke, unless that goes in temporarily while your own gets overhauled.
    Look at the posts re autos below here and get it serviced first.......
    A good trans shop may have done the swap you are enquiring about for some other punter; do your research with Nissan dealers via their workshop foremen and try to get a yes or no from them (and their names).
    Sometimes a face to face gets better results.
    I have not seen anything on this site suggesting someone has already done this swap.

    NZ - Thu 11th July 2013 03:45am (GMT)

Subject : gearbox
Hi all..I have a 52plate 3.0.lwb Nissan terano and the gearbox is on its way out..am haveing trouble finding a second hand one as there doesn't spear to be many for the 3.0 Lyra about..but there does apear to be plenty of 2 .7ltr lwb about..so my question is ..will a 52plate 2 7box.fit a 3.0 ltr car of the same year..thanks
imminghan, lincs, UK - Wed 10th July 2013 11:57am (GMT)
  • Subject : gearbox
    As above..SERVICE THE TRANS. Start by dropping the pan on the trans, reading the debris in the filter, renewing the fluid in the trans etc...before spending huge amounts of time and money on taking things apart and replacing them.
    NZ - Thu 11th July 2013 03:47am (GMT)

Subject : Roof Rack and Roll Bar
Hi - I ve just bought a 2004 Double cab Warrior with a full length Mountain Top ( Gas struts ) on the back. I want to be able to carry ladders/steps etc so need either a roll bar that fits with the Mountain top in place, or a Navara style roof rack where the back bar protrudes behind the rear of the cab. Does anyone know where I can buy either please ?
Spit Maloney
Greenhithe, Kent, UK - Mon 08th July 2013 08:43am (GMT)
Subject : Clutch Slave Cylinder
Hi all, Quick question about slave cylinder piston on my terrano, notice that the piston itself can be pushed back in by hand and the clutch peddle just drops to the floor but after a few quick pumps its built pressure back up and engages the clutch fork, selects gears fine etc is this normal or is it a sign that the slave cylinder itself is out on its way?? seems to be no leaks around it but the fluid in the master is pretty dirty colour and was going to flush and replace, do you bleed the clutch the same way as you do the brakes?? Any ideas would be great.

- NZ - Sun 07th July 2013 12:08pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Clutch Slave Cylinder
    Yes, you bleed it the same way. You've got air in there at the moment. Suck all the old fluid out of the master cylinder, replace with new fluid, then bleed the whole system. You'll be unpleasantly surprised how much crap will come out. If you still get air back in there after only a short time (couple of weeks/days/hours),check or replace the flexible hose to the slave cylinder if it appears cracked, chafed or soft (they can disintegrate on the inside).If you do a lot of 4WD then you will have to either re-sleeve the slave cylinder in stainless steel, or replace it with an new or reconditioned cylinder plus new seals and/or piston if that is also corroded. At worst the master cylinder will also need the same treatment.Prevention is replacing the fluid every 2 years at a minimum..and who does that??????
    NZ - Mon 08th July 2013 06:36am (GMT)

    • Subject : Clutch Slave Cylinder
      Excellent thank you john will do the following
      NZ - Mon 08th July 2013 07:15am (GMT)

Subject : nissan terrano/pathfinder/regulus R3M
Hi - I have a 1996 import Nissan R3M Terrano. Also known as a Regulus or Pathfinder (pr50) Chassis.

It's a 2.7diesel auto, needs a new clutch plate. Can anyone point me in the direction of part numbers for this model. Also anyone familiar with this can tell us if this is straightforward to replace or a major operation. Thanks

Cumbria, Cumbria, UK - Mon 01st July 2013 02:59pm (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan terrano/pathfinder/regulus R3M
    If this is an auto, why does it need a clutch plate? If you mean a new band for one of the clutches in the auto trans, the model of the trans would be known to the trans shop who take it out and disassemble it, and at the same time can advise what else is worn and what should be replaced as a preventative measure. If you don't even know how to find out what model the trans is, please don't start trying to take the trans apart and/or replace bits..that is a way to become the owner of a long-term stationary Terrano that doesn't go anywhere anymore.
    For safety's sake do not try to slit the auto from the engine and the transfer case without the proper supports as they are heavy and will crush you if you do it wrong.
    many things can be fixed by Mr Fixit at home: this is not one of them.

    UK - Tue 02nd July 2013 12:07am (GMT)

    • Subject : nissan terrano/pathfinder/regulus R3M
      Thanks Doug, I should have explained, this is in the UK being an unusual import finding parts has proven very difficult in the past.

      The clutch has been slipping for a while and now needs sorting, it is to be done by a garage, (it was them that suggested the fault is likely to be the clutch plate in the car, they are aware it's an auto), but typical of a garage, they don't have time or inclination to shop around and if they can find apart just get it. Whilst part may cost £100 from one place it may be £200 from another, 9 out of 10 this will be the garages favoured supplier (if in deed they can source it). In terms of understanding the difficulty I'm trying to gauge how long the car is out of action, we live in a village, it's our only means of transport and it's also used for the business. Any down time hits us very hard.
      Don't get me wrong this is a brilliant garage who have previously gone out of their way to repair items rather than risk the cost of a non compatible part to us. But some things are beyond repair.

      I just want the car in an out as quickly as possible but I also need to consider if it's financially worthwhile undertaking the repair. So knowing roughly how long will also give us an idea of the likely price. Thanks

      Cumbria, Cumbria, UK - Tue 02nd July 2013 10:58am (GMT)

      • Subject : nissan terrano/pathfinder/regulus R3M
        Have you considered purchasing a complete second hand auto; that could be installed in a day. you could then have the original inspected/overhauled at your leisure, and either replace it back in the vehicle or sell it, whole or in parts depending on the damage.
        UK - Wed 03rd July 2013 01:48am (GMT)

  • Subject : nissan terrano/pathfinder/regulus R3M

    The identifier plate for the auto trans and time "by the book" for removal and installation of a trans for your perusal.

    - NZ - Tue 09th July 2013 10:42am (GMT)

    • Subject : nissan terrano/pathfinder/regulus R3M
      Thanks John, very useful.
      Annoyingly I took it to the garage yesterday for them to look at and it behaved itself, they couldn't find fault. Now admittedly he drove more aggressively than me and gearbox was constantly changing, where as we notice it more under load up hill and cruising around 50mph in traffic. Sods law!

      Cumbria, UK - Tue 09th July 2013 01:10pm (GMT)

      • Subject : nissan terrano/pathfinder/regulus R3M
        Have them service the trans, drop pan, remove and examine filter, replace filter, new fluid..can make a huge difference...
        NZ - Tue 09th July 2013 02:03pm (GMT)

Subject : oil pressure switch change
what size spper or socket do i need to remove oil pressure switch to change it thanks kevin
kvin tapper
walsall, west mids, UK - Sat 29th June 2013 05:55pm (GMT)
Subject : Korando 2.9 diesel
Hi, when driving above about 60 kph, the wind appears to get quite audible coming off the front plastic cover in front of the window wipers. Anyone else have this issue? Did not notice this when first purchased some weeks back.
cHRISTCHURCH, NZ - Fri 28th June 2013 11:22am (GMT)
Subject : Body Stripes
Hi all,
I am currently rebuilding my 1987 Fourtrack and want to buy original Body stripes. Does anyone know where to buy these.
kind regards,

Per Abildskov
Engesvang, Denmark - Tue 25th June 2013 09:55pm (GMT)
Subject : 1996 Nissan Pickup Clutch
1996 1/2 Nissan Pickup 4 wheele drive Because of the torgue bars would it be easyer to pull the engine to replace the clutch. looks like to remove the transmission you have to remove the torssion bars. these seem to be frozen to the adjusters?
Leesburg, Florida, USA - Mon 24th June 2013 02:04pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 1996 Nissan Pickup Clutch

    There is so much info available, most written for Americans by Americans and detailing the process and aftermarket suppliers that I urge you to search properly on the internet as above....

    UK - Wed 26th June 2013 03:37am (GMT)

  • Subject : 1996 Nissan Pickup Clutch
    - NZ - Fri 28th June 2013 07:41am (GMT)

Subject : 1996 Nissan transmission
advice on removing 4 speed transmission to replace clutch. do the torqsion bars remove from front or rear?
Lesburg, Fl, usa - Mon 24th June 2013 01:21pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 1996 Nissan transmission
    Are we talking about a Nissan Terrano or Pathfinder?
    Raise the front of the vehicle off the ground until there is no weight on the front suspension, place jack stands under frame for safety; remove both front wheels.
    The torsion bars are tensioned at the rear, so you have to release the torsion on them by undoing the bolt contacting the body which is in the arm at the rear end of the torsion bar.
    Count the number of turns needed to release the tension.
    You need to re-tension by the same number of turns on reassembly.
    Mark the bars and the splined socket so that you can put the bars back into the correct spline on reassembly.
    If you have a saggy suspension you could try ONE spline over to increase the tension (Left bar anti-clockwise, right bar clockwise).
    Otherwise bite the bullet and upgrade to new OEM or aftermarket torsion bars to get the front end ride height back to what it should be.
    Then remove the torsion bars from the front mountings which are splined. There will be large circlips on the bars to stop rearwards movements, so take the circlips off.
    Also mark the bars "left" and "right" and reinstall on the correct sides of the vehicle.
    Otherwise the bars will fail within minutes.
    When you reassemble the suspension you will have to re-tension the bars using the bolt through the arm, reattach the wheels and go for a drive; check the ride height and suitably adjust the bolts with the weight off the front suspension (on the jack and stands again).
    Retest until it all meets specs.
    Finally, get a 4 wheel alignment done at your favorite shop...

    Torsion bars are very tightly wound springs..treat them gently and with great respect.

    While you are under the vehicle (if it is a Pathfinder), have you already cured the "Death Wobble" with new poly bushes in the 4 radius links in the rear suspension??
    That is also important.

    Happy trails....

    UK - Mon 24th June 2013 01:56pm (GMT)

Subject : Brava interior
I need a new center consol with top opening lid for my 2001 double cab I've tried vauxhall and Isuzu and iam at a dead end can any one help
Ventnor, Isle of Wight , UK - Sun 23rd June 2013 03:15am (GMT)
Subject : engine light wont go out
i have got the code for the front lambda sensor on my 2001 daihatsu terios. changed the sensor, light still on. any help would be great. thanks in advance
- france - Wed 19th June 2013 12:41am (GMT)
Hi, I have a nissan mistral/terrano 1997 facelift ,intercooler turbo. On 1500 rev truck is vibrating /shivering badly,even if its not in the drive, once passed 1500 rev truck drives smooth.specially while you drive on window closed it makes your ear feels closed, noticed when it drives mainly 50km speed . please let me know if someone got a answer for this....cheers
WELLINGTON, nz, nz - Wed 12th June 2013 11:00pm (GMT)
    This vibration at 1500 revs, is that from a cold start? When the engine heats up, does the vibration lessen or go away? Any thick smoke on cold start? How long does the glow plug light on the dash take to go out after you first switch on the key on a cold start? Sorry but I don't understand what you mean re the window being closed..there is an effect like being inside a drum if one window is wound down even partially under certain circumstances, especially if you do not have deflectors or monsoon shields. It is caused by the air pressure differential between outside and inside (the air outside pressurises the cabin which expands slightly, then relaxes, then repressurises etc......can feel funny on the ears.
    NZ - Thu 13th June 2013 08:12am (GMT)

      Hi, No thick smoke on cold start, glow plug go out as usual, every thing works fine, vibration remains after engine heatup,i know what you mean by one window down, its just the body vibration, just wondering about the engine mounts???
      nz - Thu 13th June 2013 09:55am (GMT)

        Engine mounts/gearbox mounts could be a possibility, especially if you have no smoke on startup and glowplug lights are behaving normally. One person had bad vibrations only when turning left..that was a broken mount on the engine. How long have you had this problem? Did it start suddenly, or just gradually over a period of weeks? When you rev the engine while the car is stopped and in neutral, does the engine still vibrate up to 1500 revs? Then it's engine related. If the vibration only happens when actually driving along the road, it could be worn U joints in the drive line. The problem can be found by logically listing what does happen when you change the parameters of your driving.
        NZ - Fri 14th June 2013 01:59am (GMT)

          Thanks john, well i bought this truck last year noticed this vibration at the time of purchace, didint payed much attention coz of diesel engine , every time when the rev pass through 1000-1500rev vibrates ,even its not driving, no vibration on idile .
          nz - Fri 14th June 2013 05:29am (GMT)

            how many Ks on the clock?
            another possibility is in these two references below


            nz - Fri 14th June 2013 02:12pm (GMT)

              178,000km , still on investigation...
              nz - Mon 17th June 2013 04:08am (GMT)

                Have a good look at the position of the exhaust pipe where it passes close to the body after exit from the engine. if there are "rub" marks on the pipe and corresponding marks on the body, there could be a broken or worn engine mount, especially the one near the oil filter where oil leaking/splashing on it destroys the rubber. As the accelerator goes down, the engine twists until the exhaust hits the body. At higher or lower engine/road speeds, it doesn't.
                NZ - Thu 11th July 2013 03:53am (GMT)

Subject : water leak
I have replaced the radiator the water pump and the head but still have a leak any ideas
Samantha Walters
looe, UK - Wed 12th June 2013 11:23am (GMT)
  • Subject : water leak
    WHERE IS THE LEAK???? Can you see it on the outside of the engine or is the coolant disappearing somewhere inside the engine?
    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:47am (GMT)

Subject : SSangyong Korando 1998 wont change gear
Hi i have a ssangyong korando 1998 diesel manual and it wont change gear when running and now it wont start at all! help needed asap!!
London, London, UK - Thu 06th June 2013 05:26pm (GMT)
  • Subject : SSangyong Korando 1998 wont change gear
    Your clutch more than likely requires replacement. Clutches don't last forever and it's just another part of the cars maintenance. First hint would have been when it was difficult to change gears. I guess you have had it checked by now with a mechanic?
    Christchurch, NZ - Tue 02nd July 2013 07:59pm (GMT)

  • Subject : SSangyong Korando 1998 wont change gear
    Did you buy the car new or second hand.
    The reason for the question is that the manual transmissions run ATF automatic gearbox oil in them but some people put gear oil in them which results in difficult to near impossible gear selection.

    Everton Upper, Vic, Australia - Wed 10th July 2013 02:18pm (GMT)

Subject : Frontera 'A' 4.3 Differential Crownwheel and Pinion
Hi All,

I'm hoping someone might be able to help me and/or point me in the right direction.

I'm trying to source a new (NOS) 4.3 differential to fit the Salisbury 16HA rear axle of a Frontera and preferably at a sensible price!

If anyone has any pointers as to where I might find one, I'd be very grateful.


Joe Bloggs
UK, UK, UK - Wed 05th June 2013 03:29pm (GMT)
Subject : Nissan Mistral
I have 1996 "M" Mistral/ TerranoII.
I have bought a workshop manual that should cover the truck but the fule system seems to be tottaly differant and it does not seem to have an EMU or a MAF detector on the carb. I need to adjust the mixture as i am adding a Hydrogen system to it. Can anyone throw any light on the fule control method please

Phil Crockford
Stamford, Lincs, UK - Tue 04th June 2013 07:18pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Mistral
    What is the engine in this vehicle..is it petrol or diesel????
    UK - Wed 05th June 2013 05:07am (GMT)

    • Subject : Nissan Mistral
      Diesel. 2.660cc. V20
      Phil Crockford
      Stamford, Lincs, UK - Wed 05th June 2013 06:55am (GMT)

      • Subject : Nissan Mistral
        When i originaly started this thread i wsed the word "carb" but it has no carb as it is fule ijection and has a turbo ther seem to be a collection og mumatic pipes connected to all sorts of sensors and valves on the engin. I am not familier with desel injection engina and the beek does not help as it deels with MAF and EMU sysetems. i hope this will help.
        Phil Crockford
        Stamford, Lincs, UK - Wed 05th June 2013 08:10am (GMT)

        • Subject : Nissan Mistral
          So you are going to put some sort of hydrogen gas system on your diesel engine??? or is it really a system which is intended for a petrol engine which has all those sensors built in?? I presume the hydrogen system uses a piggy back computer??? I can't see how you can make this work on a diesel..that being said, there are systems using LP as additional fueling systems for diesels to increase horsepower and torque..but too much grenades the engine. Good luck, but I would be doing a lot more research before trying anything like what you propose on this diesel engine.....
          UK - Thu 06th June 2013 10:12am (GMT)

          • Subject : Nissan Mistral
            No. It’s not just intended for just a petrol car. It can be fitted to any type of car. It is intended to reduce the fuel consumption of the car. I have fitted the system to the car and am attempting to discover the operation of the injection system, as the manual I have for the car does not seem to have the same type of control system as my car. I have discovered that the book indicates a Mass Air flow detection system and oxygen sensor system to detect the fuel mixture but, my car has no oxygen sensors or a Mass Air flow detection system. It seems to have a MAP or Mass Air Pressure detector on the inlet manifold after the turbo. Basically the book is useless. However having discovered this I can use it to lean out the mixture and am building a control box to control the mixture. The MAP sensor can be one of two types, a DC voltage that increases with engine speed and load or a Frequency based sensor where the oscillating frequency increases with speed and load. Basically the addition of hydrogen to the airflow will cause a more complete combustion of the fuel and hence the mpg. I have gained efficiency even with ought the adjustment to the mixture but will be able to increase the MPG gain when the mixture is corrected. I would be interested to know is any one else has the same sensor system on their vehicle?
            I Have a 10% fuel saving currently and hope to increase it to around 30% when done.

            Phil Crockford
            Stamford, Lincs, UK - Mon 10th June 2013 07:05am (GMT)

            • Subject : Nissan Mistral
              Are you saying you are aiming for a 30% reduction in diesel consumption? Fantastic! you will be using 30%less diesel..and 100% more hydrogen...and unless you have access to "free" hydrogen, how will that be more economical? The LPG systems I mentioned already exist with a claimed up to 40% increase in power and torque..and at 41% the engine turns into a hand grenade. You would think that if diesel vehicle manufacturers could reliably improve fuel consumption and do so at less cost, they would already have done it and boasted about it.....but, it will be interesting to see how you go, there always has to be the one genius to make a breakthrough...good luck.
              UK - Tue 11th June 2013 09:54am (GMT)

              • Subject : Nissan Mistral
                The Hydrogen is generated on board using Hydrolysis. It is 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen and is injected in to the air intake. It uses the 12 Volts from the battery to produce 1 litre pm of gas. The Idea is not to increase the power of the engine but to allow the weaker diesel/air to be supplemented by the hydrogen so no danger of bombing the engine. By adjusting the MAF sensor output to the EMU end hence the mixture to account for the hydrogen the amount of diesel used for the same power can be much less. No hydrogen is stored on board as it is generated as it is needed by the engine.
                Philip Crockford
                Stamford, Links, UK - Wed 12th June 2013 07:05am (GMT)

                • Subject : Nissan Mistral
                  Oh dear, the "something for nothing" concept of fuel economy. Where does the battery get it's 12 volts? From the alternator. Where does the alternator get it's drive? From the engine via the pulley and V Belt. Where does the engine get it's fuel..from diesel and hydrogen.
                  It costs fuel (energy), which costs money, to produce alternative fuel (hydrogen) to fuel the engine.
                  you do know about superchargers use them and the engine has to supply horsepower to drive the supercharger to compress the air to push into the engine..up to 200hp on a 100hp dragster etc etc. Your hydrogen generator is also a parasite.....

                  UK - Thu 13th June 2013 08:01am (GMT)

                  • Subject : Nissan Mistral
                    I have done the numbers on the system and the amount of power produced by the engine as a result of burning the HHO is 40% greater than the amount of power used by the HHO generator to produce the amount of HHO gas stated. The generator consumes 200Watts from the battery. I realise you are sceptical and I was before I examined the figures. There are numerous papers on the subject if you care to consult them. It remains a fact that at this time, I have a fuel saving with ought MAP adjustment of 15% over a period of motoring over the same distance and terrain. Your comments regarding the car manufactures, not using the technology are not necessarily true, at least not in this country. If we all did it the government would loose a lot of revenue on fuel duty and after the way the big companies have been found wanting lately and that most of them are milking us for all they can get I don’t think its in there interest to produce a car that runs on an alternative fuel. However this is only my opinion and if I can give a little less to the taxman I will try my hardest to do it. Like most people my cash balance is being squeezed by the current situation and this is a cost that will only go up and up. If you have any imperial evidence or practical expertise to support your comments I would be glad to hear them and indeed they may be of some help. Thanks
                    Stamford, Lincs, UK - Fri 14th June 2013 10:06am (GMT)

                • Subject : Nissan Mistral
                  Oops, that should read 1000hp. Not 100...
                  - UK - Thu 13th June 2013 08:03am (GMT)

  • Subject : Nissan Mistral
    could you please tell me where the rear tail gate wiper switch is

    Regards William Craig

    W craig
    - newzealand - Sun 16th June 2013 04:28am (GMT)

    • Subject : Nissan Mistral
      Try the lefthand stalk on the steering wheel.turn the end knob to operate. Cheers
      tom hull
      auckland, New Zealand - Fri 21st June 2013 05:22am (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Terrano 1991
Hi I have a 1991 Nissan Terrano turbo deisel auto, this car has run like a gem however the other day on the highway it starts dropping in and out of overdrive constantly then going up a hill would not kick into overdrive and sat on 80klms struggling up the hill, it is not doing this around town on small drives only after drivin g for about half hour, also the next morning when I started the car the AT light was flashing intermitently only on starting. I also have an electric fuel pump fitted, hoping yopu can give me some answers :)
Kilcoy, Qld, Australia - Tue 28th May 2013 10:23pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Terrano 1991
    The flashing a/t light is signalling the fault code for the auto trans.
    It's electronic brain reveals that to you by a series of flashes such as 1 2 3 4; 1 2; 1 2 3 4; 1 2 (repeating).
    If you can find out this code and post it here we may be able to see what the probable fault may be.
    Every time you switch on the ignition to start the engine this code will flash until you fix the problem.

    A damn good start would be to have the auto trans serviced; the pan on the bottom is dropped, fluid drained and the filter removed, torn apart to check what type of debris has been caught. Depending on how much debris in the filter and in the bottom of the pan an experienced auto trans engineer can tell you what has gone wrong, and ballpark what it's going to cost to fix it.
    It may be as simple as a new filter, pan gasket and a refill with dexron3 fluid.
    It may cost a lot more.....a rebuild of the trans.....
    While he is under the vehicle he will physically check the electric connections to the trans, and possibly can spray clean them with contact cleaner.
    Why did you have an electric fuel pump fitted? There is an engine powered fuel pump already..did this fail?
    The fitting of that should not have precipitated the auto trans problems, unless the wiring has been botched.
    This engine/trans combination is almost bulletproof with REGULAR oil/fluid/filter changes.
    Good luck. Post the code!!!!

    NZ - Thu 30th May 2013 12:25pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Nissan Terrano 1991

    This is a later model but most of the information is applicable.
    Go to the AT section and see how it all works

    - NZ - Thu 30th May 2013 12:48pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Nissan Terrano 1991

    Pathfinder is Terrano in US, transmission is common Nissan; procedures much the same

    - NZ - Thu 30th May 2013 12:55pm (GMT)

Subject : ecu transmission
Where can I find a ecu automatic transmission for isuzu bighorn 4jg2t complete with the wiring
medan, sumut, indonesia - Sat 25th May 2013 04:51am (GMT)
Subject : Maverick 2.0lt XLT engine
Hi, does anyone know if there are any other models asides from Mazda Tribute Engines that will fit into a 2.0lt Zetec from a 2002 Ford Maverick XLT?
As they appear to be expensive and I am looking for a low mileage spare as mine has high mileage.

hull, UK - Fri 24th May 2013 02:44pm (GMT)
I ve experienced burnt crutches on this automatic transmission when the car moves more than 450km. so far changed 4 gearbox within 12 months
Mpika, Muchinga, Zambia - Tue 14th May 2013 10:37am (GMT)
  • Subject : ISUZU BIGHORN
    I got an isuzu bighorn 3.1D, its slow to engage gears so it may be a result of not allowing to engage by over hittin the acceleration pedal it results in burning of d crutches.. Try to be more patient when taking off.
    Takudzwa Zingunde
    Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe - Wed 05th February 2014 07:05am (GMT)

Subject : Heater core
I have a 2011 Nevada and it looks like the heater core is gone smell of anti freeze and fogging of windscreen How common is this and how long does it take to change the core.
Fort William, Inverness-shire, UK - Fri 10th May 2013 10:51pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Heater core
    Are you the proud owner of a nissan Navarra? Your vehicle is at most 2 years old..unless you used acid as coolant I can't imagine how you destroyed a heater core in 2 years. It sounds like it could still be under manufacturer's warranty, so the first thing i would do is go back to the selling dealer and inform him of the problem..and ask him to fix it at no cost.
    If that for some reason is impossible, try tracking down the connections where rubber hoses meet metal heater tubes, and check for tightness of clasmps/joints.

    UK - Sat 11th May 2013 12:36am (GMT)

Subject : Ssangyong Rexton engine temperature sensor fitting
Can anyone give any help or advice regarding fitting a new engine temperature sensor to a diesel Ssangyong Rexton 2005. I have the part coming from France to the UK but thought my local garage might need some help!
Victoria Baily
Cheltenham, UK - Fri 10th May 2013 08:52pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Ssangyong Rexton engine temperature sensor fitting
    Temperature sensor is located under the intake manifold.
    Grab a torch and shine under the manifold located towards the front of the engine.
    You will require to remove the front pressed metal engine top cover support and this will allow better access to the sensor.

    Everton Upper, Vic, Australia - Wed 10th July 2013 01:42pm (GMT)

Subject : Glo Plug
I have a Kyron 2007 model. The Glo Plug light does not go off. Also at times the temperature guage and warning light show overheating, but in fact the car is at normal operating temperature
Anthony S
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Wed 08th May 2013 01:08pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Glo Plug
    Did you fix that glow problem
    I have the same problem wirh my car, im thinking to replace the all plugs

    Riverwood, NSW, AISTRALIA - Wed 15th May 2013 12:33pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Glo Plug
      You can get your ssangyong dealer to check each glow plug.The light indicates at least 1 is faulty, but not all of them. Your car won't start if all are faulty. Also, you can try MTQ in Sydney.They are diesel pros,i use them in Adelaide with good results. If you want a CD workshop manual go to www.AutoEPC4you.com. IT will help as it lists all fault codes and diagnosis remedys. It is the Factory manual
      Adelaide, south australia, Australia - Wed 29th May 2013 04:13pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Glo Plug
    I have a 2.7 lt Rexton and I had similar issues, the engine light would come on and the temperature would show overheating and sometimes when this happen my triptronic transmission would lock into 2nd gear.
    Also over a period of weeks the car became difficult to start when at operating temperature and then over a period of two weeks it refused to start when warm.
    After replacing the temeperature sensor located under the intake manifold, and the thermostate the problem still exsisted but then i replaced the camshaft sensor and all the above issues were a thing of the past and the car has never missed a beat.

    Everton Upper, Australia, UK - Wed 10th July 2013 01:34pm (GMT)

Subject :
Good evening, I have a Nissan terrano 2 1996.
I would like to enter the forum to learn more about the car.
At this moment he is in the shop, I need some parts, I would help one who knows the Nissan Terrano 2

Waldir Fortes
Mindelo, Cape Verde, Cape Verde - Wed 08th May 2013 01:34am (GMT)
  • Subject :
    If your vehicle is in a shop being fixed, the mechanic would probably know the best way to import parts. There is little use in trying to go past him to get a slightly cheaper deal..if you get the wrong parts you will be stuck with them.
    New Zealand - Wed 08th May 2013 06:27am (GMT)

    • Subject :
      I all depends on what parts you require.
      I found a company called Milner off road in Matlock UK,nice people and very helpful,they have a website,check it out.

      Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK - Thu 23rd May 2013 07:26pm (GMT)

Subject : problem
honda 2007 crv noise at the rear
peter bambrick
coventry, West Midlands, UK - Tue 07th May 2013 06:29pm (GMT)
Subject : abs light not coming on
its not the bulb
paul lecluse
woking, surrey, UK - Tue 07th May 2013 01:53pm (GMT)
Subject : sunroof rattling
hi im new here so please be gentle, i bought a 97 maverick/terrano 2 weeks ago its a 2.7 diesel lwb 7 seater, i love it but the sunshade on the sunroof has the most annoying rattle it is stuck and wont budge the sunroof tilts but wont slide open i would leave it alone but hte rattle is so annoying
bray, wicklow, ireland - Sun 05th May 2013 04:24pm (GMT)
  • Subject : sunroof rattling
    Do you have any recourse to the previous owner to get him to at least open the sunshade? The rattling can be fixed with a thin sheet or strips of rubber between it and then sunroof. But it sounds like the PO glued things shut to stop the rattle instead of fixing it properly. See if you can slip a blunt old knife or similar round the edge of the sunshade to loosen it up until it can slide.
    UK - Mon 06th May 2013 12:17am (GMT)

  • Subject : sunroof rattling
    It all depends on your priorities, and how long you will own the vehicle. Cheap and nasty,but if you are going to drive it into the ground anyway, well....If you want a quick, messy, permanent fix for the rattle, and don't care about the sunroof, you could drill a big enough hole through the sunshade to put in the nozzle of an aerosol can of expanding foam..and fill the whole cavity..guaranteed there will be no rattles!
    - UK - Wed 08th May 2013 06:34am (GMT)

Subject : power loss
I have a 2004 2.2 x trail, it had, about 6 months ago, a new turbo, scv, and another valve, something to do with exhaust??? And a new computer thing by passengers feet??? Its started smoking on reving, sometimes thick black smoke sometimes white smoke and does 0-60 in about 2 hours!!! Its fast once I can actually get speed up though, please help!!!
marion searle
cambridge, cambs, UK - Sat 04th May 2013 09:44am (GMT)
  • Subject : power loss

    This is a dedicated X trail forum and may be able to help you more directly..

    What warranty was there on all the work you had done to it 6 months ago?

    UK - Sun 05th May 2013 08:04am (GMT)

    • Subject : power loss
      Hi Doug, I had no warranty on the work, a long story but I'd only had it 3 days when it went wrong and the man is now in jail. Yes that's the valve that was replaced and I was told the suction control valve had been reset it something when it was new.
      marion searle
      cambridge, cambs, UK - Sun 05th May 2013 09:02am (GMT)

      • Subject : power loss
        It would not hurt to do the relearning process again..follow the instructions on the x trail website..in fact read all the relevant posts on the website there may be someone else who had the same problems..and fixed them.
        UK - Mon 06th May 2013 12:21am (GMT)

  • Subject : power loss

    EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) valve????

    - UK - Sun 05th May 2013 08:13am (GMT)

  • Subject : power loss

    note that the SCV replacement needs a "relearning" process, simple to do,follow the instructions.

    - UK - Sun 05th May 2013 08:39am (GMT)

Subject : 4x4
my 3ltre rodeo light comes on dash but wont engage into 4 wheel drive
fred bates
stoke-on-trent, staffs, UK - Wed 01st May 2013 05:06pm (GMT)
Subject : korando 1998 4wd
hi ..please can someone tell me why my korando keeps turning itself from 4wd to 2wd...it keeps happening whilst im off roading and causes me to get stuck ..i need it 4wd permanently
essex, uk, UK - Mon 29th April 2013 12:09pm (GMT)
  • Subject : korando 1998 4wd
    I think you have a leak in the Vacuum System
    Jan de Nysschen
    Pretoria, Gauteng, Pretoria - Tue 21st May 2013 07:36pm (GMT)

Subject : over heating when towing

martin hukme
manurewa, new zealand - Mon 29th April 2013 05:35am (GMT)
  • Subject : over heating when towing
    The first thing to check is the fan clutch..does the fan turn and "roar" i.e. move air when it is first started in the morning? It should do this for the first 1 km or so, then the sound will die away and it will idle until the temperature of the air flowing over it, heated by the radiator, causes the fan to re-engage and "roar' once more. if it does not do this when the temperature guage goes over half way (steep hills,towing, hot day) then you have to replace the fan and clutch as one unit. Easy, remove radiator, take out old fan, install new.
    Does it take forever to warm up, yet gets very hot when the towing etc..then you have a partially open thermostat..replace with Nissanone..not the replacement generic from the nearest parts shop..that won't have the length to do a good job when starting from cold.
    Does your guage immediately go to high temperature from start..then you have a stuck shut thermostat..replace.
    Are you loosing a lot of coolant out of the neck of the radiator from cold when you take the rad cap off, accompanied by thrashing bubbles..then you have a combustion leak into the coolant usually the head gasket needs replacing, head planed, plus new thermostat, hoses and probably a rodding-out of the radiator etc etc.
    But I am only using my crystal ball, which has a crack in it.
    Any symptoms I haven't covered that are a problem with your vehicle?

    Christchurch - Mon 29th April 2013 11:55am (GMT)

  • Subject : over heating when towing
    Replacing fan clutch actually entails removing and replacing water pump..you can swap over the fan from the old pump..unless you can see cracks at the join of the blades and the hub..in which case a new fan should be bought as well..unless you want fan blades flying including into the radiator! Don't ask me how I know this....
    - NZ - Mon 29th April 2013 01:22pm (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Terrano 2 Loss of Power
I keep losing power when I put my foot down and the engine management light comes on (it's even worse if im towing), the vehicle has been on diagnostics but no fault recorded, can any one offer some advice
Brian Haydon
Brierley Hill, West Midlands, UK - Sat 27th April 2013 02:43pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Terrano 2 Loss of Power
    FFS, look at the entry directly below here....AFM air flow meter....
    UK - Sun 28th April 2013 08:36am (GMT)

SKIPTON, N YORKS., UK - Wed 24th April 2013 06:44pm (GMT)
Subject : no power
my 2,7 tdi reg has lost all power 40mph tops can anybody help turbo spinning fine revs up fine to
aspatria, cumbria, UK - Sat 20th April 2013 09:07pm (GMT)
  • Subject : no power
    When was the last time you replaced the fuel filter and the air filter? If it has been over a year or 12,000 miles, do them. Open up the old fuel filter with a hacksaw just under the top rim, check to see if it is blocked by algae/crud etc. If so, trace fuel line from filter to fuel pump and check fine gauze filter under banjo bolt where fuel line enters fuel injection pump.
    When you first turn on the ignition key, does any orange light flash on the dash? It will be something like flick, flick, pause, flick flick etc.? That may be a trouble code thrown by the ECU.
    There may also be a code thrown to show 'limp home' mode where the trans basically stays in 3rd gear..but it doesn't sound like that problem. Check the air supply tubes running from the filter to the turbo, then to the inter cooler, then to the intake manifold, for tears, especially underneath where tears are hard to find. If you are going to do this with the engine running, watch out for the V belts etc.

    UK - Mon 22nd April 2013 05:40am (GMT)

    • Subject : no power
      thanks doug but check all that and run car with air flow meter plug in and out no better stumped
      aspatria, cumbria, UK - Tue 23rd April 2013 07:41pm (GMT)

      • Subject : no power
        That's the clue...whether the plug for the airflow meter is connected or not...there is no difference. Therefore, logically, the airflow meter is doing precisely NOTHING. See below:

        Subject : Re : Nissan Terrano Power Loss
        i had same problem and put mine in number of garages even put it on
        computer and everything come back clear nothing wrong then one guy
        said common problem on these cars every few years replace the mass air
        flow meter i got one of these from ebay cost around fifty pound
        including delivery and after it was fitted the car has been like new
        pulls caravan up hills no problem hope this helps
        liverpool, merseyside, UK - Wed 27th August 2008 08:51am (GMT)

        Unless we learn from history we are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over........

        UK - Wed 24th April 2013 08:06am (GMT)

Subject : burning smell
hi i need help please. i have a 2004 grand vitara 4wd 2l auto. i changed from 2wd 2 4wd whilst driving the other day, and ever since ive had a burning smell in car which i cant get rid of any ideas whats happened?
walsall, westmidlands, UK - Thu 18th April 2013 09:46pm (GMT)
Subject : gear box
having trouble fitting a second hand gear box to my 1996 grand cherokee, had to put the old one back in and nowcan only get second gear HELP
barrow-in-furness, cumbria, UK - Wed 17th April 2013 09:04pm (GMT)
Subject :
Looking for the wheel arch extensions, front and back for a 2005 Shogun Sport, any ideas where to source?
Bishop Auckland, Durham, UK - Wed 17th April 2013 11:01am (GMT)
Subject : wet drivers side footwell after it has been raining and the car is stationary
every time it rains water gets in the drivers side footwell while being usd and parked up i have checked the drains comeing off the windscreen has any one any ideas
mr john gatward
jersey ci, channel islands, UK - Wed 10th April 2013 06:41pm (GMT)
  • Subject : wet drivers side footwell after it has been raining and the car is stationary
    I am guessing its right hand drive like my model with same cicumstances. open the drivers door and close to the hinge there an opening that carries the door wires. is that rubber that belongs there intact? water runs down there and enters if the rubber is missing or loosened. observe the passenger side and rectify.
    - trinidad, UK - Mon 14th April 2014 10:26pm (GMT)

Subject :
hi got a ABS light on dashboard dispite changing both front wheel bearings had a fault finder plugin today it showed RR RH sensor-1 with shoes on the rear with no sensors ,any ideas thanks
ebbw-vale, gwent, UK - Mon 08th April 2013 06:16pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Has your vehicle got ABS? If yes, then it must have sensors on all four wheels. These sensors can be affected by small particles of crap interfering with the signals, especially magnetic/metallic crap between the sensor and the "teeth" on the wheel.
    clean your right rear sensor, try again

    UK - Tue 09th April 2013 05:52am (GMT)

    • Subject :
      HI Doug its a 06 outlaw model told because it has drums and shoes its not got sensors it has got ABS
      UK - Tue 09th April 2013 11:14am (GMT)

      • Subject :
        Talk to the service manager at the local dealer and find out what is going on, because ABS works on all wheels, so it must have sensors on all wheels, otherwise it cannot have ABS.........you would spin like a top if only the front wheels had maximum controlled braking..and the back could lock up ....
        UK - Wed 10th April 2013 03:23am (GMT)

Subject : Kia Sportage
Hi in your view which is a better option in terms of engine type for Kia sportage 1999 - 2002 SUV models
Diesel or petrol?
Again in terms of maintenance which is easier- manual or automatic transmission?
I'm about to buy a Kia sportage but I need advice on what to look out for.

Accra, Ghana, UK - Thu 04th April 2013 11:45am (GMT)
Subject : 2002 Nissan Terrano 2
Hi Guys, I'd like to do some maintenance on my Terrano. It has 225 000 km on the clock and I so I want to drain and replace all the fluids in all the boxes and brake system.

I need to know all the fluid capacities for the boxes and diffs and what are the recommended synthetic oils.

Is there anything else I need to consider or replace at this mileage.

Many thanks ans regards.


Sean Jordaan
East London, Eastern Province, South Africa - Tue 02nd April 2013 11:07am (GMT)
  • Subject : 2002 Nissan Terrano 2
    Rear diff LSD oil 2.8 litres,85/90 or equivalent; auto trans flush and refill 11 litres Dex3 or equivalent plus new filter and pan gasket; transfer case 2 litres dex3 or equivalent, power steering flush and refill,1 litre Dex3 or equivalent, front diff 2 litres 85/90 or equivalent. You can use the same LSD oil in the front diff as you used in the rear.Brake flush and refill 1 litre, new pads? especially rear if not replaced recently.Coolant 5 litres antifreeze/anti boil plus water; system cleaner before refill?new thermostat? new hoses? new fan belts? Check and repack front wheel bearings. check bushes on anti sway bar, and on the 4 rear axle locating links, especially if you have a wobble at over 50mph (the death wobble)
    UK - Wed 03rd April 2013 01:34am (GMT)

    • Subject : 2002 Nissan Terrano 2
      Many thanks Doug, sounds like you know the Terrano well. Your advice is much appreciated, guess I'll be spending the day following it.



      Sean Jordaan
      East London, Eastern Province, South Africa - Wed 03rd April 2013 07:53am (GMT)

  • Subject : 2002 Nissan Terrano 2
    I agree with above, I can't comment re synthetic fluids as I use the standard dino oils and change them regularly. you will have to do the experimentation yourself. Use the WWW but don't believe everything you read. Consult with a mechanic you respect before risking your vehicle's well-being.
    - NZ - Wed 03rd April 2013 01:38am (GMT)

    • Subject : 2002 Nissan Terrano 2
      Thanks John, your confirmation of Dougs' advice is appreciated.



      Sean Jordaan
      East London, Eastern Province, South Africa - Wed 03rd April 2013 07:55am (GMT)

Subject : 2010 rav4 3.4 Iat sensor wire colors
I need to know the colors of the IAT sensor wire colors for the 2010 Toyota Rav4 sport 3.4 ltr DOHC please.
winston mctague jr
newport, maine, usa - Tue 02nd April 2013 02:55am (GMT)
Subject : Buying a Nissan
I've been offered to buy a 1999 Nissan 4x4 Pathfinder R3mR automatic.
What should I look for before I commit myself.

Eric Boateng
Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana - Wed 20th March 2013 10:12am (GMT)
  • Subject : Buying a Nissan
    What motor dose it have . 2.7 or 3.2 or the 3.0 neo diesel or is it a v6 petrol ?
    nz - Wed 20th March 2013 10:45am (GMT)

    • Subject : Buying a Nissan
      I believe its a 3.2 diesel engine for the pathfinder
      Eric Boateng
      Accra, Gt Accra, Ghana - Wed 20th March 2013 10:51am (GMT)

      • Subject : Buying a Nissan
        Eric, look through this site and you will find related posts for the vehicle and the engine. Read the US pathfinder sites as well, then you will get an idea of the things you should be looking for.if this is your first 4wd, get a knowledgeable friend or your favourite mechanic to go along and test it, or get it tested by an independent garage.
        UK - Fri 22nd March 2013 04:55am (GMT)

Subject : electrical problems
I have a 2000 Mitsubishi pinin 1.8 pinin, the indicators have stopped working {hazards still do}, side lights have also packed up though all lights work if headlight function is selected.both front and rear fogs have ceased working,
On the other stalk rear wash/wipe and front washers have also stopped working.
I have recently had the cambelt changed and the 4x4 select released on front diff.
can anyone help please

Clare Weaver
Newport, Isle Of Wight, UK - Sun 10th March 2013 11:19am (GMT)
  • Subject : electrical problems
    Same problem, , did you manage to sort it out :)
    BOLTON, uk, UK - Thu 26th September 2013 08:32pm (GMT)

    • Subject : electrical problems
      yes thankyou it was the solders on the ICU unit resoldered all tickety boo :) but not before mitshubishi saying I needed whole new new centre piece indicators etc which they charged me £170 and then told me I didn't need it so still new unused! tried ebay but to no avail :( out of pocket big time!
      clare weaver
      cowes, Isle of Wight, UK - Thu 26th September 2013 09:02pm (GMT)

      • Subject : electrical problems
        If you mean the box on the rear of the fusebox, have already changed that and the stalks from a scrap vehicle,

        Thanks for replying..

        Bolton, Lancs, UK - Thu 26th September 2013 09:54pm (GMT)

Subject : LIMP MODE
sidcup, kent, UK - Fri 08th March 2013 10:10am (GMT)
Subject : Right Oil
John this question is for you,Trying to track down manual gear oil 80w 90w GL4 as you said in last post but have had no luck,only found valoline 80w 90w GL5 and nulon 75w 85w GL4 from super cheap and repco,is GL4 oil only to be used? an not GL5? Cheers
- NZ - Fri 08th March 2013 08:38am (GMT)
  • Subject : Right Oil
    I should have said "GL4 or better" so GL5, the latest and greatest will be absolutely awesome in the gearbox.
    The only place not to use improved fluid is in the automatic transmission (which you do not have) where Dex 3 should not be substituted by Dex 4, 5 or 6....it's apparently too good...

    NZ - Sat 09th March 2013 01:53am (GMT)

Subject : parts
Please can someone tell me where I can get a gearbox pan gasket & gearbox filter for my 4x4 largo import, 1996 model 2400cc
peter dear
blandfodr forum, dorset, UK - Fri 08th March 2013 07:09am (GMT)
  • Subject : parts

    UK - Sat 09th March 2013 02:48am (GMT)

    • Subject : parts
      Identify the transmission model, then get parts from a factor or a trans shop.
      UK - Sat 09th March 2013 10:16am (GMT)

Subject : Ford Ranger/Mazda B2500 Workshop Manual on CD
I have a Ranger/MazdaB2500 workshop manual WL/WLT upto and inc early 2006 copied to cd available £8.50inc
UK posting unless agreed
email thebeeches1@talktalk.net If you would like a copy.
I post out next working day and Allways get a certificate of posting and confirm posting via paypal account
All the Beast

Glos, Gloucestershire, UK - Thu 07th March 2013 05:48pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Ford Ranger/Mazda B2500 Workshop Manual on CD
    I need a workshop manual for Ranger/Mazdas 4x4s 2000 onwards, is this CD correct,
    Many thanks

    David Cook
    newbury, berkshire, UK - Fri 12th April 2013 06:57am (GMT)

    • Subject : Ford Ranger/Mazda B2500 Workshop Manual on CD
      Yes it's the correct manual
      Email me thebeeches1@talktalk.net
      I have listed on eBay @£9.00
      Available for £8.50 as no eBay fees

      Gloucester, UK - Wed 18th December 2013 12:13pm (GMT)

Subject : parts
what advice can anyone give me on buying off ebay as I just boughta front wheel bearing from Nissan dealer for £249.00 only to see one for £60.00 on ebay
Ebbw-Vale, Gwent, UK - Tue 05th March 2013 08:10pm (GMT)
  • Subject : parts
    Your front wheel bearing will have a series of letters and numbers stamped into it, which is a code that can be interpreted worldwide, and a replacement can then be bought from any bearing supplier, probably even cheaper than on E bay, and almost certainly cheaper than the Nissan dealer...
    UK - Wed 06th March 2013 03:11am (GMT)

    • Subject : parts
      thanks doug I,ll start shopping round ,sounds I save a lot of cash,is it a difficult job replacing the hub bearing on my outlaw john

      UK - Wed 06th March 2013 11:05am (GMT)

      • Subject : parts
        No, but if you have never done one before, ask someone with at least a reasonable knowledge to help you, and read up in library books how to go about it. The two essential must do's are to grease the new bearings properly before installation, and to tighten them to the proper tolerances...
        UK - Wed 06th March 2013 09:41pm (GMT)

Subject : What type of oil
What oil is recommended for manual gearbox and transfer and capacity for each on 92 terrano please
- nz - Sun 03rd March 2013 07:21am (GMT)
  • Subject : What type of oil
    Manual transmission, API GL4 (SAE80w/90, 4 litres capacity.

    Transfer case, Dexron3 ATF or better, might as well buy a 4 litre pack and flush out the power steering at the same time.
    Use warehouse $10 sprayers with the tip removed for easy no fuss refilling through those little filler bungs!
    PS while you are down and dirty, when was the last time you bled the brake system?

    NZ - Sun 03rd March 2013 08:31am (GMT)

    • Subject : What type of oil
      Excellent will do all the following,thanks John
      NZ - Sun 03rd March 2013 04:01pm (GMT)

Subject : Tranmission troubles
I have a B2500 diesel 4x4 pickup
with a problem , lately I have felt that 4 wheel drive has not been right. So today I jacked the truck up on blocks and locked the Aisin hubs, engaged low range 4 wheel drive, started it up and had a good nose about underneath...
Well, the propshaft to the front diff is turning. The drive shafts to the front wheels don't turn unless I unlock the front hubs, but even when the shafts turn the wheels stay put. So hubs I think. The shafts seem to be merely drifting, and not driven. Next, I switch off and rotate the driver's side wheel – the drive shaft turns (?) It seems that the driver's side wheel IS locking onto the shaft.
Then I do the same with the other wheel but the shaft doesn't turn (???) Now I am puzzled. Start it up again and with handy piece of timber I find that I can stop the drive shaft turning with very very little effort, so they must be just drifting round with no drive as such. What can I deduce from this ? I think the passenger side hub is broken PLUS there is a problem in the front diff or the drive shafts.
Thoughts anyone? ... jeff...

Siteia, Crete, Greece - Sat 23rd February 2013 01:11pm (GMT)
Subject : Replacing Common Rail Sensor D270T
Car starts when cold, but will not start when warm. Turning glo plug on and off a few times seems to help start when warm. Diagnostic tool says issue with common rail sensor. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, was it a sensor issue?
Max Chippindale
- Australia - Sun 17th February 2013 12:50am (GMT)
  • Subject : Replacing Common Rail Sensor D270T
    Best advice.Buy a copy of the Workshop manual from www.AutoEPC4you.com. Its on cd. Has a full list of fault code numbers for diagnosis.There is a Fuel pressure sensor in the middle of the fuel rail. May be the problem.However i suggest get your ssangyong dealer to check the Cam Position Sensor, as more likely the problem.
    Adelaide, south australia, Australia - Wed 29th May 2013 04:33pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Replacing Common Rail Sensor D270T
    Try replacing the cam shaft sensor,as i had a simular problem and i found that when the engine was cold it started well but when the engine was at operating temperature and parked the engine would crank but not fire. After replacing the sensor the car not missed a beat.
    John Dummler
    Everton upper, Vic, Australia - Wed 10th July 2013 01:18pm (GMT)

Subject : Front end knock
I have a 2005 RX270, great car. For some time I've heard a knock on the front driver side wheel / suspension area especially when on or near full lock. More reliably does it reversing than going forward. My local RAC has gone right through it and confirms the noise is there but can't find it, nor can they find anything wrong. Has anybody else come across this ?????
Perth, WA, Australia - Fri 08th February 2013 06:17am (GMT)
  • Subject : Front end knock
    we had that noise. It sounded as if it was coming from the front assembly but traced it to the transmission. It hadn't been serviced for some time before we bought it. After a full trans service it fixed the prob.
    Peter Watson
    Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, NZ - Fri 08th February 2013 09:32am (GMT)

Subject : smokes when starting
i have a 1999 terrano 2.7- when you start for the first time each day smokes really badly for a few minutes then drives perfectly for the rest of the day.Next day same thing and so on
norwich, norfolk, UK - Sun 03rd February 2013 06:42pm (GMT)
  • Subject : smokes when starting
    OK, 1 what colour smoke, 2 for how long, 3 did this start overnight from one day to the next or 4 did the smoke gradually become worse? My chief suspect would be at least one stuffed glow plug. Has the length of time the glow plug light stays on at cold start up changed to a longer or shorter eriod of time?
    Once the engine gets up to temperature the cylinder will ignite properly so no smoke...any water consumption by the radiator? White smoke may mean water/antifreeze in the cylinder...

    NZ - Mon 04th February 2013 04:06am (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Terrano 1998
HELP i cannot find the post i put on last week and i have 2 replies.
sharon turner
paisley, renfrewshire, UK - Sun 03rd February 2013 11:58am (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Terrano 1998
    You didn't ask it in this particular part of this forum.....were both the answers "42"??
    If so, what was the question?

    UK - Mon 04th February 2013 04:08am (GMT)

Subject : Very Slow De-misting
Hi,I have a 2005 2.2DCI X-Trail.This winter has showed the demisting properties of this vehicle to be circa 1955. Are there are any improvements I can make to the system? Does anybody have any suggestions for improvements?
Downham Market, Norfolk, UK - Sun 27th January 2013 08:52pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Very Slow De-misting
    When was the last time you changed the filter in the air supply? Do you use the aircon at the same time you use the heater for demisting the windows? By so doing you cool the incoming air, the moisture in which condenses on the cooling core, which leaves cool dry air to go through the heating core, which then delivers hot, dry air to your demisters. So, the two problems are : volume of air (replace your filter) and the moisture content (use your aircon).
    UK - Sun 27th January 2013 09:48pm (GMT)

Subject : what colour antifreeze
terrano 2.7tdi 2002 hi all can anyone tell me what colour antifreeze to use as the woman in halfords said ' i fink you want the red one ' and would rather be safe than sorry
ipswich, suffolk, UK - Sun 20th January 2013 11:33am (GMT)
  • Subject : what colour antifreeze
    It really doesn't matter, put in the longest-lasting, best-priced one that is concentrate, not premixed. The most important thing is to thoroughly flush out all the old mixture plus the crap and rust before putting new into the system. Once you decide which brand you will use, stick with it and use it for top ups as well.

    UK - Sun 20th January 2013 08:21pm (GMT)

Subject : terrano
hi i have a 1999 2.7td terrano,when im doing about 50-60 mph it seems to miss/jerk,any help would be grate thanks
wrexham, UK - Sun 20th January 2013 01:44am (GMT)
  • Subject : terrano
    It is almost certainly a problem with the injection of fuel into the engine. When was the last time you replaced your fuel filter? what condition was it in when you examined it? full of black gunge/ if so, did you follow the fuel line round to the injector pump, undo the banjo fitting and check/clean the gauze filter under it?

    UK - Sun 20th January 2013 07:30am (GMT)

  • Subject : terrano
    Next thing is to check carefully every inch of the exterior of the large air feed tubes running from the filter through to to engine via the inter cooler. Any breaks in this (and the break may be at the bottom out of normal view) means a difference between what the air sensor outputs and what the injectors are told to put into the engine (like a lean condition in a petrol engine)
    - UK - Sun 20th January 2013 07:35am (GMT)

Subject : My Daewoo Espero 1997 model car will not start!
My Daewoo Espero 1997 model car ran out of petrol and since I refilled it will not start.The mechanic said that its key needs to be reseted then it will start. How true is this&what exactly is car resetting? Anyone who drives this model or have info please help me.Any Daewoo garages in Johannesburg in South Africa?
Help me by e-mailing me straight to my inbox at : klaasmokoena@gmail.com

Klaas Mokoena
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Thu 17th January 2013 09:36am (GMT)
Subject :
can anybody help?the injectors on my kyron 2006 needs to be replaced.we got all out except for the 4th one.we now took the head of but it still wont come out.we've been putting solutions in and kept pulling but its not moving.
johannesburg, south africa, south africa - Wed 16th January 2013 02:08pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Hi, we had the same problem on our Kyron. My husband drilled out the two injectors. No damage caused. If you need advice give him a call Edward 0845109633
    Germiston, South Africa , SA - Fri 25th January 2013 03:45pm (GMT)

Subject :
can anybody help?the injectors on my kyron 2006 needs to be replaced.we got all out except for the 4th one.we now took the head of but it still wont come out.we've been putting solutions in and kept pulling but its not moving.
johannesburg, south africa, south africa - Wed 16th January 2013 02:07pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Hi, we had the same problem on our Kyron. My husband drilled out the
    two injectors. No damage caused. If you need advice give him a call
    Edward 0845109633

    Germiston, SA , SA - Fri 25th January 2013 03:50pm (GMT)

Subject :
can anybody help?the injectors on my kyron 2006 needs to be replaced.we got all out except for the 4th one.we now took the head of but it still wont come out.we've been putting solutions in and kept pulling but its not moving.
johannesburg, south africa, south africa - Wed 16th January 2013 02:04pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    put spanner on injector turn it clock wise until it pulls out

    UK - Mon 18th August 2014 05:05am (GMT)

Subject : Oil deep stick
Hi..I have a Nissan Terrano Mistral 2.7 automatic UK reg 2001 imported from Japan – made in 1994, we bought it to work as a mobile clinic in Africa for our charity (www.riverafrica.org), I am due to ship it on the 16 of January, so I carried out all the basic checks (transmission fluid etc) but when a I removed the oil deep stick there was no oil on the stick, I added 1ltr and I could just about see remnants of oil at the bottom of the stick – I have never seen a deep stick like it before, I am wondering if the tip has broken off, I have tried googling for the manual or picture of the deep stick to no avail…the deep stick has three coils at the bottom of the stick and has no makings to indicate maximum and minimum oil levels..please help
daniel www.riverafrica.org

London, UK, UK - Sat 12th January 2013 02:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Oil deep stick
    The only way to be sure you have the right amount of oil in the sump is to drain it and then pour the correct amount back into the engine..and you may as well do this with nice clean oil anyway. The sump empty should take at least 5.5 litres, plus another .5 litre if you replace the oil filter at the same time. Then find out where the oil levels come to on your stick, and mark the stick with a file and maintain the oil level topped up to that point..
    If your dipstick is too short, try to find another one...who knows what a previous owner has bodged up,,perhaps when some service station forecourt attendant left the dipstick lying in the engine compartment instead of putting it back in the tube after a check? The important points to a dipstick are: that it indicates the correct level of oil, and that the top properly seals against the dipstick tube so no oil can sprays out, or dirty air be drawn in, which means you can adapt one from another vehicle. try a wrecker..they may be able to help, but some dipsticks/tubes are longer than others....

    Nz - Sun 13th January 2013 12:15am (GMT)

Subject : trottle switch
have done diagnostics on an isuzu 320 v6 4x4 2000 model. vehicle has uneven idle and take off has a miss. diagnostics say trottle switch. which one is it and how much is the trottle switch. can anyone help.
tongaat, south africa, durban - Sat 12th January 2013 06:14am (GMT)
  • Subject : trottle switch
    faulty trottle switch
    durban, sa, UK - Fri 01st February 2013 04:35am (GMT)

Subject : Front diff oil
After having owned a 1993 2.7 turbo wide body auto transmission terrano for 12 trouble free years of general motoring and towing both a 5 metre caravan and similar sized boat (not at same time) I sold the vehicle still performing like new and purchased a low kms 1996 diesel/turbo/intercooled/auto QD32 model for the extra power easpecially when towing. I have not been disappointed; it is a different beast but I still get a little nostalgic for my old Terrano. Enough talk; I had a faint rear diff whine in the QD32 and could hear chattering when cornering (it has a limited slip diff). I have drained and refilled the diff with LSD oil grade 85W 140 which is recommented on both CASTROL and NULON Oils home pages despite the local NISSAN dealer workshop advsing me to use 90 grade gear oil. The whine and Chatter has gone and I have towed the caravan aroundthe South Island trouble free. I would like to change the oil in the front diff. Can I use the same grade of oil as the rear diff and while I am at it can you confirm that the transfer box uses DEXRON 3? Thanks.
Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand - Thu 10th January 2013 10:15pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Front diff oil
    Yes you can..LSD oil is necessary in LSD rear axles, and will work in front axles. REPCO sell 4 litre packs of a light blue LSD oil that I use in both diffs, using a $10 Warehouse 4 litre sprayer with the spray tip removed. Quick injection of the oil, no mess, no fuss. Always make sure you can undo the filler bung BEFORE taking out the drain bung...and check that the vents work while you are under there...
    Dexron3 confirmed. Do not use Dex6. I have also put a magnefine in line filter in the circuit, plus an extra auto trans cooler and can tow without worries of overheating..yours may already be fitted with an extra cooler??
    PS the Nissan dealer must have wanted to replace your diff for you in the near future...at your cost, of course.

    NZ - Fri 11th January 2013 12:02pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Front diff oil
      Just to clarify, aTF Dexron3 in the transfer case. the other items mentioned magnefine and extra cooler are in the auto trans cooling circuit.
      nz - Sun 13th January 2013 03:23am (GMT)

Subject : Reving on cold start
Terrano II 2.4i petrol. Have a little problem when starting from cold, engine fires first time but then revs to about 1500rpm and gradually drops as it warms up until idle speed of about 750rpm, it just seems to rev more than it should do when cold, i suspect its a sensor some where thats telling the engine its too cold but not sure where, does anybody now the correct sequence/sensors for telling the engine what to do on cold start.
Regards Tim

Tim Brooksbank
- Spain - Thu 10th January 2013 07:20pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Reving on cold start
    Is your engine the KA24E? If so have a look on the net for references to this with particular note re the idle air control e.g.

    UK - Sat 12th January 2013 12:32am (GMT)

    • Subject : Reving on cold start
      Thanks Doug
      Its is the KA24E 1999 model. The link is very interesting and tells all, but not sure I could diagnose without the checker
      Regards Tim

      Spain - Sat 12th January 2013 09:01am (GMT)

      • Subject : Reving on cold start
        Find the IAC and disassemble and clean it making sure that all the passages and tubes leading to and from it are unblocked, and that any moving parts can move. This is the part that gunges up over time and with use....
        UK - Sat 12th January 2013 11:46am (GMT)

        • Subject : Reving on cold start
          Thanks Doug
          I have had a look and its on the throttle set up, will strip it down monday if weather is kind and see if its gunged up
          Regards Tim

          Spain - Sat 12th January 2013 03:47pm (GMT)

          • Subject : Reving on cold start
            How did you go after cleaning up the IAC?
            UK - Thu 31st January 2013 07:38am (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Mistral 4wd locking hubs
Hi there. i have a Nissan mistral and prior and during the time i have owned it, it has wrecked both 4wd locking clips in the hubs. I want to opt for manual locking hubs(200 on Trademe) from off a 95 terrano. are these a direct replacement? Cheers
Auckland, NZ - Thu 10th January 2013 06:24am (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Mistral 4wd locking hubs
    curious on this one as well
    hey you
    AK, N Z - Mon 11th March 2013 04:01am (GMT)

    • Subject : Nissan Mistral 4wd locking hubs
      The only way to be sure is with a spline count..the number of splines on the axle must match the number of slots in the new locking mechanism..and of course there are different spline counts on different models and years. Let's face it, if you can replace the factory locking mechanism by using Nissan parts and get another 15 years of life by lubricating them and exercising them properly..why spend extra on manual hubs (unless you are hard-core offroader..in which case why are you using a Terrano with it's limited aftermarket parts availability?)
      NZ - Tue 26th March 2013 11:12am (GMT)

  • Subject : Nissan Mistral 4wd locking hubs
    A) 27 Spline - for 1993 and earlier Nissan Terrano (Pathfinder), Navara (Datsun) & for the Nissan Mistrals (all years)

    B) 28 Spline - for 1994 onwards Nissan Terrano (Pathfinder), Navara (Datsun)

    - NZ - Sun 02nd June 2013 01:04am (GMT)

Subject : NissanTerranoTD27 Model 1997
The break lights are always on. How do I solve this problem? Thank you
Wreng Viray
Quezon City, Philippines - Wed 09th January 2013 05:01am (GMT)
  • Subject : NissanTerranoTD27 Model 1997
    There is a switch on the brake pedal inside the vehicle in the foot well up under the dash which activates the brake lights. Find the switch and replace or repair it.
    NZ - Wed 09th January 2013 08:28am (GMT)

    • Subject : NissanTerranoTD27 Model 1997
      wiiring diagram automatic transmition
      please give me for diagram and pinout tcu.thanks

      batam, riau, indonesia - Wed 09th January 2013 01:04pm (GMT)

Subject :
problem starting, heater plug light goes off, turns over starts but dies. red light on top of dash permenantly on. then starts but runs rough and red light stays on.
steve mapp
- UK - Tue 08th January 2013 06:42pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    what is the symbol illuminated by the red light?
    UK - Tue 08th January 2013 08:09pm (GMT)

    • Subject :
      i think its just the alarm light flashes when locked then off until the glow plug light goes off turn the key then light stays on nissan terrano 11 2002 2.7 tdi

      UK - Tue 08th January 2013 09:04pm (GMT)

  • Subject :
    Has the time taken for the glow plug light to extinguish from cold start,changed? If so perhaps one or more glow plugs are burnt out. The glow plugs reach correct operating temperature, then cycle on and off until the water temperature reaches 50C then switch off completely. This could account for the engine dying straight away after the start, then running rough. Does the engine run smoothly after 6 miles or so of running, when all the cylinders are at the normal running temperature?
    - UK - Wed 09th January 2013 01:47am (GMT)

    • Subject :
      no same time no change had keys checked they are all ok been in the garage now 3 days and no joy
      nats light always on

      UK - Sun 20th January 2013 09:02am (GMT)

  • Subject :
    still same no change at all on timing
    its the nats light thats stays on had keys checked all ok been in the garage for 3 days but they dont know if you trun the key on off quick some times it will start other times it wont and just flaten the battey help please :-(

    - UK - Sun 20th January 2013 09:16am (GMT)

  • Subject :
    and no folt codes when pluged in
    - UK - Sun 20th January 2013 12:02pm (GMT)

    • Subject :
      Nissan anti theft system is being activated, so it does what it is supposed to do and stops or tries to stop your engine from starting (and your vehicle from being stolen).
      It's a computer. What do you do when a computer screws up..reboot it. Take the positive lead off the battery and keep it off overnight. reconnect it in the morning. Reset the radio code. See if this helps.
      I hope you are going to a Nissan dealer garage for diagnosis?

      UK - Wed 23rd January 2013 03:45pm (GMT)

Subject : Terrano overheating
hi. terrano overheating while going uphill. i changed the head gaskit (no head crack), changed radiator, Changed the cap and remove thermostad for time being. the coolant boils and overflows the reserve tank.what could be the problem.
Ashrit Pratap
suva, Fiji - Thu 03rd January 2013 07:39pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Terrano overheating
    Taking out the thermostat doesn't help with a modern vehicle as the water the cannot be forced by the pump the circulate through the passages in the head and block, and will "short circuit" by the easiest and shortest way causing steam pockets and worse problems.
    the most likely problem is your radiator. take it out, ahve a radiator shop take off the top and bottom tanks and rod the radiator through the tubes.
    Then put the radiator back in, put in the correct Nissan thermostat (not some cheap knock off from the corner garage) and fill everything with good anti freeze/anti boil and you should be good to go.The only other remotely possible cause for ;poor or no circulation is the water pump impeller being loose on it's shaft, or broken fins on the rotor, but that is very unlikely and can be checked with the engine cold but full of water, take off one of the heater hoses at the thermostat, start the engine and see if the water squirts out of the hole under pressure..you will need the thermostat in for that...

    NZ - Thu 03rd January 2013 10:27pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Terrano overheating
    Oops, one other thing, check that the fan is working properly..it is a heat sensitive and should engage immediately the engine is started, remain on for a short time until it reaches a certain temperature, then 'idle' still rotating a little until it gets hot enough to "kick in" (when climbing hills/towing) and the roar is quite distinctive. If there is no change in the sound of the fan when it engages, then you will need to replace the fan clutch, or replace it and the water pump as one unit.
    - UK - Thu 03rd January 2013 10:33pm (GMT)

Subject : 4x4 problem
my REXTON II automatic 2,7 do not add front wheels on ice and works only in 2WD mode. What should be a problem and how can I determine it ?

Senica, Slovakia, SK - Tue 01st January 2013 07:08pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 4x4 problem
    i got same problem did you sort youers out if yes please let me know many how thanks
    thomas davies
    merthyr tydfil, wales, UK - Sat 19th January 2013 02:29pm (GMT)

    • Subject : 4x4 problem
      Hello Thomas, certified service didn't helped me with this problem. Very advanced mechanic recommended to replace clutch in differential gearbox. He tested car on a special axle tester and founded dissimilar front axle movement which depended on acceleration. If acceleration starts slowly, front axle is added, but in case of quick acceleration it is not added every time. I diagnose this before on icy roads on reverse movement to hill, but I didn't understood principles of Rexton gearbox. You could try it on wet surface and compare with different acceleration.
      Blava, SK - Sat 19th January 2013 09:51pm (GMT)

Subject : Ford Maverick (2003)
I am trying to find\buy an OBD error code scanner for my car. I have tried OBDII and EOBD scanner that cannot communicate with my car (DLC error). Can you please advise what type of scanner I can purchase to identify my Maverick errors and also to be able to reset the errors.

Stevenage, Herts, UK - Mon 31st December 2012 09:02pm (GMT)
Subject : Problem with accelerator
I have an isuzu tfs 54e3 2002 and my accelerator is not working and i have trouble to fix it and wondering what's causing this and how can i fix this. Thank you
Michel Labour
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland - Sun 30th December 2012 03:24pm (GMT)
Subject : Mitsubishi Shogun Warrior 2.5td
Hoping someone can help> I have recently bought a mitsubishi Warrior 2.5td, it is a 2006 model. While driving after using 4x4 it just died. I coasted to the side of the road. The engine management light is on. The car starts and then splutters and idles very low, when accelerator is pressed it smokes but does not rev. I have it at a Mitsubishi dealer here in South Africa but they claim they cannot diagnose the problem because it is an imported car and they do not have the right engine on their computer. I have two questions 1) can mitsubishi not get the codes for this from you in the UK? and 2) what could the problem possibly be?
JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, South Africa - Sun 30th December 2012 03:07pm (GMT)
Subject : Heater cuts out Intermitently Navara
I have a 2004 Nissan Navara. Sometimes the heater works fine, other times it switches on ok, but then cuts out, sometimes within minutes other times it may be after 20 mins. There is no pattern to it, just randomly stopping working. Any ideas?
Northants, Northamptonshire, UK - Sat 29th December 2012 09:41pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Heater cuts out Intermitently Navara
    Are we talking about the fan motor cutting out, or is it the actual heat coming out of the heater?
    If the fan motor is cutting out, does this happen at all fan speeds, or just one in particular?
    If all fan speeds are affected, then the fan motor itself may have worn brushes or a bad ground from the motor to the chassis.
    If1,2,3 speeds are affected, but 4 still works, then we are looking at a problem with the resistor on the fan housing, either corroded contacts or heating up and losing contact internally.
    If the level of heat is the problem, then the regulation of the heat has a problem which IIRC that is an all electronic unit which may require replacement, possibly second hand would be the most economical?

    UK - Sun 30th December 2012 10:52pm (GMT)

Subject : torsion bar
i have a mk2 terano and snapped a torsion bar front drivers side.
we replaced it and screwed it up to the same height of the other side. it was fine for approx 2 hrs and then car dropped back down torsion bar still intacked.
we obviously have done something wrong. can anyone help to sort this

- cumbria, UK - Sat 29th December 2012 08:14pm (GMT)
  • Subject : torsion bar
    I presume you are using a second hand bar, so this may already be "sagging".
    Logically, if the bar is still intact, then the fixings (splines) at either end must have slipped, or the tension initially set on the bar on installation was too low.
    Take the bar out again, check for any sign of spline damage from a "slip".
    If the drop occurred instantaneously, the splines must have slipped.

    If it happened over a period of time, then perhaps the tension needs to be increased, i.e. a couple of splines more tension initially, then slip it into the splines, then reset the adjuster to the correct ride height or even slightly more and see if it "sags" to the right height under load and time pressures.
    If it slowly sags again, try another couple of splines more tension etc etc.

    NZ - Sun 30th December 2012 11:05pm (GMT)

  • Subject : torsion bar
    Caution: Torsion bars are directional left and right. Failure to instal the correct bar in the correct side WILL result in torsion bar failure.

    see this article:

    - NZ - Sun 30th December 2012 11:14pm (GMT)

Subject : angel Gear
hi There can any One Help i Have a Ssangyoug 2005 musso sports ute 2.9D as you drive along and get above 3000rpm then back off it goes into to like an angel gear till you slow the car to a stop then take off again its right for a 1km or 2 then does it again can any one HELP
Robe, South Australia, Australia - Thu 27th December 2012 11:58am (GMT)
Subject : L200 Oil leak.......
Is there anybody out there that can help me solve my Oil leaking problem, I changed the sump gasket only to hav to do it all again as just didn't get it quite right 1st time around because couldn't remove the sump to clean it all up properly so had to take it all apart + clean it all up + fit another sump gasket on it, Hav done all of this properly, bolts tightened etc but still seems to b leaking from somewhere but can not see where from as the engine is covered in oil, I woz wonderin if any1 else has had the same problem after changing the sump gasket + did you eventually find out wot it woz?? Could it b the oil pressure switch??
Joe Millichamp
Newport, Monmouthshire, UK - Wed 26th December 2012 04:05pm (GMT)
  • Subject : L200 Oil leak.......
    did you change hose from alternator to sump gets hard and leaks. original had no sump gasket was sealed with grey silicone can try that. check oil pressure unit and finally check crank shaft seal
    fareed khan
    waterloo, carapichaima, Trinidad and Tobago - Thu 23rd May 2013 12:33am (GMT)

Subject : throttle position sensor
I have a Ssangyong Korando, 2.3 petrol, year 1997 and want to know where the throttle position sensor is located as I have looked all around the throttle body and cannot see it exposed anywhere. I am a notice to engines so photographs would be appreciaed
Buckhurst Hill, Essex, UK - Sun 23rd December 2012 10:48pm (GMT)
Subject : water
water in drivers side footwell,door seals seam okay,not loosing coolant,air con not leaking,,,any suggestions
BRISTOL, Bristol, UK - Sun 23rd December 2012 07:18pm (GMT)
Subject : CV Joints
What are the number of inner and outer splines for outer CV joint for Nissan Terrano 4X4
Charles Ziupfu
Gweru, Zimbabwe, UK - Mon 17th December 2012 02:06pm (GMT)
  • Subject : CV Joints
    The spline count varies depending on model and year.
    Australia - Tue 18th December 2012 08:33am (GMT)

  • Subject : CV Joints
    A) 27 Spline - for 1993 and earlier Nissan Terrano (Pathfinder), Navara (Datsun) & for the Nissan Mistrals (all years)

    B) 28 Spline - for 1994 onwards Nissan Terrano (Pathfinder), Navara (Datsun)

    - NZ - Sun 02nd June 2013 01:09am (GMT)

Subject : Terra no
Hi I have a 1998 Terrano when it is standing with the engine running I hear a noise like a ratchet any idea what it could be its petrol/LPG thanks
Newcastle, UK - Mon 10th December 2012 09:08am (GMT)
  • Subject : Terra no
    My crystal ball is cracked, and I cannot hear the noise at this distance. Could you tell me if the noise increases in volume or frequency in relation to the revs of the engine? Does it "ratchet" when in gear (is it an auto) with the clutch out or the clutch in (if manual)? Does the noise change when you turn on the headlights and the fan on high (alternator) or the air conditioning? Have you checked the wear or tightness of the fan belts? Is the engine fan hitting something? Is something hitting the fan? Is the ratcheting coming from the front of the engine or the back? Please take the time to open the bonnet and listen carefully.
    NZ - Tue 11th December 2012 04:10am (GMT)

  • Subject : Terra no
    Hi will get back to you at the weekend as I work nights through the week so don't have time to check it out but the noise only seems to happen when I am parked up at work with the engine running to keep myself warm on breaks
    Newcastle, UK - Tue 11th December 2012 07:23am (GMT)

    • Subject : Terra no
      Try switching the heater/ air con fan speed and see if the ratcheting occurs at different speeds. Could be something as simple as leaves in the fan housing....
      NZ - Tue 11th December 2012 09:33pm (GMT)

Subject : gear selection
hi i have a nissan terrano o3 plate with full history [only had it 6months] and 1st gear seem to be a bit of a struggle whilst engine is running but no problem to find when engine isnt running any ideas would be of great help -billy
billy hayes
sunderland, UK - Sun 09th December 2012 04:05pm (GMT)
  • Subject : gear selection
    Sounds like clutch drag to me..the clutch is not disengaging completely and needs adjustment, probably the hydraulic line needs bleeding, and if the slave cylinder is weeping, that needs replacement or sleeving in stainless steel to stop corrosion and the wear of the seals.
    UK - Mon 10th December 2012 12:53am (GMT)

    • Subject : gear selection
      thankyou for your help -billy
      billy hayes
      sunderland, UK - Mon 10th December 2012 08:00am (GMT)

Subject : 95 nissan mistral
I am unable to move the gear stick from park and now there's a loud shrilling noise when I turned the key on.
Patricia Reweti
Kawerau, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand - Sun 09th December 2012 06:45am (GMT)
  • Subject : 95 nissan mistral
    What state is the battery in? Do you have your foot on the brake and the ignition key on when you attempt to move the selector from park? The brake circuit activates a relay that allows the selector to move; no foot on brake with key"on" means the selector can't be moved.
    When you say there is a loud shrilling, is that immediately when you turn the ignition to "on" or is it when you turn the key further to try to start? Does the starter motor trying to engage the ring gear make this shrilling, and the engine refuses to turn over?
    I suspect a weak battery and/or dirty grounds on the earth straps to the engine and chassis.

    NZ - Sun 09th December 2012 12:13pm (GMT)

Subject : key fob/alarm
2002 nissan terrano 2.7tdi sport
hi guys my key fob was playing up a few weeks ago( working now and again )so sent it off for repair, when it came back all was well as it had a new battery and new casing and worked perfectly...until now, now it hardly works at all so am assuming its something else other than the key, also if i lock it with the key all is fine until you unlock it then the alarm goes off and i stand there like a mad man trying to use the fob to turn it off... has any one or everyone come across this problem...cheers in advance

ipswich, suffolk, UK - Fri 07th December 2012 08:14pm (GMT)
  • Subject : key fob/alarm
    Simple things first..I know you believe there is a new battery in the fob, but just for laughs buy a new one and put it in and see if it works well again. Batteries can go bad very quickly,or it could have been old stock that sat on the shelf a long time before being put into your nice new case.
    UK - Sat 08th December 2012 04:03am (GMT)

    • Subject : key fob/alarm
      hi thanks for your reply but im pretty sure its not the battery as i replaced it a few weeks before i sent it off for repair, i thought the same thing as you... try the battery first... the repair company puts a new battery in as part of there service so its had two new batterys within a month...any ideas ?????
      ipswich, suffolk, UK - Sun 09th December 2012 09:25am (GMT)

      • Subject : key fob/alarm
        The cheapest,easiest part to replace is the battery. Perhaps the key fob activates when it is in your pocket, draining the battery very quickly. If YOU put a new battery in now, you will be able to check the results straight away. As I said, you knew you had put a new battery in before it went away. The company SAID they replaced the battery, but do you know for sure that the replacement battery was 100%?
        Just do it.....then you can eliminate that niggle

        UK - Sun 09th December 2012 12:06pm (GMT)

        • Subject : key fob/alarm
          hi doug yes will try a new battery today as my keys are always in my pocket at work and its quite possible that ive flattened the battery...i'll keep you posted...thanks for your help doug

          ipswich, suffolk, UK - Mon 10th December 2012 08:50am (GMT)

          • Subject : key fob/alarm
            hi doug
            looks like you hit the nail on the head mate, ive kept my keys out of my pocket whilst at work and no problems so far

            UK - Fri 04th January 2013 10:39pm (GMT)

Subject : The Ssangyong Korando review
Hey, MotorTorque again.

I write for the MotorTorque site and they have recently finished the Ssangyong Korando review that was mentioned last - so if anyone wants to watch it here it is.


Any feedback would be massively appreciated. Plus any thoughts on the car itself be great - Would you buy one? If not, why?

Richard Bush
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK - Wed 05th December 2012 01:44pm (GMT)
Subject : daewoo musso 2.9td
I had a ssangyong musso for years with no problems, I decided to get a daewoo musso last year and recently it wouldn't start without getting jumped then the alternator packed in with the belt also snapping. I bought a new alternator and belt set it up properly and the car was fine until I took it for an mot and on the way home the dashboard lit up like a christmas tree and it wouldn't kick up the gears (it's an automatic). Now it won't start without being jumped again but the only thing different was the mot tester put the handbrake on and we don't use the handbrake. Has anyone got any ideas why it won't start and why the lights are on the dash. (the lights are airbag, alternator, ebc, abs) Is there anyone that can help or give me some suggestions to try? Many thanks Gordon
gordon coxon
newcastle upon tyne, tyne and wear, UK - Tue 04th December 2012 02:20pm (GMT)
Subject : We did a review....
I write for an automotive site and we recently did a video review of the Korando, I don't know if anyone would like a look - we did like a 'taster' test to see if anyone could tell the difference between the likes of the Ssangyong and a BMW. We did it with stuff like crisps and chocolate as well...don't really know why.

Anyway, just let me know if you want to see it and I will post the link!


Richard Bush
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK - Tue 04th December 2012 09:52am (GMT)
Subject : Heater Blows Hot & Cold
My 1996 P Reg Nissan Mistral (Terrano II)steams up badly in cold weather and heater fails to de-mist the whole car.
Also, even on full heat, cold air is blown down into the passenger foot well whilst centre console floor blowers blow out warm air?
I swapped the heater control unit but still blows freezing air on passenger side.
Is this a heater matrix problem, please help. Thanks.

Leeds, Yorkshire, UK - Sun 02nd December 2012 01:19am (GMT)
  • Subject : Heater Blows Hot & Cold
    When you use the air con at the same time as the heater on full, with the air controls set to demist, what effect does that have on the demisting process in your case?
    Theoretically, the incoming cold air is cooled, the moisture drops out and condenses on the freezing cold air con matrix, and the dry cold air then goes over the heater matrix, providing hot dry air which will demist the car properly.
    Can you confirm this happens?
    Also, has your vehicle got a pollen filter in the air conduit in behind the glove box? This can also trap leaves etc which can block the air supply? If no pollen filter, then leaves can go through and jam the various flaps and levers controlling the distribution of air.

    UK - Sun 02nd December 2012 12:39pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Heater Blows Hot & Cold
      Thanks for your reply.
      I noticed yesterday that some of the foam packing between a joint on a component on the passenger side next to the fan had perished and dropped out, blowing cold air straight out.
      I sealed this with a bead of silicone sealant and this has increased the flow through the system.
      Just monitoring how it demists over next couple of days and I will report back

      Leeds, Yorkshire, UK - Mon 03rd December 2012 05:36pm (GMT)

Subject : fuel pump seal
any body know of a good garage or mobile machanic to do my fuel pump seal replacement in gateshead area
p smith
gateshead, tyne & wear, UK - Wed 14th November 2012 05:25pm (GMT)
Subject : Fuel Injectors for '93 Bighorn 3.1TD
I've been trying to find some fuel injectors for my old truck - can anyone help? It's a Japanese import, great workhorse, but the parts are a devil to get hold of! I'd prefer used, but failing that new ones will do, as long as they are cheap! Any help gratefully received.
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK - Thu 08th November 2012 04:11pm (GMT)
Subject : Terrano 4wd light on dash
hi. i have nissan terrano II 1996, diesel automatic td27 engine. recently i have 4wd light on when driving at 2wd. it also idles low at 600rpm. any suggestions please.....
Ashrit Pratap
suva, Fiji - Mon 05th November 2012 01:25am (GMT)
  • Subject : Terrano 4wd light on dash
    Does your terrano have the lever for 2H,4H and 4L; or does it have the switch on the dash which includes "auto" setting?
    Low idle could be a couple of things; has this occurred suddenly and recently, or over time?
    have you changed the fuel filter and cleaned the gauze at the banjo bolt fitting at the entry to the injection pump?

    NZ - Mon 05th November 2012 09:09pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Terrano 4wd light on dash
      teranno has lever for 4h and 4l and switch for 2wd, auto and lock. Low idle recently. the car is serviced in every 5k and the pump is serviced 2 months ago.
      Ashrit Pratap
      suva, Fiji - Mon 05th November 2012 10:07pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Terrano 4wd light on dash
        let me guess that this low idle only started after the pump was serviced, so go back to the service person and ask him to adjust the idle now the pump has settled down.
        as for the light on the dash, what positions are the lever and switch in when the light comes on?

        NZ - Tue 06th November 2012 07:54am (GMT)

        • Subject : Terrano 4wd light on dash
          i will get the service guys to adjust the idle. the dash light its on 4H and 4wd light is on full time even if switch is on 2wd, Auto and 4wd. the 4 green light is not on. the switch works but just the light is not responding. i cant move the lever to 4L.
          Ashrit Pratap
          Suva, Fiji - Tue 06th November 2012 07:06pm (GMT)

          • Subject : Terrano 4wd light on dash
            See Ray's Q and A below re stuck selector lever. Possible your lever is also rusted solid????
            NZ - Sat 10th November 2012 01:38am (GMT)

            • Subject : Terrano 4wd light on dash
              Hi John. i manage to solve the problem.I changed the Transfer case oil and clean the selector lever. i think the selector lever was stuck due to old oil. everything is fine now. thanks for your help.
              Ashrit Pratap
              Suva, Fiji - Sun 11th November 2012 07:19pm (GMT)

Subject : switch
Hi, Another question on the dash board there is a switch just to the left side of the steering wheel it shows an x thro it any ideas what this is for? Regards, Ray
Ray Price
Blyth, Northumberland, UK - Thu 01st November 2012 11:23am (GMT)
  • Subject : switch
    May be to lock the power windows,although it is on the right side on mine?
    auckland, new zealand - Thu 01st November 2012 07:06pm (GMT)

    • Subject : switch
      Cheers Tom for answering my enquiry, Been outside and checked its not for the windows that power switch is down beside my handbrake, again thanks, Kind Regards, Ray
      Ray Price
      Blyth, U.K., UK - Thu 01st November 2012 07:55pm (GMT)

  • Subject : switch
    If I remember correctly, this switch turns off the internal sensors for the alarm so you can leave a dog in the car????
    - NZ - Sat 03rd November 2012 07:14am (GMT)

    • Subject : switch
      Cheers for that John will let you know later on when i get the chance to go outside and try it. Regards, Ray
      Ray Price
      Blyth, Northumberland, UK - Sat 03rd November 2012 07:34am (GMT)

    • Subject : switch
      Hi John, Been out side and checked, yes I'm almost certain that is what it is thanks very much for your help, just need to find out how to get the little gear lever into low ratio now when i press it down it just wont move any further back tried all sorts, Thanks again. Regards, Ray
      Ray Price
      Blyth, Northumberland, UK - Sat 03rd November 2012 11:49am (GMT)

      • Subject : switch
        try it while you are coasting very slowly in neutral on the main gearbox; the slight motion may relieve any pressure on the gears and allow easier engagement. If the vehicle is new to you, you probably don't know how often the previous owner engaged 4wd low (possibly never) so the mechanism may be rusted solid. the transfer case may need new fluid etc etc. read this site and you may get some more clues.
        NZ - Sat 03rd November 2012 07:22pm (GMT)

        • Subject : switch
          Cheers for that John, I will give it a try 1st thing in the morning when i go fishing FINGERS CROSSED, thanks again. Ray
          Ray Price
          blyth, northumberland, UK - Sat 03rd November 2012 08:16pm (GMT)

        • Subject : switch
          Hi John, Tried that a few times today but still it wont go into neutral or low ratio, probably next thing is to get it on a ramp and have a look and maybe have the tranfer box out, more money, thanks again for your help and if you do come up with any more idea's let me know. Regards, Ray.
          Ray Price
          Blyth, Northumberland, UK - Sun 04th November 2012 05:52pm (GMT)

        • Subject : switch
          Hi John, Was already to go and buy a second hand box becuase i was starting to think after you said that it may be rusted solid, anyhow i let a mechanic look at it you were right it was rusted tight and as you said probably with the lack of use, He had the car away for 2 hours and brought it back and everything working fine, without your help i just might have gone and spent a small fortune but at the end of the day he only charged me £20, I know this is a bit early but have a very happy Xmas and New Year, and thanks again, Regards, Ray.
          Ray Price
          Blyth, Northumberland, UK - Fri 09th November 2012 09:27am (GMT)

          • Subject : switch
            It was a pleasure to be of service. Here in NZ we don't have the severe winters which require salt on the roads which kills all things mechanical.
            Just find a small gravel or mud lane somewhere nearby and use that selector once a month at least and drive in 4wd to keep everything working as it should.
            Same with the air conditioning, at least once a month, summer or winter to keep the system functioning properly.
            Enjoy the Silly Season which is fast approaching!

            Nz - Sat 10th November 2012 01:34am (GMT)

Subject : transfer box
Hi, I am a newbie on this forum and after some advice. I have a Nissan Terrano 2.7 diesel year 1997, the problem i have is with the transfer box its working 2high 4high but wont go into the neutral postion and i cant engage low ratio, has anybody came across this problem before? and what is the best thing to do to try and fix it. all reply's will be greatly helpful to try and sort this problem out. Regards. Ray
Ray Price
Blyth, Northumberland, UK - Thu 01st November 2012 10:14am (GMT)
  • Subject : transfer box
    If your terrano is an auto make sure its in park or neutral before moving to low range . You also have to push the transfer lever down and back as you shift from high 4 to low 4 .
    nz - Fri 02nd November 2012 10:13am (GMT)

    • Subject : transfer box
      Hi Steve, The gearbox is a manuel shift and i have tried about everything to get it into low ratio, the transfer box gearstick pushes down but wont go back to engage low ratio, Thanks for your email. Kind Regards, Ray
      Ray Price
      Blyth, Northumberland, UK - Fri 02nd November 2012 11:44am (GMT)

Subject : terrano immobiliser fault
left my window down then the rain came down and soaked ignition area now it wont start any ideas wether it may be the ring around the key or would it wreck the ecu.
any help would be welcome before i start spending on the wrong things.

john hamilton
Ashington, northumberland, UK - Mon 22nd October 2012 06:12pm (GMT)
  • Subject : terrano immobiliser fault
    Did you leave your keys in the ignition as well? Spray the keyhole with a good water repellent like wd40 or crc5.56 or 6.66 to drive out moisture. With the key in the ignition and turned to "on", can you raise and lower the windows etc which shows that the immobiliser could well be the problem?
    UK - Mon 22nd October 2012 11:49pm (GMT)

Subject : glow plugs
I'm trying to change the glow plugs but my 10mm socket does no fit on the plug does it require a special socket and were can I get one from.
Skegness, Lincolnshire, UK - Mon 22nd October 2012 04:23pm (GMT)
  • Subject : glow plugs
    Try getting the outer diameter of a long reach 10mm machined down on a lathe.I did it and socket then fitted on glow plugs. Make sure you use penetrating oil(left on for a few days) and use continuous loosening and fastening motion when removing plugs(this will allow penetrating oil to work)
    Barry Ferreira
    Johannesburg, South Africa - Sat 01st March 2014 06:48am (GMT)

    • Subject : glow plugs
      If you can't get the socket machined down, use BOX SPANNER.
      Pieter Wiid
      Benoni, Gauteng, South-Africa - Mon 12th May 2014 07:33am (GMT)

Subject : noise in gear box area
I have a 1998 nissan terrano diesel turbo, when I'm driving I hear a noise from underneath like a spring uncoiling and then a loud bang. I have just replaced the starter motor and rubbers on sway bar on left front wheel.
geelong, victoria, australia - Sun 21st October 2012 06:32am (GMT)
  • Subject : noise in gear box area
    When did this noise occur, before or after you replaced the starter motor and the sway bar bushes? Why did you replace only the ones on the left side? What speed does this occur, after bumps, during acceleration, when lifting off the accelerator, under braking???
    NZ - Mon 22nd October 2012 03:51pm (GMT)

    • Subject : noise in gear box area
      i replaced the starter motor in july, just done the bushes on friday,only done left side for now as it was making bad wizzing noise and had been doing it for awhile just needed to have someone to help me do them.. The new noise started on thursday of last week, i just took it to a mechanic and they have removed the spring from the right side hub as they said it was broken and that is what was causing the noise. i can no longer use 4wd but im happy as long as i can still use the car. the noise was happening as i was driving down the road.
      geelong, victoria, australia - Tue 23rd October 2012 03:54am (GMT)

      • Subject : noise in gear box area
        So it was the auto locking hub spring which gave up the ghost? you should be able to get that part from Nissan. If you very rarely use 4wd, just replace the spring and you should be good to go for another 14 years. Otherwise you may have to shell out for manual locking hubs, they rarely break, but they can be expensive to buy. good luck.
        NZ - Tue 23rd October 2012 06:44am (GMT)

Subject : BALL JOINT

ROSE HILL, MAURITIUS - Sun 21st October 2012 04:17am (GMT)
  • Subject : BALL JOINT
    If you bought this part through a retailer, go back with it and exchange it for the correct one. It does not matter what the part number is, you need one which is the correct length, so use the original and have it matched, then get a full wheel alignment done.
    NZ - Mon 22nd October 2012 03:54pm (GMT)

Subject : 2008 kyron automatic shuddering
I have a 2008 kyron 2.0 automatic.
My problem started with a massive shuddering at low revs and just befor gear changes. Somewhere round 60 km/h and 120 km/h. I have has the Side shafts checked and the prop shaft/ drive train rebalanced and changed the main gear box mount. It has helped the problem but I still have a shuddering at low revs. Any sugestions.

Nic Apostoli
Johannesburg, South africa - Tue 09th October 2012 05:27pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 2008 kyron automatic shuddering
    if you have the tiptronic there was an identified issue with the transmission oil
    this is a flush and replace job ( right oil) mine took about 1,000 km to settle down and has been fine for 30,000km.
    A bit of a workout off road did wonders for mine afterwards.

    AU - Sat 24th November 2012 09:17am (GMT)

Subject : Sangyong Kyron Gearbox light

the gearbox lights stays on - had sensors checked and one replaces. problems returned

has mercs triptron gearbox

Aberdeenshire, UK, UK - Mon 08th October 2012 11:41pm (GMT)
Subject : ABS light
I have a ford ranger (mazda)the ABS light is on , had a new wheel sensor fitted ,does the ABS light need reseting , if so how , thanks for any help

Maidstone, kent, UK - Mon 08th October 2012 04:58pm (GMT)
Subject : engine shut off
Hi my 1998 nissan terrano diesel engine is not shuting off with the key can some one tell me how to locate the relay that control the shut off valve
lynford Byron
na, na, st vincent - Sat 06th October 2012 01:29pm (GMT)
  • Subject : engine shut off
    UK - Mon 22nd October 2012 03:59pm (GMT)

Subject : Fronterra RHS ABS Sensor & Reluctor ring removal

Can anyone advise on how to check the RHS ABS sensor and remove it if necessary. Also how to access and remove the Reluctor ring. Thanks in anticipation.

Retired Smiler
Reading, UK - Thu 04th October 2012 12:10am (GMT)
Subject : 2003 GDI Pajero
Hi all. Have a 2003 GDI Pajero. Have a few problems.
1.C/D lock light flashes orange when at high speeds.
2. Engine light flicks off and on.
3. Really sluggish of the mark, almost stalls, low revs, almost like engine is starving for fuel.
Has been serviced, cambelt changed.
Has been on Dyno turner, Fuel pump fault, getting filters changed in petrol tank and under the manifold. So hopefully this will fix 1 fault. Anyone out there having similar problems.

Christchurch, New Zealand - Wed 03rd October 2012 04:56am (GMT)
Subject : 2.8 Isuzu pump
I urgently need an injection pump for a 1990 2.8 turbo diesel Trooper.
Please help.

bedford, bedfordshire, UK - Thu 27th September 2012 06:48pm (GMT)
Subject : Lymp mode Mitsubishi
I have a 2009 Mitsubishi Shogun that has been in 2 Mitsubishi garages since June. I tow a caravan and in June on our way on holiday the center diff started to flash and the car went into limp mode and continues to do this when towing. I have been told it could be the tyres and thoughts deeply appreciated.
worcester, UK - Wed 26th September 2012 08:46pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Lymp mode Mitsubishi
    Hi, we have the same problem on our 2009 shogun, did you have any joy sorting it out? Thanks
    Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK - Wed 21st November 2012 06:05pm (GMT)

Subject : Door card
Hi.There is no power to the central locking on the N.S.F.Is there anyway to remove the door card while the door is shut without doing to much damage.The maverick is 2002 model.Thanks.
Graham Coates
Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK - Mon 10th September 2012 10:01am (GMT)
Subject : Hello
Just a quick thread to say hello to everyone on here, have a good day!
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK - Mon 03rd September 2012 09:12am (GMT)
Subject : 1993 toyota 4runner
Somebody please help me understand this. A friend recently brought me his 1993 Toyota 4 runner with a V 6
Supposedly it had quit running do to fuel pump failure. While texting I discovered that it will run with the fuel pump disconnected. I e unplugged electrical connection for texting

Tom Hunter
wildomar, calif, usa - Wed 29th August 2012 08:53am (GMT)
Barrie Gilbert
TADWORTH, SURREY, UK - Thu 23rd August 2012 09:06pm (GMT)
Subject : alloy wheels
what is the correct size of my 2002 ford maverick 2liter XLT alloy wheels
brian hornsby
stoke on trent, staffs, UK - Sun 19th August 2012 06:55pm (GMT)
  • Subject : alloy wheels
    Depends what you are wanting to use your 4x4 for really
    Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK - Mon 03rd September 2012 11:26am (GMT)

Subject : ford maverick 2001
i have a 2001 ford maverick and i cannot get the nearside rear door to open the child lock is off but just will not open from the inside or outside any clues ??
Richard Wood
friskney, lincs, UK - Sat 18th August 2012 07:44am (GMT)
  • Subject : ford maverick 2001
    I have a 2002 (2.0lt XLT) exactly the same problem. My daughter did get it to work for a short time but then it would not lock. Currently it is locked again.
    Did you mange to solve it and I wonder whether or not it is a design fault?

    hull, UK - Sun 24th March 2013 06:21am (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Mistral 94 2.7 Turbo Diesel
Alternator Troubles. Managed to get alternator off, now trying figure out how to pull apart so I can change brushes. Any suggestions welcome
James Roberts
Auckland, NZ - Fri 17th August 2012 05:17am (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Mistral 94 2.7 Turbo Diesel
    i left that to my local alternator overhauler. $280 for new bearings and a NZ made diode pack..and that was 5 years ago with no subsequent problems.
    otherwise a trip to the local library usually comes up with manuals..or check the internet for the you tube tutorials.
    Ps unless you haven't been changing the engine oil and filter regularly, there should be no need to overhaul the vacuum pump..

    christchurch - Tue 18th September 2012 07:20pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Nissan Mistral 94 2.7 Turbo Diesel
    Would appreciate assisting me in obtaining timing diagram.

    Terry Maraki
    Honiara, Solomon Islands - Mon 07th January 2013 10:06am (GMT)

Subject : dashboard warning lamp
meaning of deashboard wartning lights
cape town, western cape, south africa - Fri 03rd August 2012 12:45pm (GMT)
Subject : Vacuum pump
is there a method of checking state/ condition of the vacuum pump on the back of the altenator , and does anyone know roughly what the vacuum should be
hey you
AK, NZ - Fri 20th July 2012 10:39pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Vacuum pump
    Take the rubber vacuum hose off the connection to the diaphragm of the brake booster, start the engine and place your finger over the end of the hose and see how much vacuum there is being created. The vacuum should be noticeable and increase as the revs rise.
    I presume that your brakes are becoming ineffective?
    It may not be the problem with the production of vacuum, but the retention of it in the booster...that could be leaking.
    are you losing brake fluid as well? Check for brake fluid in the end of the hose you take off the booster.
    Any brake fluid there indicates a problem in the booster.

    nZ - Sat 21st July 2012 04:13am (GMT)

Subject : suzuki ignis
fitted a new catalytic converter to 53 plate suzuki ignis 1.3 doesnot run right, any ideas
Ilkeston, derbys, UK - Fri 13th July 2012 01:23pm (GMT)
Subject : starting problems
hey my dad and i have a hilux surf 1993 turbo diesel we just put a recondition head in it new gaskets head bolts every thing is all sweet but when we try start it the car wont start the first time unless we use aerostart. then when its warm it starts fine...
noosa, QLD, Australia - Sun 08th July 2012 03:27am (GMT)
Subject : turbo
how can i check to to see if turbo is working seems to be lacking power when hot p reg 2.7 tdi 2bx
cumbria, UK - Wed 04th July 2012 08:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject : turbo
    Check the integrity of the hoses leading from the turbo to the intercooler, and from there to the intake manifold. Check that the clamps on the hoses are tight. the only way to check if the turbo is working is to use a pressure guage temporarily t-eed into the system.
    UK - Thu 05th July 2012 04:55am (GMT)

Subject : Automatic Transmission Issue
hi. I 'm from Qatar. I have a Ssangyong Rexton 2003, Rx320 automatic- model 4x4 clocked 72K kilometers. Recently I have found an issue with the gear shift.

Starting from the 'P' to 'R' when the knob reaches R - the vehicle starts to vibrate. Then 'N' no issue. Then to the 'D' there is a small jerk, i think the gear system is engaging. When start moving with the 'D'rive mode, the vehicle starts moving but the gears are not loading as i believe from my experience. At some certain point, the vehicle comes to a stop on the D mode, and only the rpm increases. Then slowly the vehicle starts to move and suddenly a pull to go. It happen often but, when the vehicle comes to a stop on 'D' and rpm goes high, if the gear nob changes to N and again back to D makes the machine move. And once it got the momentum, it will move faster. Why this is happeing?? Any serious issues??

Doha, Qatar, Qatar - Wed 04th July 2012 05:59pm (GMT)
Subject : gear box extremely hot
I have a 97 lwb frontera and the gearbox has started getting extreamly hot the rear seal had blown which I replaced and topped up gear box and transfer box with spec oil but it hasnt stopped the gear box from heating.. there is no noise or problems selecting gear the exhaust is secure just ondering if I'm missing a heat shield or its the start of a major gearbox problem its heating on both sides of center console to the extent its burning my leg whilst driving any ideas!!!
hereford, UK - Wed 04th July 2012 05:03pm (GMT)
  • Subject : gear box extremely hot
    if you find out could you let me know i have the same prob...only thing i had done was the clutch...now it over heats from the box hot leg as well
    burton, staffs, UK - Fri 11th July 2014 05:01pm (GMT)

Subject : 2000 pajero exceed rear half shaft axel nut size
replacing my rear hub bearing assembly but am unsuer what the rear half shaft axel nut size is.tried a 34 was too small used a micrometer and it shows 36mm is this right before i order a socket to suit
a cooper
port pirie, sth australia, australia - Mon 02nd July 2012 03:27am (GMT)
Subject : NEW CAR
Today i am going to look at a Nissan Terrano Y reg 2.7 td sport
could anyome tell me what to look out for when looking at the car


chester, cheshire, UK - Fri 29th June 2012 06:26am (GMT)
  • Subject : NEW CAR
    You've left your research a bit late. if you know nothing about these vehicles, get a mechanic you trust to look over the vehicle. He may be able to spot obvious serious problems quickly, or otherwise advise problems that can be brought to the seller's attention to bargain down the price.
    Remember the old adage, "Buying second hand is buying someone else's problems"
    That being said most of these vehicles are reliable if they are maintained properly; try and ascertain the owner's attitude to maintenance as it is a good indicator as to how the vehicle has been treated. Look at the stickers re oil and filter changes, cleanliness under bonnet, oil on the dipstick, water in the reservoirs etc.
    If buying from a dealer believe nothing, and be wary of "as far as I know" answers...
    Good luck

    UK - Fri 29th June 2012 07:34pm (GMT)

Subject : check trans/check engine
i have unplugged the speedo at gearbox and lost overdrive. check trans and check engine warning lights flash on dashbooard.any way to get overdrive back without engaging tacho? i'd be most gratefull and happy to pay for sucessful outcome and pass knowledge on to other freethinking seekers
auckland, nz - Sun 24th June 2012 12:03pm (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong Actyon
I have a Ssangyong Actyon 2008 with 22K km. The new battery will not hold the charge, the alternator, electrical wires ahve all been checked. Does anyone else have this problem - any suggestions
M. Anderson
Santo Domingo, DR - Wed 20th June 2012 05:43pm (GMT)
Subject : How to Start with dead FOB/Remote
3.2 Petrol Musso

FOB/Remote died, so car will not crank over.

I want to disable/remove immobiliser, what else do I need to do, i.e, reset ECU ???



jez smith
newstead, QLD, Australia - Mon 18th June 2012 11:47pm (GMT)
Subject :
3.2 Petrol Musso

FOB/Remote died, so car will not crank over.

I want to disable/remove immobiliser, what else do I need to do, i.e, reset ECU ???



jez smith
newstead, QLD, Australia - Mon 18th June 2012 11:46pm (GMT)
Subject : clicking noise from front wheel
I have a 1992 terrano in the last month or so i have a clicking/grinding noise coming front the front left wheel this does not happen all the time but will start to if the truck has been sitting for a while(not driven) the noise will apear and get louder the faster i go,but as soon as i stop the noise will stop and there will be a clonk,if i put it in high 4wd it goes good as gold! it has auto hubs will this be the problem as they might be engaing or stuffed?? any help please??
timaru, nz - Thu 14th June 2012 06:21pm (GMT)
  • Subject : clicking noise from front wheel
    Don't just sit there listening to it, do something about it!
    Top suspect would be CV joint,look for a ripped boot; then auto hubs especially if you have not lubricated them, (and the noise goes away when the 4wd system is engaged i.e. when pressure goes on the components and locks them up),then brake discs/pads/sliding caliper pins etc.
    Time for you to get dirty and greasy....

    UK - Thu 14th June 2012 09:13pm (GMT)

    • Subject : clicking noise from front wheel
      Took hubs off front right was seized so puttingmanual one on,also how oil does the rear diff hold (litres)cheers
      nz - Sun 17th June 2012 10:03pm (GMT)

      • Subject : clicking noise from front wheel
        Before you drain the oil out, MAKE SURE you unscrew the fill plug...they can be a beyatch to remove...
        Capacity is about 2.8 litres.
        I've used Repco LSD oil which comes in a 4 litre pack and had good results.
        Buy one of those $10 4 litre pressure sprayers from the warehouse, leave the spray head off, and there is no fuss pumping the heavy lubricant into the diff, plus you have some left over for top ups if necessary.Do the front diff at the same time, you can use lsd oil in a non lsd diff, but not the other way round.
        Unscrew and check that the vent on top of the diff isn't gunged up; it is supposed to allow air in and out. Helps stop leaks caused by a build up of pressure. It also allows water in if you dip into a river with a hot diff, which is why you should replace diff fluid every time you go seriously 4wd through rivers. Cheaper than replacing the diff....

        Christchurch, NZ - Mon 18th June 2012 04:21am (GMT)

        • Subject : clicking noise from front wheel
          excellent thanks john,is the front diff as same as rear diff when chaging oil? also like i said in last message one of my auto hubs was locked up ive manage to free it and is unlocked....can i still use it? give it a good clean an lube or ditch it? as i been pricing up some manual ones an they are not cheap any ideas??thanks
          nz - Mon 18th June 2012 04:50am (GMT)

          • Subject : clicking noise from front wheel
            There is nothing wrong with lubricating and restoring an auto hub. If you need to replace them, They are cheap and appear regularly on trademe. They certainly don't cost as much as the manual hubs. The secret is to use 4wd once a month, summer or winter, to keep the systems operational.Just like the airCon system, regular use throughout the year..
            Front diff has slightly less capacity, but have another 4 litre pack ready just in case...
            As previously stated, to check if the locking hubs still function properly, get under the vehicle with the 4wd selector in 2 H, engine off, twist the front drive shaft one way then the other. You will hear a click from both hubs engaging/disengaging if they are both working.
            While you are in the front hubs, check and lubricate the wheel bearings. Don't just throw more grease at them, take them apart, wash out and lubricate them.
            It looks complicated, but it is not rocket science..your local mechanic is not normally a rocket scientist, is he???

            NZ - Mon 18th June 2012 09:31pm (GMT)

            • Subject : clicking noise from front wheel
              awesome thanks john for your help
              nz - Mon 18th June 2012 10:20pm (GMT)

              • Subject : clicking noise from front wheel
                A) 27 Spline - for 1993 and earlier Nissan Terrano (Pathfinder), Navara (Datsun) & for the Nissan Mistrals (all years)

                B) 28 Spline - for 1994 onwards Nissan Terrano (Pathfinder), Navara (Datsun)

                NZ - Sun 02nd June 2013 01:17am (GMT)

Subject : Musso wont turn off.
I have a Ssangyong Musso 2.9TD 2005.
Just had a major service, was told all in good condition. Engine over runs slightly, mech said may need an injector service. Now it wont turn off at all, I have to stall the engine to stop it. Been to a different mech, they said it was electrical, been to auto electrician they had it for a day but couldn't find any reason.
Any ideas please?

Perth, WA, australia - Wed 13th June 2012 10:43am (GMT)
  • Subject : Musso wont turn off.
    ihad a musso with same problem the ignition is run on air pipes so check all small air hoses and rubber jiont that will be your problem
    delwyn herridge
    ebbw vale, gwent, UK - Thu 28th June 2012 04:37pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Musso wont turn off.
    I had the same problems with my musso.
    Under the intake manifold there are a number of small vacumm hoses, make sure they fit firmly on there fittings and that they are in good condition.
    If one has a small crack or hole in it this will couse the problems you mentioned.

    Everton Upper, Vic, Australia - Wed 10th July 2013 01:57pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Musso wont turn off.
    try stalling an auto !!!!! 4x4 runs off same vacuum my front hub seals were worn leaking vacuum,had too clamp rubber hoses at hub till seals replaced
    john macpherson
    kaitaia, nz, nz - Sun 18th August 2013 12:37am (GMT)

Subject : Sump plug
Hello: Would anyone happen to know the thread pitch on the sump plug for a Nissan terranoII R20 2.7 tdi. I know it's an M16 but I never got around to measure the pitch. I'd just like to order a magnetic sump plug before my next oil change is due.


Liverpool, Sydney, Australia - Wed 13th June 2012 12:12am (GMT)
  • Subject : Sump plug
    It's amazing what you can find if you query google...



    NZ - Wed 13th June 2012 03:57am (GMT)

    • Subject : Sump plug
      Thank you John for your help. I now realize there aren't many choices for M16 thread pitches. I was looking in the wrong places.

      Liverpool, NSW, Australia - Thu 14th June 2012 03:05am (GMT)

Subject : Ssanyong Actyon Sports Glow plug
I own a ssanyong actyon sports pickup 2009 manual, one day the twin curly yellow light turn on, when I send to the mechanic, he diagnose and found out one of the glow plug was malfunction, so he change that,but the engine not able to start, diagnose again and found the fuel pump in the tank is not pumping the diesel , change the pump, but engine still not able to get power. diagnose then found one of the relay is not working.so change the relay. Yet when turn on keys, all the diagnose light run through without blinking but engine just would not turn on. need help and advice urgently
Kenny Tan
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia - Thu 07th June 2012 04:47pm (GMT)
Subject : The answers with the questions and the subject matter in alphabetical order??
Hey Lee, that listing of previous topics is good, but it needs to have the answers contiguous to the questions, i.e. clicking on the topic should bring up the answers underneath it so it can be read easily...other wise I find myself having to go back to the whole list and search by date...
Christchurch, NZ - Thu 07th June 2012 09:29am (GMT)
Subject : diff
dos my terano p reg 2.7 tdi have a ltd slip diff or is it just a normal one i heard that the frod mavrik has one
aspatria, cumbria, UK - Wed 06th June 2012 08:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject : diff
    Jack up the rear of the vehicle under the diff so that both rear wheels are off the ground.
    (Chock the front wheels and don't try this on sloping ground..flat surface only!)
    Ensure gear selector is in neutral, and handbrake is off.
    Go to one rear wheel. Spin it slowly in one direction.
    Look under the vehicle. If the wheel on the other side of the vehicle is turning in the same direction as the wheel you are spinning, you have LSD.
    If the other wheel is going in the opposite direction, you do not have LSD.
    Infallible test, use wisely.

    UK - Thu 07th June 2012 09:16am (GMT)

  • Subject : diff
    Or if you are very lucky, there will be a little sticky label still on the diff with "LSD"
    but they can fall off, rub off or be torn off.
    I agree, above test works every time.
    Also, if you have LSD, use the LSD specific lube in the diff, otherwise the lsd will be ruined, and /or you will not appreciate the banging and thumping from the diff before it gets ruined.

    Christchurch, NZ - Thu 07th June 2012 09:22am (GMT)

  • Subject : diff

    Mark Lesniak
    Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom, UK - Fri 08th June 2012 11:40am (GMT)

Subject : check engine light
why does my check engine light keep coming on when I bring it to the shop and they hook it up to the machine it keeps saying emission pls help if you know any thing it is a 1999
brampton, ontario, canada - Wed 06th June 2012 04:15am (GMT)
  • Subject : check engine light
    I have been in a vehicle 9not a Suzuki0 when this has happened, and from reading the owner's manual established that it was a problem with the catalytic converter, and that it would not hurt to travel further but have it checked soon. the cat was replaced and the light went out.
    Suggest your problem may be the same, a blocked or plugged cat requiring replacement.

    UK - Sun 01st July 2012 09:38pm (GMT)

  • Subject : check engine light
    Further research on the www suggests reading the code as per following


    - UK - Sun 01st July 2012 10:03pm (GMT)

Subject : The site has been ruined
All the history of answers to questions has been trashed in the new-look site.
This is very disheartening.

- UK - Tue 05th June 2012 08:58pm (GMT)
  • Subject : The site has been ruined
    I'm not sure what you mean - all replies are still in place - in pink.

    Can you explain a bit more and I'll try and sort it out.

    UK - Tue 05th June 2012 09:23pm (GMT)

    • Subject : The site has been ruined
      I agree.The last question was november 2011. what happened to all the ones before?
      Cheshunt, Victoria, australia - Wed 06th June 2012 04:06am (GMT)

  • Subject : The site has been ruined
    Hello, I truncated the posts to speed things up, but now I've added a link to show all posts. Hope this helps. I appreciate the feedback - don't hesitate to let me know if you got anu more thoughts.

    Thanks for your continuing support,


    - UK - Wed 06th June 2012 10:10pm (GMT)

Subject : rev counter not working
the rev counter on my 1997 2.7 tdi maverick is not working. are there any common faults or componants that need to be looked at?
swanley, UK - Tue 05th June 2012 09:53am (GMT)
  • Subject : rev counter not working
    check the two wires on the connector just above and behind the power steering pump.they get hot and go brittle.Mine cracked off altogether.
    st.austell, cornwall, UK - Fri 03rd May 2013 08:16pm (GMT)

Subject :
what other type of raditor can i fit in to daihatsu foroza can any one help me

canberra, act, au - Tue 05th June 2012 04:17am (GMT)
Subject :
what other raditor fit in to daihatsu foroza can any one help me

canberra, act, au - Tue 05th June 2012 04:15am (GMT)
Subject : Rexton 3.2 AWD

Have a problem with Rexton 3.2 automatic. When starting it comes up with engine and 4WD both on. If you put in to drive it gives a jerk and stays in a "protective gear" which does not change as you accelerate.

If you put of and on, after a few times it comes right and works fine their after - gears changes up and down fine.

Problem also occurs sometimes when changing from drive to reverse or the other way.

Got electrician to check and ECU comes up with the following "P0836 Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Switch Circuit".

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Johannesburg, South Africa, ZAR - Fri 01st June 2012 03:04pm (GMT)
Hi there,
I have a Mahindra s/w/b jeep.
I am in Spain and dont have access to a dealer, is there another wheel I can buy to use as a spare?
Thanks for any help

ALBUNOL, SPAIN - Fri 01st June 2012 12:06pm (GMT)
Subject : Terrano II
Hi does anyone know if you can get aftermarket roof rails to fit a 3 door terrano. I have just bought one and would like to fit some roof rails so io can use a roof box when we go away
Phil Gregg
Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK - Wed 30th May 2012 09:53pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Terrano II
    Have a gander at this:

    Isn't the www a wonderful thing?
    Good luck

    Christchurch, NZ - Mon 04th June 2012 12:35pm (GMT)

Subject : L200 OBD2
I have the older L200 06 reg, does anyone know if this has OBD2 fitted and where the socket is?

Trowbridge, WILTS, UK - Wed 30th May 2012 04:43pm (GMT)
Subject : terrano not charging
my dads '54 3ltr terrano is not charging, also the dash gauges are working either. put dash away and alternater checked and all fine. is there a master fuse or something. seems like its only since the dash stopped that the battery stopped charging.
alun evans
aberchirder, scotland, UK - Tue 29th May 2012 05:07pm (GMT)
  • Subject : terrano not charging
    If the alternator tests as putting out voltage and amperage, then that realy leaves only the +ve connection to the battery, or from the -ve from the battery to the earth on the vehicle.
    Take off the -ve earth leads and clean the connection to the battery and to the bodywork, and clean the earth leads from the body to the engine.
    Take off the +ve lead and clean up the battery terminal and the clamp.
    I can't follow what you mean when you "put the dash away" I presume you pulled out the dash and checked all the plugs clipped into it; did you use electronic connection cleaner, a spray which cleans crud off the contact surfaces?
    If yours is a 96 to 99 then those are renowned for dash problems, read previous postings on this site for the UK company which refurbishes them...
    Good luck

    UK - Mon 04th June 2012 12:32pm (GMT)

Subject : MR

NORWICH, NORFOLK, UK - Fri 25th May 2012 10:05am (GMT)
  • Subject : MR
    If you have access to both vehicles do a quick measure up.
    UK - Sat 26th May 2012 10:31pm (GMT)

Subject : petrol pump
I'm wanting to know how to dismantle a 1993 4x4 Nissan Terrano petrol pump please anyone.
papakura, Auckland, NZ - Tue 22nd May 2012 09:09am (GMT)
  • Subject : petrol pump
    What type of petrol pump are we discussing? In tank electric, in line electric, on engine mechanical?
    The electric ones are usually throwaways, the mechanical ones may be as well if the halves of the body of the pump are riveted rather than bolted together.
    What are the symptoms shown by the pump????

    Christchurch, NZ - Sat 26th May 2012 10:34pm (GMT)

Subject : 2003 b2500 mazda
the mazda kicks out of gear in 5th only, any ideas?
If it needs new gear box, I have the chance to buy a 1999 mazda b2500fnkw would that gear box fit, it also has a rear cover would this also fit?

ipswich, suffolk, UK - Sun 20th May 2012 12:34am (GMT)
Subject : nissan navara d22
I have a Nissan Navara d22 engine 2004, the engine has recently been overhauled, due to knocking. The engine was reassembled and the Head gasket was replaced, problems then started with air bubbles in coolant system. Engine was dismantled, cylinder head pressure tested and skimmed. Block tested and skimmed. Nissan head gasket. new head bolts, and the air bubbles are still there. What else can be done.

colette kerlin
omagh, tyrone, UK - Thu 17th May 2012 05:09pm (GMT)
  • Subject : nissan navara d22
    Let's discuss the nature of the bubbles. Is it a stream of large bubbles that appears at the filler neck of the radiator? Is the engine hard to start after being left overnight or for longer periods? Is there a large cloud of steam coming out of the tailpipe on starting? Does the overflow reservoir get emptied by the bubbles pushing coolant out? Is the engine overheating?
    How much coolant are you losing after how many miles?
    Have you given the new coolant enough time (say a week of driving) to "settle down" and thrash all the air out of the new water..just keep topping it up with coolant mix until it stabilises.
    Have you checked the water pump for seal leaks, is the radiator leak free, have you replaced the thermostat and the radiator hoses? What caused you to have to redo the head gasket etc in the first place?

    UK - Sat 26th May 2012 10:42pm (GMT)

  • Subject : nissan navara d22
    had same problem mine was cracked head;it should throw out some water out of radiator when head is cracked
    vince brizzi
    cheshunt, vic, aust - Wed 19th December 2012 06:08am (GMT)

Subject : Help with Terrano model mayhem
Hi, hope you can help, as am looking at a 1998 Nissan Terrano R3M-R (petrol engine/manual) and have looked everywhere else I could think of for specs and reviews to no avail.

Is it identical to the Pathfinder just with a different name for a different market and what does the R3M-R designation relate to: the engine or the trim?

- UK - Wed 16th May 2012 08:30pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Help with Terrano model mayhem
    Just had a google search and a lot of american reviews came up .wickapedia has bit of history on the model . This site has heaps of info if you spend the time searching . We have a diesel r3mr . has been a great 4x4 . Think the petrol engines are good but a bit hard on fuel but so is any other petrol 4x4 .good luck
    ashburton, nz - Thu 17th May 2012 07:51am (GMT)

    • Subject : Help with Terrano model mayhem
      thanks Steve, i will keep on googling. what year is your r3mr and how would you compare its off-road performance for example versus a toyota 4runner/surf for example how is the ground clearance compared to other 4wds?

      UK - Thu 17th May 2012 08:25am (GMT)

      • Subject : Help with Terrano model mayhem
        ours is a 97 jap inport with an intercooled 3.2 turbo diesel engine. . There are heaps of them over here in nz . We have done a fair bit of off road work in ours over the last 3 years with all sorts of 4wd vechicles . The terrano is no toyota landcruiser or nissan patrol , but fairs well with the surfs and 4 runners . My brother has a toyota prado landcruiser and it would also be a more capable 4x4 than the terrano . Ground clearance is ok as we have just put heavy duty springs and shocks in the rear and has trasformed the handling and givin a slight lift . We could of gone for a 2 inch lift all round but the heavy duty springs lifted it enough for our needs . the front is ok for clearence and the transfercase and gearbox are well tucked under the body . Value for money over here the terrano would be nearly half the price as a surf or 4runner ,Would love the power of the v6 though ,
        nz - Thu 17th May 2012 10:53am (GMT)

Subject : ford ranger 03 2.5
Hi I have a ranger but the gearbox is shot, will a 2 wheel drive gearbox bolt onto the transfer box to keep it 4x4? or is the gearbox from a 2 wheel dive the same as a 4x4. bearings shot in the old gearbox and will not stay in 5th
Kevin wilton
cranbrook, kent, UK - Mon 14th May 2012 08:41pm (GMT)
Subject : nissan navarra automatic transmission viscosity code

i have one unit nissan navarra i wanted to change my automatic transmission fluid but the casa dont have do any one can suugest for an alternative tnx

ryan chiu
cebu , philippines , UK - Sat 12th May 2012 04:45am (GMT)
Subject : 4x4
i was wanting to know what can be donr to beef up the 4x4 in my 99 explorer xlt the power fine just wanted to tuff n up the 4x4 system any suggestions would be appreciated thanks
dahlonega, ga, usa - Thu 10th May 2012 06:17pm (GMT)
Subject : steering box leak
1995 mistral....Small leak from the sector shaft seal. I have been told that in order to rectify this I need to have the whole box recond at $650 plus.I cannot see why I cannot just replace the seal? I have seen this done on other makes on utube and feel capable of carring out the repair.Anybody out there done this? The vehivle has only travelled 138,000 KMs so would not expect wear in the shaft itself. Cheers Tom
auckland, new zealand - Thu 10th May 2012 04:23am (GMT)
  • Subject : steering box leak
    Tom, go for it. Even if you stuff up, which I don't believe will happen, a second hand box has got to be less than %650. I have never seen one offered for sale on trademe, that is how little they break down...
    NZ - Sat 26th May 2012 10:47pm (GMT)

    • Subject : steering box leak
      Yeah going to give it a try.I can get e second hand box for $170.Just got to see if I can get the seal from Nissan.Thanks for your encouragement and glad to see you on line again John
      auckland, NZ - Wed 30th May 2012 04:31am (GMT)

Subject : Rexton stuck in low ratio
My rexton is stuck in low ration after getting stuck in the mud. Lights flash showing high ratio but its actually in low and the elctric buttons do not allow it to change. Any ideas would be helpful.
Polesworth, Warwickshire, UK - Mon 07th May 2012 03:26pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Rexton stuck in low ratio
    I would love a response to the same problem
    David Obubuafo
    Akosombo, Ghana, Ghana - Thu 14th June 2012 01:32pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Rexton stuck in low ratio
    I had same problem with my 2005 Musso Sportz 2.9TD,stuck in low range,on the G/box is a cap that is fastened with 3 Star type Skrews,take of the cap,inside is a Gear,remove it,inside u wil see a shaft that is tri-angular,turning this shaft clock/anti clock wise ingage or dis ingage low/high and 4wd,replace gear and cap and try it,I got myne right

    Kriel, Mpumalanga, South Africa - Sun 12th May 2013 11:36am (GMT)

    • Subject : Rexton stuck in low ratio
      I'm struggling with something similar. Last time I used 4x4, struggled to get out. Currently in 2H, but indication lights for both 4H and 4L is on permanently. Have any experience with this?
      Stefan Terblanche
      Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa - Thu 31st October 2013 04:56pm (GMT)

Subject : finding lower wishbone (control)arm nissan d22 1998 pickup
Subject : Subject : finding lower wishbone
hi,am trying to source a right hand lower wishbone(control)arm for my suspension,its a nissan d22 1998 pickup.any help would be well appreciated,many thanks billy
billy mclean
cadiar, granada, spain - Thu 03rd May 2012 09:59pm (GMT)
hi,am trying to source a right hand lower wishbone(control)arm for my suspension,its a nissan d22 1998 pickup.any help would be well appreciated,many thanks billy
billy mclean
cadiar, granada, spain - Thu 03rd May 2012 09:59pm (GMT)

- Spain - Sat 05th May 2012 05:41am (GMT)
Subject : electric folding wing mirrors, nissan terrano mistrel auto
can anyone tell me where the fuse is located for the electric fold in mirrors, i have looked in the fuse box under the steering wheel and under the bonet and it does not say. can anyone help me with this problem please as they dont seem to work thanks.
broadway, worcestershire, UK - Sun 22nd April 2012 02:08pm (GMT)
  • Subject : finding lower wishbone
    hi,am trying to source a right hand lower wishbone(control)arm for my suspension,its a nissan d22 1998 pickup.any help would be well appreciated,many thanks billy
    billy mclean
    cadiar, granada, spain - Thu 03rd May 2012 09:59pm (GMT)

Subject : wing mirrors
can anyone tell me where the fuse is located for the electric fold in mirrors, i have looked in the fuse box under the steering wheel and under the bonet and it does not say. can anyone help me with this problem please as they dont seem to work thanks.

broadway, worcestershire, UK - Sun 22nd April 2012 12:57pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : wing mirrors
    If you can't find the fuse by looking at the schematic on the fuse box lid, then your best bet is to buy a cheap digital multimeter (or use a test lamp) and check by using the red lead on the top and bottom of the fuses as seen from outside the fuse boxes. If you look closely you will see a small, exposed piece of the fuse, top and bottom,able to be touched with the probe leads without withdrawing the plastic fuse. Put the black lead on the chassis somewhere, and check for 12 volts, top and bottom (with the ignition key turned to "on".)
    12 volts on one end but not the other means a dud fuse.....
    It's the only way to be certain as sometimes blown blade fuses can be hard to spot by visual inspection.

    UK - Sun 22nd April 2012 09:21pm (GMT)

Subject : L200 Vibration
hello , I have an 08 L200 , was vibrating @ speed , have had all new tyres DUELLERS , balanced and aligned , still vibrates @ approx 120KPH ? any ideas
Kilkenny, Ireland - Sun 22nd April 2012 12:22pm (GMT)
  • Subject : L200 Vibration
    Brake caliper is sticking. Check wheel to see if it is hot or too warm after a journey . If not & its on front, check wheel balance.
    Chelmsford, Essex, UK - Mon 28th January 2013 05:26pm (GMT)

  • Subject : L200 Vibration
    Possible prop shaft bearing. The rear spider bearing.
    Cary Plumpton
    Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, UK - Wed 24th July 2013 12:42pm (GMT)

  • Subject : L200 Vibration
    Possible prop shaft bearing. The rear spider bearing.
    Cary Plumpton
    Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, UK - Wed 24th July 2013 12:43pm (GMT)

  • Subject : L200 Vibration
    could possibly be UJ on prop worn i had that problem or front wheel bearings. most probably prop universal joint worn.
    adrian woodward
    cheshire, Warrington, UK - Sun 21st December 2014 05:57pm (GMT)

Subject : Toyota Hilux
I have got a Toyota Hilux 3000TD and the coolant light keeps on flashing most of the time.What could be the problem? I have changed a water pump coz i thought it was faulty but the problem persists.
Takunda Fish
Harare, Zimbabwe, UK - Wed 18th April 2012 06:13pm (GMT)
Subject : Nissan WD21 1990 Terrano
Hi is anyone able to explain how to adjust or disconnect the speed alert on my speedometer. Nothing in the manual. Thank you
Bingil Bay, QLD, Australia - Tue 17th April 2012 07:35am (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan WD21 1990 Terrano
    where do i conect the hose from the air change cooler too?
    tau tony
    port moresby, papua new guinea - Fri 18th May 2012 06:03am (GMT)

    • Subject : Nissan WD21 1990 Terrano
      You will have to give us some more clues as to what part of the vehicle you are referring????
      UK - Mon 04th June 2012 12:39pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Nissan WD21 1990 Terrano
    I Want to know about Timining chain installation and timing marks of it
    Nilai, N. Sembilan, Malaysia - Wed 27th June 2012 07:45am (GMT)

    • Subject : Nissan WD21 1990 Terrano
      Sorry, I have only just noticed your email tagged onto this discussion. I might be better to have started a new line of discussion.
      You did not specify petrol or diesel engine? the diesel has cogs, one on the front of the crankshaft, one on the camshaft and one on the fuel injection; they are inter meshed so there is no chain, but there are timing marks on the cogs.

      UK - Wed 25th July 2012 09:57am (GMT)

Subject :
do the Nissan YD25DDTi engine 174 hp and the YD25DDTi 190 hp use the same oil filter and fuel filter???
thank you

kevinm henry
- UK - Tue 17th April 2012 04:23am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re :
    Ask a Nissan parts dealer
    UK - Tue 17th April 2012 06:27am (GMT)

Subject : 99 isuzu trooper
Hi can anyone tell me if a 1994 3.1td engine will fit in a 1999 3.0td vehicle and if so will I have 2 also swap the gearbox and transfer box cheers

Chris l

chris l
lathom, lancashire, UK - Mon 16th April 2012 07:15pm (GMT)
Subject : Big Horn -Hissing & loss of brakes
Whilst driving my Big Horn yesterday I suddenly partially lost my brakes. Managed to limp back home. When I turn the engine off there is a hissing sound coming from somwhere on the engine. There doesn't seem to be any loss of brake fluid. The brakes are now totally unreliable. Any ideas?
West Mid, Shropshire, UK - Sun 15th April 2012 01:42pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Big Horn -Hissing & loss of brakes
    Sounds like your brake servo its big and round,and mounted on the bulkhead if its anything like my TF,the master cylinder is connected to it.Having trouble with mine at the moment..If your fortunate you might be able to get a new seal from your main dealler but there a few different variants .Make sure you get the right one ..Nightmare..
    UK - Thu 19th September 2013 12:24pm (GMT)

Subject : toyota d 4 d
Can anyone tell me, if it is possible to convert a Hiace d4d into a 4x4, using hi lux parts????? This would sure make one of the best, small camper on the market.

Lee william
luton, bedfordshire, UK - Thu 12th April 2012 02:06pm (GMT)
Subject : air max 90

air max 90
new yourk, UK - Thu 12th April 2012 11:16am (GMT)
  • Subject : air max 90
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    Other - Sun 29th March 2015 03:44am (GMT)

Subject : mitsubishi help
I bought a mitsubishi L2oo 4 work and cant get the back seat forward to get to the jack ,can anybody help please?
middlesborough, yorkshire, UK - Mon 09th April 2012 11:04pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : mitsubishi help
    Hi there is a tab (cloth) at the top of the backrest in the middle you need to pull that upwards fairly hard and the back rest drops froward
    Derby, UK - Thu 12th April 2012 02:06pm (GMT)

Subject : Fuel Consumption For a Nissan Terrano VG33 Petrol
Hi i recently changed my water pump for my Nissan Terrano VG33 Petrol propelled.Before changing the pump it was running at 10km/Litre and now after changing it is running at 6km/Litre.What could be the problem.Thanks. Muleya Kizito Zambia.
Muleya Kizito
Kaoma, Werstern, Zambia - Sun 08th April 2012 01:46pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Fuel Consumption For a Nissan Terrano VG33 Petrol
    Why did you change the water pump?
    UK - Sun 08th April 2012 09:14pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Fuel Consumption For a Nissan Terrano VG33 Petrol
      I changed my water pump becos it was leaking from the vulve and heated the engen until it automticaly stoped.The water,oil and air did not seem to have mixed so i ruled out gasket problem and just changed the water pump.do you think it is the belts or the gasket?
      muleya kizito
      Kaoma, Zambia, Zambia - Thu 12th April 2012 10:12pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Fuel Consumption For a Nissan Terrano VG33 Petrol
        I think you have cooked the motor. I would first check that there is no head gasket problem by checking the pressurisation of the radiator with a tester that pumps air in, and should hold at a certain pressure for a long time if there are no leaks.
        Then replace the thermostat if you have not already done so, and replace the temperature sensors which will also have gotten very hot, perhaps hot enough to destroy them.
        The temperature sensors tell the engine computer how hot the cooling system is: the fact that you are using much more fuel leads me to believe that the sensors are toast, and will need replacement.
        The computer thinks the engine is cold, and therefore tells the fuel injectors to stay open longer which uses more fuel.
        Good luck...

        UK - Fri 13th April 2012 08:37am (GMT)

Subject : Kyron 2007
I have a 2007 Kyron and the HDC comes on when starting up.
It then can't be driven has anyone any ideas . I have had a new electric kit to the gear box, still have the problem

Chris S
Stratford Upon Avon, UK - Sat 07th April 2012 12:53pm (GMT)
Subject : 2000 Nissan Pathfinder/Terrano lefthand dashboard
Could anybody help me find 2000 model Nissan Pathfinder/Terrano Turbo diesel lefthand drive complete dashboard with console.thanks for our help in advance
Sydney, Nsw, Australia - Sun 01st April 2012 10:11pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : 2000 Nissan Pathfinder/Terrano lefthand dashboard
    Amazingly, you have had this query answered once before.
    Logically, you would expect to find a left hand dashboard in a left hand steer country.
    This would be the US in all probability.
    Read the previous answer.

    UK - Mon 02nd April 2012 06:10am (GMT)

Subject : 2000 Nissan Pathfinder/Terrano lefthand dashboard
Could anybody help me find 2000 model Nissan Pathfinder/Terrano Turbo diesel lefthand drive complete dashboard with console.thanks for our help in advance
Sydney, Nsw, Australia - Sun 01st April 2012 10:11pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : 2000 Nissan Pathfinder/Terrano lefthand dashboard
    Amazingly, you have had this query answered once before.
    Logically, you would expect to find a left hand dashboard in a left hand steer country.
    This would be the US in all probability.
    Read the previous answer.

    UK - Mon 02nd April 2012 06:10am (GMT)

Subject : Fuel temperature sensor
Subject : Fuel temp sensor
Hi all, I have a ford ranger 2002 and after loads of searching for someone who has the right diagnostic plug, I have finally been told that my fault causing the glow plug (management) light to flash is the fuel temperature sensor. Anyone know where it is located? Thanks.

- Kent, UK - Sat 31st March 2012 05:31pm (GMT)
Subject : Problem with starting the engine
i have a suzuki vitara, model:JSAETD31V00301980, engine:LRNS974N02, it cranks but does not start. Can anyone tells me what's problem. cheers. Geua
Geua Ragina
Port Moresby, NCD, PNG - Thu 29th March 2012 07:04am (GMT)
Subject : stalling
My 2004 Nissan Frontier XE 4x4 crewcab, automatic has started to surge when attempting to climb steep grades in the rough, although it never had this problem on the same roads. could this be caused by a problem in the transmission?

- Jamaica west indies - Wed 28th March 2012 03:44am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : stalling
    Stalling is the engine stopping, or the revs dropping so low as to cause the vehicle to stop moving.
    Surging is an engine accelerating and dec elerating without input by the driver.
    Do you have a fly-by-wire throttle system which uses a potentiometer instead of a physical cable attachment of the accelerator pedal to the throttle body/injection pump to control the engine speed?
    If so it could well be that there is a break in the wire; as the truck bounces over rough ground the wire flexes and "makes and breaks" contact causing a drop then a rise in engine revs...
    Check trouble codes on your computer; physically check wires from potentiometer at pedal to computer; check potentiometer for worn spots as well.

    UK - Wed 28th March 2012 07:52am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : stalling
      the left hand engine mount is broken and the inlet air hose also, and that is the problem, but thanks anyway
      Jamaica WI - Thu 29th March 2012 12:17am (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : stalling
        Good to see the faults have been found. The broken engine mount meant the engine was flopping around jerking the throttle, and the air intake was letting in unmetered air?
        UK - Thu 29th March 2012 09:39am (GMT)

Subject : engine mounts
I have a 2001 maverick XTL 2.0 petrol that needs engine mounts but genuine ford replacements cost a fortune, so are there non ford replacements that will fit that will hopefully be cheaper?
rhuddlan, denbighshire, UK - Sun 25th March 2012 11:06pm (GMT)
  • Subject : engine mounts
    Try a Mazda Tribune.....same car different badge
    Duncan Norris
    Dorchester, Dorset, UK - Fri 31st May 2013 05:13pm (GMT)

Subject : Ssang Yong Musso 2000
I am being offered a Ssang Yong Musso 2000, Mercedez Benz 3000 engine, 4X4, manual,gasoline,32K miles, leather seats new tires, new clutch, original owner, wife died. $12,500 US. First time buyer in foreign country. Does sound like a good deal and is there any mechanical problems I should be aware of?
Flamingo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica - Sun 25th March 2012 09:57pm (GMT)
Subject : lack of power
hi there my frontera has undergone major engine work and is fine until warm or any sort of incline then although engine revs are there, sadly no power--clutch??? when in low ratio she bats around no problems!!!
birmingham, england, UK - Sun 25th March 2012 06:02pm (GMT)
Subject : vauxhall brava 1995 pickup
i own a vauxhall brava 1995 4x4 pickup.the rear wheel archs are rusting,i am looking to buy the full rear shell,i am finding that to be my best option,can anybody help please
john pigott
drybrook, gloucester, UK - Sat 24th March 2012 02:43pm (GMT)
Subject : nissan terrano II
Hi i have a 1998 terrano II 2.7td. My temperature gauge goes sky high and heater blows cold air. The header tank still has water in it. I fill up the radiator and it seems fine again for about 10 days.Can't see an obvious hole etc. Any ideas what this can be pls. (just changed thermostat few weeks before this problem started).

sharon turner
glasgow, UK - Thu 22nd March 2012 01:55pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : nissan terrano II
    Hi:If your thermostat is facing in the right direction and there are no visible water leaks around the engine I would look at a possible heater core leak which is a bit harder to detect. If that checks out chances are you might have an air lock in your cooling system preventing proper water flow or a partially blocked radiator causing a similar effect. If after running the engine you notice a marked difference in temperature between the upper and lower radiator hoses, one or all of the above might apply. Try not to run an overheating engine for too long as they can only stand so much heat before breaking.
    Good luck

    Australia - Thu 22nd March 2012 11:40pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : nissan terrano II
    If there was no overheating before the change of thermostat, and the overheating started after the new thermostat was put in, then something probably has happened to the new thermostat.
    New thermostats can be "duds" right off the shelf.
    Did you buy one direct from a Nissan dealer?
    The Nissan supplied ones are far larger in the opening than one bought from elsewhere.
    And the Nissan one cannot physically be fitted upside-down either.
    If the engine overheated badly forcing you to replace the thermostat, then you haven't fixed the original problem which caused the engine to overheat.
    So what happened to make you change the thermostat?????

    Codswallop, UK - Sat 24th March 2012 10:30am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : nissan terrano II
      changed thermostat as no heat. found out the problem need a new water pump.
      sharon turner
      glasgow, UK - Sat 24th March 2012 07:20pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : nissan terrano II
        Sharon, good to hear that the problem has been spotted.
        While the pump is being changed:

        1, Renew all the V belts and check, preferably replace,the bearing in the tensioner of the air conditioning belt.

        2. Replace the top and bottom radiator hoses, and if you can find them, the heater hoses.

        3. Also fill the cooling system with the best anti-freeze you can find.

        This will ensure no more problems in this area for another 50,000 km.

        UK - Sun 25th March 2012 02:00am (GMT)

Subject :
Hi,you will find help for your Ssangyongs here guys,goodluck Andros.



London, UK - Thu 22nd March 2012 01:41pm (GMT)
Subject : 1998 Honda CRV ES Timing Belt & Water Pump
I have just bought a 1998 Honda CRV ES with 74,000 on the clock. My question is that at 44,000 the timing belt and water pump were changed which was 7 years ago. Do I need to change the timing belt again quickly as I am worried that I would do damage to the car if I never changed it now for instance even though it has only done 30,000 miles since. I do understand that the water pump needs to be changed at the same time. I am pleased with my purchase but would just like a bit of advice please.
Norwich, Norfolk, UK - Wed 21st March 2012 10:22am (GMT)
Subject : Ford Maverick Wheel Bearing
Im looking for a diagram of how this comes apart and put together to help a mate out. Can anyone direct me to a url. Thanks
John Falzon
Nambour, Queensland, Australia - Tue 20th March 2012 10:01am (GMT)
Subject : brakes not working
i have blead the brakes and put a new brake marster chylinder on and have still got the same problem no brakes ?
fareham, hamshire, UK - Thu 15th March 2012 09:20am (GMT)
  • Subject : brakes not working
    you need to bleed the load sensing brake valve its above the rear axle. can be badly rusted might need to put new bleed nipples on it. also break calipers could be on the wrong side if they have been changed.
    Robin Pilcher
    taunton, Select a state, UK - Fri 05th July 2013 09:43am (GMT)

Subject : soft top
i have a m reg suzuki vitara with ripped soft top,will the w reg soft top fit on it???
greenford, UK - Wed 14th March 2012 03:52pm (GMT)
  • Subject : soft top
    Only up to a n reg (1995) will fit, the w reg 2000 model is different shape. So will not fit.
    Bolton, Lancs, UK - Tue 13th May 2014 12:01am (GMT)

Subject :
hi does anyone know how to repair switch on drivers side door it goes down but will not go back up the other switches to door and window lockk still work it is a vitara turbo diesel automatic thanks
doncaster, ssouth yorkshire, UK - Wed 14th March 2012 02:47pm (GMT)
Subject : Nissan Mistral 4X4
Hi,I have a 1994 nissan mistral.Just lately while I was driving it started to overheat and when I checked one of the hoses was leaking.I waited for a while for it to kool down topped up with water and drove slowly to get to my home keeping an eye on the temp gauge, but suddenly the engine stopped and would start.The water seemed to be dryed up and the temp gauge needle was about in the middle.Had to tow it to my place and the next morning I tried starting the car after feeling the radiator with water to check if the engine is dead or not, and it starts but as soon as I leave my foot off the accelerator it turns off.
Can anyone please help me what i have to do or replace to put my car back on the road??cheers

hayden Khushal
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand - Wed 14th March 2012 01:07am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Nissan Mistral 4X4
    I would say you have cooked the motor. It may be cheaper in the long run to replace the motor with a second hand one from a wrecker. See many previous posts on this forum for FAQs re overheating etc.
    If someone is reading this and they do not know how old their radiator and heater hoses are, I suggest spending the money and replacing them NOW before this happens to you.
    While you are at it, replace the thermostat with a genuine Nissan one. See many previous FAQ on this forum about that, too.
    PS It's a;so not ridiculous to take the radiator out and have it rodded through by a good radiator shop once every 15 years or so if you don't use good antifreeze at all times.

    UK - Wed 14th March 2012 03:49am (GMT)

  • Subject : Nissan Mistral 4X4
    i expeience delay in transmission after a short circuit in my automatic nissan mistral 4X4, diesel machine. any help/ideas?
    Kitwe, Zambia, Zambia - Fri 31st August 2012 02:49pm (GMT)

Subject : Actyon TCM
I got problems with transmission, which i believe is caused by the TCM. I like to find out how I can confirm this, before I make a decision on the dealers recommendation to replace the transmission at $AUS 8,000! its done 130,000km but found out oil was never changed.
Perth, western australia, Australia - Tue 13th March 2012 05:57am (GMT)
  • Subject : Actyon TCM
    i have similar problem.please let me know your results
    mandeville, jamaica - Sat 17th August 2013 04:59am (GMT)

Subject : glow plug light stays on
hi people!! i have a 2wd ssangyong kyron which I've had for about 2 years now. My glow plug warning light has been staying on recently but hasn't affected the drive nor the car in any way except a few jerks when i'm doing more than 60m/h which i have noticed a few days ago. Any ideas as to how to deal with it?? Can any one recommend a fault reader that actually works for ssangyong?
chippenham, wiltshire, UK - Mon 12th March 2012 10:19pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : glow plug light stays on
    On Mine when the light was on meant a failed glow plug.

    lewes, east sussex, UK - Thu 15th March 2012 10:00pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : glow plug light stays on
    a faulty glow plug. easy to find..glow plug is .5 to .9 ohm open circuit is over 40 ohms. buy a cd manual for 20 bucks and a 15 dollar multimeter to fix yourself. after market glow plugs from mercs are only 25 dollars part number HDS377. sometimes occurs if u changed your fuel brand ...keep using same brand of fuel for 2 tanks and computer will extinguish light itself.
    perth, qld, australia - Wed 25th April 2012 08:40am (GMT)

  • Subject : glow plug light stays on
    Change all the glow plugs. If its still on, the controller will have to be checked.

    - Philippines - Mon 16th July 2012 04:11pm (GMT)

Subject : isuzu trooper d max
i have a dmax and want to know how to tighten the wheel bearing
Ennis, Irl - Sun 11th March 2012 10:38am (GMT)
Subject : Ranger xlt thunder crankshaft position sensor
Hi Anyone know where i can get a crankshaft position sensor for a ford ranger 2004 xlt thunder. Fords want £360 to supply only. part number is 1460775 or would one from a mazda bongo fit

southend, essex, UK - Fri 09th March 2012 08:48am (GMT)
Subject : Ford ranger crankshaft sensor
Hi Anyone know where i can get a cheap crankshaft position sensor for a ford ranger 2004 xlt thunder. Fords want £360 to supply only. part number is 1460775 or would one from a mazda bongo fit
southend, essex, UK - Thu 08th March 2012 03:54pm (GMT)
Subject : Terrano 2 2.7D 1995 Heater blower
The slide control for the blower only switches the blower on when it reaches position 4. It worked fine at all speeds but then suddenly stopped but for the top speed. Could this be a relay(s) problem or the switch?
PRESTON, Lancs, UK - Thu 08th March 2012 10:33am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Terrano 2 2.7D 1995 Heater blower
    Neither; it is the resistor which controls the voltage reaching the motor.Only on 4 is there no resistor, the voltage is a full 12 volts, which is why it works.
    Replace the resistor; follow the wires leading away from the blower motor to a small block usually on the air housing; undo the screws, withdraw the unit, remove the electrical plug, replace the unit; bob's your uncle....

    UK - Thu 08th March 2012 07:25pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Terrano 2 2.7D 1995 Heater blower
      Found it thanks. It wasn't burnt out. As it's in the air duct, moist air over they years had caused a rusty contact. I opened up the resistor, cleaned the rusty bit, applied some copper grease and put it back; it's working fine. I spotted a resistor on eBay but tye want £85!! Cheers
      PRESTON, Lancs, UK - Fri 09th March 2012 05:35pm (GMT)

Subject : Suzuki GV 2005 PETROL 3 DOOR
I suspect I may have hydraulic tappet issues with my engine.When the unit is cold and start up from say a chilli early morning there is a steady rattle to begine with,Once the engine warms up and the tickover settles down the noise goes away and driving is normal .Would a compression check give possible insight into the issues or our we looking possible at an oil pump issue failed or not doing its job or possible top end repair of the hydraulics tappets ect .Any hints clues welecome and if you are in UK what sort of cost would I be looking at .As there still sharks out there in the garage trade I don't wish to be fleeced of my hard earned money Thanks Folks
Mansfield, UK - Wed 07th March 2012 07:20pm (GMT)
Subject : Suzuki GV 2005 PETROL 3 DOOR
I suspect I may have hydraulic tappet issues with my engine.When the unit is cold and start up from say a chilli early morning there is a steady rattle to begine with,Once the engine warms up and the tickover settles down the noise goes away and driving is normal .Would a compression check give possible insight into the issues or our we looking possible at an oil pump issue failed or not doing its job or possible top end repair of the hydraulics tappets ect .Any hints clues welecome and if you are in UK what sort of cost would I be looking at .As there still sharks out there in the garage trade I don't wish to be fleeced of my hard earned money Thanks Folks
- UK - Wed 07th March 2012 07:20pm (GMT)
Subject : Terrano 2 TD2.7
I have a 95 Terrano 11 SWB. The interior light has been playing up. In the year which I've had the car, the light has gone on and off when any door is opened/closed. On Friday I gave the car a good clean which meant leaving the doors open for a couple of hours. The light then went off when the engine was started but started flashing at about 1 second intervals. With the engine off, the light eventually came back on with the doors either open or shut. I put the lamp in the off postion to avoid flattening the battery overnight. I tried the lamp in the door position again yesterday and now it's back to on/off with the doors. Is there a timer delay system (I've seen replacement timers on eBay) and if so could this be the source of the problem? Also where is the delay unit located in the car?
PRESTON, Lancs, UK - Tue 06th March 2012 06:03pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Terrano 2 TD2.7
    There is a time delay unit and it's located behind the driver's side kick panel. It is one unit with the central locking controller and worth an arm and a leg brand new. You're very lucky the interior light is working again.

    Australia - Tue 06th March 2012 07:33pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Terrano 2 TD2.7
      Found it! The one behind the driver's side kick panel is the main ECU. I found the lamp timer behind the passenger side panel; a replacement is on its way via eBay so we wait to see if it solves the problem
      PRESTON, Lancs, UK - Thu 08th March 2012 10:19am (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Terrano 2 TD2.7
        My car is a rhd model but I could not find the timer by the electronic manual it seems like the Australian editions of the Terrano have slightly different electrics. In my case the e.c.u. sits behind the radio. I assumed that your car would be the same as mine being also r.h.d. I hope I didn't slow you down.

        Australia - Thu 08th March 2012 07:29pm (GMT)

        • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Terrano 2 TD2.7
          Not at all. I'm guesing it's the ECU behind the driver's kick panel as I've seen the same unit on ebay described as an ECU. It took me less than 5 mins to find it on the other side. The replacement arrived today, it's fitted and there's now a delay on the interior lamp! It works on the driver's dooor only; the passenger and tailgate switch it on and off immediately. I expect that how it's supposed to work. Thanks for you help, Cheers
          PRESTON, Lancs, UK - Fri 09th March 2012 04:33pm (GMT)

          • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Terrano 2 TD2.7
            My car is a '97 model LWB and each door switch,including the tailgate,triggers the delay for the interior light however the indicator light on the dash goes off immediately after closing the doors.

            Australia - Fri 09th March 2012 10:27pm (GMT)

Subject : worksop manual
Can anyone tell me where to get hold of a repair manual for a ford maverick 2.7 GLS TD 1997
haverhill, suffolk, UK - Mon 05th March 2012 05:11pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : worksop manual
    hi there go to ebay you can purchase it there it does the nissan patrol as well both cars are on the book cover
    aberdeen, scotland, UK - Sat 17th March 2012 05:02pm (GMT)

Subject : 1998 Honda CRV door locks
I have just bought a 1998 Honda CRV. The doors lock and unlock fine using the remote and or key. My question is: are they supposed to lock when the motor is started or do the have to be locked manually from inside the car? How are they supposed to function?

Harare, Zimbabwe, ZW - Mon 05th March 2012 01:27pm (GMT)
Subject : Service manual for B2500/Courier diesel
Could someone please email me a copy of the repair/service manual for this vehicle? Cheers
- NZ - Sat 03rd March 2012 10:41pm (GMT)
Subject : crv parts
bought 2006 crv 2.0 vtec with frontal damage,need lots of parts,head lights bumper complete,rads,grill,wings,anybody know a breaker/salvage yard with parts available,cheers
paul farrell
ballymoney, antrim, UK - Sat 03rd March 2012 10:22pm (GMT)
Subject : maverick clutch sticky
Hi, any ideas would be helpful on this. My 2.7td 1996 maverick drives absolutely fine but in the morning the clutch seems sticky, nothing major but doe's it need anything? is it a hydraulic clutch? if not why cant i see a cable. thanks
nottingham, nottinghamshire, UK - Fri 02nd March 2012 08:18pm (GMT)
Subject : Mr
Hi I have a 1998 2.7 terrano and on a full lock it squeals and the steering judders any suggestions please

Thank you

Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK - Thu 01st March 2012 11:19am (GMT)
  • Subject :
    At full lock the steering hits the stops, give these a smear of grease. Note that there are 2 each side.Worked for me.
    Auckland, New Zealand - Thu 01st March 2012 08:06pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : Mr
    When you say "squeals"; does the squeal occur only when you get right at the end of the steering wheel travel.. because if the v belt is loose it will squeal when the steering cannot force the steering linkage any further.
    If you have just replaced the v belt with a new one, re tension it.
    If it is an old belt,Replace it, and if you are going to do that replace all three V belts as it is just about as much work for three as one. and believe me, if the air con belt starts squealing you will have to remove the other two anyway to replace it.

    The steering stops as described above "grunt" when the suspension moves up and down when the wheel is at hard lock e.g. going over bumps or kerbs; the stops as described used to have a plastic coating; with age this wears off causing metal to metal groans and grunts, a lick of grease does wonders.

    - UK - Fri 02nd March 2012 04:03am (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : Mr
    Another thought: is there sufficient fluid in the reservoir? Is it a nice bright clear colour? It used to be that power steering fluid was just Auto trans fluid, and that used to be nice bright pink. Nowadays it could be any colour, but if it is not nice and clean, then it is time to replace it, flushing out the old and putting in the new, whatever it's colour.
    Test it on a piece of tissue paper or a paper towel, you'll soon see if it is dirty.
    This can also cause problems in the power steering.

    - UK - Fri 02nd March 2012 08:23am (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : Mr
    do you mean the tyres squeals i had this problem it turned out to be a compression rod on the lower wishbone that had snapped so i would advice to check these
    alfreton, derbyshire, UK - Mon 12th March 2012 04:23pm (GMT)

Subject : update
Hi Doug,Yes my motor is same as the one herehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Terrano_II
.Thanks for your time.

colne, lancs, UK - Wed 29th February 2012 12:16pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : update
    As has been stated here many times before, this is when you use a friendly Nissan dealer spare parts department..

    " You know the driver's side/offside front torsion bar on a 1998, is it the same part number and spec as that on a 1993?"
    "It is, how wonderful, thanks"

    UK - Wed 29th February 2012 04:11pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : update
      Thank you very much for that Doug.I did try a couple of nissan dealers but they only tried to sell me original part.
      barnoldswick, lancs, UK - Wed 29th February 2012 06:18pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : update
        Go to the Parts Department and talk nicely with the man at the Counter.
        They usually find it difficult to piss about when you front in person.

        Be persistent..it is your money....

        UK - Thu 01st March 2012 06:42am (GMT)

Subject : Frontera 3.2
I have a Frontera 3.2 2000. has a hairline crack in cylinder head. Would anyone like to buy it for spare parts.Bodywork in excellent condition.
Merstham, Surrey, UK - Tue 28th February 2012 06:52pm (GMT)
Subject : 93 terrano 98 terrano
Does anyone know if a torsion bar from a 93 terrano will fit a 98 terrano.one hundred and eighty pounds plus from dealers for new one.
barnoldswick, lancs, UK - Tue 28th February 2012 04:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : 93 terrano 98 terrano
    Can you please look at this article and confirm that this is the model Terrano you mean 1.e. R50?


    UK - Wed 29th February 2012 09:15am (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : 93 terrano 98 terrano
    Or, are we talking about this model?


    - UK - Wed 29th February 2012 09:21am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : 93 terrano 98 terrano
      Hi, Thanks for reply and sorry for not giving people enough information.My motor is a 98 terrano 11, 2.7 diesel 3door shortwheel base. with intercooler.
      barnoldswick, lancs, UK - Wed 29th February 2012 10:45am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : 93 terrano 98 terrano
      Hi Doug,Yes my motor is same as the one herehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Terrano_II
      .Thanks for your time.
      colne, lancs, UK - Wed 29th February 2012 12:16pm (GMT)

      barnoldswick, colne, UK - Wed 29th February 2012 12:18pm (GMT)

Subject : 4x4 wont engage
hi, i have a frontera b (1999) my 4x4 will not engage because two of the vaccume hoses have become disconected. where they connect to the system on the right hand side of the engine, the connectors have snapped. im trying to find out what the connectors are called so i can replace them. any help would be appreciated. thanks
bristol, england, UK - Sat 25th February 2012 07:32pm (GMT)
Subject : Crank Sensor
I have a 2004 ranger and it is flashing up code p0335 Failed crankshaft postion sensor and p1649 Failed fuel pump rom also revcounter does not work
The problem is i cannot find crank sensor anywhere
The parts list from ford shows it on the drivers side of engine but can find nothing,at £360 i dont want to realy,at that price it is daft,

Robert Deans
Builth Wells, Powys, UK - Sat 25th February 2012 12:33am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Crank Sensor
    the tdci engine will have a cam shaft position sensor
    but a Crank sensor on the wl/wlt engine?
    are you sure Fraud have the right info As ive just changed glow plugs NGK said unavailable fraud wanted £130 per plug
    and FAP of glougester supplied Blue Print for aa fraction of the price

    glos, glos, UK - Tue 28th February 2012 03:38pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : Crank Sensor
    Hi I have the same issue as you and want to know if you found a sensor and if so where and how much as fords want £360 for part alone
    southend, essex, UK - Thu 08th March 2012 03:49pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Crank Sensor
      im also looking for a ford ranger 2.5 crank sensor. did you have any luck?

      UK - Tue 26th March 2013 04:02pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Crank Sensor
        yup same here, removed this sensor way back, i burn more diesel, and the timing runs slightly more advanced, but went through emissions test fine, best price i had from fords was 331 plus vat and delivery. spent weeks trying to find elsewhere, and breakers yards was a complete waste of phonecalls..best we can get is perhaps a better discount if we buy together perhaps.
        oem part was made by mitsibushi, part number J5T26371, independant suppliers cannot source this part new, ford part number is 1460775 (XM34-6C315-AB) if anyone else has a solution please let us know. as ford want crazy money for this very very cheap to make part. kev

        L absie, france - Fri 05th April 2013 05:16pm (GMT)

Subject : Thermostat
Just fitted new thermostat to nissan teranno 2.7 diesel now needle at top of gauge. Bottom hose cold. ?? is it airlock??
faversham, kent, UK - Thu 23rd February 2012 05:36pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Thermostat
    It most probably is an air lock providing that the valve side of the thermostat is pointing towards the bottom of the engine. Also when filling up the radiator leave the fastening of the top hose,at the water neck, till last until you see a steady flow of coolant coming out of it and the heater temperature control should be at max heat during the operation to avoid air pockets in the heater circuit.
    Good luck

    Australia - Thu 23rd February 2012 10:11pm (GMT)

Subject : 2004 Challanger
Can any one advise how I remove the trim from the back door of a Mitsubishi Challanger 2004 to get to the locking mechanism.
Peter Sherriff
Brisbane, QLD, Australia - Wed 22nd February 2012 10:00pm (GMT)
Subject : Diseal Pump
I looking for a manual diseal pump for an iSUZU 2.5 or a Vauxhall Brava 2.5. Any body with one out there.

Lucky Moyo
Canterbury, Kent, UK - Tue 21st February 2012 07:20pm (GMT)
Subject : filter
does any 1 no where fuel filter is on my 2.2dtl frontera need to change it as i lent my 4x4 to my stupid mate and he put petrol in it thanks
daventry, UK - Tue 21st February 2012 06:37pm (GMT)
Subject : wiring diragram
I have a 1991 nissan terrano and i am after the wiring diragram for under the bonnet
colleen biggs
bundaberg, qld, australia - Tue 21st February 2012 03:37am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : wiring diragram
    If you have the Nissan Mistral or R20 you are in luck at:


    If you have the Japanese import WD21 like I have, this will give you a start in the right direction.

    Otherwise, as discussed many many times before, only Nissan or an auto sparky may be able to help.

    What symptoms has the wee beastie got that require delving intro the wiring?

    Christchurch, NZ - Wed 29th February 2012 04:26pm (GMT)

Subject : Rear view camera
Hi, we have an 06 crv and i want to add a reversing camera, can the sat nav (original fit)screen be used as a display???
Many thanks in advance for any answers

Nick Allen
Godalming, Surrey, UK - Sat 18th February 2012 09:26am (GMT)
Subject :
When you turn the ignition on the instrument cluster registers that more than one gear is selected,I.e park,reverse,drive or even neutral,drive,1or2. It pleases it self day by day but because of it, it sometimes will not start and you have to put it into neutral. But now it has started were sometimes you can not even get it into neutral and you have to press the release switch to get it out of park. It has also been noted that when you do get it started and you are driving it forward the reverse light comes on and as been know to be on when you are in park, so now I have had to take the bulb out. Has anyone got any ideas or have come across this problem before
edinburgh, midlothian, UK - Fri 17th February 2012 09:58pm (GMT)
Subject : gears
i have a 2002 ford 3ltr auto maveric
i have to pull back and forth the gear select to get it to turn over can any one help with this? i am also lookin for the left hand back fule cap full pannel as well. cam any one help

edinburgh, UK - Fri 17th February 2012 09:21pm (GMT)
Subject : Nissan Terrano Rm3
I have a Nissan Terrano Rm3, and I urgently need to found out what the part numbers are for the wheel bearings. Nissan South Africa are useless and tell me the vehicle is an import and they cant help me... I would sincerely appreciate it if I can get a copy of the rest of the part numbers I may require for the up keep and maintanence of this vehicle.
Douglas Burns
Cape Town, South Africa - Fri 17th February 2012 01:36pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Nissan Terrano Rm3
    Would it be more useful to have the dimensions of the bearings so you can buy Timken, or SKF, or whatever is available in your neck of the woods???
    In fact try phoning a bearing seller and see if he has the world wide listings.

    UK - Mon 20th February 2012 07:23am (GMT)

Subject : vitara fatboy hard/top black
Hi here am looking for stunning black fatboy fully loaded with deep dish alloys and all the bash must be very clean its for my boyfreind and he is looking for stunning one. if anyone can help let me no i live in scotland willing to travel wee bit many many thanks in advance asap .
lauder, UK - Fri 17th February 2012 03:09am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : vitara fatboy hard/top black
    I have Suzuki Vitara fat boy for sale in black (s reg), chrome side steps etc.. the jeep is in immaculate condition inside and out for its age. It has very low mileage 57000 miles, 5 months tax and 2 months mot. It has some service history and has recently had a new radiator fitted and service. £1595, Please contact me for pictures and any further information.

    Lee williams
    workington, cumbria, UK - Thu 15th March 2012 10:08am (GMT)

Subject : back bumper/light
does any one no wer i can get eather a back light or full back bumper with lights in it from for a suzuki vitara jlx 1.6 soft top....
middlesbrough, cleveland, UK - Wed 15th February 2012 11:44pm (GMT)
Subject : rexton ebo
does anyone know what warning light ebo means
jim moran
portsmouth, UK - Wed 15th February 2012 11:02pm (GMT)
Subject : Mechanic
Could somebody help me find 2000 Nissan Pathfinder/ Terrano lefthand drive Dashboard assemble
Sydney, Nsw, Australia - Tue 14th February 2012 08:51pm (GMT)
Subject : Mechanic
Could somebody help me find 2000 Nissan Pathfinder/ Terrano lefthand drive Dashboard assemble
Sydney, Nsw, Australia - Tue 14th February 2012 08:46pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Mechanic
    Can I suggest that you start looking in the USA?

    PS is the problem one where the speedo doesn't work/rev counter doesn't work/ slamming hand on top of dash sometimes makes it work?

    If so. it is known problem, can sometimes be fixed, otherwise another dash and crossed fingers is the only solution

    NZ - Wed 29th February 2012 04:54pm (GMT)

hello, i have a Nissan Terrano II and i want to buy and install DVD/GPS touch screen (6.2 Inch) But the space for the DVD/GPS is (3 Inch).no additional space.can you advice me on what i can do to make it compatible.If i will have to change the dash i will or any other thing i will have to buy to change the patten of my dash so that the DVD can be installed. thanks Derek.

Takoradi, Ghana - Tue 14th February 2012 05:49pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : INSTALLATION OF 6.2
    I have 2000Nissan pathfinder/ Terrano n looking for Complete Dashboard Assemble. If u want to sell ours,kindly let me know
    Prince kobina
    Sydney, NSW, Australia - Tue 14th February 2012 09:01pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : INSTALLATION OF 6.2
    I have 2000Nissan pathfinder/ Terrano n looking for Complete Dashboard Assemble. If u want to sell ours,kindly let me know
    Prince kobina
    Sydney, NSW, Australia - Wed 15th February 2012 07:34pm (GMT)

Subject : Isuzu Rodeo 2006 3.0TDI
I have the above and the door switches on the drivers side have stopped operating all the windows. They all work individually though. also the window lock doesn't work although everything else on the panel works fine. Fuse is ok and power is getting to the panel, I suspect a component on the panel . Any ideas. Thanks
David Fox
Velez Rubio, Almeria, Spain - Tue 14th February 2012 10:35am (GMT)
Subject : help
I have inherited a 98 prado manual landcruiser and dont know anything about them, where can i go please or talk to so i can understand how this dual fuel vehicle operates..and how to get the best performance out of it, noticed it doesnt like hills..and what does quad cam mean? all suggestions very appreciated, maybe a club or something in adelaide
ADELAIDE, S.A., Aust - Mon 13th February 2012 02:54pm (GMT)
Subject : Nissan Terrano
Does a 2.7 litre front prop shaft fit a 3 litre Nissan Terrano?
John Procter
Dumfries, D and G, UK - Mon 13th February 2012 02:37pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Nissan Terrano
    You'd like to think it would, if the other running gear is the same it would make sense. The only way to find out is either get the Nissan Parts man to acknowledge that it is; or to measure one in situ before buying it..take the old one into the wrecker and compare it on the vehicle...
    UK - Thu 01st March 2012 06:45am (GMT)

Subject : sump
can anyone tell me if the oil sump on a 8valve is the same as the 16 valve? cheers fred.
fred theobald
sherborne, dorset, UK - Mon 13th February 2012 10:50am (GMT)
Subject : Daewoo Musso
Hi I have a 1999 Daewoo Musso 2.9td auto and the gearbox seems to have a mind of its own.
The main problem is when it gets t temperature it sticks in 3rd gear but every now and then it will go up into 4 and 5. I have drained the oil and cleaned the filter and put in new oil and still the problem is the same. I was hoping that it might be a common problem therefore easy fix if anyone could give me advice it would be appreciated

Rotherham, South Yorks, UK - Sun 12th February 2012 11:51pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Daewoo Musso
    I now have same problem - did you fix yours ? Regards...
    birmingham, UK - Wed 10th October 2012 11:41pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Daewoo Musso
    Hi I have the same problem and can't get any remedy.please help
    pretoria, thswane, sa - Sun 10th November 2013 03:46pm (GMT)

Subject : back diff noise
hello my hilux was making a really bad nocking noise from the diff i droped the oil and there were little bits of meatal and the drive shaft thing attached to it is bit wobbly i cant drive it. coz it sounds like a rolla coaster have i smashed all my pinon gears and stuff please help kind regards big hk
big HK
perth, wa, austraila - Sun 12th February 2012 12:00am (GMT)
Subject : How to improve air con
I have an ex-UK Nissan Terrano II 2004 2.7TD imported to Mozambique which runs fine but the air con is not uo to the job of the African heat. Is there any advice on upgrading it to deliver a colder air stream? I don't think there's anything wrong with it, it just isn't enough to deal with local conditions here. Any advice very welcome.
gary allport
Maputo, Mozambique - Thu 09th February 2012 07:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : How to improve air con
    Keeping the a/c condenser fins clear for good air flow and a working condenser fan would go a long way in helping the system.Also isolating the heater core,inside the car,by fitting water taps on the two hoses servicing the heater core will get rid of a big heat source in the cabin compartment. You could easily turn them back on in the cold.

    Australia - Thu 09th February 2012 10:30pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : How to improve air con
    Make sure that the refrigerant in the system is the right one, and that it has has the correct amount of liquid plus lubricant.
    I like the idea of isolating the heater matrix with cut off tap valves.
    Perhaps tint the windows of the vehicle to reflect as much heat as possible?

    - UK - Fri 10th February 2012 09:19am (GMT)

Subject : l2oo
high could someone please tell me wat would be the cuase of high cylinder head presure 2 are reading 200 and 2 are reading 5-600 any reply will be welcome thanks
talbotgreen, midglam, UK - Thu 09th February 2012 01:49am (GMT)
Subject : lost keys
Ok people I dont even know if im in the right place but i was wanting to know where i can obtain new keys for my 2004 ssangyong 4x4 yes i lost both of them and i am finding it terribly hard to get a new set as these keys have transpondant chips in them which are programmed to the vehicle and for the love of me i keep running into brick walls as i live in sydney their dont seem to be to many agents/dealers that know much about them..please,please,please can anyone help me.
sydney, nsw, UK - Mon 06th February 2012 09:07am (GMT)
Subject : green light flash on 4x4 select
i can not select 4wheel drive as the green light for central diff lock is flashing. could someone point me in the right place thanx.
mildenhall, suffolk, UK - Sun 05th February 2012 08:58pm (GMT)
  • Subject : green light flash on 4x4 select
    I had this problem but found out what it was.
    On mine it is a broken pipe on the diff lock actuator causing no vacuum to the unit. Check the pipes are intact if this is ok its likely to be a fault with the solenoid under the bonnet. If there is no vacuum the unit will not work and will default into 4wd.

    Steve Gregory
    lincoln, lincs, UK - Wed 04th December 2013 09:43am (GMT)

    • Subject : green light flash on 4x4 select
      i have the same problem 4 wheel light flashing on dash its not in 4 wheel can you put me in direction were are the diff lock actuator and solenoid postioned on the vehicle please
      london, UK - Fri 17th October 2014 09:37am (GMT)

Subject : nissan mistral
Almost same question as last post. How do I put nissan mistral 1994 into 4wd. Cant get hold of owners manual anywhere. Help please.
coventry, west midlands, UK - Sat 04th February 2012 09:25pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : nissan mistral
    Read previous posts. This FAQ keeps popping up every year or so. It has been answered every year or so.
    UK - Sat 04th February 2012 09:37pm (GMT)

Subject : timing chain
hi, can any body help please could any body tell me if it is a timing chain or a belt on my nissan terrano 2.7 tdi n - reg 1995 3 door LX and can any one tell me were i can get a window winding handle for the drivers door, thanks for any help.
wakefield, west yorkshire, UK - Sat 04th February 2012 09:24pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : timing chain
    There is no timing chain or timing belt.
    There is a cog drive from the crankshaft to the camshaft and the injector pump. Then there are push rods up to the overhead rockers which push the valves.
    That is part of the reason these engines last forever if basic maintenance is kept up, e.g. fresh oil and oil filters, refreshed coolant and thermostats.
    There is nothing nasty like belts or timing chains to snap, fray, wear out or adjust.

    Re the handles, a wrecker is the place to look.

    UK - Sat 04th February 2012 09:34pm (GMT)

  • Subject : timing chain
    Just bought a terrano with 89000 miles on the clock,does any 1 no if or when timeing chain needs tightning thanks
    Paul Cullen
    swansea, wales, UK - Wed 11th March 2015 06:36am (GMT)

  • Subject : timing chain
    Just bought a terrano with 89000 miles on the clock,does any 1 no if or when timeing chain needs tightning thanks
    Paul Cullen
    swansea, wales, UK - Wed 11th March 2015 06:38am (GMT)

Subject : 4 wheel drive
how do i put my nissan teranno 2.7 tdi 1995 n-reg in to 4 wheel drive
wakefield, west yorkshire, UK - Sat 04th February 2012 08:17pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : 4 wheel drive
    Look at and read the previous posts. This FAQ occurs each year and is answered each year. For some reason the answer doesn't vary each year. By reading this discussion forum from end to end you will gain a huge amount of knowledge about your Nissan which will stand you in good stead for the future and may save you a large expense or two.
    Before you get into trouble, please go to your local library and read a book or two about 4WDriving.
    Joining a club is also a good idea, and finding a friend or two who also have a 4wd makes sense, because the minimum number of vehicles in a 4wd party should be 2, and at any time 3 is preferred.
    When you get stuck really well, you need two vehicles of the same size to pull you out of mud because the suction effect of mud on the underside of the vehicle triples it's perceived weight, and only one tow vehicle will not budge you.
    Spending decent money on rated tow points properly installed front and rear, KERR (kinetic energy recovery rope), rated shackles, etc etc are wise investments before you touch that 4wd lever.....
    But all these things are discussed in the books.
    Read it and you will be less likely to weep.

    UK - Sat 04th February 2012 09:52pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : 4 wheel drive
      thanks mate for that i have had a lot of 4x4s i have had a pajero, maverick, 2 discoverys, landrover 90, and they all went in to 4 wheel drive first time but this one i have only had for a few weeks now the swon has come i have tryed allsorts to get it in 4 wheel drive but no can any one help please, thanks for your help!
      wakefield, west yorkshire, UK - Sun 05th February 2012 02:58pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : 4 wheel drive
        sorry my spelling is not too good i should have put snow not "swon" any way its the white stuff that makes you slide when you only have 2 wheel drive.
        wakefield, west yorkshire, UK - Sun 05th February 2012 03:03pm (GMT)

        • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : 4 wheel drive
          I presume you have a lever in the cab to select 4WD? And that you have selected either high or low 4WD? and that it does not appear to be working? Therefore there are a few things to check.
          The first would be the linkage under the vehicle to make sure that the lever is actually moving the linkage fully allowing the selection of the gear ratio..some people never use the linkage and it gets so much crud and rust that it seizes up. While you are under there, grab hold of the front driveshaft and twist it by hand, with the ratio selector in 2wd. If the auto hubs are working, you should be able to hear them click in and out when you twist the driveshaft one way then the other. Then put the selector in 4wd hign and try to twist the shaft. If your selector lever is not working you will be able to twist the shaft easily, if your gear selector is working, it will be difficult.
          The next thing is to disassemble the auto locking hubs (which I suspect will be the culprits) and lubricate them or replace them either with another set of auto-locking hubs or manual lockers.
          The autos work fine as long as you exercise them properly about once per month all year round. Unlike Landrovers etc Nissans do not bathe in oil, and these hubs will seize up through lack of exercise as well.
          I hope this helps

          UK - Sun 05th February 2012 09:14pm (GMT)

          • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : 4 wheel drive
            thanks mate i will try to do that when i get some time, ps yes it has a small leaver in the cab and auto free hubs, thanks for the help. andy
            wakefield, west yorkshire, UK - Mon 06th February 2012 01:54pm (GMT)

Subject : cam belt
i have a mitsubishi swb 2.8 pajaro has it got a chain or rubber cam belt
david powell
west bromwich, west midlands, UK - Sat 04th February 2012 01:38pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : cam belt
    hi, if its a 95 and up model its chain driven. A sure way to find out is if there isnt a plastic oval cover on the engine, then it has a chain. hope that help

    sandringham,Auckland, new zealand, Nz - Thu 22nd March 2012 08:23pm (GMT)

Subject : 3.1 DIESEL 2000 G.CH.
Hi All, my heater doesn't seem to give out much heat even when on MAX.I've tried all combinations of AUTO etc.
LEICESTER, LEICESTERSHIRE, UK - Fri 03rd February 2012 01:31am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : 3.1 DIESEL 2000 G.CH.
    Looks like your heater blend doors, common fault on a WJ JGC, check out a company called JGCparts.com, they sell the parts & run video instruction on how to fit them, DO NOT go to a dealer, they will charge you in excess of a grand, and the part WILL fail again.

    Derek Rogerson
    Bolton, Lancs, UK - Sun 26th February 2012 04:14pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : 3.1 DIESEL 2000 G.CH.
    Looks like your heater blend doors, common fault on a WJ JGC, check out a company called JGCparts.com, they sell the parts & run video instruction on how to fit them, DO NOT go to a dealer, they will charge you in excess of a grand, and the part WILL fail again.

    Derek Rogerson
    Bolton, Lancs, UK - Sun 26th February 2012 04:15pm (GMT)

Subject : Isuzu Bighorn 1998 wont start
Isuzu Bighorn starts and cuts . It does not continue raving what could be the problem. The battery is fully charged , have checked and replaced the brushes and still problem persists. Can u help. its a 4 Jx engin

Lusaka, Zambia - Tue 31st January 2012 02:07pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Isuzu Bighorn 1998 wont start
    If your are still having problems, check the voltage on pin 7 of connector 2 on the ECU it needs to be above 1 volt.

    Also check the fuel from the filter to the fuel pump.

    Bris, Australia - Mon 05th March 2012 12:14am (GMT)

Subject : Terrano 2.7
Hi I bought a 2.7 Diesel Terrano last night after covering about 120 miles it suddenly stopped on the motorway I filled it with diesel before I left it has had a new battery fitted and I noticed a lead from the top of the injector pump is disconnected but as the vehicle started and stopped on the key ifigured that it was a heater element or some kind of sensor. The mechanic who recovered the vehicle said it was the stop slonoid and it had probably fallen apart and was blocking fuel in the pump but he couldnt explain why the car stopped on the key with the wire broken.
The car has not been used for almost a year or so the lady I bought it from said. Please help as this is a real pain in the arse I got home at 4am this morning and have spent a lot of money so I need a speedy cheap fix.

Thank you

Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK - Sat 28th January 2012 09:23am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Terrano 2.7
    Let's tackle this logically; you have been told by a mechanic that the wire controlling the stop solenoid on the fuel pump has been disconnected.
    Ergo, the first thing to do is take the stop solenoid out and see if it is in one piece.
    If it has disintegrated and is stopping the injector pump from working (which is what "Stop" solenoids do when they activate, you have found the problem.
    Then you can but a new or second hand stop solenoid, and reconnect it, so that YOU control when the engine stops.
    This is particularly beneficial when accelerating out in front of large lorries at intersections.

    UK - Sun 29th January 2012 01:03pm (GMT)

Subject : isuzu 2.5 td
just sent message about my 2.5 td 04 and put 22miles should 2 miles sorry didnt proof read bad lad cheers
steve g
stonehouse, gloucestershire, UK - Fri 27th January 2012 04:55pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : isuzu 2.5 td
    hi mate if u want to sell plz call me 07852179999
    peterborugh, cambs, UK - Sat 18th February 2012 04:10pm (GMT)

Subject : isuzu 2.5td
I have 04 2.5 td pickup isuzu. start in morning with 3 20sec on key drive 22miles stop it it wont start again had it looked at 2time had new coolant senor plus glow checked only 630 crank on bat help steve
steve g
stonehouse, gloucestershire, UK - Fri 27th January 2012 04:47pm (GMT)
Subject : 1998 petrol 2.3lt Ssangyong
Went through a small pot hole and car stopped dead, with mechanic but he cant seem to solve the problem. Been there dor 3 days!!! anyone any ideas please
Irene Judd
Beith, UK - Fri 27th January 2012 01:32pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : 1998 petrol 2.3lt Ssangyong
    i hope you have got yor problem sorted by now,the mechanic should have checked the fuel shut off switch, it cuts the power to the fuel pump in an accident ,it happened to me just letting it down of a jack!
    london, london, UK - Thu 16th February 2012 11:39pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : 1998 petrol 2.3lt Ssangyong
      Do u no where cut off is mines just died no spark or fuel pump
      cheshire, england, UK - Sat 02nd March 2013 06:44pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : 1998 petrol 2.3lt Ssangyong
    I have a 2000 model ssangyong wagon 3.2 manual and same issue stops dead for no reason . I turnkey off press immoboliser and she starts again. I have experienced jumping out of gear to. otherwise good jigger.
    Garry Luxford
    tooradin, Victoria, australia - Sun 19th February 2012 02:35am (GMT)

Subject : Terrano 2.4i
Can anybody tell me about changing the timing chain and tensioner on my 2.4i petrol, my chain is very slack and rattles on start up ..many thanks
Tim Brooksbank
Murcia, Spain - Wed 25th January 2012 08:37pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Terrano 2.4i
    Are you sure that the cam chain tensioner has not worn out or fallen away from the chain?
    If it has, replacing that will, on it;s own, make a huge difference.
    And it's a lot simpler.
    Otherwise, best thing is to get a service manual..it will answer most questions and provide you with answers that you can study at your leisure.

    Matsuake - Wed 25th January 2012 09:45pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Terrano 2.4i
      Hi Drum thanks for the reply
      I have had the rocker box top off and the chain seems very slack, the chain seems to hit the wear guide easily which would explain the rattly noise. can't seem to see the chain tensioner, is it in view from just taking the rocker top off? It may explain why the chain is so slack as there is no tension being taken up. the chain and top sprocket look in good order. Can you just change the tensioner only without stripping every thing down.
      Its a 1998 128000km and all seems to run ok when hot but will have to sort it sooner than later. Tim

      Tim Brooksbank
      Murcia, Spain - Thu 26th January 2012 08:47am (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Terrano 2.4i





        etc etc etc

        UK - Thu 26th January 2012 09:24am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Terrano 2.4i
      This may or may not be true


      - UK - Thu 26th January 2012 09:27am (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Terrano 2.4i

        Good luck....

        here - Thu 26th January 2012 09:36am (GMT)

        • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Terrano 2.4i
          Hi Drum I have read all the posts and a little confused with all the different type engine models.
          It seems to make sense that the noise goes away after 2-3 seconds as the oil pressure builds and the tensioner takes up the slack can it be as simple as using the wrong oil filter as the below thread sugests, i have just changed the oil and filter (not from main dealer)
          Thanks Tim

          (Nissan made a special oil filter for the Ka24(e) motor that has a special valve which keeps oil pressure to the tensioner so there is no noise at start up. As far as i know there is no other company that makes one besides nissan. Go buy a case of oil filters from nissan for your hardbody and the noise will go away. Some dealer parts really are "just better")

          Spain - Thu 26th January 2012 06:24pm (GMT)

          • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Terrano 2.4i
            Tim, only one simple way to find out.
            Go buy the "right" filter from a Nissan agent, take the old one off, keep it, put the new one one, try it and see.

            UK - Thu 26th January 2012 10:48pm (GMT)

            • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Terrano 2.4i
              Hi Drum
              Will give it a go and let you know, although I would be interested to know if anybody else has come up against using the wrong oil filter, and am I right in thinking that the tensioner is controlled by oil pressure, some non/return valve maintaining that pressure at rest? and can I get at this tensioner without stripping the whole thing down, there seems to be a block of some sorts bolted on the housing looking like it could be in line with the chain on the outside under the distributor could this be connected with the tensioner? or is this the oil pump Thanks for the input I'm sure I will get there in the end.

              Spain - Fri 27th January 2012 10:21am (GMT)

Subject : Delica V6 cuts out when hot
I have a 3.0 v6 petrol auto delica L400 1994 that once hot if the rev's get back close to idle (ie stopping or slow for intersections) it will stall and not start again. Let it cool down (30min or so) and it will start as normal. The engine check light came on when this first happen but no engine check light anymore. Got the codes out and they were for both the crank angle sensor and cam angle senor. I am relucted to replace both due to costs of parts and the fact the engine light no longer comes on. Any suggestions?
- Canterbury, New Zealand - Wed 25th January 2012 12:50am (GMT)
Subject : 4 wheel drive on [green in colour]
recently bought my l200 mits trojan 2001 model.it has a flashing green 4 wheel drive light.there is a queer sound coming from the front right wheel and when you engage into gear number 5 it will appear as if you are using gear number 1 or 2 because the car will be heavy and consuming a lot of diesel.can anyone help
kennedy mushure
luton, beds, UK - Sun 22nd January 2012 05:50pm (GMT)
Subject : Automatic Transmission
I am looking for an Isuzu 4x4 aotomatic transmission with manual transfer case. Imported Frontera's came with such gearboxes. Please, can anyone out there help me???
Walter Hayes
Cape Town, Western cape, South Africa - Sun 22nd January 2012 02:46pm (GMT)
Subject : no throttle
Hi i have a nissan terrano 2.7td 2001, every now and then there is no power/throttle response you just carry on at the same speed but with no throttle. like having no boost. if you switch the ignition off and on again it comes back to life again. i have replaced the air flow meter and electric throttle pedal. i suspect it to be electircal as as soon as you switch it off and on its ok. poss relay??
any thoughts grateful james

james nicholas
cheltenham, UK - Sat 21st January 2012 01:39pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : no throttle
    Subject : accelerator problem
    Hi, I have a Nissan Patrol 2004 3.0l & Im having problems with acceleration, every time I try to accelerate nothing happens & the revs drop down to idle & I then have to switch off & start again. But slow acceleration it seem to be OK sometimes. Im getting error "code 43 accel pos sensor" when diagnostics have been done. we change the accelerator pedal but with no luck. can any on HELP!!
    Birmingham, West Midlands, UK - Sat 12th November 2011 11:49am (GMT)

    Subject : Re : accelerator problem
    the TPS Throttle Position Sensor isnot the accelerator pedal, it'd the rheostat that measures the position of the pedal i.e. how far into the floor you have the pedal.
    You would have to check by testing the resistance of the sensor as you move the pedal...to see if the resistance is an even curve from 0 to full open.
    The clue is that after you turn the engine off then on again, the symptom goes away.
    By turning the ignition off you are "rebooting" the computer.
    When the fault is sensed agai, the computer returns the engine to idle..which is a damn sight better than it going to full throttle, which in a fly by wire system is another alternative.....
    There is a problem, it is electrical.
    very near Botswana, UK - Sat 12th November 2011 03:00pm (GMT)
    Subject : Re : Re : accelerator problem


    UK - Sat 12th November 2011 03:10pm (GMT)
    Subject : Re : Re : accelerator problem
    Hi thanks for all your help. Its was an electrical problem(a broken wire), everything is work fine now.
    birmingham, west midlands, UK - Fri 18th November 2011 08:41pm (GMT)

    Upper Congo - Sat 21st January 2012 08:06pm (GMT)

Subject : won't go into 4WD
Can anyone tell me why my 91 auto suzuki vitara Won't go into 4WD. It has been sitting around for about 2 years.

Thanks Chris

murwillumbah, NSW, Australia - Fri 20th January 2012 03:42pm (GMT)
  • Subject : won't go into 4WD
    hi have you tried going into reverse then trying ?.
    some time`s this work`s.
    regards Richard

    Loughton, Essex, UK - Sat 26th October 2013 12:16pm (GMT)

  • Subject : won't go into 4WD
    Mine is a 2007 and had same problem. found i had to drive it on grass before would move into 4x4. Hope this helps.
    - UK - Tue 03rd March 2015 12:16pm (GMT)

Subject : height difference
Are suzuki fatboys lower in clearance height than the normal jx's? I ask as Im about to buy a vitara but dont want one I cant get chunky mud tyres on! cheers
nottingham, notts, UK - Fri 20th January 2012 01:31pm (GMT)
Subject : Fuel temp sensor
Hi all, I have a ford ranger 2002 and after loads of searching for someone who has the right diagnostic plug, I have finally been told that my fault causing the glow plug (management) light to flash is the fuel temperature sensor. Anyone know where it is located? Thanks.
- Kent, UK - Thu 19th January 2012 07:46pm (GMT)
Subject :
hi can anyone help me i have a frontera 2001 it has always turned over slowly but just last week a little bit of smoke came out of the bonnet before it started so i turne it of and tried it the next day it started but yesterday went to start it and nothing batery is not flat can anyone help me please
daventry, northants, UK - Tue 17th January 2012 07:01pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re
    sounds to me like the starter motor as burnt out to me
    wrexham, clwyd, UK - Sun 19th February 2012 08:21pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re
      thanks mate sorted my starter motor u was rite also do u no were my diesel fuel filter is as i have t change it lent it to my mate the other day and he put petrol in it dicked a thanks
      daventry, UK - Tue 21st February 2012 06:41pm (GMT)

Subject : Door Regulators
Please advise how can I obtain door regulators for all the four (4)doors for RB 20 Model Nissan Mistral,7 passenger van -Automatic vehicle ,4x4
Mohan Sharma
Suva, Fiji, Fiji - Tue 17th January 2012 10:14am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Door Regulators
    Use the internet to find car wreckers in any other country.Contact them by email. Arrange payment the way they want it paid. Receive goods in the mail.
    Lower Congo - Wed 18th January 2012 09:44pm (GMT)

Subject : Fumes
I have a 3.2 V6 Shogun SWB. After driving 25 miles my chest gets tight and throat gets sore. The blowers are on recycle and are off. I cannot smell any thing however, when driving and I put the window down and back up immediately I can smell fumes. Could these be Comming in from the rear??

Does anyone have any ideas?

Glasgow, Scotland, UK - Sun 15th January 2012 06:54pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Fumes
    head a back accident
    UK - Thu 29th March 2012 10:06pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Fumes
    Could be an evaporator leak. I had to change the O rings in mine, or an exhaust leak making into the cabin
    Kingston, Jamaica, UK - Sun 23rd November 2014 01:46pm (GMT)

Subject : electrical problem
i have a dihatsui fourtrak 2.8 td 1996 the binicle lights flicker when driving and the stereo goes on and off has anyone else had this problem if so how did you cure it
glen daniels
ipswich, suffolk, UK - Sun 15th January 2012 02:35pm (GMT)
Subject : electrical problem
i have a dihatsui fourtrak 2.8 td 1996 the binicle lights flicker when driving and the stereo goes on and off has anyone else had this problem if so how did you cure it
glen daniels
ipswich, suffolk, UK - Sun 15th January 2012 02:34pm (GMT)
Subject : water in foot well
I have a Suzuki Grand Vitara on an 08 plate, it has suddenly sprung a water leak and the passenger side foot wells (front and rear) are soaking!! Has anyone had this problem and if so what may have caused it?? Thank you.
Bridgend, glamorgan, UK - Sun 15th January 2012 12:12am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : water in foot well
    Was it raining around the time the water came in? if so check the guttering under bonnet for blockages ie leafs and moss i had this prob b4 and that was the cause.
    Ray Beckett
    peterborough, UK - Fri 17th February 2012 02:17pm (GMT)

Subject : New 4x4
Hello, I'm upgrading from a ford focus to a 4x4 - any advice for a newbie?
Stoke, Staffordshire, UK - Thu 12th January 2012 09:38am (GMT)
Subject : CR-V ABS sensors chewed
Does anyone have any experience or advice for stopping foxes chewing through ABS speed sensor cables? I've had three replaced in the last three weeks at a cost of £220 each,and a fourth seems to have been chewed thru last night. Local Honda garage tell me it's not uncommon, so wondered if anyone has found a way of preventing foxes doing this? It's parked in driveway overnight. Thanks.
Surbiton, Surrey, UK - Sat 10th December 2011 02:41pm (GMT)
Subject : airlock troubleshooting in isuzu bighorn
car cant start after experiencing airlock
Geoffrey Matutu
Lusaka, Zambia, Zambia - Fri 09th December 2011 08:06am (GMT)
Subject : Sorento diesel auto
I have a 2004 Sorento 5 speed auto diesel. 70,000 miles. Drives fine, but occassionally "dips" out of gear when driving, like having no power, then catches again, or I flick it to tiptronic to catch. Any ideas?
Forfar, Angus, UK - Wed 07th December 2011 10:52am (GMT)
Subject : jeep
my mitsubishi shogun equippe 3.5 di-d won't go when it is hot but it will start when cold
omagh, tyrone, UK - Tue 06th December 2011 09:57pm (GMT)
Subject : jeep
my mitsubishi shogun equippe did only won't go when hot but it will go when cold
omagh, tyrone, UK - Tue 06th December 2011 09:50pm (GMT)
  • Subject : jeep
    Probably got a duff injector but if it smells a bit exhaust fumey then injector seats hop this helps
    Gosport, Hants, UK - Sat 15th November 2014 10:21pm (GMT)

Subject : Diesel fumes CRV
Hi we have a CRV diesel 0n 1 57 plate, we have been experiencing deisel fumes when the air-con is on - when stopping, and manoevering. When we originally bought the car secondand the fuel pump when immediately within a few mile. Under warranty the pump was replaced with a recon, since then it has been replaced twice again with recons as they were leaking on the seal. The pump is not leaking now apparently (had it checked again) and the smell remains, we have changed the cab filter and had the engine cleaned down where it was leaking, has anyone else had a similar problem or can comment on what maybe causing the fumes?
hailsham, east sussex, UK - Tue 06th December 2011 04:04pm (GMT)
Subject : ladascan
hi all i have been trying to find somewhere to purchase the ladascan diagnostic equipment and im having no luck at all can anyone tell me wheree i can get one?
newcastle upon tyne, tyne and wear, UK - Mon 05th December 2011 05:16pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : ladascan
    Hi! If you still looking for a ladascaner, here a link to a pdf-file but it's in Russian. I believe they can send it for you.
    and here an internet shop:
    Good luck.

    Moscow, Russia - Wed 22nd February 2012 05:29pm (GMT)

Subject : fog light
hi all,does anyone have any suggestions why my fog lights on my 2001 diesel grand vitara dont work,checked the fuse,bulb and bought a new switch but still no fog lights.......HELP !!!!!!
stuart richardson
dunmow, essex, UK - Sat 03rd December 2011 05:37pm (GMT)
  • Subject : fog light
    hi check your live side first ? best bet is your ground connection is not very good.
    regards Richard

    loughton, Essex , UK - Sat 26th October 2013 12:23pm (GMT)

Subject : oil
Which engine oil should I use in my 1999 jeep grand cherokee 2.7 crd ?
colin finlay
glenrothes, fife, UK - Wed 30th November 2011 02:17am (GMT)
Subject : lugging at low RPM 1500
Hello everyone, my maverick 97 manual, 2.7 diesel is lugging at low RPM, i'd say from 1300 to 1700. in any gear. but if i make a full pedal then its not a much notable. at and after 2000 RPM all works OK, i'd not say, lack of power out of 125 hp it has. i read almost all the page and searched by diff words but cant find very similar situation to it. please reply if any thoughts. fuel filters both main and bango i understand but have not done it yet. i suspect it can be MAF or anything else at very low loads. yes at very low loads. please keep in mind. this lugging happens when i want to surf not run. thank you in advance
Tbilisi, Georgia - Wed 30th November 2011 01:58am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : lugging at low RPM 1500
    Change the fuel filter, clean the banjo filter,change the air filter, check for air leaks in tubing leading to and from air filter, turbo etc.
    Angola - Wed 30th November 2011 06:06pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : lugging at low RPM 1500
      thank you for prompt reply. i checked today all except of the fuel filters. i wonder the banjo bolt and filter in it is seen from top view, just under the power steering pump? is that one? hard to access.
      i still cant understand logically why on low load it is lugging and under heavy load all wokrs OK. hope to find a solution. thank you for your thoughts.

      tbilisi, Georgia - Wed 30th November 2011 09:42pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : lugging at low RPM 1500
        I would also think that you might have a fuel flow problem and the engine only gets the required fuel to run properly under heavy acceleration. That banjo bolt is under the power steering pump and if that mesh filter is blocked-up it would be causing you grief. I would also look at the breather in the fuel tank cap which assists the fuel flow towards the engine.
        Just a couple of thoughts and i hope they help you.
        Good luck

        Australia - Wed 30th November 2011 11:53pm (GMT)

        • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : lugging at low RPM 1500
          thank you Bill, with the tank breather easiest to do,so i'll try immediately but for banjo filter i'll take time. we have here all snow, surprisingly in November.
          my car was runing in Holland all before and I suppose with cleanness of diesel should not be problems there(cause my frined owned it there) but here in Georgia we still have sulfur ppm quite high, far than any Euro 2,4,5. so i wonder if i put some diesel cleaner with 10 gal of diesel, can i damage anything? won't it be worst? any experience with that, good or bad?
          thank you in advance. Levan

          Tbilisi, Georgia - Thu 01st December 2011 07:27am (GMT)

          • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : lugging at low RPM 1500
            I haven't tried diesel cleaners in the past but i always flushed my fuel lines and tanks everytime i had diesel flow problems. Chances are the strainer in that banjo bolt needs attention since that is the end of the low pressure fuel circuit before it enters the injection pump. Conversely your fuel filter might be clogging up as well affecting your fuel flow towards the pump.

            Australia - Thu 01st December 2011 09:24pm (GMT)

            • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : lugging at low RPM 1500
              thank you Bill,i'm all reading and checking. already confused a lot as I found out this fuel pump is governed by ECU, it is COVEC-F by ZEXEL_Bosch, in this cases crankshaft sensor can also be as writen. I'll plug tomorrow car chip in OBD port and will find if any signals.although no CHECK light yet, it was a few days ago and went out in about 10 minutes. with our technicians i'm so afraid dont want to go to the repair shop and i'm waiting to find time to reach that banjo filter and change main fuel filter too.will continue investigating so lets see... if i keep that car, i hope this knoledge will be useful in the future, i'm so pesimistic, but i thought it was not ECU controlled!!! are before 97 models also ECU controlled? anyone knows about it. in the worst case in the future cant i put just a mechanic fuel pump without any ECU.still nobody cares for any emissions in my country, at least thats positive.thanks to everyone.will update on progress.
              Tbilisi, Georgia - Thu 01st December 2011 09:37pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : lugging at low RPM 1500
      Hi Levan: I've had both the crankshaft and maf sensor out for cleaning and they react positively to the maintenance but as you said any electronic hiccup will light up the engine check light. As for the engine being able to be reverted back to conventional injection I'm not sure wether it would be an economically viable option since it would require modifying too many systems and you would probably loose out on some performance in the process. In my personal experience however I've found that the electronic management for my '97 terrano has been more reliable than I ever expected it to be, without a single problem in 5 years of hard driving,only requiring some maf sensor cleaning but the engine will let you know when it needs it.

      - Australia - Fri 02nd December 2011 03:04am (GMT)

Subject :

Tbilisi, Georgia - Wed 30th November 2011 01:46am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re :
    Clean the gauze filter at the fuel pump.
    Put in a new normal fuel filter.
    Cut the old one apart and look for black bits i.e. algae coming through from the fuel tank, as the change from low sulfur to high sulfur fuel may have killed off the algae growing on the walls of the tank, and the filters may be full of dead algae...

    Sudan - Sat 03rd December 2011 05:47pm (GMT)

Subject : nissan terrano erratic tickover
hello got a 2005 terrano 2.7 diesel that has very erratic tickover. On stopping engine often sits between 1200 and 1500 rpm, sometimes it drops to about 800 rpm after varying times, sometimes it does not drop, other times it settles straight at 800 rpm. When braking with the gears say on descent the engines suddenly revs often sitting at 2000 rpm.
Has any one else experienced this and / or any ideas what the cause might be and how to fix? Worried with winter coming up as could be dangerous

simon miles
newport, torfaen, UK - Sun 27th November 2011 09:09pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : nissan terrano erratic tickover
    Try cleaning the earthing points on the chassis and the engine block so the electricity can flow through without a resistance from dirt, oil or rust.
    This is a known problem with this model.
    A quick check would be to string a 10 amp wire between a clean point on the engine block and an earth point on the chassis, see if this makes a difference???

    UK - Tue 29th November 2011 05:08am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : nissan terrano erratic tickover
      thanks did as you suggested and big improvement
      simon miles
      newport, torfaen, UK - Sat 03rd December 2011 07:38pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : nissan terrano erratic tickover
        OK, so now clean every last earthing point, coat in copper grease so that corrosion cannot rear it's ugly head again.
        If you have any doubts about the earthing straps being internally corroded etc, replace them with new.
        Electrickery demands a smooth passage there and back!!!

        UK - Sun 04th December 2011 10:03am (GMT)

Subject : Immobiliser
Can anyone tell me what immobiliser is fitted to the Musso SER 2.9 diesel 1997?
Insurance company need to know
Thank you

Marie Nicoll
Abington, Scotland, UK - Fri 25th November 2011 12:02am (GMT)
Subject : Navara
Can gearbox oil in the transfer box ruin the transfer box my Nissan dealer says it needs a new one plus switches and seals if so how much should I expect to be charged
Surbiton, Surrey, UK - Thu 24th November 2011 09:53pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Navara
    How "ruined" is it?
    How long did you have the incorrect grade of fluid in the transfer box? What symptoms did it display towards "the end" when you obviously noticed something wrong, and took it to the dealer?
    Have you consulted for a second opinion?
    Go to a gearbox reconditioner, don't say what the dealer told you, let the man analyse the problem for himself.. Listen to what he says, then make up your own mind as to what does and does not need reconditioning/replacement.
    Depending the age of your vehicle it may be cheaper to buy a second hand transfer box in good condition and bolt it in, rather than overhaul a "ruined" one???
    It's your money and your vehicle, get a second opinion. Dealerships are sometimes called "stealerships" in the US of A; and for good reason!

    UK - Fri 25th November 2011 08:41am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Navara
      They are saying gearbox oil has overheated and basically melted everything
      It just wouldn't engage 4x4 no noise no nothing

      UK - Fri 25th November 2011 11:08am (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Navara
        As above, see an expert.
        Vehicle is still mobile, second opinion should be easy to get???
        What type of oil did you have in there????

        UK - Sat 26th November 2011 08:42am (GMT)

Subject : Maverick speed control
Hi I wonder if anyone can help? I have just brought a 2003 Maverick,V6 3000, and the speed control does not work.
The dash board light comes on if the "set acc" button is pressed and goes out if "stop" is pressed,but there is no reaction from any other button or any sign of the speed control activating.
Vic Midlands UK

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK - Sun 20th November 2011 10:36am (GMT)
Subject : WANTED!
i am after a vitara jlx 1.6 cash waiting in cardiff must have tax & mot
cardiff, wales, UK - Sat 19th November 2011 07:51pm (GMT)
Subject : ford ranger
hi can any one help i have a 51reg ford ranger the glow plug light came on so i changed them it started first time next morn went to start wouldnt start turns over but not firing but when some one jump starts it it fires n starts
somerset, UK - Sat 19th November 2011 11:34am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : ford ranger
    test your battery, could have a weak cell and not cranking fast enough
    UK - Sun 05th February 2012 02:48pm (GMT)

Subject : Rav 4 clutch
I'm trying to get a rough idea how much it will cost to replace the clutch in my 2004 reg Toyota Rav4 2ltr petrol and find out on average how long it takes to do?
Oxford, Oxford, UK - Fri 18th November 2011 09:06pm (GMT)
Subject : 1986 4x4 diffrentials
My truck has regular diff's and want to know what is needed to change them to limited slip
- Tn., USA - Thu 17th November 2011 07:23pm (GMT)
Subject : heater control
will the heater control unit off a n reg terrano petrol model fit my 2.7 tdi model m reg please dam thing dont work
david robert kerslake
hull, east yorkshire, UK - Thu 17th November 2011 06:40pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : heater control
    Go to a Nissan dealer.
    Ask nicely:
    "Dear Mr Parts man, could you look up the parts number for the module for my truck, then look up the part number for that other truck, and can you tell me, are they the same?"

    If the answer is "yes", ask sweetly: "And how much of a mortgage on my first- born will I need to take out to buy this wonderful part?"
    and you will know a fair price to pay for it as well.
    Merry Christmas!

    UK - Fri 25th November 2011 08:46am (GMT)

Subject : heater control

david robert kerslake
hull, east yorkshire, UK - Thu 17th November 2011 06:37pm (GMT)
Subject : Terrano 2 /2.4 SE spark plugs
Hi i recently purchased a 1996 2.4SE Terrano 2. Went to local diy motor shop to get plugs , took out old ones and they are about 10 mm shorter than new ones.old ones are champion plugs and have been on champion web site to find they are specified for vehicle . new ones are bosch and the motor spares shop and others on the net inc (euro car parts)say that the bosch ones are correct,so really not sure who is right and not willing to chance sticking a hole in top of piston engine is KAV24 E
hope someone could shed light on this, thanks in advance. Rob

taunton, somerset, UK - Wed 16th November 2011 10:57pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Terrano 2 /2.4 SE spark plugs
    Why would you even think of putting Bosch plugs in a Japanese vehicle?

    Try this site.


    Put in the information

    Answer I get is:

    Results and Information
    Production Year
    Engine Size
    Not Specified
    Engine Type
    Additional Info
    Not Applicable
    Standard Gap (mm)

    Standard Part (may be Copper, Platinum or OEM Iridium)

    Part Number



    I have never been let down by NGK and use them in all my engines.

    Botswana - Thu 17th November 2011 08:39am (GMT)

Subject : number plate light
Hi all, I am in need of a number plate light for my 1997 Shogun intercooler 2800. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
Many thanks in advance

Colin Peet
Southport, Merseyside, UK - Wed 16th November 2011 08:11pm (GMT)
Subject : grand cherokee 3.1 wont turn over battery ok
i have a 2000 3.1td electrics all work battrey ok plug heater working but when turn final click to start nothing not even click, no flicker of guages just nothing anyone that can help
paul jones
birmingham, west midlands, UK - Wed 16th November 2011 06:06pm (GMT)
  • Subject : grand cherokee 3.1 wont turn over battery ok
    Take it to mainly mercs and ask for goose his mate had a few and he was always under them he will put it right for a fraction of cost when you can book em

    UK - Fri 02nd January 2015 01:32pm (GMT)

Subject : terano nats
justgot terano to use as a off roaderwent out in it and hit a rock with back diff and stop left it overnight and it strated fisrt time but day before would not start peolpe are saying its the nats and to take it out so how hard would it be to do thank steven
aspatria, cumbria, UK - Wed 16th November 2011 02:19pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : terano nats

    Is this the Nissan Anti Theft System?
    How did this have anything to do with you hitting a rock and the engine not starting?
    Is it the petrol or the diesel engine?
    Please explain?

    Lower Zimbabwe - Thu 17th November 2011 08:44am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : terano nats
      it is the 2.7 tdi hit back diff when off roading i thought i had stall it but it would not start evry thing was fine people that was with us said that the nats system must have cut out the engine but could not find the ecu also the nats is nissan anti theft sytem
      aspatria, cumbria, UK - Thu 17th November 2011 02:01pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : terano nats
        The ignition key is an integral part of the security system, when the battery inside the key is low in charge the whole system will work erratically. Have your key checked out while it has a bit of power left in it, they can even reproduce them rather cheaply so long as there is power in the key.
        NSW, Australia - Thu 17th November 2011 08:05pm (GMT)

        • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : terano nats
          thanks for repleybut key does not have a battery in battery is in a seprate forb people are saying the knock cut the security system in to cut off mode so need to take it out is this a hard job
          aspatria, cumbria, UK - Fri 18th November 2011 06:46am (GMT)

          • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : terano nats
            Off roading/4wd'ing does not usually involve hitting dumb rocks.
            Mostly dumb rocks don't move, and it hurts your vehicle.
            This may be the way your vehicle is telling you.."Don't do that again!!"
            Suggest you take the vehicle's advice.
            Or pick on softer rocks...

            Upper Maldives - Fri 18th November 2011 08:56am (GMT)

            • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : terano nats
              why have a 4x4 and not use it for off roading its like haveing a drum a not hitting it
              aspatria, cumbria, UK - Fri 18th November 2011 03:31pm (GMT)

              • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : terano nats
                The objective of off-roading is to get you, the vehicle, and it's passengers from point A to Point B safely.
                Your Terrano is not designed to smash rocks.
                Rocks are to be avoided.
                Remember, as a child, playing "Snakes and Ladders"?
                Regard the rocks as snakes, and you'll get the idea behind this concept.
                If you insist you want to disable the NATS, suggest it may take an expert, perhaps at a Nissan dealer, as the usual efforts are directed at making it work.
                P.S. The rocks will win, every time!

                UK - Sun 20th November 2011 12:53am (GMT)

Subject : fuel pump
mk1 2.7 i had the white smoke problem 4 months ago,did what it said on the forum..with brill results..However i lost the small filter so ran it without..i now have the same problem again does anyone know of a simple way to clean the pump out..
stoke on trent, staffordshire, UK - Wed 16th November 2011 12:41pm (GMT)
Subject : r50 lift
Looking at replacing rear springs on r50 terrano as old ones are stuffed . Have come across full set of front and rear springs but they are a 2 inch lift set . Would these be ok with the origional rear shocks and front struts ?
Any thoughts ??

ashburton, nz - Wed 16th November 2011 05:40am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : r50 lift
    Steve, your old springs are stuffed..but are the 2 inch lift set replacements brand new or slightly worn?
    If slightly worn they may droop back to original specs fairly quickly???
    If it doesn't cost too much, it may be worth a crack...since you have to replace the springs anyway????

    Christchurch - Wed 16th November 2011 08:33am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : r50 lift
      They were fitted to his truck then taken off because his truck would not fit in the garage any more . He is after $350 for the set . Not really after the lift but need to do something as back end is on the bump stops with kids and a bit of gear in thr boot ( kids not in the boot ).
      ashburton, nz - Wed 16th November 2011 09:00am (GMT)

Subject : 4wd
I put my 1983 Nissian in 4wd and went forward about 15 feet and it felt like i was putting on the break but i wasen't!It cam to a stop i back up about 3 feet and went forward again about the same distance and it stop again.I dont'know if it is in the front hubs or the tranfercase any ideals i would be happy to hear them.Thanks
HoneyGrove, Tx, USA - Tue 15th November 2011 07:31pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : 4wd
    Just an idea but sometimes people change diff centers for another one with a different ratio only on the rear, and leave the front one original causing both diffs to clash when in all wheel drive.
    Good luck.

    NSW, Australia - Tue 15th November 2011 08:26pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : 4wd
    I wonder if you are turning rather tight with the front hubs locked in as that will put a lot of strain on the drive train and give that feeling of brakes being on.If so then try it with the steering straight ahead.cheers.
    Cheshunt, Vic., Australia - Wed 16th November 2011 05:16am (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : 4wd
    What type of surface were you on when you engaged four wheel drive?
    Was it a high grip surface such as a dry tarmac road, or a slippery surface like it should always be when engaging 4wd?
    and as above, did you have all the wheels pointing in a straight line?
    You are locking the front and rear diffs together, and can "wind up" the geartrain and drivetrain to the point of breaking if the surface is not slippery...

    - Botswana - Wed 16th November 2011 08:30am (GMT)

Subject : 94 mistral gas consumption
Hey there. I recently bought a 94 nissan mistral 2.7l turbo diesel. The gas consumption seems to be alot lower then I had anticipated. My last tank I got 496km - 67.89 litres of disel. Roughly working out to 17 mpg. Is that right? The man that sold it said he got 30mpg on the thing ...

Im not very mechanical but I did have a buddy look the engine over and neither I or him could find any obvious leaks or anything.

Anyways any imput and or ideas as to what the problem could be would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tim.

Vernon, BC, Canada - Mon 14th November 2011 08:55pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : 94 mistral gas consumption
    Hello: my car is a '97 Terrano same engine as yours and also intercooled. I happen to get roughly the same mileage out of mine but i have noticed it uses a lot more fuel on highway driving than it does around the city. I wish it had a taller final drive ratio to help it bring the cruising engine speed down a bit when keeping up with traffic. But overall it is a terrific little engine that will go forever and will get you everywhere reliably without asking you for much in return, just the most basic maintenance.

    NSW, Australia - Tue 15th November 2011 03:39am (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : 94 mistral gas consumption
    Replace your air filter and your fuel filter and try again.
    What speeds are you cruising at?

    - Botswana - Tue 15th November 2011 08:34am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : 94 mistral gas consumption
      Hey, got a 2 week old fuel filter air filter. I havent done yet, mostly highway driving roughly between 80-100 km/h.

      I did notice my tires were a little low and also noticed the hubs were locked in.

      Going to do an oil change and an air filter I suppose.

      Thanks for the replys, Tim.

      Vernon, BC, Canada - Tue 15th November 2011 10:21pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : 94 mistral gas consumption
        Locked in hubs will definitely impact your fuel mileage since you are spinning two axles, a diff and a drive shaft for no good reason at all.
        Air filters can make a heap of difference, but also check the integrity of all air ducting to and from the filter.
        Your cruising speed is what most of us do for maximum economy.

        NZ - Wed 16th November 2011 08:38am (GMT)

        • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : 94 mistral gas consumption
          PS Pump those tyres up to at least 34 psi cold all round if highway cruising; drop them down for serious off road.
          Don't forget, tyres lose one pound per square inch pressure per month whether you drive on them or let them sit doing nothing.

          NZ - Wed 16th November 2011 08:41am (GMT)

          • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : 94 mistral gas consumption
            Thanks for the advice everyone, going to swap out the oil and air filter this week maybe even the air filter on the turbo. Hoping it all adds to some better mileage. Was really hoping to get a little closer to 25 mpg out of it. Especially with the price of diesel going up here lately.

            Thanks for the imput everyone.

            UK - Wed 16th November 2011 09:52pm (GMT)

Subject : winter tyres
what are a good choice of winter tyres for my 3door grand vitara. (2010 model)


- UK - Mon 14th November 2011 07:02pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : winter tyres
    Good question, I have been looking at different 4x4s through summer to see what tyres other people use. My daughter has a 2008 Suzuki grand vitara 3 door and living in Buxton good winter tyres are essential. It seems that BF Goodrich All Terrain ATKO tyres are quite popular. Hope this helps regards John
    John Fletcher
    New Mills, Derbyshire, UK - Sun 27th November 2011 06:57pm (GMT)

Subject : Engine Control Module
Where can I get an ECM for a 1991 Toyota Hilux Surf diesel 3.0.
SILVER SPRING, maryland, Usa - Mon 14th November 2011 02:44pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Engine Control Module
    hi if you still looking ecm for surf i can give you number for parts which i us his name is mike good luck o7866oo3437
    steve clifford
    newport, south wales, UK - Thu 26th January 2012 08:50pm (GMT)

Subject : Warning Lamp
I have a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2001 XL7.
I have just had a warning? lamp light (orange) up in the shape of I think a transmission. My local garage managed to switch it off using his electronics machine, but, it has come on again. Anyone know what this is and warn me of potential damage if I continue to drive the car. He is talking about a complete system renewal - I smell big money if he does that. HELP

Brian Graham
Ulstrup, Denmark - Mon 14th November 2011 01:11pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re :mis fair
    sometime accelareteb buy it own
    aux cap, seychelles - Wed 30th November 2011 01:03pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : Warning Lamp
    does the picture on the warning light look like a square funnel with small dots coming out of it?? If so, it means you need to clear the exhaust system by driving the car for at least 20 minutes at a constant 55mph. If this is the light that is on at the moment it will go off once the system has cleaned itself. It normally comes on if you don't do much mileage ie: short trips at low speed.
    Bridgend, glamorgan, UK - Sun 15th January 2012 12:18am (GMT)

Subject : Satnav / SD Card Questions
Hi all

I changed my 2006 Dodge Caliber SXT for a 2010 CRV last weekend and although I’m very impressed so far, I’ve got a few questions which I can’t make out from the vehicle manual and the previous owner didn’t have the SatNav / stereo manual. Any help would be most gratefully appreciated!

I’ve paired my Blackberry with the stereo and imported my contacts so I can use the phone from the car. Can I link contacts’ addresses in my address book to the Satnav in a similar way, instead of having to look at my phone for the address and typing it into the Satnav?

How do you play music on an SD card? I’ve inserted the card behind the head unit but I can’t see how the stereo looks for the SD card. I’ve gone through the ‘Source’ options but it just doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

Many thanks in advance!

John Wright
Nottingham, Nottingham, UK - Mon 14th November 2011 11:53am (GMT)
Subject : Nissan Terrano Clutch
Nissan Terrano 2.7 SE (5 door - 1997)
Last night, whilst driving home, when I started pushing in the clutch, I heard a squeaking noise and then the clutch started feeling 'looser'. It has no give now and is only taking right at the end of the foot-well. When I finally got home, the clutch is only just taking - right at the end and is struggling to allow me to go into first gear. Is this a problem with the clutch master cylinder or do you think the whole clutch is knackered?

James Bagnall
Plymouth, Devon, UK - Sun 13th November 2011 01:12pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Nissan Terrano Clutch
    What level is the fluid in the clutch master cylinder?
    Crawl under and look at the rubber boot on the clutch slave cylinder, is it leaking fluid?
    May need a refurbishment or a new slave cylinder?
    If you are going to keep the vehicle for years more, have the cylinder bored oversize and a seamless stainless steel sleeve inserted, no more corrosion damage.
    Have someone depress the clutch while you look at the lever movement..does it move as far as it should?
    Try bleeding the slave cylinder as you would a brake cylinder.
    If that is all done with no improvement, then you have a clutch problem.

    - Mon 14th November 2011 09:28am (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : Nissan Terrano Clutch
    "I think the biggest reason it is so hard to bleed the clutch system is because the bleeder valve is not higher than the incoming fluid line. Gravity bleeding will work to clear the clutch line of air, but there will be a bubble left in the slave cylinder. What I found that works is to simply unbolt the slave cylinder and hold it such in a way that the bleeder valve is at the highest point, relative to the incoming line. Holding it this way, the air bubble in the cylinder will naturally float up and out by gravity, e.g. the slave will fill up from the bottom and push the air out the top. Since gravity is doing all the work, this is a one man job. When the air bubbles stop, close the bleeder and attach the slave to the bell housing."
    - UK - Wed 16th November 2011 10:26am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Nissan Terrano Clutch
      Thanks for the advice fellas - I checked fluid levels and set about to bleed the lines and slave cylinder - didn't take long, but a bit of a fidget under the chassis. It really bubbled as I was bleeding leaving me to believe there was a good amount of air in the system. It all seems to be good now, so thanks for the advice.
      James Bagnall
      Plymouth, Devon, UK - Wed 16th November 2011 12:56pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Nissan Terrano Clutch
        Hate to "burst your bubble" but ask yourself "how did that air get in those closed lines?"
        The answer usually is "through leaking rubber seals on the slave cylinder, caused by the rusting slave cylinder wall rubbing away at the seals and wearing a hole big enough for air to get in"
        Sooner, rather than later, you'll have to overhaul or replace the slave cylinder..just replacing the rubber seals will not work, they will just be torn apart by the rust spots once again.

        Lower Zambesi - Fri 18th November 2011 01:37pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Nissan Terrano Clutch
        make sure theres no air in the clutch damper mate.this is a pipe that runs from the clutch slave cylinder "block" and travels all the way down the drivers side of the chassis.theres a bleed nipple at the end of it.this is very often over looked when diagnosing clutch hydraulic faults.
        preston, lancs, UK - Fri 25th November 2011 12:10pm (GMT)

        • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Nissan Terrano Clutch
          another thing with terrano clutch pedal faults is the plastic bush wearing through on the pedal pivot.what used to be a reolacement pedal is now just a bush.roughly £8 from your dealer.5 mins to change it too!!!removes all the slack from the pedal and makes for better and smoother clutch control.use a small amount of general purpose grease on re-assembly.
          preston, UK - Fri 25th November 2011 12:16pm (GMT)

          • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Nissan Terrano Clutch
            Hi I have been trying to buy this plastic bush and nissans say they only supply complete assembly do you know anywhere i can buy just the bush
            Steve Peacock
            Ferndown, Dorset, UK - Mon 21st January 2013 12:11pm (GMT)

Subject : accelerator problem
Hi, I have a Nissan Patrol 2004 3.0l & Im having problems with acceleration, every time I try to accelerate nothing happens & the revs drop down to idle & I then have to switch off & start again. But slow acceleration it seem to be OK sometimes. Im getting error "code 43 accel pos sensor" when diagnostics have been done. we change the accelerator pedal but with no luck. can any on HELP!!
Birmingham, West Midlands, UK - Sat 12th November 2011 11:49am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : accelerator problem
    the TPS Throttle Position Sensor isnot the accelerator pedal, it'd the rheostat that measures the position of the pedal i.e. how far into the floor you have the pedal.
    You would have to check by testing the resistance of the sensor as you move the pedal...to see if the resistance is an even curve from 0 to full open.
    The clue is that after you turn the engine off then on again, the symptom goes away.
    By turning the ignition off you are "rebooting" the computer.
    When the fault is sensed agai, the computer returns the engine to idle..which is a damn sight better than it going to full throttle, which in a fly by wire system is another alternative.....
    There is a problem, it is electrical.

    very near Botswana, UK - Sat 12th November 2011 03:00pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : accelerator problem


      UK - Sat 12th November 2011 03:10pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : accelerator problem
      Hi thanks for all your help. Its was an electrical problem(a broken wire), everything is work fine now.
      birmingham, west midlands, UK - Fri 18th November 2011 08:41pm (GMT)

Subject : electric windows
hi can anyone help,i have a ford maverick 1994 2.7td both pasenger & rear electric windows do not work ,but the drivers side does work ???
steve davies
new radnor, powys, UK - Fri 11th November 2011 05:55pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : electric windows
    Have you checked the wiring in the console main control? Could it be a broken or bad earth? if you do find out please let me know because mine have gone extremely slow & haven't had chance to look yet. thanks sean
    eastwood, nottingham, UK - Fri 02nd March 2012 08:26pm (GMT)

Subject : Looking for a new diesel engine for Vauxhall Brava
Hello I am looking for a replacement diesel engine for my Vauxhall Brava 4x4. I assume an ex-Frontera or Isuzu Trooper or Isuzu pickup engine would also "fit". Does anyone have one for sale? Please?
Richard Benjamin
Norwich, Norfolk, UK - Thu 10th November 2011 08:50am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Looking for a new diesel engine for Vauxhall Brava
    hi i have a 99 frontera engine 2.2 dti it has 91k on it. it runs spot on and has had a compression test before being removed readings were 450 bar. i have a video of it running if you would like to see it. it comes with a fuel pump and turbo. let me know if your interested. regards nick
    nick mchugh
    anglesey, gwynedd, UK - Sat 19th November 2011 06:02pm (GMT)

Subject : 2010 Ssangyong Actyon - Clutch Pressure Problem
We have 2010 Ssangyong Actyon, it's done 15,000kms and we have already got a clutch pressure problem. The vehicle will go into gear before you start the vehicle, but when you start the vehicle to pressure in the clutch pedal drops off and gets stuck to the floor..
Auckland, New Zealand, NZ - Wed 09th November 2011 11:50pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 2010 Ssangyong Actyon - Clutch Pressure Problem
    I have a 2009 ssangyong actyong sports.i have never been off road or towed a caravan or boat and the cluctch and flywheel required replacement after 71000klm.ssangyong would not cover under warranty i am not happy has anyone else had such problems
    peter cain
    warragul, victoria, australia - Wed 06th June 2012 03:52am (GMT)

    • Subject : 2010 Ssangyong Actyon - Clutch Pressure Problem
      Hi, I had exactly the same problem with my actyon after 65000 km. I am now having a problem where the car has put itself into safety mode meaning the engine light is on. has anyone else had this problem and can they tell me what is the cause and how to fix?
      Clybucca, NSW, Aust - Wed 05th December 2012 09:27am (GMT)

      • Subject : 2010 Ssangyong Actyon - Clutch Pressure Problem
        fault lights ,glow plug lights staying on and or limp mode happening.. stop vehicle.turn off motor.open then close driver door wait 30 seconds start car and drive.may have to try 2 or 3 times..or.try disconecting battery leave for 1/2 hour to remove fault codes.warning follow manual instructions to disconnect battery,you will other wise do damage ...when car cranks but not start, remove fuse panel cover beside driver door, run hand firmily over all fuses relays etc. this got me going couple times.. remember at about 4 years the gears inside throttle body start to collapse.(this can be inspected visually) car goes into limp mode continuosly (vacuum module sensor can also do same problem)from what i read mechanics will start changing parts unneciserily,wen its only power supply problem
        v brizzi
        cheshunt, viv, australia - Wed 19th December 2012 10:47am (GMT)

Subject : 3.0 Sump
can anyone say if the sump from a 2.7 terrano will fit a 3.0ltr sport
Rob Lewis
Merthyr, mid glam, UK - Tue 08th November 2011 09:13pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : 3.0 Sump
    My thought would be to ring the good old helpful Nissan dealer closest to you and ask him for the part numbers for the two sumps and see if they are the same.
    Don't give up If the numbers are not the same, ask if the sumps are by chance, identical.
    Good luck..

    Sussex - Sun 04th December 2011 10:10am (GMT)

Subject : Honda CRV Towball
I have a Witter towbar for sale taken off my 06 CRV 2.2 EX
Detachable with twin electrics,
Fiting instructions and all bolts + brackets.

Ian Carver
Mansfield, Notts, UK - Sun 06th November 2011 06:13pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Honda CRV Towball
    Hi - is this still for sale? Is it a CR-V specific wiring kit?

    Thanks - Paul

    Paul Clive
    Worcester, UK - Mon 23rd January 2012 01:59pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Honda CRV Towball
      Hi ,
      Yes i still have to tow ball ,
      I have all the bolts and brackets required to install the hardware and fitting instructions.
      You may need some help with the twin electrics as i do not have the fitting instructions.
      I have the twin sockets and the wires but no relay.

      Ian Carver
      Mansfield, Notts, UK - Mon 23rd January 2012 06:23pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Honda CRV Towball
        OK - Would you take £80 plus carriage to WR6 6RU? I would be happy to pay you by paypal directly.

        Thanks - Paul

        Paul Clive
        Worcester, UK - Mon 23rd January 2012 11:35pm (GMT)

        • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Honda CRV Towball
          Hi Paul
          yes that would be ok
          I will find the postage cost and contact you.
          If the cost ok with you consider it yours.

          Ian Carver
          Mansfield , Notts, UK - Tue 24th January 2012 08:10am (GMT)

          • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Honda CRV Towball
            OK Ian - get back to me with the carriage cost. My email address is paul@ followed by paulclive followed by .com. Sorry - just trying to avoid email harvesters!
            Paul Clive
            Stanford Bridge, Worcester, UK - Tue 24th January 2012 09:13am (GMT)

            • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Honda CRV Towball
              Hi Paul ,
              UPS Best price i have found is £53.00.
              I have £48 from a private courier,
              I have £38.00 from another private courier.

              Hope this helps,

              Ian Carver
              Mansfield, Notts, UK - Tue 24th January 2012 08:49pm (GMT)

Subject : off road parts for monterey
We are preparing a Monterey for Africa and there seem to be very few parts available for this vehicle. We are looking for a metal front bumper with winch support/snorkel/diesel prefilter/sump protector. Anyone have an idea about sourcing this kit? Thanks, Christo, France.

MANOT, FRANCE - Sun 06th November 2011 02:43pm (GMT)
Subject : Strange sound
I have a five year old Suzuki Vitara which gets a lot of wear. Over the last week it has developed an intermittent metallic grating sound behind the left rear wheel. Wondered if it could be the shockabsorber. I know next to nothing about cars so would really appreciate an answer.
Julia Jones
Derby, Derbyshire, UK - Sun 06th November 2011 02:10pm (GMT)
Subject : vitara front wings
hi there need some help just picked up a 96 lwb vitara it needs osf wing replaced are the swb wings the same as lwb?

glasgow, UK - Sun 06th November 2011 11:07am (GMT)
Subject : 5 4x4 alloys with tyres
Hi i have 5 alloys that were on my Brava pickup they all have tyres 4 are perelli scorpio and on is a goodrich brand new the others have been used,
the alloys are from a mitsubishi
lokking for around £100 but open to offers

South stoke, UK - Sat 05th November 2011 01:58pm (GMT)
Subject : 5 pajero alloys
Hi i have 5 alloys they all have tyres 4 are perelli scorpio and on is a goodrich brand new the others have been used,
the alloys are from a pajero 15"
looking for around £100 but open to offers

South stoke, UK - Sat 05th November 2011 01:57pm (GMT)
Subject : 5 4x4 alloys with tyres
Hi i have 5 alloys that were on my Brava pickup they all have tyres 4 are perelli scorpio and on is a goodrich brand new the others have been used,
the alloys are from a mitsubishi
lokking for around £100 but open to offers

South stoke, UK - Sat 05th November 2011 01:55pm (GMT)
Subject : Installing block heater 94 mistral
Hello, I recently purchased a 94 nissan mistral 2.7L turbo diesel. I live in colder climates then it came from and was thinking of putting on a block heater. The mechanic I spoke too said I may have to order the part from the dealer. Wondering if thats the case or if I can put in one from a 94 pathfinder or something similar?

Im really pretty clueless when it comes to repairs. Any options or advice would be appreciated.

Also wondering if anyone knows where to check the transmission fluid?

Vernon, BC, Canada - Fri 04th November 2011 09:25pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Installing block heater 94 mistral
    Your mechanic may well be right, especially if he is the one who will be fitting it! you could ask parts suppliers if they have a block heater for the Mistral???

    The fluid level for the auto is found at the end of the transmission dipstick, which is near the firewall.
    Google how to read the levels on the stick, and what procedure you must undertake before you can assess the level accurately.

    Christchurch, NZ - Mon 07th November 2011 08:59am (GMT)

Subject : ford mavrick
I have a ford mavrick 95 plate its a 2.7d. the problem with it is that it wont go over 1500rpm. when i plug it in to engine management it is coming up with a code of 43. i cant seem to find anything out bout this 43 code. Can anyone help me please.
swansea, wales, UK - Fri 04th November 2011 12:52pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : ford mavrick
    i will try and help you on this problem with the revs i had this problem and it is easy to fix this but hard to explain. there is a banjo bolt on the engine block just bellow the power steering pump you will see a brass pipe and the bolt take out the battery undo the power steering belt this will make it easy to get to the 14m banjo bolt take bolt out and you will see a spring remove the spring then you will need a small hook to dig out the little filter its quite deep but it is in there. this is the problem clean it and replace. hope this helps.
    London, UK - Sun 06th November 2011 11:24am (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : ford mavrick
    join http://www.nissan4x4ownersclub.com/
    they have very helpfull pages as to where and how to remove and clean banjo filter ive just done mine as i hsad same prooblem
    cheers dean

    milton keynes, bucks, UK - Fri 11th November 2011 08:31pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : ford mavrick
    There is a fine gauze inside the fuel pipe union on the fuel pump,from the top, remove the banjo nut and put in a bent thin wire or welding rod and lift the gauze out (carefully not upsetting the copper washers. Discard or blow out gauze, it will not look choked but it will be. refit banjo nut - 4500rpm again.
    Aberdeenshire, UK - Mon 14th November 2011 08:32pm (GMT)

Subject : " wood " dashboard kits
Has anyone here ever fitted on of these plastic " wood " dashboard kits on their Vitara and how good was it? Anyone know where I can get one for a 2006 Grand Vitara?
Livingston, West Lothian, UK - Thu 03rd November 2011 11:19pm (GMT)
Subject : 52 ford maverick indicators
When using left indicator the front does not work and the side and rear flash at three times the speed. Any ideas on what is causing it. And how do you access to change the front indicator bulb. the manual says you have to go to a ford dealer... surely not
edinburgh, UK - Thu 03rd November 2011 09:58pm (GMT)
Subject : Indicators
I have a P reg Terrano and there seems to be a problem with the indicators. They keep randomly blowing 10 amp fuses yet the hazards and the alarm activation stll flash. The backs of the indicators are exposed to the eliments on both sides at the front so wondering if water has got into them somehow but it still doesnt explain why only the indicators do not work. Any Ideas gratfully recieved
stephen carter
chatham, kent, UK - Thu 03rd November 2011 04:01am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Indicators
    Do you have a trailer plug wired in?
    Check that very carefully.
    Any chance it could be short-circuiting intermittently? (flying round in the breeze, broken wires, stripped insulation where it enters the car body through a steel-lined hole instead of a rubber grommet?

    here, Botswana - Thu 03rd November 2011 07:36am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Indicators
      It does have a tow bar and electrics. It looks like my weekend will be spent going over the car with a fine tooth comb. Thank you for the advice
      stephen carter
      chatham, kent, UK - Fri 04th November 2011 04:30pm (GMT)

Subject :
Hi on my 2003 l200 yesterday the 4wd indication light started flashing,it drives fine but what does it mean and why?

South stoke, UK - Tue 01st November 2011 11:34am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re :
    the problem you have,Is the sensors on the top of the gearbox.1Has failed There are 5 sensors.Change them all.Change them one at a time.Make sure you dont mix them up or you will have one hell of a job,getting them back to normal positions.The wires are culor coeded.so take care.They are located on the top off the box.Bit of a tight place but can be done .good luck.
    Cardiff, Wales, UK - Tue 17th January 2012 04:51pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re :
      A take it u dont know much bout l200 jus wanted to put this on for any one else it is a vacum solinod nower near box or hole or split in vac pipe also on front diff they a rubber boot pull it back and cheak the diff pin isnt stuvk greese it aswel do a search google u wil find everthing there

      pools, UK - Tue 30th July 2013 03:59am (GMT)

Subject : Toyota Transmission
I have a 92 SR5 4WD that will not go into 4 wheel drive. The lights do not come on. I took it to a repair shop and they told me that the control box that mounts under the dash had lost its ground. They could not find a wiring diagram that matched and could not fix. Anyone know which wire is the ground or where I can find a correct wiring diagram? Help is appreciated.
Idaho Falls, ID, USA - Mon 31st October 2011 06:42pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Toyota Transmission
    I have the same problem. Would love it if you find out please let me know.
    Auckland, New Zealand - Sat 05th November 2011 02:07am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Toyota Transmission
      try this site may have wiring diagram you need http://www.toyotasurf.asn.au/techsite/downloads.htm

      good luck

      Australia - Tue 15th November 2011 11:26pm (GMT)

Subject : Bushes
Is it possible to replace terrano shock absorber bushes rather than the whole unit, and if so what are the called, as I've searched high and low on different names and still can't find them
St leonards, East sussex, UK - Mon 31st October 2011 01:48pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Bushes
    yes, but if your bushes are slogged out, so are your shocks.
    Ergo, get new shocks ands the bushes come free!

    UK - Tue 01st November 2011 06:27pm (GMT)

Subject : fuel pump, nissan terrano 11
can someone give me details on the location, and testing, of the fuel pump on my 2.4 petrol, nissan terrano 11, 1998. Thanking you, Gerry Wilson
gerry wilson
pinoso, alicante, spain - Mon 31st October 2011 11:06am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : fuel pump, nissan terrano 11
    the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank. First port of call for testing would be at the fuel pump fuse and relay.

    newcastle, nsw, Australia - Wed 02nd November 2011 03:01am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : fuel pump, nissan terrano 11
      thank you so much, tried the relay switch first and ¨bingo¨- regards, Gerry
      gerry wilson
      pinoso, alicante, spain - Wed 02nd November 2011 05:46pm (GMT)

Subject : Kyron, engine shutting down in driwing
Can somebody help me out. I have Kyron Disel 1998 cc year 2007. The engine can shut down when driving and the company that sells Kyron where I live does not find out what is a matter. This has been going on since i got the car new in 2007.
Helgi Kristofersson
Reykjavík, Iceland, Iceland - Sun 30th October 2011 08:37pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Kyron, engine shutting down in driwing
    Try replacing the camshaft sensor. My engine went dead in a middle of a traffic jam, Had that replaced and it's been running fine for the last 3months.
    SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR, MY - Tue 11th June 2013 09:47am (GMT)

Subject : steering falt???
I have a ford maverick 2.7td 1994 when jacked up i am able to move the wheel left and right (a fair bit) there is no movement up and down is this right or do i need to replace the bushes?
andrew stainton
norwich, norfolk, UK - Sun 30th October 2011 03:53pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : steering falt???
    yep bushes, and clicking or clunking and its always bushes, any up down cliks its the same
    keighley, west yorks, UK - Sun 30th October 2011 07:46pm (GMT)

Subject : terrano rear wheel locked
I have a 1996 nissan terrano 2.7 deisel, whilst driving it gave the impression that the rear break had locked on managed to get it home but the rear wheel wont turn freely when out of gear and when going into reverse it seems as if the rear break has jammed on solid any ideas, please
carola james
st johns, UK - Sun 30th October 2011 10:31am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : terrano rear wheel locked
    Bleed the two back brakes. If after bleeding, they both turn freely, but after another application of braking they jam on again, suspect thast the hoses have degraded internally and are forming "non return valves" therefore allowing pressure on but no fluid return???.

    UK - Tue 01st November 2011 06:30pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : terrano rear wheel locked
      rear wheel jamming on can sometimes be linked to a leaking hub seal.rear axle oil gets inside the brake drum and contaminates the brake linings.this actually causes sticking of the brake shoes to the drum.also check that the shoe retaining springs and pins are in good order.if the drums are hard to remove just use two bolts in the holes provided to ease the drum off.
      preston, UK - Fri 25th November 2011 12:24pm (GMT)

Subject : oil problem
my L reg vitara is what i think is burning oil, i filled it up and about 2weeks later it was empty. what would cause this and is there anyway to fix this? o and is there anyone with a removable hardtop for sale?

exeter, devon, UK - Sat 29th October 2011 05:38pm (GMT)
Subject : Satnav/dvd player
I have recently bought a 2004 CR-V EX premier. I cannot find out how to play a dvd. The screen keeps telling me I have a disc error. The sat nav works fine. Read the manual many times still no joy.Is it a button I am not pressing? Any advice welcome!
Worcestershire, UK - Fri 28th October 2011 04:10pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Satnav/dvd player
    Hi there I think you may be confused as to what your unit will play I have also crv ex 2008 with sat nav but the disc that the unit takes is a cdrom only as this has all the information for your sat nav i am not aware that it will play dvd discs
    ken davidson
    elgin, moray, UK - Tue 01st November 2011 09:20pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Satnav/dvd player
      I have screens mounted in the rear of the front head rests and remote head phones in the pockets. The crv premier is often advertised as having rear dvd entertainment. I am still confused as to where the dvd disc is supposed to be put. Thanks for your advice but I still need help!
      Worcestershire, UK - Tue 01st November 2011 10:33pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Satnav/dvd player
        I think Ken is right. The slot labelled DVD below the CD slot is only for the CD Rom for the sat nav, not for playing normal DVDs. You will need to connect your headrest screens to a seperate DVD player.
        N Johnston
        Fife, UK - Wed 07th December 2011 11:39am (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : Satnav/dvd player
    Hi there I think you may be confused as to what your unit will play I have also crv ex 2008 with sat nav but the disc that the unit takes is a cdrom only as this has all the information for your sat nav i am not aware that it will play dvd discs
    ken davidson
    elgin, moray, UK - Tue 01st November 2011 09:20pm (GMT)

Subject : ABS Pick up sensor
I have a Ford Maverick 2.7 TD GLS 97. Can someone tell me if i can use a Nissan Terrano ABS Pick up sensor as Ford say they can no longer get this part
P Sheridan
Rothley, Leicestershire, UK - Wed 26th October 2011 10:40pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : ABS Pick up sensor
    i think yes, its the same car except for a badge?
    keighley, west yorks, UK - Sat 29th October 2011 08:08pm (GMT)

Subject : mitsubishi l2oo animal
my l2oo has a ralliart chip and it seems to constantly serge unless i hammer it could this be to do with chip or something else, help please.
frances strong
dawlish, devon, UK - Tue 25th October 2011 08:38pm (GMT)
Subject : seatbelt retraction
hi all just bought a terrano 11 the drivers seatbelt is fully extended and will not retract any suggestions please
buxton, derbyshire, UK - Tue 25th October 2011 07:39pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : seatbelt retraction
    Consider this:
    What would happen if the seatbelt failed when you really, really needed it to work?
    Take the seatbelt out.
    Throw it away.
    Replace it.
    Simple job unscrewing two bolts.
    Life saved: your own, your wife's, child, friend?

    under Botswana - Tue 25th October 2011 08:44pm (GMT)

Subject : Honda HR-V noise from rear
Hi I am new here, but thought I would give it a try, My beloved HRv has developed like a metal knocking coming from the right hand side rear, it sounds like metal knocking metal, have recently changed the diff fluid, but was doign it before then. please if any one has any ideas thanks
pontypridd, RCT, UK - Tue 25th October 2011 07:32pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Honda HR-V noise from rear
    Hi I have the same problem on my 2000reg, does not appear to be altering performance, taken it to garage but can't find anything what is causing it. If you find out what it is perhaps you can let me know
    brian hebditch
    Romney Marsh, Kent, UK - Thu 05th February 2015 12:15pm (GMT)

Subject : Rear window grill
Does anyone know where/if I can get a rear window grill to fit my maverick(02) so I can leave the window open for the dogs?
Dominic Taylor
WEST WICKHAM, Kent, UK - Tue 25th October 2011 05:34pm (GMT)
Subject : frontera judder
hi,i have a 51 reg frontera 2.2 petrol,i am getting a lot of judder when i accelerate,the other problem i have is that my speedo wont work i have replaced the sensor but its still the same,can anyone advise me about these problems,thanks Danny
danny mckee
liverpool, UK - Tue 25th October 2011 02:59pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : frontera judder
    hi Danny i`m having more or less the same prob ,, sometimes on starting she will only run for 2 seconds then cut out ,,,does eventually start though,,,i`ve have found that the speedo starts to work when i put the dipped beam on !!
    HULL, UK - Sun 30th October 2011 03:03pm (GMT)

  • Subject : frontera judder
    i cant't help you with the judder but i can tell you the problem with your speedo,it is the wiring on the back of the dash on the printed circuit that is breaking down or has gone, mine has been like that since i got it, my dash works when you flick the sidelights on and off apart from the rev counter that only works when side lights are on, hope that helps out on that. max
    leeds, west yorks, UK - Wed 03rd October 2012 05:54pm (GMT)

Subject : Slow Mistral
Dear all,
I have a Nissan Mistral (yr 1998 diesel- intercolled). It's a japan inport and it's the same a the terrano II.
The car is very slow between 0 - 2000 rpm. What could be the problem ???
Thank you in advance,
Regards, Prem

Premj Jaddoe
paramaribo, Suriname, Suriname - Sun 23rd October 2011 11:11am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Slow Mistral
    How long has it taken to get as slow as it is now?
    Was the deterioration in performance overnight, or over months?
    If over months, try replacing your fuel filter ASAP.
    If overnight, have a look at all the turbo hoses and check for leaks/splits.
    Do those things forst, then see what you find.
    And read this site from end to end, especially re fuelling isses, accelerator pump, No.1 injector lift sensor etc.

    Christchurch, NZ - Mon 24th October 2011 07:16am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Slow Mistral
      Thanks for the advice.
      Prem jaddoe
      Suriname, Paramaribo, Suriname - Mon 24th October 2011 11:57am (GMT)

  • Subject : Slow Mistral
    I have just fixed the very same issue on my 1996 P Reg Mistral.
    Where the engine air intake meets the air filter there is a sensor bolted to the air filter cylindrical housing. This is the mass air flow sensor, mine had a square 'Hitachi' electrical connection box on the top.
    I got mine here after a lot of searching


    Cut and paste into your browser.

    Leeds, Yorkshire, UK - Sun 02nd December 2012 01:06am (GMT)

Subject : isuzu tf warning lamp
97 isuzu tf crewcab.handbrake warning light flashes when brake pedal is pressed,brake fluid is fine,brakes dont work aswell as they did,before problem
kev mabey
wootton, isle of wight, UK - Thu 20th October 2011 11:52am (GMT)
Subject : LF front grill
need front grill that encompasses dual circular head lamps on a 93/94 maverick
keighley, west yorks, UK - Tue 18th October 2011 06:10pm (GMT)
Subject : maverick wont start
i bought a new battery it turns over but wont catch, any ideas what it could be, should i just bite the bullet and call a mechanic >.
keighley, west yorks, UK - Tue 18th October 2011 11:52am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : maverick wont start
    forgot to saw its a SWB 2.4l 1993/4 model
    keighley, west yorks, UK - Tue 18th October 2011 11:53am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : maverick wont start
      Fixed it, it was the fuse on the fuel pump
      keighley, west yorks, UK - Tue 18th October 2011 05:24pm (GMT)

Subject : trooper cooling
I have a izuzu 3.1 td and when starting from cold the cooling fan is running, is this a fault or normal ?
dave smith
sheffield, s43, UK - Tue 18th October 2011 11:07am (GMT)
Subject : maverick water pump?
Hi, I think that the water pump on my maverick is on its way out, can anyone tell me the telltale signs pls. thanks sean
nottingham, UK - Mon 17th October 2011 07:27pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : maverick water pump?
    loss of water, also check at the pump for sins of leakage.
    this is a very common problem on 2.7 TD and TDI I have a pdf how to change it if any good

    redditch, worcs, UK - Sun 23rd October 2011 07:53am (GMT)

Subject : Fuel tank removal Terrano 2
Recently acquired a 1996 Terrano 2, Fuel lines blocked at tank. Tank nearly down and blockage cured but need to clean tank outand seem totally unable to disconnect filler neck. Seem to think that it should come out complete with filler but can't see how. Any ideas gratefully received
David Winsland
St Christophe du Ligneron, France - Fri 14th October 2011 02:16pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Fuel tank removal Terrano 2
    If you have removed the blockage and flushed out the tank as best possible, why not leave the tank in the vehicle and use algae killer in your next 5 tankfuls of fuel, keeping an eye on the fuel filter for contamination as the crud dies and comes through the system?
    Christchurch, NZ - Mon 24th October 2011 06:56am (GMT)

Subject : ssangyong musso
I have a 2.9 diesel ssangyong musso breaking engine & gearbox still in the jeep
paul price
merthyr tydfil, mid glam, UK - Fri 14th October 2011 12:51pm (GMT)
Subject : 1995 Isuzu Bighorn
Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a workshop manual for the above vehicle. Im needing to put the Cv joint back together. Cheers.

Dunedin, NZ - Mon 10th October 2011 09:16am (GMT)
Mtubatuba, KZN, South Africa - Sun 09th October 2011 02:55pm (GMT)
Subject : mitsi 4m40
hi i have a mitsubishi 4m40 2.8 td engine and i need to know the brake horse power of this engine can anyone help me thanks
john bedford
frome, somerset, UK - Sat 08th October 2011 05:24pm (GMT)
Subject : y61 transmission
2002 patrol with td42t and auto transmission will only engage top gear when doing over 1ookms does not kick down and if slow down will not not drop down gear until complete stop and when releasing from 1st to 2nd does not want to do it easily and will do it with a big jerk just had service done fuel pump and injectors done i think its the throttle control sensor any other feed back would be highly appreciated
nadi, fiji - Thu 06th October 2011 12:30am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : y61 transmission
    See the earlier email below re the problems with 1-2 shifts plus lock up being a problem with crap in the valve body inside the transmission.
    Change the fluid and filter in the trans, flush the whole trans out, this would be the cheapest and first thing to do before taking out the valve body and having it cleaned.

    Christchurch, NZ - Thu 06th October 2011 03:34pm (GMT)

Subject : WATER PUMP
NAVAN, MEATH, IRELAND - Wed 05th October 2011 03:11pm (GMT)
Subject : clutch
hi can anyone tell me if i have to take the full gearbox out my suzuki ingis 4x4 to put in a new clutch or is there another way thanks
jimmy c
harthill, northlanarkshire, UK - Wed 05th October 2011 10:55am (GMT)
  • Subject : clutch
    sorry mate it`s a drop out job, best price a had was £400 including part`s
    on my 2.0 T/D 2001

    loughton, Essex, UK - Sat 26th October 2013 12:35pm (GMT)

Subject : Rear lights
Can someone confirm which the rear lights are on the Mistral please (sorry, blond female!) I have bumper lights which come on as tail lights and indicators - are the high level ones on the side supposed to be tail lights or just brake lights with the lower part blanked??
Exeter, Devon, UK - Tue 04th October 2011 09:43am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Rear lights
    See your friendly local MOT tester and ask him if the lights as they presently are configured have been configured in that way in order to meet local lighting regulations.
    Some countries do not allow the use of more than one set of rear indicator or brake lights unless they are within a certain distance of each other.

    I think you will find that applies in this case...

    Botswana - Tue 04th October 2011 09:54am (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : Rear lights
    My '97 Terrano is the same. Bumper lights are tail lights,reverse lights and blinkers. High level lights are only brake lights as well as the one in the rear window.

    Bombo, NSW - Wed 05th October 2011 01:19am (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Mistral Overdrive
Hi, have finally joined the 4x4 crowd and bought a Nissan Mistral 1995 2.7diesel for towing the horsebox. Can someone please explain in plain english what the overdrive is for and when to use it please? The man I bought it from said to leave it on permenantly but doesnt seem to go as well with it on and I've no idea what it actually does?? Also how do you remove the back row of seats? And where is the fuse box please - the right hand side of my dashboard doesnt light up and I/m not sure if its the fuse or the bulb (clock not on either?)
Exeter, Devon, UK - Tue 04th October 2011 07:46am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Nissan Mistral Overdrive
    A simple explanation of the overdrive unit: It is gears 4 and 5 if you had a manual transmission.

    At with a warmed up engine in D at 60kmh click the button to take the O/D off.
    The light on the dash will say (O/D off).
    You are now in third gear, slow down and you will go to 2 and then 1.
    Stop and then restart and it will change from 1 to 2 to 3.
    Now at about 60 kmh flick the overdrive in.
    You will feel hear a change in the engine note as the lockup on the torque converter goes to 4th gear where it is almost but not quite locked up i.e. it is slipping and generating heat in the auto trans; then you will hear the engine note drop, the rev counter will go down by 2 to 3 hundred revs, and you will be in 5th (locked up) top gear.
    If you are going to tow a horsebox around, please get an auxilliary transmission cooler fitted in front of the radiator and feed the auto trans output fluid through that and back through the bottom cooler already in the radiator.
    Heat is the enemy of auto transmissions.

    Ergo, leave the O/D in when driving normally, but flick the O/D OUT when towing; remember it slips trying to get to 5th gear lockup.
    Slipping creates heat; heat destroys transmissions.

    80kmh in 3rd gear equates to around 3000 revs and that engine will cope with that all day and night. Sounds noisy but it's not a problem.

    P.S. I do hope that your horsebox has it's own braking system as well???

    Your dashboard lights on one side..that probably means the bulbs are blown on the other side...nothing to do with fuses.You will need to have the dash removed to get to the bulbs to replace them. replace them all, you can even put LEDs in which theoretically will never break down and give much better illumination.

    Have a look at where your seats meet the floor, usually nuts and bolts hold them in, and undoing them releases the seats so you can take them out.

    Have a read of this site, take your time, and learn a bit about the vehicle before you get into trouble.

    Botswana - Tue 04th October 2011 09:50am (GMT)

Subject :
i have inherited a 1990 nissan terrano rm3 turbo diesel, it is factory fitted with 2 batteries i cannot read words on the switches on the console to my left next to handbrake lever anyone know what they do? is one of them for primary and secondary battery charging ? any reply appreiated
dave m
- australia - Mon 03rd October 2011 07:29am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Switches
    Without seeing a photo no one would know what those switches do.
    Even then, who knows, They may have been rejigged to do anything!
    What happens when you switch them on and off?
    Usually dual battery setups are wired to automatically charge the batteries without the driver having to do anything.
    Look for a VSR (voltage sensitive relay)
    somewhere nearby the batteries, or connected to both the alternator and the batteries??

    Christchurch, NZ - Mon 03rd October 2011 10:07am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Switches
      Thanks for reply John ok found one is for on and off road suspension and seems to work,the 2nd is not connected, 3rd has 3 positions left on,center off, right on, all wires have been rejoined so many times (different colours of course) i cant trace em ,miles of multicoloured spaghetti,checked alt output and get around 14v charge on both batts dont matter what position the switch is in. put in a new primary batt on right hand side and its charging fine now. maybe was just the battery buggered no probs starting now
      dave m
      qld, australia - Tue 04th October 2011 09:56am (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Switches
        That suspension switch probably used to work, softening/hardening up the shock absorbers (all four of them) by changing the valving internally.
        If they are still original, replace them ASAP as they will be as useful as a 20 year old piece of string at controlling "the bounce" in your suspension.
        (More bounce to the ounce, more slam to the gram!!)
        Replace your sway bar bushes with Nolathane units and cornering becomes more accurate as well.

        Christchurch, NZ - Tue 04th October 2011 10:26am (GMT)

  • Subject : Re :
    Take your terrano is an import . Northern japanese terranos came out with 2 batteries because of the colder conditions for cranking the engine . Because the batteries are a bit smaller than the single battery models if one packs up it will struggle to start on one . You are best to replace both batteries at the same time if you can but with the price of them its bloody expensive .


    ashburton, nz - Wed 05th October 2011 09:16am (GMT)

Subject : l200 56 plate, smoke
i have a l200 trojan, which smokes alot when towing, it has a chip from a warrior fitted to it, we were told that blanking the egr valve would stop this smoke and it has helped a bit. ive noticed that the turbo roars up until 2700rpm after that it goes quiet and the smoke get really intense, any ideas?

ceredigion, llandysul, UK - Sun 02nd October 2011 10:04pm (GMT)
Subject : ditching EGR/AIW for offroad use of 89' D21 Nissan truck
I need advice from anyone on how to ditch all emission control crap from my 1989 D21 Nissan truck with a VG30I V-6. Trying to clean up the engine compartment and get rid of all the crap I don't need. Please help! thanks, uga82grad
Ft. Benning, GA/USA, USA - Sun 02nd October 2011 08:55pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : ditching EGR/AIW for offroad use of 89' D21 Nissan truck
    Have a look at the sites dealing specifically with the Pathfinder in the USA.
    Frankly, I don't like your chances of making the stock engine work very well without all that gear.
    The ECU needs sensor info to operate; take away the sensors, vacuum tubes, EGR etc and the ECU won't know whether to laugh or cry.
    Nor will you.
    If you have to ask how to do it, don't do it????

    lower Botswana - Mon 03rd October 2011 10:12am (GMT)

Subject : Terrano 1
I own a 1988 Nisan Terrano 1 with TD 27 engine , when i go to drive on dunes , it do not feel me that it is a powerful car , i would like to switch engine with a 6 cyl one from Nissan .Advice me which engine would fit in my car ?
Cairo, Egypt, Egypt - Sun 02nd October 2011 11:17am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Terrano 1
    The Terrano does not have a very powerful engine; but it can usually get to where it needs to go without breaking down or getting stuck.

    It will not be worthwhile putting any other engine in the Terrano; sell the Terrano and buy a Nissan Patrol.

    Be prepared for more expenses in ordinary driving on the road.

    near Botswana - Sun 02nd October 2011 06:24pm (GMT)

Subject : land cruiser jump badly
Hello.I want to know about land cruiser suspension.My car is jumping badly when drive in city road.Please answer me.Thank you.
hla wai
mandalay, mandalay, myanmar - Sun 02nd October 2011 08:39am (GMT)
Subject : Nissan Terrano
G'day all, I have a problem with a Nissan Terrano 1995 Pathfinder. The rev counter occasionally dies and when it does it drops the auto transmission down a gear it only happen when in tope gear. Any suggestions? Thanks
Dunedin, NZ - Sat 01st October 2011 09:18pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Nissan Terrano
    If you read down a few entries you will see the answer to this, it is a FAQ.
    Repair or replace the instrument cluster.

    Christchurch, NZ - Sun 02nd October 2011 04:00am (GMT)

Subject : ECU ROM Idle RPM Adjustment
Hello All,
While this is not a question directly related to a 4 x 4 forum, it is about a power unit used in that environment. I would appreciate any help or references from the community.

I have fitted a 1998 Nissan 2.8 Litre, 6 cylinder Intercooled Turbo Diesel engine to a Jaguar saloon. The unit is in and operating OK. (V. tight fit with all the heat exchangers and pre-lube system)
The problem is that the idle speed is 850 RPM, which is too fast for the autobox ('creep') I need to reduce the speed to about 500 / 550 RPM. However, because this is an electronically controlled unit, there is no simple mechanical method of achieving this, that I know of.
It seems that access to and editing the ECU ROM is the only way that the required speed can be achieved.
I have looked at various tuning software packages, like say ConZult, but this allows temporary editing only. (The standard Nissan Consult system can not even do this) If the PC/laptop running the software is left connected, then it would do the business, but that isn't practical. Most of the tuning sites I have visited relate to extracting greater performance from the relevant power units and in any event they don't seem to cover this particular engine. As far as I can see the only option is to modify the ECU by adding a 'Daughter Board' (PCB) to the relevant microcontroller and plug in a replacement 'chip' and then reprogram the 'chip' using a full blown tuning software suite.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the most economical / practical way of getting the result I need.

Kind Regards to All,

John T.

John Tarrant
Mallow, Cork, Ireland - Fri 30th September 2011 11:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : ECU ROM Idle RPM Adjustment
    Is your accelerator a "fly by wire" unit or just a linkage from the pedal to the pump?
    bombo, NSW - Fri 30th September 2011 11:28pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : ECU ROM Idle RPM Adjustment
      Hello Bill, Thanks for the reply.

      The control system is fully electronic, "Fly by Wire2 as you said.

      John T

      John Tarrant
      Mallow, Cork, Ireland - Fri 30th September 2011 11:47pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : ECU ROM Idle RPM Adjustment
        My car a Nissan terranoII also has an electronic accelerator and there is an adjustment screw for the idle speed at the base of the pedal, If yours doesn't have it there's also an idle-up function by the e.c.u. which makes the engine idle @ about 750-800 rpm every time the A/C is functioning and brings it back down as the A/C system cycles. Hopefully you might only have a wiring issue.
        I hope this helps you. Cheers.

        bombo, NSW - Sat 01st October 2011 12:03am (GMT)

        • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : ECU ROM Idle RPM Adjustment
          Thanks again Bill.
          Unfortunately the mechanical part of the accelerator system does not have any adjustment.
          I have wired the engine heat-up switch. This increases the idle RPM to warm the engine more quickly and 'drops out' as soon as the ECU 'sees' that the engine temperature sensor has reached the required value. As it happens, the Heat-up switch simply provides a +12 Volt input to the ECU. Would that there was a similar facility for a range of idle speeds.

          John T.

          John Tarrant
          Mallow, Cork, Ireland - Sat 01st October 2011 01:35am (GMT)

        • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : ECU ROM Idle RPM Adjustment
          Thanks again Bill.
          Unfortunately the mechanical part of the accelerator system does not have any adjustment.
          I have wired the engine heat-up switch. This increases the idle RPM to warm the engine more quickly and 'drops out' as soon as the ECU 'sees' that the engine temperature sensor has reached the required value. As it happens, the Heat-up switch simply provides a +12 Volt input to the ECU. Would that there was a similar facility for a range of idle speeds.

          John T.

          John Tarrant
          Mallow, Cork, Ireland - Sat 01st October 2011 01:36am (GMT)

          • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : ECU ROM Idle RPM Adjustment
            John; In my case the glow plugs are wired through a relay box which receives an input from the e.c.u./ engine coolant temperature sensor to determine the preheating time according to the coolant temperature and this is also influenced by outside temperature. Also the coolant temperature sensor has a bearing on my idle speed as the engine fast idles first thing in a cold morning only to drop back down soon after. I get the impression you might have to play around with your wiring a little bit and try different connections around your coolant temperature sensor since the e.c.u. probably " thinks "that your engine is cold all of the time and for this reason it is not responding to your trying to bring the idle down by lap top tuning.

            Bombo, NSW - Sat 01st October 2011 05:00am (GMT)

            • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : ECU ROM Idle RPM Adjustment
              Hi Bill.
              Your comments relating to the glow plugs are noted. However the system as installed is exactly as it was in the Patrol from which the engine was removed. The "Heat-Up Switch' is a feature of that particular model. It is intended to idle the engine at areond 1150 RPM to bring the engine up to working heat as soon as possible, while not in motion. When the required temperature is reached, the ECU reverts the idle speed to 'normal' and the illuminated H-U S is deactivated. Of course if the vehicle is accelerated beyond the H-U threshold RPM, the system ignores the input, unless the vehicle is stationary again, before the H-U temperature is reached.

              John T

              John Tarrant
              Mallow, Cork, Ireland - Sat 01st October 2011 05:50pm (GMT)

              • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : ECU ROM Idle RPM Adjustment
                HI john;
                If you used the nissan engine wiring harness then incompatibility between systems is ruled out. As you said before every car is different and some e.c.u. have an idle "learning" procedure to follow on starting up after resetting and again some would need to be carried out with the aid of a laptop and others would be achieved only by the e.c.u. alone just following simple steps. Other than that perhaps a "consult" diagnostic will give you the answer to the idle speed problem. Hopefully you will sort it out quickly and please let us know if you have some videos of your conversion it would be good to see it.

                Bombo, NSW - Sun 02nd October 2011 01:13am (GMT)

                • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : ECU ROM Idle RPM Adjustment
                  Hi Again Bill.
                  Sorry for the delay in responding, I had Internet connection problems. A 'correction' to one of my earlier statements concerning the throttle mechanism - there is, as you indicated, an adjuster for the end position, but this 'bottoms out' at 850 RPM.
                  It certainly looks like I will have to go the ConZult / laptop route. I have one other possibility in mind. It is the possible addition of a "Piggy-Back" module, like 'Tunit' or 'Unichip' or something along those lines. I don't yet know if those people would be willing to do a 'one-off' module to allow the adjustments I need. I have made contact with a number of suppliers and am awaiting replies.
                  I don't have a video of the conversion, but I do have some still photos. How can they be attached to the response?

                  John T.

                  John Tarrant
                  Mallow, Cork, Ireland - Tue 04th October 2011 09:00pm (GMT)

                  • Subject : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : Re : ECU ROM Idle RPM Adjustment
                    Hi John: I hope you find the solution to your idle speed problems with that conzult diagnostic and they are easy to correct. Please keep us posted as for your progress.
                    About the pictures I don't think any documents can be attached to the posts on this site. I thought you might have had pictures or videos of the conversion on you tube.

                    Bombo, NSW - Tue 04th October 2011 11:39pm (GMT)

Subject : Hilux
i drive a toyota Hilux 2008 diesel. i observed that once i ease off the accelerator i hear a grinding noise underneath the truck. it gets louder when the break is depressed but it reduces when the clutch is depressed. i tend to suspect that its coming from my propeller or something..any pointers?
Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria - Fri 30th September 2011 02:17pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : Hilux
    i hear this is a common problem with the 2008 hilux, especially the ones made in south africa. mine seems to have developed this same fault but the dealer says the noise is not pronounced enough to make a diagnosis. i suspect they know what the problem is but are trying to avoid solving it till the 3 yr warranty is expired
    accra, Ghana - Thu 17th November 2011 08:11am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : Hilux
      Accra, just to correct you all the Hilux vans made in South Africa have the gear box imported for Japan so you hear wrong. Take the van back to the dealer and tell them to fix the van. Be firm.Thats why you have a 3 yr warranty. Call the marketing department in SA if you get no help frim the dealer. cheers mate.
      Howick, Auckland, NZ - Thu 08th December 2011 03:36am (GMT)

Subject : nissian mistral
can not reach over 60mph on the motorway could it be the turbo not kicking in also have problems when towing our caravan slow up hills do you know what it could be
i have got it set on over/drive and a/t is this right thanks jane

jane williams
tipton, west midlands, UK - Tue 27th September 2011 08:49am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : nissian mistral
    Jane, could you take the time to read through the site.
    Yours is a frequently asked question.
    Have a look at fuel filter blockages, algae growth, etc. etc. posts down this list.
    The lack of power could be lack of fuel, or lack of boost from the turbo.
    Note also discussions on speed or lack thereof when towing heavy loads...and a caravan is a heavy load with lots of wind resistance, because it is shaped like a brick outhouse.
    Before you do too muck towing, have an extra transmission cooler plumbed in... se other discussions in this site.
    Try not to use overdrive when towing.It's easier on the gearbox, it doesn't heat the trans fluid as much and stops the gearbox "hunting" for the next higher gear every time you ease up even slightly on the accelerator.

    Beside Botswana - Tue 27th September 2011 09:49am (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : nissian mistral
      thanks how do i check if it is kick down should it change up a gear and rev up because it doesnt thanks have i got it set on right thing o/d and a/t on while driving round town should we be towing in2nd on gear stick
      jane williams
      tipton, west midlands, UK - Tue 27th September 2011 08:56pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Re : Re : Re : nissian mistral
        Depending how steep the hill is, you tow in 2 or even 1, if you are changing manually, or trying to stop the caravan rolling downhill too fast on the down slope. This saves your brakes a lot of wear and tear, and means they won't overheat if you really need to stop quickly in an emergency.
        Go to your local library and read books on caravan towing, use of automatic transmissions etc before you get into trouble, please?

        alongside Botswana - Tue 27th September 2011 09:11pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : nissian mistral
    Jane: Kick down is a quick change to a lower gear and for that reason you should notice your engine revs rise every time this happens. I would leave the gear stick out of overdrive,when towing, to avoid excessive hunting from the transmission and consequent overheating of the trans fluid. Don't forget that kicking down a gear lowers your speed for as long as the lower gear is in and a hilly road might not let you get to the top at a high speed since these cars are not all that great in the power stakes. Finally if you are still not happy with your transmission's performance a trans service and fluid flush should bring it up to scratch and this should be done on a regular basis because trans fluid will degrade overtime and cause all sorts of performance problems.
    Good luck.

    bombo, nsw - Wed 28th September 2011 12:09am (GMT)

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0460406015 0460406018 0460406019 0460406021 0460406022 0460406023 0460406025 0460406030 0460406034 0460406036 0460406037 0460406038 0460406039 0460406040 0460406044 0460406044 0460406045 0460406047 0460406047 0460406048 0460406054 0460406054 0460406055 0460406056 0460406061 0460406063 0460406065 0460406073 0460406075 0460406076 0460406077 0460406077 0460406078 0460406993 0460406994 0460406995 0460406997 0460406998 0460412002 0460413001 0460413002 0460413004 0460413005 0460413006 0460413007 0460413008 0460413009 0460413012 0460413013 0460413014 0460413015 0460413016 0460413017 0460413018 0460413019 0460413020 0460413021 0460413023 0460413024 0460413025 0460413027 0460413029 0460413031 0460414004 0460414005 0460414006 0460414008 0460414011 0460414013 0460414014 0460414015 0460414017 0460414018 0460414024 0460414026 0460414027 0460414028 0460414029 0460414030 0460414032 0460414035 0460414037 0460414039 0460414040 0460414041 0460414042 0460414043 0460414046 0460414047 0460414048 0460414049 0460414050 0460414051 0460414053 0460414054 0460414057 0460414059 0460414060 0460414061 0460414064 0460414065 0460414066 0460414067 0460414068 0460414069 0460414069 0460414070 0460414073 0460414074 0460414075 0460414075 0460414076 0460414077 0460414078 0460414079 0460414080 0460414081 0460414082 0460414083 0460414084 0460414085 0460414086 0460414088 0460414088 0460414089 0460414089 0460414090 0460414093 0460414094 0460414096 0460414097 0460414098 0460414099 0460414100 0460414101 0460414102 0460414103 0460414104 0460414105 0460414106 0460414107 0460414108 0460414109 0460414110 0460414111 0460414112 0460414113 0460414113 0460414114 0460414115 0460414116 0460414117 0460414118 0460414119 0460414120 0460414121 0460414122 0460414123 0460414124 0460414125 0460414128 0460414129 0460414131 0460414133 0460414134 0460414136 0460414137 0460414138 0460414139 0460414140 0460414141 0460414142 0460414145 0460414146 0460414147 0460414148 0460414149 0460414150 0460414151 0460414152 0460414153 0460414154 0460414156 0460414159 0460414164 0460414165 0460414169 0460414170 0460414171 0460414175 0460414176 0460414177 0460414178 0460414179 0460414180 0460414181 0460414183 0460414184 0460414185 0460414186 0460414187 0460414190 0460414191 0460414193 0460414195 0460414202 0460414206 0460414207 0460414208 0460414232 0460414233 0460414234 0460414982 0460414983 0460414984 0460414987 0460414988 0460414991 0460414992 0460414993 0460414995 0460414996 0460414997 0460414998 0460415001 0460415005 0460415007 0460415982 0460415983 0460415985 0460415986 0460415987 0460415988 0460415989 0460415990 0460415991 0460415992 0460415994 0460415995 0460415996 0460415997 0460415998 0460415999 0460416002 0460416003 0460416012 0460416013 0460416014 0460416015 0460416020 0460416025 0460416027 0460416030 0460416032 0460416033 0460416035 0460416036 0460416037 0460416042 0460416046 0460416047 0460416049 0460416050 0460416051 0460416053 0460416055 0460416056 0460416064 0460416065 0460416067 0460416068 0460416069 0460416070 0460416071 0460416072 0460416073 0460416074 0460416075 0460416077 0460416078 0460416079 0460416080 0460416083 0460416086 0460416089 0460416090 0460416091 0460416092 0460416103 0460416999 0460423001 0460423002 0460423003 0460423006 0460423007 0460423008 0460423011 0460423012 0460423013 0460423015 0460423024 0460424005 0460424006 0460424007 0460424008 0460424012 0460424015 0460424016 0460424019 0460424024 0460424026 0460424027 0460424031 0460424033 0460424036 0460424037 0460424040 0460424046 0460424052 0460424054 0460424055 0460424056 0460424057 0460424059 0460424060 0460424061 0460424062 0460424063 0460424064 0460424065 0460424066 0460424067 0460424068 0460424073 0460424074 0460424075 0460424076 0460424078 0460424079 0460424080 0460424081 0460424085 0460424089 0460424090 0460424097 0460424098 0460424099 0460424100 0460424101 0460424104 0460424106 0460424107 0460424108 0460424110 0460424112 0460424115 0460424117 0460424119 0460424120 0460424123 0460424124 0460424125 0460424132 0460424136 0460424137 0460424138 0460424140 0460424141 0460424142 0460424143 0460424144 0460424146 0460424147 0460424148 0460424150 0460424151 0460424152 0460424153 0460424154 0460424155 0460424157 0460424158 0460424159 0460424162 0460424163 0460424164 0460424165 0460424168 0460424169 0460424170 0460424174 0460424177 0460424178 0460424179 0460424180 0460424182 0460424184 0460424186 0460424187 0460424191 0460424197 0460424198 0460424220 0460424221 0460424222 0460424223 0460424224 0460424225 0460424229 0460424234 0460424239 0460424249 0460424255 0460424260 0460424266 0460424268 0460424269 0460424270 0460424273 0460424274 0460424275 0460424280 0460424282 0460424283 0460424284 0460424286 0460424289 0460424291 0460424293 0460424294 0460424295 0460424296 0460424297 0460424298 0460424299 0460424300 0460424302 0460424304 0460424306 0460424308 0460424309 0460424311 0460424314 0460424321 0460424327 0460424328 0460424329 0460424330 0460424333 0460424334 0460424337 0460424339 0460424343 0460424345 0460424346 0460424349 0460424351 0460424352 0460424383 0460424398 0460424999 0460426001 0460426005 0460426011 0460426013 0460426018 0460426020 0460426022 0460426025 0460426028 0460426028 0460426029 0460426032 0460426035 0460426036 0460426038 0460426041 0460426044 0460426046 0460426047 0460426050 0460426055 0460426056 0460426059 0460426060 0460426065 0460426078 0460426081 0460426082 0460426084 0460426085 0460426087 0460426089 0460426091 0460426098 0460426099 0460426104 0460426105 0460426106 0460426109 0460426112 0460426114 0460426124 0460426130 0460426132 0460426134 0460426137 0460426138 0460426139 0460426140 0460426141 0460426142 0460426143 0460426144 0460426145 0460426146 0460426147 0460426148 0460426149 0460426150 0460426151 0460426152 0460426153 0460426154 0460426155 0460426156 0460426157 0460426158 0460426162 0460426163 0460426164 0460426165 0460426166 0460426167 0460426169 0460426170 0460426171 0460426172 0460426174 0460426177 0460426179 0460426182 0460426183 0460426184 0460426185 0460426186 0460426188 0460426189 0460426190 0460426191 0460426194 0460426195 0460426196 0460426200 0460426201 0460426202 0460426203 0460426204 0460426205 0460426207 0460426208 0460426209 0460426210 0460426211 0460426212 0460426213 0460426215 0460426216 0460426217 0460426218 0460426219 0460426220 0460426221 0460426222 0460426223 0460426224 0460426225 0460426228 0460426230 0460426233 0460426234 0460426235 0460426236 0460426237 0460426240 0460426241 0460426242 0460426243 0460426244 0460426245 0460426246 0460426249 0460426252 0460426254 0460426255 0460426256 0460426258 0460426260 0460426261 0460426262 0460426263 0460426264 0460426265 0460426266 0460426267 0460426270 0460426271 0460426273 0460426274 0460426275 0460426277 0460426279 0460426280 0460426281 0460426286 0460426287 0460426288 0460426292 0460426293 0460426296 0460426297 0460426300 0460426302 0460426303 0460426304 0460426307 0460426312 0460426313 0460426314 0460426315 0460426316 0460426317 0460426340 0460426343 0460426357 0460426370 0460426371 0460426374 0460426376 0460426378 0460426380 0460426381 0460426385 0460426388 0460426389 0460426391 0460426394 0460426395 0460426411 0460426412 0460426415 0460426419 0460426451 0460426452 0460426456 0460426995 0460426996 0460426997 0460426998 0460426999 0460484010 0460484010 0460484011 0460484011 0460484012 0460484014 0460484014 0460484015 0460484016 0460484016 0460484019 0460484019 0460484020 0460484022 0460484023 0460484024 0460484027 0460484028 0460484029 0460484030 0460484031 0460484033 0460484034 0460484034 0460484035 0460484038 0460484041 0460484043 0460484044 0460484046 0460484046 0460484047 0460484048 0460484049 0460484051 0460484052 0460484053 0460484054 0460484055 0460484056 0460484057 0460484059 0460484061 0460484061 0460484063 0460484064 0460484067 0460484068 0460484070 0460484073 0460484074 0460484075 0460484078 0460484079 0460484081 0460484082 0460484083 0460484084 0460484085 0460484086 0460484087 0460484088 0460484089 0460484090 0460484091 0460484092 0460484093 0460484094 0460484095 0460484096 0460484097 0460484098 0460484099 0460484100 0460484102 0460484103 0460484104 0460484105 0460484109 0460484110 0460484111 0460484112 0460484113 0460484114 0460484115 0460484116 0460484117 0460484119 0460484120 0460484122 0460484123 0460484124 0460484125 0460484126 0460484127 0460484128 0460484129 0460484130 0460484131 0460484132 0460484133 0460484134 0460484135 0460484136 0460484137 0460484138 0460484139 0460484140 0460484141 0460484142 0460484143 0460484144 0460484145 0460484146 0460484147 0460484148 0460484150 0460484152 0460484154 0460484156 0460484159 0460485006 0460485009 0460485010 0460485012 0460485017 0460485023 0460485024 0460485025 0460485028 0460485031 0460485032 0460485033 0460485034 0460485035 0460485036 0460485037 0460494002 0460494002 0460494006 0460494011 0460494013 0460494020 0460494024 0460494028 0460494028 0460494039 0460494039 0460494044 0460494046 0460494052 0460494062 0460494064 0460494070 0460494071 0460494071 0460494079 0460494086 0460494092 0460494105 0460494105 0460494108 0460494109 0460494114 0460494114 0460494121 0460494122 0460494122 0460494123 0460494123 0460494125 0460494126 0460494127 0460494127 0460494131 0460494131 0460494132 0460494134 0460494135 0460494138 0460494138 0460494140 0460494140 0460494141 0460494143 0460494144 0460494145 0460494149 0460494151 0460494152 0460494156 0460494158 0460494160 0460494161 0460494163 0460494164 0460494168 0460494170 0460494173 0460494174 0460494175 0460494175 0460494182 0460494183 0460494183 0460494185 0460494186 0460494186 0460494187 0460494189 0460494195 0460494198 0460494204 0460494206 0460494206 0460494214 0460494216 0460494216 0460494217 0460494218 0460494218 0460494221 0460494223 0460494224 0460494224 0460494225 0460494229 0460494229 0460494230 0460494231 0460494232 0460494233 0460494235 0460494237 0460494238 0460494240 0460494241 0460494241 0460494244 0460494246 0460494247 0460494248 0460494249 0460494250 0460494251 0460494252 0460494255 0460494255 0460494257 0460494263 0460494264 0460494264 0460494265 0460494267 0460494269 0460494271 0460494272 0460494273 0460494273 0460494275 0460494276 0460494277 0460494278 0460494279 0460494282 0460494286

FUZHOU, UK - Tue 27th September 2011 02:57am (GMT)
  • Subject : common rail injector parts
    bosch injector 0445115028
    gosport, hants, UK - Sat 16th March 2013 09:00am (GMT)

    • Subject : common rail injector parts
      Im looking for this bosch injector pump-0 460 414 024. If you can supply this part please email me with a price and information-thanks,Niall
      Niall O Donnell
      tullamore, offaly, Ireland - Thu 08th May 2014 10:28am (GMT)

Subject : : noise & vibrating
hi there.iv got a l200 54 reg,but when i put my foot down there is a vibrating noise.pls HELP
coventry, uk, UK - Mon 26th September 2011 11:51pm (GMT)
Subject : 2003 CR-V SE Sport Satnav
Anyone know what could be the problem with my Satnav / Audio system. It works fine from cold, but when the ignition is turned off and then back on again within a 5 mins or so (e.g. when stopping for petrol) the drop-down display fails to work. The radio / CD player continues to play but the only control available is the volume / power switch. The display is blank and all other controls don't work. If the ignition is off for longer then the system boots up as it should and everything works fine.
Bromyard, Herefordshire, UK - Mon 26th September 2011 09:31pm (GMT)
Subject : a relyable mech. near me
i am trying to find a garage that works on ssanyong musso cause i'm not that satisfyed with the work is done so far !!!!!!!
west derby, liverpool, UK - Sun 25th September 2011 07:47pm (GMT)
Subject : a relyable mech. near me
i am trying to find a garage that works on ssanyong musso cause i'm not that satisfyed with the work is done so far !!!!!!!
west derby, liverpool, UK - Sun 25th September 2011 07:45pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : a relyable mech. near me
    merc mechanics can repair all ssangyongs. they have identical motors and spare parts except fuel injection delphi or bosch
    perth, wa, australia - Wed 25th April 2012 08:44am (GMT)

    • Subject :
      thanks for that but meac garages will not work on it .But thanks just the same:)
      west derby, liverpool - Wed 25th April 2012 09:28pm (GMT)

Subject : terrano II speedo not working
Im guessing this is a common problem with these vehicles, the digital dash that incorporates the speedo, odometer & temperature works sometimes but can also be pixelated & broken.
Is there a fix for this?

john miller
Glasgow, lanarkshire, UK - Sun 25th September 2011 03:25pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : terrano II speedo not working
    You are so right, there is a fix.
    Keep reading this site, and you will find it, and the www. reference in the UK for the fix.

    Christchurch, NZ - Sun 25th September 2011 08:57pm (GMT)

Subject : Mitsubishi Warror Back seat release
I have a 1993 Mitsubishi Warrior double cab. The handbook says that there should be a pull tab to release the rearseat back but there isn't. Is there another way to release it please
Birmingham, West Midlands, UK - Sat 24th September 2011 10:06am (GMT)
Subject : 95 mistral 2.7tdi
rev counter not working, also gearbox kicks down when you dont want it to, i.e under load towing, drops a gear revs like mad but dont accelerate ease of throttle and she changes up again. I have replaced all filters and trans fluid, also only getting 15mpg towing 1600kg is this about right???
mike evans
exeter, devon, UK - Thu 22nd September 2011 04:24pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : 95 mistral 2.7tdi
    In short, yes.
    Kick down occurs when the load and the position of the accelerator pedal are computed, and the auto is told "this man is putting the boot in, I must try harder"
    and so it changes down a gear or two.
    But there is only so much power (torque) available; and with a diesel that doesn't mean at high revs, so you don't go any faster.
    Letting up on the accelerator tells the computer "the bastard has finally realised he is not driving a V8" and it slips into a higher gear to make use of the torque of the diesel engine, rather than flogging a revving horse.

    All sarcasm aside, have you had the vehicle long? Are you used to driving a diesel? Have you ever failed to get there at slightly less speed?
    What percentage of the time are you towing 1600kg?
    What did you expect towing-wise???

    Christchurch, NZ - Fri 23rd September 2011 11:11am (GMT)

Subject : reseting
do i need to do reset after changing land cruiser l200 throttle body?
perak, malaysia, Malaysia - Thu 22nd September 2011 06:37am (GMT)
Subject : Honda HRV-V VTEC 4WD
My yellow engine light is on despite having paid for a new Sonde LAMDA which worked for a while and now they have replacd water temperature sensor which worked for 5 miles but Light is now back on.
Any suggestions as my car is right hand drive and garage is a bit perplexed

Mrs barbara Boyer
- France - Wed 21st September 2011 02:15pm (GMT)
Subject : ABS cutting in on braking
I'm new to all this so please be patient with me! I have a Nissan Teranno II which has started to apply the ABS system every time you use the brakes. There are no warning lights on dash and the car has been in the garage but can find no fault - told to drive it as is!(maybe 'cos I'm a woman and know no difference) It is very annoying as even when braking gently the peddle vibrates and you get a horrible clunking noise from the car. PS The brake pads were changed 3 weeks ago during a routine service.

Gill Haynes
Towcester, Northants, UK - Wed 21st September 2011 11:59am (GMT)
  • Subject : Re : ABS cutting in on braking
    has it only started doing this since the new brake pads havs been installed?
    ashburton, nz - Wed 21st September 2011 07:59pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Re : ABS cutting in on braking
    has it only started doing this since the new brake pads havs been installed?
    ashburton, nz - Wed 21st September 2011 07:59pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Re : Re : ABS cutting in on braking
      Hi Steve,
      Brakes pads were changed 3 weeks ago, the problems with ABS only started this weekend. The ABS warning light came on tonight!

      gill haynes
      towcester, northants, UK - Wed 21st September 2011 09:01pm (GMT)