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Subject : REXTON 2.7XDI
Morning all , we had a rexton 2.7xdi that was involved in accident and
rolled , we got a new body and rebuilt the chassis , wiring harness
and engine into the new body , we have diagonsed the vehicle and found
that the watchdog is activated , how can we deactivate it ,to get our
car running as the center immobilizer light stays on , anyone please

John Samuel
Pretoria, gauteng, RSA - Wed 26th April 2017 08:48am (GMT)
Subject : Rexton 2.7 intermittent vibration on motorway
Just purchased my first Rexton, a 2007 2.7 SX auto and when on the
motorway going 75 upwards there is a bad vibration that comes and
goes. Thought I would ask the question before I ask my local garage if
they have any ideas. Then I will speak to the dealer I purchased it
from :( Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Rick

Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom - Mon 10th April 2017 09:14pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Rexton 2.7 intermittent vibration on motorway
    It could be the propshaft central bearing (u can only find an
    aftermarket replacement for about 60-70 euro),and you can grease the
    joints in the propshaft.If this will not help you will need tu dynamic
    balance the propshaft.

    - Thu 20th April 2017 11:42am (GMT)

Subject : Power loss korando 2011
Hi , recently bought a 2011 korando , driving fine for a few days then
all of a sudden get a power loss where the engine will not rev higher
than 2000 rpm , if I pull over completely stop go back to neutral and
then back to first it seems to reset the problem , please help

Lincoln, Lincolnshire , UK - Wed 05th April 2017 05:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Power loss korando 2011
    Now, I don't have a korando, but I had a similar problem with my
    Musso. It had 3 diesel filters in total. 2 in the engine compartment,
    the main and an in-line filter. Those in-line filters are total crap
    so I removed mine and now my problem is fixed

    Ruben Pretorius
    Rustenburg, North West, South Africa - Fri 02nd June 2017 01:22pm (GMT)

Subject : empty fuel gage beep
hi we have a fault with our sassyong rexton 270 petrol gauge it shows
up empty now I can deal with this a we always keep a full tank its the
bepping that is constant when it drives I can not locate as it only
starts beeping when over so many revs does anyine know where the beep
wire is so ican disable it please until I can get he petrol guage
fixed please helppppppppppppppp its driving me crazy

WORTHING, West Sussex, UK - Thu 02nd March 2017 05:13pm (GMT)
Subject : 4wd
My 4wd dont work at all did check all fuses ! No lights come on as

Willie Swart
rustenburg, south africa, south africa - Fri 17th February 2017 07:28am (GMT)
  • Subject : 4wd
    Hi, did you solve the 4-wheel drive please? I've got the same
    problem, took it to different electricians, tried different computers
    with it but still with no solution. Thanks

    Sue Cachia
    Safi, Malta, Malta - Tue 06th June 2017 09:38am (GMT)

Subject : 4wd
My 4wd dont work at all did check all fuses ! No lights come on as

Willie Swart
rustenburg, south africa, south africa - Fri 17th February 2017 07:27am (GMT)
  • Subject : 4wd
    check the vacuum system to the back of the front wheels
    - Thu 20th April 2017 11:05am (GMT)

Subject : Aircon Pump
My 200 Musso Sports has a broken cable from the aircon pump,
the connector was still there with a broken yellow cable, I cannot
find out were it goes to, anyone help with were it connects

Pakenham, Vic, Australia - Wed 15th February 2017 01:03am (GMT)
Subject : 4 Low-confused
Hey guys,
I have a Rexton Rx 320.I know 4low is best when off
road. When I was on a road the other day I put it in 4 low just to see
how diffferent it felt. It felt exactly the same. Is this normal or
shoul I be able to tell the diference in torque?

Neil Dalton
Seoul, Gyeonngi Do, South Korea - Mon 13th February 2017 02:33am (GMT)
Subject : SsangYong Computor fails and the dealer cant fix???
My car has been in the dealers for seven weeks now and they have tried
three new computors that have been sent through from the makers.They
still cant get it to work.They tell me the computor is not connecting
with the engine for some reason that they dont know!!What does anyone
know about this.Has this happened to anyone else?What if they cant fix
it??Whos cost and do i just loose a car???Thank-you

Annabel Price
Bushmills, Antrim, United Kingdom - Mon 06th February 2017 09:06pm (GMT)
  • Subject : SsangYong Computor fails and the dealer cant fix???
    Your ECU holds your security keycodes for the imobiliser. You cant
    just swap the ECE without reprogramming the ECU to match your key - I
    had your problem after atotally flat battery and a bad attempt at
    charging. First up put YOUR ECU back in . Use an OBDII reader to reset
    and clear all codes. REMOVE your battery for a minumum of 20 minutes -
    reinstall battery (make sure it has a good solid charge - check that
    you have not Imobilser light flashing on the dash - start you car and
    hopefully drive away.

    David T
    - Australia - Tue 21st February 2017 10:15am (GMT)

Subject : Clicking noise when starting the engine
Hi I've got a 2005 ssanyong rexton 2.7 diesel and recently when
starting the engine first thing in the morning as the engine is
turning I'm getting a clicking noise or sometimes I get the noise and
the engine won't turn . It seems fine for the rest of the day . Any
help would be most appreciated

John campbell
Johnstone, Renfrewshire, UK - Mon 30th January 2017 12:33pm (GMT)
Subject : Clicking noise when starting the engine
Hi I've got a 2005 ssanyong rexton 2.7 diesel and recently when
starting the engine first thing in the morning as the engine is
turning I'm getting a clicking noise or sometimes I get the noise and
the engine won't turn . It seems fine for the rest of the day . Any
help would be most appreciated

John campbell
Johnstone, Renfrewshire, UK - Mon 30th January 2017 12:33pm (GMT)
Subject : Kyron 2009 2.0
Heard a scraping sound from front offside. Been told that its the 4x4
diff plate. any ideas if this can be repaired or do I need to look at
a whole new differential

paul EMERY
bristol, UK - Wed 25th January 2017 03:56pm (GMT)
Subject : rexto 2.7 auto diesel
Shows 4wheel drive on panel but the 4 wheel drive does not engage.
Stops in 2 wheel drive. Any ideas?

mark edwards
westbromwich, westmidlands, UK - Sun 22nd January 2017 09:41am (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong Musso
I changed the battery on my SsangYong Musso and now it wont turn over
Ive checked connections and fuses all ok. Could it be an immobiliser
reset ?

roy Gurvitz
London, UK - Sat 21st January 2017 12:02pm (GMT)
Subject : Rexton RX320 automatic Wheel Hub
Hi everyone. I'm desperately looking for a left front Wheel bearing
Hub with ABS sensor cable (even aftermarket) for my 2005 Rexton Model
RX320 Automatic transmission.
The OEM is 4142008131. Even if it
is a reconditioned or working used part. My marriage is threatened..
Can't take family on year long planned holiday. Please assist.

Pretoria , South Africa , ZAR - Thu 29th December 2016 07:06pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Rexton RX320 automatic Wheel Hub
    Have you tried the guys in silverton PTA, google Ssangyong used parts.
    Also try the guys in edenvale, they carry parts new and used. Korean
    motor spares. 011-452-3785.

    JHB, Gauteng, SA - Tue 03rd January 2017 08:22am (GMT)

Subject : Dodgy electronics
I've had a Kyron 06 for some years. It is a good car but the
electricals leave something to be desired. The famous overheat
warning is there of course. I put in an aftermarket temp gauge and
yanked the alarm fuse. Recently the engine warning likes to kick in
but there is no real problem.. A restart fixes both of these things
for awhile. The ac compressor stops working in both cases.. The next
job is to install a switch and relay to bypass the compressor
problem.. If you have these problems forget taking it to auto
electricians.. they don't know shit from sugar.. And never ever go
to dealers.. they know even less.. Just do whatever you have to and
make it work..

Geoff Stevenson
Blackburn Nth, Vic, Australia - Fri 23rd December 2016 01:07am (GMT)
Subject : 4WD & 2WD indicator on panel board are always lit.
Hello, I've had this problem on my 1998 Korando for a while now. The
indicator lights of the 4WD and 2WD on the panel gauge are always lit
or doesn't go off when you start the vehicle, I've already brought it
to several mechanics but couldn't figure out the problem. I'm still
able to use it daily with no problem, but it would be nice to have it
fixed, I hope I can get help here, thank you!

San Fernando, Philippines, Philippines - Sun 18th December 2016 06:57am (GMT)
Subject : Blow off valve BOV
Has anyone installed a BOV on a Actyon Sports diesel?
Sydney, NSW, Australia - Thu 15th December 2016 07:02am (GMT)
Subject : Car troubles
I have a 2009 Ssangyong Actyon spr, the check engine light was coming
on and off for about 3 days but the car was running fine, I took the
car out for an hour and came home and 40 mins later went to drive it
again and it wouldn't start, ended up having it towed to mechanic.
They couldn't get any codes and after about an hour the car started
again. They kept the car for 2 days driving it and turning it on and
off and it was fine. I picked up the car, did a few stops, went
home and was there for a couple of hours before i went out again and
the check engine light came on again and stayed on. Drive it back to
the mechanic and they still couldn't find any codes. Turned the car
off and then it wouldn't start again. Has anyone else encountered
this problem before as the mechanic is at a loss as to what the
problem is.

surrey downs, South Australia, Australia - Mon 12th December 2016 12:38pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Car troubles
    I believe that could be there an issue with your ignition or with an
    earth the best its grease all the earth contacts and make
    sure that those are connected securely also check your fuse boxes and
    you can also spray some electrical contact spray and further check the
    ignition wiring make sure that all in order

    UK - Tue 10th January 2017 08:32pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Car troubles
    I had this same problem but with a different make and model. The
    problem turned out to be caused by to many keys on my key chain, and
    the weight was wearing down a plastic piece in the ignition switch
    causing it to finally have an intermittent short and wouldn't start.
    Went through 2 ignition switches before someone told me about the
    weight of the keys was the problem. Just had my car key and house key
    after that and never had the problem again with any car. A friend sold
    their Ssangyong to a friend and it started doing the same problem
    you're having, several mechanics, dealers etc., can't find the
    problem. I told my friend what happened to me, and the new owner has a
    lot of keys on their key chain. The dealer had suggested a new brain
    computer might fix the problem, only cost $3,000 USD. I suggested
    changing the ignition switch, and only have a couple keys on key
    chain, and will bet it fixes the problem. So thought I would mention
    it here as well. Hope this helps.

    Robyn Reese
    Fullerton, CA, US - Fri 27th January 2017 03:47pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Car troubles

    Toy Maritz
    Standerton, south africa, RSA - Tue 09th May 2017 03:58am (GMT)

Subject : after changing Glow plugs
after I changed glow pulgs on my Korando 2.9L it is very difficult to
start, needs to crank for around 30 seconds. After it has started I
can stop the engine and it will start again first time.. but the next
morning it again takes 30 seconds of cranking..I am thinking it could
be due to my having to disconnect the fuel lines from the pump to
injectors.. I tihnk its air getting into the system.. Any ideas

Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines - Thu 24th November 2016 11:57am (GMT)
Subject : headlight failure
Have last full and dip beams, fuses and relays all check as OK
totally baffled. all other lights ok

NEWBURY, Berkshire, United Kingdom - Wed 09th November 2016 01:01pm (GMT)
Subject : headlight failure
Have last full and dip beams, fuses and relays all check as OK
totally baffled. all other lights ok

NEWBURY, Berkshire, United Kingdom - Wed 09th November 2016 01:01pm (GMT)

somerset west, CAPE TOWN, South Africa - Sun 06th November 2016 02:29pm (GMT)
    Cars these days have a MAS (Mass Airflow Sensor) You will see a cable
    and connector somewhere on your airfilter. When you washed the car
    water probably got ito the air intake - A hose can push water into the
    area - when you started the car first time water was drawn in. The
    sensor gets wet. Once it dries out you will be fine - you can test
    this by removing the connector temporarily from the MAS (snsor) dont
    run with it like that - Your local auto spare can sell you a spray can
    of MAS cleaner - it dries the sensor coil out quickly.

    David T
    Australia - Tue 21st February 2017 10:10am (GMT)

Subject : 2009 rodius 2.7 diesel 2wd om engine code
hi folks having serious bother getting a new clutch and dual mass
flywheel for my rodius?it seemingly has a valeo clutch andsach
flywheel already fitted to it but numerous valeo/japanparts and blue
print clutch covers dont align up right with the sach flywheel,has
anyone ever had this problem?

Jonathan Mullan
Newcastle, northern ireland, UK - Thu 20th October 2016 09:09pm (GMT)
Subject : 2006 Korando 2.9td engine shake
Hi Guys, any thoughts on why my Korando engine shakes intermittently
only once it is up to temp. Appears once you stop and sit at idle in
gear (auto). Going into neutral or adding some power does the shake go
away (sometimes appears in neutral but goes away with blip on
accelerator.) Ive tried adding fuel cleaner and engine cleaner (oil).
Also replaced injectors which seemed to help for about 1000km but has
come back again now...

Any thoughts much appreciated as its
starting to cost me....

Auckland, NZ, NZ - Wed 19th October 2016 12:35am (GMT)
  • Subject : 2006 Korando 2.9td engine shake
    Hi there, I have similar issue with turbo charged cdti version
    Korando. Been told it could be sign of flywheel wear. Costs over £1k
    to fix, aparently. Ouch! May just sell car n get something else.
    Shame. Had it nearly 4 years n been brilliant. Cheers pw

    Paul Ward
    Boston, UK - Wed 16th November 2016 07:12pm (GMT)

Subject : Ssangyong Myron Brainbox
I really need help to get a new brainbox for Ssangyong Myron 2006
Model. Likewise what could make this vehicle not shocking when making
attempt to start it?

Surulere, Lagos,Nigeria, Nigeria - Tue 04th October 2016 06:09pm (GMT)
Subject : Rexton 2.7 will not start after Injectors Replaced
Hi Guys
I have a Rexton 2.7 Xdi 2005 model and i got the
injectors replaced and now the car wont start. from the time i got the
diagnosis on the fault to replacing the injectors it took 9 months.
the only thing that changed is the battery went flat and we had to
replace it
the car cranks fine but wont start even if we spray
quick start it wont start
on the diagnosis machine it gives no
error only when you read the data stream it says ignition enable: No

we have tried all that we can think of and now losing hope any
suggestion will be welcome

Sheuripo chigiga
cape town, western cape, South Africa - Thu 01st September 2016 05:31pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Rexton 2.7 will not start after Injectors Replaced
    I would start by looking at your injectors. I know that there are two
    different types of injectors. The 7 hole injector is for the ( power
    up ) motor and the 5 hole is for the earlier engine. Check the serial
    number and if it has 16 digits then its the 5 hole injector. They will
    not work on the ( power up ) engine and visa versa. I hope this helps.

    Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Mon 05th September 2016 02:20pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Rexton 2.7 will not start after Injectors Replaced
      Hello Charles.
      I realize you are in Cape Town.
      I urgently need
      a front left Wheel Bearing Hub (even used one) for my 2005 Rexton
      Model RX 320 Automatic with sensor cable.
      I've tried all over I'm
      loosing my marbles. Please help me.
      Percival Motsepe

      Pretoria, South Africa, ZAR - Thu 29th December 2016 07:15pm (GMT)

Subject : vibration on wheels
hi Ssangyong Rexton when driving the car vibrates it as though i am
driving down a cobbled street it seems to be worse when towing any i
deas as to what the problem might be

sadie westwood
dudley, staffordshire, UK - Tue 30th August 2016 12:37pm (GMT)
  • Subject : vibration on wheels
    Check your bump rubbers, sits next to your rear shocks, if its worn
    out, this could be the answer.

    glanny naidu
    Richards Bay, KZN, ZA - Mon 05th September 2016 02:36pm (GMT)

  • Subject : vibration on wheels
    Looks like you have a jammed universal coupling at the long drive

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Malaysia - Mon 17th October 2016 02:17pm (GMT)

Subject : Rexton intermittent ABS light
Hi, I Have a 3005 2.7 Rexton and every now and again especially when
it goes in for MOT the ABS light comes on and the brakes jerk when
pedal depressed. Just failed MOT again because of this. Does anybody
have a cure for this fault.

Graham Rothwell
Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom - Sun 21st August 2016 01:50pm (GMT)
Subject : Changing gears
Hi, my 2015 Korando makes a whirring noise only for a split second
when changing from 1 to 2nd gear and accelerating. Anyone have any
ideas what the problem is and do I have to take it to my dealer 60
miles away or can I get a local mechanic to have a look without
invalidating any warranty? Many thanks

Saint mike
St. Helens , Merseyside , UK - Sun 14th August 2016 06:51pm (GMT)
Subject :

hastings, nz - Thu 11th August 2016 02:16pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    if it's automatic, change auto transmission oil and automatic filter!
    You will wonder

    Dublin, Dublin, ROI - Tue 13th September 2016 11:42am (GMT)

Subject : Engine light coming on
Engine light coming on now and then, while driving on my SsangYong
Rexton 2.7xdI, This is very concerning, please help. thanks

Glanny Naidu
Richards Bay, South Africa, ZA - Tue 09th August 2016 11:04am (GMT)
  • Subject : Engine light coming on

    Take a look at your relays in the engine compartment and make
    sure the engine power relay is an original or in good working
    condition. this seems to be one of the causes of an intermittent
    engine light coming on.

    Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Mon 05th September 2016 02:24pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Engine light coming on
    clean carefully the vac sensors (battery side of the engine bay) ,
    there are 2 underneath the collector pipe.
    Further , on top you
    find the map sensor, clean it too with WD40.
    To get more boost,
    disconnect plastic pipe from collector metal pipe and clean the dirt
    out of it (ugly black stuff)
    This helped for my Rex

    Dublin, Dublin, ireland - Tue 13th September 2016 11:41am (GMT)

Subject : EBD Braking
EBD Lights stays on after starting. Please advise why. I then switched
off the engine and then re start, then it went off. This seems to
happen all the time.

glanny naidu
Richards Bay, South Africa, ZA - Tue 09th August 2016 11:00am (GMT)
  • Subject : EBD Braking
    The EBD braking light stays on after starting on my SsangYong Rexton
    2.7xdi.only when I switch off and re start it goes off. please advise.

    glanny naidu
    Richards Bay, South Africa, ZA - Tue 09th August 2016 11:14am (GMT)

Subject : Rexton Handbrake
I have had a Rexton for a year.The handbrake does not work if parked
uphill.It has ben back four times for this fault.It was bought as
new.Any one else had this problem.Advise needed.

Maureen Adamson
Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK - Fri 29th July 2016 07:43pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Rexton Handbrake
    Same problem, changed wires, then shoes and everything twice, only
    works for a while...Any way to fix this permanently? Mechanic says the
    construction of the handbrake is useless, and that it probably never
    will work. Any way to replace it with something else? shouldnt
    Ssanyoung come up with a proper replacement?

    Norway - Sun 12th February 2017 02:30pm (GMT)

Subject : Rexton Front Hub.
I've 2006 2.7xdi rexton and having big problems getting the correct
wheel bearing / hub.

While registered in 2006, i think the
car is 2004/2005 model with a a 6 stud hub.

Can anyone
provide any advice or know were i can obtain a 2004/05 6 stud
wheelbearing / hub as all the 2006 bearing don't fit and the dealer is
not helpful!


derry, UK - Tue 26th July 2016 04:53pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Rexton Front Hub.
    Try they also trade on I got a front hub
    for a 2007 Rexton for NZ$200 including shipping, the dealer price was
    NZ$580 + GST

    Auckland, New Zealand, NZ - Sun 16th October 2016 10:26pm (GMT)

Subject : Transmission
Help. I have an Actyon sport 2012 diesel ute ex Ausi mines. now
faulting every day with P0729, P0733 & P0735 gear incorrect rario. i
tow a trailer most days. fault started after tranmission flush. any

Kumeu, Auckland, NZ - Sat 23rd July 2016 06:52am (GMT)
  • Subject : Transmission
    check that they used the correct oil wrong oil will cause codes if DSI
    6speed auto they have to use DSI oil only I know as I had the same
    things this oil will cause the torque convertor to fail first

    Perth, Wa, Australia - Fri 27th January 2017 03:38pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Transmission
      G'day - any chance I can make contact to discuss transmission concerns
      with my 2.7xdi please

      Peter (Perth)

      Perth, WA, AUST - Mon 30th January 2017 09:50am (GMT)

      • Subject : Transmission
        Hi. I ended up having to take it to the dealer to replace the
        transmission with a recon one. cost me big bucks.

        NZ - Tue 31st January 2017 07:26am (GMT)

Subject : korando
Went for a engin wash and now it wont rev above 1600rpm. Checked all
leads and dry all plugs and leads .still wont rev .

gorfons bay, south africa - Tue 19th July 2016 01:29pm (GMT)
Subject : ssangyong musso 2.9 lack of power
Recently bought 2.9d 1997 oil was leaking in breather pipe .now I put
new rings and bearings the car is starting and driving but it is not
powerful as before is bogging just make noise like is high speed

cape town, south africa, south africa - Sun 17th July 2016 10:37am (GMT)
Subject : Transmission
My 2011 ssangyong actyon sp utility automatic transmission goes clunck
when put into drive.
It's only got 85000 on the clock....why would
it be doing this. It's not like it's been used as a work vehicle

Sydney, Nsw, Australia - Tue 21st June 2016 06:25am (GMT)
  • Subject : Transmission
    2 wd not comming in on the other 4 wd running fine and some times on
    the 2wd running fine and on reverse not comeing in then switch to 4 wd
    and its ok

    burmmarad, malta, malta - Mon 27th June 2016 06:18pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Transmission
      Did you solve the problem with the Rexton's 4 wheel drive. I've got
      the same problem, took it to different electricians, tried different
      computers but still with no solution.

      Sue Cachia
      Safi, Malta, Malt - Tue 06th June 2017 09:35am (GMT)

Subject : clutch
I have recently bought a SsangYong R in place)Rexton on a 58 plate -
only had for 6 weeks (3months warranty)and the clutch has gone. The
garage where I purchased it from is apparently struggling to get a new
clutch for it - they have had the vehicle for a week now - is this a
reasonable problem to have???? The car has only done 60K I bought this
vehicle in good faith and paid full asking price as they said it was
fit for purpose, obviously not.

Vicky Fletcher
Bolton, Lancs, UK - Wed 15th June 2016 06:39pm (GMT)
Subject : gasoline problem
hello. I have problem with my ssangyong actyon sports y 2007.
vehicule start just when I manually pump that rubber pump. It work one
minute end stop.I changed the gasoline filter and no changes. please

noumea, new caledonia - Sat 11th June 2016 12:22am (GMT)
  • Subject : gasoline problem
    I had similar problem, and it was the low pressure fuel pump, the
    other problem could be crank angle sensor (cheaper option to try
    first), if this sensor is faulty it will shut off the fuel supply
    causing no start symptoms. Hope this helps.

    Wanniassa, ACT, Australia - Tue 14th June 2016 12:40pm (GMT)

Subject : tyre jack placement

I recently bought a 2013 Actyon Sports ute and came with
no books etc
Just wondering where jack goes when lifting to change there somewhere special or can i just lift off
Thanks in advance

Lismore, New South Wales, Australia - Thu 09th June 2016 05:18am (GMT)
Subject : service
Is there a half decent mechanic to service & repair a SsangYong Kyron
2006 2litre diesel SUV

johannesburg, gauteng, SA - Mon 30th May 2016 03:47pm (GMT)
Subject : wheel alighment
Does any one know how to get data for wheel alignment data for korando
sports 13 - new

Dariusz Wloch
Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom - Fri 13th May 2016 06:37pm (GMT)
Subject : No Power - Ignition
Dear All

I am new to the forum. Mu grand father was trying to
start his SSANGYONG jeep by using the jump leads as his battery was
low. As he was doing it, he had the leads connected to his battery and
as he was connecting the leads to the other car, he dropped the leads
on the engine frame of the other car and BIG SPARK. Now his jeep
lights, horn, radio all works but when he turns the ignition...there
are no lights in the dash board. Would any of you be able to point me
in the right direction what can I do to get the power back on. I thank
you all for your help.

Edgware, Middlesex, UK - Mon 18th April 2016 06:10pm (GMT)
Subject : transmission issues
I have a 2000 sangyong Kyron it sticks in park and hard to move, I
have a feeling the oil is low its automatic I cant find the dipstick
to check and I don't know where to fill it from

Brisbane, queensland, australia - Wed 13th April 2016 05:56am (GMT)
  • Subject : transmission issues
    Don't panic. Ssangyong's just seem to have too many management systems
    to override simple issues. Its a safety mechanism. I have had the same
    problem. It is probably a simple blown fuse on your brake light
    system. Perhaps you are towing a trailer or have a short in the wiring
    harness. Pop the fuse cover to the righthand side of the dash and from
    memory its a blue 15 amp. Sometimes you may also need to check fuses
    in the main fuse box under the bonnet. Good luck.

    Qld Australia - Fri 15th April 2016 03:56pm (GMT)

Subject : Transmission Conversion
I have a 1996 Ssangyong Mosso with manual Gear Box and had to convert
it to Auto with 1996 auto gear of same car. Kickdown switch is fitted
and linked to the gear box so also throttle cable to the engine. But
there are issues in wiring from gear box to the car body. Got any idea
to achieve it?

Patrick Gaul
Abuja, FCT, Nigeria - Sat 09th April 2016 11:57pm (GMT)
Subject : rexton 54 plate eml
Hi i have a problem with my rexton ,if i drive like miss daisy there
is no issues ,however if i need to over take and need to put my foot
down the eml comes on ?
If i pull,over switch the igntion off
then back on its gone?
No one can read it so had to take to the
dealers and they said boostnsensor fault ,which could include the
turbo ?
So i removed the turbo and took it to a turbo shop
,nothing wrong with it ,they think the EGR is sticking ?
any ideas
? Before its in a million bits lol

Neil Sanders
peterlee, UK - Sun 27th March 2016 08:33pm (GMT)
  • Subject : rexton 54 plate eml
    Clean the booster pressure sensor with some brake cleaner.
    the little black piece locked by 2 screws on top of the inlet

    Gothenburg, Sweden - Tue 29th March 2016 09:02pm (GMT)

  • Subject : rexton 54 plate eml
    Boost pressure will 9/10 times be related to crud build up on the
    sensor and or the EGR valve itself.

    You need to lift the
    cover over the engine off and then boost pressure sensor is the sensor
    on right side as you look towards the windscreen that's mounted on the
    inlet manifold. There's two sensors close but one is the rail
    pressure switch.

    I'm Essex based but have a tool that can
    read codes and check activation. Unfortunately I can't programme
    injectors or re-learn the HP pump or I will have solved my IMV fault
    by now on my 2006 Rex 2.7

    Basildon, Essex, UK - Wed 30th March 2016 11:14pm (GMT)

Subject : Daewoo Korando
Hi, does anyone know where the fuse is for the fuel pump on a 2.3
petrol 1999?

Seaford, East Sussex, UK - Mon 21st March 2016 06:57pm (GMT)
Subject : Codage des injecteurs
J ai reconditionne les injecteurs de la rexton sans les reperer au
demontage. Je n ai de scann. Quel autre scann pourrait me permettre de
recoder ces injecteurs.
Merci Joseph.

Douala, xxx, Cameroun - Sat 12th March 2016 01:55am (GMT)
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