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Subject : Oil appears in water reservoire
I bought the 2002 model of Ssangyong Rexton (290) about 4 months ago
and have enjoyed using it. Recently, I started experiencing the
problem whereby oil appears in the water reservoire. I consulted
mechanics and they changed the head gasket for me, but the problem
Anyone with an idea about the possible
Thank you.

Tamale, Ghana, GHANA - Sat 19th April 2014 10:51am (GMT)
Subject : Engine warning light & high Temp
I have a Rexton 2005 RX270 XDI, When driving I have the engine warning
light comes on and at the same time the temperature gauge rises
instantly to above Hot. I pull over turn the car off wait 5 seconds
and turn it back on light off temp back to normal. Have Just
purchased the car and found a receipt from previous owner for Water
sensor, Have had it put over Computer and and found Code P1115 -
Coolant Temp Sensor malfunction. Does this vehicle have a Water temp
Sensor and a Coolant temp sensor, Brought a Manual for 220 series not
270 different, cant find manual for 270. Please help

Cobargo, nsw, AUS - Mon 14th April 2014 07:31am (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong Kyron Problem
Have a 2006 Kyron which i am about to give up on. Cut out after a
fill of fuel so assumed it was a problem with fuel, drained it,
replaced injectors, common rail pump, fuel tank and fuel line, filters
etc. Now has no power and a knocking noise. Have spent a fortune so
far and reluctant to have to spend more! Any ideas appreciated! Thanks

Joe Johnston
Newry, County Down, UK - Sun 30th March 2014 11:06am (GMT)
Subject : Starting problems 2006 Rexton 270
Some days my Rexton will start easily, other days it doesn't
start at all. It is the same with cold and warm engine. Error codes
tells us there are something wrong with the camshaft sensor and
crankshaft sensor. Both of them are replaced, wiring for the camshaft
sensor is also replaced. Power relay for engine system is also
replaced. I would be happy if someone have any ideas of whats wrong!

Frode Mørreaunet
Aafjord, Norway, Norway - Sat 08th March 2014 11:43am (GMT)
Subject :

- UK - Sun 02nd March 2014 02:09pm (GMT)
Subject :
My 2007 Ssangyong Kyron had a flat battery so i replaced it with a
brand new one,the problem now is the engine is turning over but not
starting has anyone any ideas what it could



sean conway
Dunlaoghaire, Dublin, Ireland - Thu 13th February 2014 11:40am (GMT)
  • Subject :
    I had an issue that sounds very similar. I ended up taking the car
    into the Ssangyong dealership, (on the back of a truck), they plugged
    it into the computer and reprogrammed the ignition to read the keys as
    it had been scrambled. They think that as I had been need a large
    transmitter tower on a minesite when the issue had occurred, it had
    scrambled the coding between the keys and the ignition. Took all of
    about two minutes to correct but cost me $300 for the truck ride.
    Still love the car though.

    Joe Meagher
    Perth, WA, Australia - Sun 02nd March 2014 02:46am (GMT)

Subject : Oil Cooler
Hi, I have a 2008 SsangYong Kyron, I recently put an external oil
cooler on for the transmission, the first one burst and the second one
is holding, when we drive at 100klms an hour transmission oil is
coming out of the dipstick join on the box, replaced the seals and
still pushing out oil, any suggestions?

Paul Morrison
Gladstone, Queensland, Australia - Fri 24th January 2014 07:16pm (GMT)
Subject : 4wd problem
why will my ssangyoung korando 1998 not go in to 4wd and have no
lights on my
dash board aswell
Also when I have been driving
for a while or put foot down its like it loses power for a second or
two and is very shaky

Johan de Beer
Phalaborwa, Limpopo, South Africa - Mon 13th January 2014 07:23am (GMT)
Subject : 2001 musso auto won't change up the gears
I have a 2001 daewoo musso 2.9td gearbox cooler pipe had a hole so
replaced with new pipe have filled gearbox up with ATF fluid have
drive and reverse but gearbox won't chnage up to 3rd or 4th gear any
ideas, could it be fluid or is the box broke.

Wales, Cardiff, UK - Sun 29th December 2013 12:10pm (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong Rexton 2.7 XDi
Water separator light showed for about 3 minutes and has not shown
again,where is the fuel pump located on the 2005 model thanks

Warrington, Cheshire, UK - Thu 19th December 2013 08:40am (GMT)
Subject : Rexton Transfer Box
HI I have a Rexton 2005 diesel and about 4 half years ago starting
getting knocking noise mainly from back of car underneath, went to
garage etc couldn't say what it was, until 6 months agpo car wasn't
used very much but since then in use and noise gotten worse, helps
sometimes if increase back air pressure, just been told could be
transfer box, is this easy to fix? Sound is like loud knocking
especially when breaking now thanks

Rainham, Essex, UK - Thu 05th December 2013 05:46pm (GMT)
Subject : cant change from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive
Ssangyong 1989 musso 620el. vehicle currentlu only change within
seconds from 1st to 3rd gear in drive. Anyone can give guidance on
what the problem may be?

Vredenburg, South AFRICA - Mon 02nd December 2013 06:07pm (GMT)
Subject : Korando K290
I have a 2006 Korando K290 TDi E/l F/lift, which has recently
started not turning off. I have no problem starting but when I go to
turn the key off the engine still runs and I am having to do a force
stall. Mech and auto elec can't seem to find the problem. Any ideas or
suggestions would be most helpful.

- KZN, South Africa - Mon 18th November 2013 03:38pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Korando K290
    Hi KZN,

    I think the ignition system is managed by air/vacuum
    and one of the air circuits shuts off the fuel supply when the
    ignition is switched off.

    If air is escaping from that
    circuit, then the fuel would not be shut off when you turn the
    ignition off and remove the key.

    I head that this is how a
    2001 model is set up but I'm not sure about a 2006

    Good luck!

    Dublin, Dublin, Ireland - Tue 24th December 2013 10:50pm (GMT)

Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
hi I have a problem with the 4wd on my rexton the lights on the dash
don't go out when engine is on and it doesn't seem to click into 4h or
4l is this an easy fix or have I got a big problem.i have been told it
could be just a hole in an air pipe could it be that
thanks for your advice

eoin murphy
gorey, wexford, ireland - Sun 17th November 2013 02:19pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
    Possible the cucumber hose is leaking or cracked. Also check the C and
    J joints at the solenoid valve under the battery for leak.

    P.J, Sel., Malaysia - Sun 24th November 2013 02:01pm (GMT)

    • Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
      Cucumber hose** vacuum hose.
      PJ, Sel., Malaysia - Sun 24th November 2013 02:18pm (GMT)

      • Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
        Is the vacuum hose conected to the transfer box ?

        What does
        it activate ?


        Vincent Lalor
        Dublin, Ireland - Wed 02nd April 2014 01:08pm (GMT)

Subject : 2012 Ssangyong Korando
Just had my vehicle serviced today & as I was leaving put it in
reverse. As soon as I released the clutch it started to stall. I call
over my mechanic to see the problem. I was pushing down on the
accelerator & there was no revving. My mechanic put the computer thing
on it came up with nothing. It happen again about 20 mins later. So
can anyone tell me what is going on. Even stumped my mechanic & told
me to go on here. I don't want to be caught with this problem to far
away from home. Thank you.

Maureen Preston
Bathurst, NSW, Australia - Fri 08th November 2013 05:11am (GMT)
Subject : Kyron 4wd mode
Hi my Kyron keeps going into 4wd mode for no reason. Cant drive it
then as wont change gears.
Can anyone help?

Barbara Martin
Swan Bay, NSW, Australia - Sun 27th October 2013 11:40pm (GMT)
Subject : power problem
hi everybody,
before one month it happen with me during driving
the audio system and the ac stop working for 1 or 2 second in my car
it happen to me 2 time, i have rexton 3.2 2005 model after stoping i
switch off my car and i try to start some sound coming " toc" and the
car not starting the tempreture and the fuel guage get stucked up same
with the key out. i disconect the battery and lucky my car started and
the temprature , fuel gage back to normal it happen to me 2 or 3 times
any body have idea please help me

doha , qatar, qatar - Sat 26th October 2013 04:57pm (GMT)
  • Subject : power problem
    I have had a similar problem, though my headlights were going out
    aswell and my Kyron would fault and cause the engine immobilizer to
    activate, sometimes when I was driving at 100kmh, the fault was my

    Gladstone, Qld, Australia - Fri 07th February 2014 12:55am (GMT)

Subject : Musso 2.9 Diesel Starting Problem
I have a 96 Musso 2.9 Diesel. Shes been
running perfectly, but has not been used for a few days, and may have
run dry on fuel. The Moose will nor start now. Turns over, nearly
sparks into life and then just drains the battery. I have put in fuel
(obviously), but I am not winning.

Bill Nosworthy
Cape Town, SA, South Africa - Fri 13th September 2013 05:36pm (GMT)
Subject :
I have a 2.7 rexton diesel ...
Runs for 1/2 hr then stops
Wait for 1/2 hr and starts again ..
Been to dealer but no
fault codes found ..
Please help

Christchurch, Nz - Mon 02nd September 2013 02:07am (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Sounds like your crankshaft sensor has gone bad.
    You can get to it
    either from the top or underneith.
    It's located next to the
    drivetrain in the top and is hold by an allen screw.
    What it does
    is that when your car is cold it's functioning as usual but as soon as
    it gets warm it's resistance is altered and gives an indication to the
    ecu that your timing is of and it shuts down the engine to protect it
    from damage.
    If you look from the top you will see a connector in
    the far back end of the engine with 2 wires in it.
    thats the CS
    sensor. Unscrew the screw and pull it straight up. Look at it and see
    if you have the one with an flat base or the one with an metal pig on
    it so that you can get the right one on ebay for instance. You can
    also do a search on google by using the a number that is stamped on
    it. Bought mine for $40 on Ebay, replaced it and it's been running
    fine for an year now.
    While you are at it replace the camshaft
    sensor (top front next to the egr pipe on the left side of the engine)
    as it usually goes when the CS sensor goes.

    Gothenburg, Sweden - Sat 02nd November 2013 02:34pm (GMT)

Subject : ssangyong korando 2.3 not firing on all cylinders
Our petrol korando is not firing on all cylinders. What could be
causing this? The leaded, plugs and coils have been replaced.

matlock, derbyshire, UK - Fri 30th August 2013 08:05pm (GMT)
Subject : rexton wont start without easy start
im having some bother with my 2007 rexton was driving ok then decided
to not start without easy start. it came up with cam sensor replaced
and went into limp mode done fuel filter and now its coming up with
P1254 rail pressure high cnr mal. can some one please help me before
I lose it with this jeep.

airdrie, north lanarkshire, UK - Thu 22nd August 2013 06:42pm (GMT)
  • Subject : rexton wont start without easy start
    Hi, a faulty camshaft sensor can create many issues so replacing it is
    a start.
    Make sure your battery is in good condition as a weak
    battery can send mixed signals to the computer.
    Try disconnecting
    you battery and reconnecting it after a few minutes this can help
    In regards to fuel pressure did you prime the hand pump
    after you replaced the fuel filter as your system is probably
    detecting air in the system, don't be afraid to pump the primer
    several times or more.
    Hope this helps.

    John Dummler
    Everton Upper, Victoria, Australia - Fri 23rd August 2013 03:31pm (GMT)

  • Subject : rexton wont start without easy start
    Hi I have o5 rexton 2.7 and just replaced the battery but she started
    with difficult drove tovthe shop bout and mile away came out and the
    car wont start but its turning over any ideas could some one tell me
    what "easy start is "

    Bernie Donnelly
    DRAPERSTOWN, LONDONDERRY, UK - Sun 25th August 2013 01:06am (GMT)

    • Subject : rexton wont start without easy start
      My car started to become difficult to start over a period of a week
      until she would not start at all.
      The car would crank over but
      would not fire. After replacing the cam shaft sensor problem solve.

      John Dummler
      Everton upper, Victoria, Australia - Fri 06th September 2013 01:39pm (GMT)

Subject : 4WD
am confused between the two button for 4WD wich one i have to use for
long way driving in 4 wheel drive,is the 4H or the 4L? also what's the
deffrence betwen them ?
really appreciate your help.
by the
way the car is RX 320 2005 model .

Al Saad, Doha, Qatar - Thu 22nd August 2013 11:34am (GMT)
  • Subject : 4WD

    You should use the 4wd HI as this allows the transfer box
    to drive at speed. The 4wd Low is for off road or driving in the snow

    airdrie, UK - Thu 22nd August 2013 06:45pm (GMT)

  • Subject : 4WD
    use the 4h inside the sand never use the 4l for a long way , the 4 low
    is used only when the car stucked inside the sand لما تغرس

    doha, qatar, qatar - Sat 26th October 2013 04:50pm (GMT)

Subject : Glow plug removal.
Just like to share some advice on how to remove glow plugs
from a Rexton 2.7.

When the time came to replace the glow
plugs in my Rexton with 190256km, I found them extremely tight and a
couple barely movable.
What I did was to crack the glow plugs
about quarter to half a turn and then fill the glow plug wells with
WD40, drive the car for at least a week keeping the wells topped
What this does is when the piston moves up and down it
gradually draws in the WD40 in the threads of the glow plugs and
softens the carbon within the threads.
Before removal next warm
your engine and use your glow plug socket and turn the glow plugs back
and forth millimetre x millimetre be patient as this can take some
time, this again will allow the WD40 to penetrate the glow plug
Don't apply to much force on the socket as over exertion
can snap the plug.
Once all removed clean blow out the threads in
the head, You can crank the engine this will also assist in blowing
out any impurities.
Before installing the new plugs make sure you
apply anti seize on the threads of the new plugs as this will seal the
threads and assist in the removal plugs the next time the require

John Dummler
Everton Upper, Victoria, Australia - Sun 18th August 2013 03:20pm (GMT)
Subject : Engine change
I am about to change the 3200 petrol engine in my Musso 3200 EL for a
662 turbo motor.Has anyone done this, are there any major
problems...does anyone need a good condition 3200 petrol motor?

Cape Town, South Africa - Thu 15th August 2013 08:28pm (GMT)
Subject : EL3200 Manual
Can anyone tell e if I can run the 320 EL 5 speed Musso on 2 wheel
drice. Standard it is in 4 wd?

Cape Town - Thu 15th August 2013 08:01pm (GMT)
Subject : ssanyonge rexton not starting
hi all i have a rexton 270 diesel on an 06
im having trouble
starting it iv had the glow plugs changed still no good.
If i use
easy start it starts up and runs fine but if i turn it off it wont
start again unless i use easy start again has anyone got any ideas
what this could be thanx for any help

aveley, Essex, UK - Wed 07th August 2013 07:42pm (GMT)
  • Subject : ssanyonge rexton not starting
    Hi did you get any response to your question as mine is doing the same

    Hockley, Essex, UK - Sun 11th August 2013 07:47am (GMT)

  • Subject : ssanyonge rexton not starting
    Hi, I had an issue with mine where the car over a period of two weeks
    became harder to start to eventually it would crank but not
    I found the crank shaft sensor to be faulty, once replaced
    no problem.

    John Dummler
    Everton Upper, Victoria, Australia - Sun 18th August 2013 02:09pm (GMT)

  • Subject : ssanyonge rexton not starting
    Rexto would start with easy start replased glow plugs which involved
    moving pipes to injectors then would not start. code low fuel
    pressure. removed injectors sent for inspection all choked. After
    emptying fuel filter into clear bowl could see metalic flecks in
    diesel pump breaking down all to gether around £2000.

    jef t
    newcastle, tyne wear, UK - Wed 13th November 2013 07:27pm (GMT)

Subject : 4wd problem
why will my ssangyoung 1999 not go in to 4wd and have no lights on my
dash board aswell

devon, UK - Fri 02nd August 2013 02:31pm (GMT)
Subject : Korando Diesel
My Diesel Korando has now done 41,000 km's. It has ongoing
transmission/throttle problems. It jerks from a start, accelerates
uncontrollably through the gears. sometimes it refuses to accelerate.
It often gets stuck in 2nd gear. My SsangYong dealer can't sort it
out. Can someone help me?

Robin McCarthy
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zeland - Tue 23rd July 2013 11:27am (GMT)
  • Subject : Korando Diesel
    Hi Rob, you say your SsangYong dealer cannot locate the fault? ie
    Armstrong Motors in St Asaph St. Did they complete a diagnostic check?
    I do wonder if a computer chip is at fault? Otherwise check on the
    Aussie SsangYong 4wd Club website - they seem to know a lot more. What
    year & model?

    Terry Austin
    Christchurch, NZ - Wed 24th July 2013 09:35am (GMT)

Subject : Musso Diesel won't run or accelerate
2004 diesel musso sports difficult to start and engine will not
accelerate then stalls.
Any suggestions? I had thought it maybe
air in the pump but it wasn't run out of fuel and I believe it is a
self bleeding system

Charlie F
sunshine coast, Qld, AUS - Mon 22nd July 2013 04:50pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Musso Diesel won't run or accelerate
    Hi, your engine has a mechanical pump which needs to be
    First when was the last time you changed your diesel
    What you need to do is crack your injector lines at the
    injectors prime your system by pumping the manual hand primer until
    you feel it getting firm then get someone to turn your engine over
    until you see fuel spurting from the cracked injector lines once this
    happens tighten the injector lines gradually until the engine fires
    and rune evenly.

    John Dummler
    Everton Upper, Victoria, Australia - Sun 18th August 2013 02:34pm (GMT)

Subject : bypass ecu
some one tried to steal my kyron and in the process of failing
miserably, broke the fob of the key and threw it away so now i have no
way of starting the car. So could anyone tell me how i could bypass
the ecu and wire into the pump so the car will start the car turns
over with the key but wont start

Garry Pearson
blackburn, lancashire, UK - Thu 11th July 2013 08:57pm (GMT)
Subject : Korando 2.9 diesel
Hi, when driving above about 60 kph, the wind appears to get quite
audible coming off the front plastic cover in front of the window
wipers. Anyone else have this issue? Did not notice this when first
purchased some weeks back.

cHRISTCHURCH, NZ - Fri 28th June 2013 11:22am (GMT)
Subject : SSangyong Korando 1998 wont change gear
Hi i have a ssangyong korando 1998 diesel manual and it wont change
gear when running and now it wont start at all! help needed asap!!

London, London, UK - Thu 06th June 2013 05:26pm (GMT)
  • Subject : SSangyong Korando 1998 wont change gear
    Your clutch more than likely requires replacement. Clutches don't last
    forever and it's just another part of the cars maintenance. First hint
    would have been when it was difficult to change gears. I guess you
    have had it checked by now with a mechanic?

    Christchurch, NZ - Tue 02nd July 2013 07:59pm (GMT)

  • Subject : SSangyong Korando 1998 wont change gear
    Did you buy the car new or second hand.
    The reason for the
    question is that the manual transmissions run ATF automatic gearbox
    oil in them but some people put gear oil in them which results in
    difficult to near impossible gear selection.

    Everton Upper, Vic, Australia - Wed 10th July 2013 02:18pm (GMT)

Subject : Ssangyong Rexton engine temperature sensor fitting
Can anyone give any help or advice regarding fitting a new engine
temperature sensor to a diesel Ssangyong Rexton 2005. I have the part
coming from France to the UK but thought my local garage might need
some help!

Victoria Baily
Cheltenham, UK - Fri 10th May 2013 08:52pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Ssangyong Rexton engine temperature sensor fitting
    Temperature sensor is located under the intake manifold.
    Grab a
    torch and shine under the manifold located towards the front of the
    You will require to remove the front pressed metal engine
    top cover support and this will allow better access to the sensor.

    Everton Upper, Vic, Australia - Wed 10th July 2013 01:42pm (GMT)

Subject : Glo Plug
I have a Kyron 2007 model. The Glo Plug light does not go off. Also at
times the temperature guage and warning light show overheating, but in
fact the car is at normal operating temperature

Anthony S
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Wed 08th May 2013 01:08pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Glo Plug
    Did you fix that glow problem
    I have the same problem wirh my car,
    im thinking to replace the all plugs

    Riverwood, NSW, AISTRALIA - Wed 15th May 2013 12:33pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Glo Plug
      You can get your ssangyong dealer to check each glow plug.The light
      indicates at least 1 is faulty, but not all of them. Your car won't
      start if all are faulty. Also, you can try MTQ in Sydney.They are
      diesel pros,i use them in Adelaide with good results. If you want a CD
      workshop manual go to IT will help as it lists
      all fault codes and diagnosis remedys. It is the Factory manual

      Adelaide, south australia, Australia - Wed 29th May 2013 04:13pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Glo Plug
    I have a 2.7 lt Rexton and I had similar issues, the engine light
    would come on and the temperature would show overheating and sometimes
    when this happen my triptronic transmission would lock into 2nd
    Also over a period of weeks the car became difficult to
    start when at operating temperature and then over a period of two
    weeks it refused to start when warm.
    After replacing the
    temeperature sensor located under the intake manifold, and the
    thermostate the problem still exsisted but then i replaced the
    camshaft sensor and all the above issues were a thing of the past and
    the car has never missed a beat.

    Everton Upper, Australia, UK - Wed 10th July 2013 01:34pm (GMT)

Subject : korando 1998 4wd
hi ..please can someone tell me why my korando keeps turning itself
from 4wd to keeps happening whilst im off roading and causes
me to get stuck ..i need it 4wd permanently

essex, uk, UK - Mon 29th April 2013 12:09pm (GMT)
  • Subject : korando 1998 4wd
    I think you have a leak in the Vacuum System
    Jan de Nysschen
    Pretoria, Gauteng, Pretoria - Tue 21st May 2013 07:36pm (GMT)

Subject : Replacing Common Rail Sensor D270T
Car starts when cold, but will not start when warm. Turning glo plug
on and off a few times seems to help start when warm. Diagnostic tool
says issue with common rail sensor. Has anyone else had this problem,
and if so, was it a sensor issue?

Max Chippindale
- Australia - Sun 17th February 2013 12:50am (GMT)
  • Subject : Replacing Common Rail Sensor D270T
    Best advice.Buy a copy of the Workshop manual from Its on cd. Has a full list of fault code numbers
    for diagnosis.There is a Fuel pressure sensor in the middle of the
    fuel rail. May be the problem.However i suggest get your ssangyong
    dealer to check the Cam Position Sensor, as more likely the problem.

    Adelaide, south australia, Australia - Wed 29th May 2013 04:33pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Replacing Common Rail Sensor D270T
    Try replacing the cam shaft sensor,as i had a simular problem and i
    found that when the engine was cold it started well but when the
    engine was at operating temperature and parked the engine would crank
    but not fire. After replacing the sensor the car not missed a beat.

    John Dummler
    Everton upper, Vic, Australia - Wed 10th July 2013 01:18pm (GMT)

Subject : Front end knock
I have a 2005 RX270, great car. For some time I've heard a knock on
the front driver side wheel / suspension area especially when on or
near full lock. More reliably does it reversing than going forward. My
local RAC has gone right through it and confirms the noise is there
but can't find it, nor can they find anything wrong. Has anybody else
come across this ?????

Perth, WA, Australia - Fri 08th February 2013 06:17am (GMT)
  • Subject : Front end knock
    we had that noise. It sounded as if it was coming from the front
    assembly but traced it to the transmission. It hadn't been serviced
    for some time before we bought it. After a full trans service it fixed
    the prob.

    Peter Watson
    Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, NZ - Fri 08th February 2013 09:32am (GMT)

Subject :
can anybody help?the injectors on my kyron 2006 needs to be
replaced.we got all out except for the 4th one.we now took the head of
but it still wont come out.we've been putting solutions in and kept
pulling but its not moving.

johannesburg, south africa, south africa - Wed 16th January 2013 02:08pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Hi, we had the same problem on our Kyron. My husband drilled out the
    two injectors. No damage caused. If you need advice give him a call
    Edward 0845109633

    Germiston, South Africa , SA - Fri 25th January 2013 03:45pm (GMT)

Subject :
can anybody help?the injectors on my kyron 2006 needs to be
replaced.we got all out except for the 4th one.we now took the head of
but it still wont come out.we've been putting solutions in and kept
pulling but its not moving.

johannesburg, south africa, south africa - Wed 16th January 2013 02:07pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Hi, we had the same problem on our Kyron. My husband drilled out
    two injectors. No damage caused. If you need advice give him a
    Edward 0845109633

    Germiston, SA , SA - Fri 25th January 2013 03:50pm (GMT)

Subject :
can anybody help?the injectors on my kyron 2006 needs to be
replaced.we got all out except for the 4th one.we now took the head of
but it still wont come out.we've been putting solutions in and kept
pulling but its not moving.

johannesburg, south africa, south africa - Wed 16th January 2013 02:04pm (GMT)
Subject : 4x4 problem
my REXTON II automatic 2,7 do not add front wheels on ice and
works only in 2WD mode. What should be a problem and how can I
determine it ?

Senica, Slovakia, SK - Tue 01st January 2013 07:08pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 4x4 problem
    i got same problem did you sort youers out if yes please let me know
    many how thanks

    thomas davies
    merthyr tydfil, wales, UK - Sat 19th January 2013 02:29pm (GMT)

    • Subject : 4x4 problem
      Hello Thomas, certified service didn't helped me with this problem.
      Very advanced mechanic recommended to replace clutch in differential
      gearbox. He tested car on a special axle tester and founded dissimilar
      front axle movement which depended on acceleration. If acceleration
      starts slowly, front axle is added, but in case of quick acceleration
      it is not added every time. I diagnose this before on icy roads on
      reverse movement to hill, but I didn't understood principles of Rexton
      gearbox. You could try it on wet surface and compare with different

      Blava, SK - Sat 19th January 2013 09:51pm (GMT)

Subject : angel Gear
hi There can any One Help i Have a Ssangyoug 2005 musso sports ute
2.9D as you drive along and get above 3000rpm then back off it goes
into to like an angel gear till you slow the car to a stop then take
off again its right for a 1km or 2 then does it again can any one HELP

Robe, South Australia, Australia - Thu 27th December 2012 11:58am (GMT)
Subject : throttle position sensor
I have a Ssangyong Korando, 2.3 petrol, year 1997 and want to know
where the throttle position sensor is located as I have looked all
around the throttle body and cannot see it exposed anywhere. I am a
notice to engines so photographs would be appreciaed

Buckhurst Hill, Essex, UK - Sun 23rd December 2012 10:48pm (GMT)
Subject : The Ssangyong Korando review
Hey, MotorTorque again.

I write for the MotorTorque site and
they have recently finished the Ssangyong Korando review that was
mentioned last - so if anyone wants to watch it here it

feedback would be massively appreciated. Plus any thoughts on the car
itself be great - Would you buy one? If not, why?

Richard Bush
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK - Wed 05th December 2012 01:44pm (GMT)
Subject : We did a review....
I write for an automotive site and we recently did a video review of
the Korando, I don't know if anyone would like a look - we did like a
'taster' test to see if anyone could tell the difference between the
likes of the Ssangyong and a BMW. We did it with stuff like crisps and
chocolate as well...don't really know why.

Anyway, just let
me know if you want to see it and I will post the


Richard Bush
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK - Tue 04th December 2012 09:52am (GMT)
Subject : glow plugs
I'm trying to change the glow plugs but my 10mm socket does no fit on
the plug does it require a special socket and were can I get one from.

Skegness, Lincolnshire, UK - Mon 22nd October 2012 04:23pm (GMT)
  • Subject : glow plugs
    Try getting the outer diameter of a long reach 10mm machined down on a
    lathe.I did it and socket then fitted on glow plugs. Make sure you use
    penetrating oil(left on for a few days) and use continuous loosening
    and fastening motion when removing plugs(this will allow penetrating
    oil to work)

    Barry Ferreira
    Johannesburg, South Africa - Sat 01st March 2014 06:48am (GMT)

Subject : 2008 kyron automatic shuddering
I have a 2008 kyron 2.0 automatic.
My problem started with a
massive shuddering at low revs and just befor gear changes. Somewhere
round 60 km/h and 120 km/h. I have has the Side shafts checked and the
prop shaft/ drive train rebalanced and changed the main gear box
mount. It has helped the problem but I still have a shuddering at low
revs. Any sugestions.

Nic Apostoli
Johannesburg, South africa - Tue 09th October 2012 05:27pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 2008 kyron automatic shuddering
    if you have the tiptronic there was an identified issue with
    the transmission oil
    this is a flush and replace job ( right oil)
    mine took about 1,000 km to settle down and has been fine for
    A bit of a workout off road did wonders for mine

    AU - Sat 24th November 2012 09:17am (GMT)

Subject : Sangyong Kyron Gearbox light

the gearbox lights stays on - had sensors checked and one
replaces. problems returned

has mercs triptron gearbox

Aberdeenshire, UK, UK - Mon 08th October 2012 11:41pm (GMT)
Subject : Automatic Transmission Issue
hi. I 'm from Qatar. I have a Ssangyong Rexton 2003, Rx320 automatic-
model 4x4 clocked 72K kilometers. Recently I have found an issue with
the gear shift.

Starting from the 'P' to 'R' when the knob
reaches R - the vehicle starts to vibrate. Then 'N' no issue. Then to
the 'D' there is a small jerk, i think the gear system is engaging.
When start moving with the 'D'rive mode, the vehicle starts moving but
the gears are not loading as i believe from my experience. At some
certain point, the vehicle comes to a stop on the D mode, and only the
rpm increases. Then slowly the vehicle starts to move and suddenly a
pull to go. It happen often but, when the vehicle comes to a stop on
'D' and rpm goes high, if the gear nob changes to N and again back to
D makes the machine move. And once it got the momentum, it will move
faster. Why this is happeing?? Any serious issues??

Doha, Qatar, Qatar - Wed 04th July 2012 05:59pm (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong Actyon
I have a Ssangyong Actyon 2008 with 22K km. The new battery will not
hold the charge, the alternator, electrical wires ahve all been
checked. Does anyone else have this problem - any suggestions

M. Anderson
Santo Domingo, DR - Wed 20th June 2012 05:43pm (GMT)
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