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Subject : kyron viscous fan noise
I am aware of all comments and ctricisms of the whirring noise from
the fan. Mine is 2007 which I have only owned for 5 months but I am
aware that the frequency of the fan coming in has increased with the
slight increase in ambient temperature. I understand this but I
foresee that it will become unbearable [to me ]in midsummer. Can the
viscous fan be worn and should I expect improvement if replaced with

dave foster
- Mon 30th March 2015 04:08pm (GMT)
Subject : Part Number ssangyong Kyron
The Gear oil cooler pipe is leaking and i needed to replace it. Dealer
tells me , i got to wait for about 2 weeks, can someoe help me with
the part number so i can get it on an open market instead of waiting
for the dealer?
thank you

Lonod, greater Lonodn, UK - Mon 30th March 2015 03:27pm (GMT)
Subject : musso clutch/immobiliser
Have a 2000 musso. It ran outta clutch fluid. Have had it topped up
and bled. So the pedal is resistant again. But cant start the
car....would running out of fluid and pedal problems have affected the

Glasgow, City of Glasgow, UK - Tue 24th February 2015 03:31pm (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong Actyon, speedometer reading, Vibrating at high speed and glow plug
I have Ssangyong Actyon Sports, 4x4 2008 model. Digital speedometer
reading is flicking showing some lose connection. Fuel filter display
( there are two filters ) which one to change)Glow plug was giving
signal and now I cant start the vehicle. The starter is making the
engine move but doesn't start.If it is the dead glow plug which is not
allowing the Van to start then I ave to all the glow plugs. Can any
body can give a contact of a co.where I can buy the glow plug, fuel
filter etc for my Ssang Actyon Twin cab van.

Suva, Fiji, Fiji Islands - Mon 23rd February 2015 01:35am (GMT)
Subject : Actyon - reverse gear issue
My actyon intermittently doesn't like going into reverse. It's fine
when the engine/gearbox are cold but 50/50 when it warms up. It's a
4-speed auto. Anyone had the same problem?


David BT
kuala lumpur, Malaysia - Mon 16th February 2015 05:18am (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyoung REXTON
Hi can anyone help me out have a couple of things I need or want
advise about.
1st. I am looking the signs of REXTON, door sings
RX270 and a font bonnet badge.
All badges sign sings are worn out
lost their sliver coatings etc
Would great to hear anybody knows
where I can get replacments.
2nd I also have a lot of electrical
problems continuosly as others have stated on the forum, esp goin,
check engine light, all lighter port for electrical keep blowing and
the interior some lights dont work to blown.
The main pain is the
check engine, and esp going off when car is loade3d with family and
bags etc, up and down motorways! temp gauge also drops to 0 until it
starts again.
I would be please to hear from anyone on the above
two points greatful.

Tim Hart
torre pacheco, murcia, spain - Sat 31st January 2015 01:49pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Ssangyoung REXTON
    all your signs can be bought via ebay mainly from south korea. that's
    exactly what I did 2 years ago. cheers. Glanny

    glanny naidu
    Richards bay, South Africa, ZA - Tue 24th February 2015 01:52pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Ssangyoung REXTON
    all your signs can be bought via ebay mainly from south korea. that's
    exactly what I did 2 years ago. cheers. Glanny

    glanny naidu
    Richards bay, South Africa, ZA - Tue 24th February 2015 01:52pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Ssangyoung REXTON
    Hi Torre,
    Happy to help you solve your following problem. "Temp
    gauge drops to 0 on highway".This can easily be solved by adding
    coolant. Add engine coolant above marked max. level. Make sure to
    fill 3 to 4 cm above marked level.
    Check Engine light and shut off
    Air Conditioner by itself (you should notice if AC is on when temp
    gauge drops) is a indication of fault and precaution.So this should
    also solved.
    Please report progress.
    Kapila from Sri Lanka.

    Kapila Jayasundara
    Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka - Fri 20th March 2015 03:44am (GMT)

Subject : kryon
hi,ihave a 2007 kryon m200xdi that goes into limp mode and eml light
comes on.fault code for boost pressure comes up,new turbo fitted
recently,also changed boost pressure valve on inlet manifold but still
does it,has anyone come across this befor????

colin kelly
cork, cork, roi - Wed 28th January 2015 05:18pm (GMT)
Subject : indicators
I have a 1997 musso wagon the lhs indicator works fine the rhs comes
on and stays on you disconnect the battery for a while and it goes off
then after a while it comes back on won't flash or anything just stays
on anyone got any ideas please

Brisbane, qld, Australia - Tue 20th January 2015 09:07am (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong kyron alarm
I've got a problem with my ssangyong kyron 06 plate
The alarm
keeps going of when I out the indicaters on
Any ideas ??

Warrington, Cheshire, UK - Sat 10th January 2015 08:26pm (GMT)
Subject : Rexton
I have a 2005 ssangyung Reston 2.7 auto I have had for 6 years with no
trouble very happy with car just had two new tyres put on front of car
still thr old tyres on back just that the car now drives on and off
like you just hit a pothole it shudders through the wheels it has been
checked can't see any problems I am thinking is it possible that the
wheels are not turning at the same rotation giving it this the problem
of car shudder now and then because it is in 4wd all the time and if
new tyres on front and old on back must be about 2o mm differents on
rotation any body got any isoluction to this

Southampton , Hampshire , UK - Tue 06th January 2015 08:18pm (GMT)
Subject : Problems with changing gears
I have a 09 2.7 Rexton.

Recently the transmission has
developed a problem. I can't change gears unless I start the vehicle
in gear and don't take my foot completely off the

This started one night my wife was going to take the
Rexton out. She didn't get very far only about 100yards before she
stopped the vehicle because she could not change up. And that the
clutch pedal was on the floor. and that the "WD4low" light was

I got there and lifted the pedal up. the pedal felt
stiff. I then put the vehicle in 1st, started the vehicle as it
lurched forward. I managed to get it home. Than I was able to start it
in reverse and for some reason I could then shift to 1st and then 2nd
and back to first again.

But if I put the car in neutral,
take my foot off the clutch, I can than not get it into any gears. I
have to turn off the engine, shift into gear an then I can

The only think is that putting into WD4low did
something. I hope the wife wasn't driving on the motorway with that

How should I start on this. The Rexton has rarely been
driven. It has 10000 miles on it. Bit early for the clutch to

I certainly hope you can help out.


Accrington, Lancashire, UK - Thu 25th December 2014 03:09pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Problems with changing gears
    Hi Sal,

    It sounds like when your wife drove the car in 4x4
    low, the drive wheels have spun on themselves. When you drive in low
    you must not drive on dry/wet flat tarmac.

    Try putting car in
    4x4low and reverse the car as long as you can.

    this should put the wheels correctly

    Jamie Mumford
    oldbury, west midlands , UK - Fri 26th December 2014 04:46pm (GMT)

Subject : Unexpected increase in revs
Hi, have got a rexton ssangyong 4x4. Over the past week whilst
driving it, it suddenly increases in revs even though I don't have my
foot on the clutch! It does move, but slowly. Will switch off the
engine, but when I restart, it is the same. Only after you drive it
for 10 mins will it return to normal. There are no warning lights
showing the whole time. Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks Anne

Inverness, Scotland, UK - Wed 17th December 2014 05:55pm (GMT)
Subject : Backfiring on Gas
I have 2000 Musso on dual fuel, has started to backfire on gas and
blows part of the air intake system which is between the oxygen sensor
and the engine and so loses power and won't idle. Considering a 'sock'
to replace part but mechanic says not strong enough. suggestions would
be very welcome.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Mon 15th December 2014 07:22am (GMT)
Subject : ssangyong korando not working 4x4
hello, on my ssangyong korando not working 4x4, then i start engine,
both lights 4H and 4L is shining, but nothing changening, meybe
somebody have same problem before

klaipeda, lithuania, lithuania - Fri 12th December 2014 03:58pm (GMT)
  • Subject : ssangyong korando not working 4x4
    They have vacuum pipes that suck the front hubs into place so they are
    then connected to the gearbox. On my Korando (and many others) they
    came off and the metal parts had rusted away so I couldn't just
    reconnect pipes.

    If you look behind your front wheels just
    above the center CV joints there are flexible hoses, 1 per side.
    Follow them go to a little box on the inner wing. This box has 1
    electrical connector block and 1 hose that connected to the back of
    the engine. Check that the electrical connector is working and in
    place. If you're careful and confident you can disconnect the hoses to
    check them. Get somebody to select 4wd and the box should allow
    suction to the pipes that go to the wheels, feel for it. If there is
    suction then check the whole length of the hoses for holes, all the
    way to the back of the hubs. If there are no leaks then the hub itself
    may not be airtight or the metal stubby pipes on the hub may be rotten
    (my problem).
    I tried several repairs and all worked for a time
    but I gave up in the end and bought manual locking hubs.
    If you
    are okay working on a car you can buy manual locking hubs and put them
    on yourself.
    It is an easy job but if you're not confident then
    get a mechanic to do it.
    If you do have manual hubs put on then it
    will mean that you will have to get out of the car to turn the hubs
    then get back in and select 4WD BUT it is a very good solution and
    extremely reliable.
    I got my hubs on Ebay for £100 a pair. The
    manual locking hubs have never failed me.
    This club is very good
    and there's lots of help

    UK - Tue 10th February 2015 02:17pm (GMT)

Subject : 2004 rexton 2.9
My rexton wont go in 5
castlecomer, kilkenny , ireland - Sun 30th November 2014 12:15pm (GMT)
Subject : lost reverse and second gear
Hi there,

Driving my Ssang yong actyon sport 4x4 2009
today i felt a noise, didn't pay much attention, but soon after lost
reverse and second gear. can anyone tell me what this

Kind regards

sydney, nsw, australia - Sat 18th October 2014 02:42am (GMT)
Subject : Transmission shudder
I have this Ssangyong Actyon double cab fitted with DSI 6-speed
automatic transmission. It has done 80,000 km. Now the transmission
developed shuddering particularly at high gear (I think 5 or 6th
gear). Replacing the ATF and filter did not help. Could it be the
torque converter? Please advise. TKS!

Jimmy Chang
Inanam/Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia - Thu 09th October 2014 03:57am (GMT)
Subject : 2004 Saangyong Rexton
My 2004 Saangyong no Speedo and when I put it in reverse/park it comes
up with P on the dashboard

Dianne Swan
Balaklava, South Australia, Australia - Mon 29th September 2014 07:48am (GMT)
Subject : Fuel!
My Ssang Yong Kyron was almost out of diesel, now it won't start! Is
there a pump/lever to feed the diesel through, if so, where? Thanks.

Newry, Down, UK - Thu 25th September 2014 08:31pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Fuel!
    Did you ever get an answer toi this? I got the same problem and I see
    in the manual they mention the pump... just can't find it :(
    feel so silly really

    Thabiso Lionel Madiba
    Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Wed 26th November 2014 12:10pm (GMT)

Subject : Jacck Handle location
Bought the 2.7 2004 Rexton a couple of weeks ago, found the jack but
cant find the jack handle and its needed to remove the spare wheel,
check under seats etc can anybody help please.

Colin Herbert
East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, UK - Sun 21st September 2014 03:03pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Jacck Handle location
    It is under the rear near side passenger seat. Lift the seat, look on
    the floor there's a compartment built into the floor. Lift the lid,
    there it is.

    Alresford, HANTS, UK - Mon 06th October 2014 12:03pm (GMT)

Subject : Flashing immobiliser light on dash
Hi my immobiliser light is flashing on dash car starts fine checked
all doors etc and boot and then it does a long beep when I switch car
off any ideas as manual not to hand

Huddersfield , UK - Tue 16th September 2014 11:51am (GMT)
Subject : ssangyong rexton gearbox issue stuck in second gear
hi wondering if anyone could help me i have a 2005 270 rexton
automatic the car has 63000 kilomotors on the clock car has been lying
idol for two years iv just replaced the fuel pump and injectors and
now the jeep will not come out of second gear it will work in r and n
and then put it into d and it will drive but only in the one gear the
oils and filter are done so im lost any help would be appreciated

dublin, dublin, Ireland - Sat 30th August 2014 12:32pm (GMT)
Subject : Vacuum problem
I have a 1996 Musso.The previous owner has played with the Vacuum
hoses.I want to know where to connect the hoses from the small
actuator next to the hub lock actuator

Graeme Douglas
- Tokoroa, New Zealand - Sun 24th August 2014 01:58am (GMT)
Subject : engine wont start
I have a 2006 rexton 2.7 turbo diesel I have changed the glow plugs
and the fuel filter and it will only start if I use easy start does
any one no wot the problem might be.

middlesbrough, cleveland, UK - Mon 18th August 2014 06:34pm (GMT)
Subject : engine wont start
I have a 2006 rexton 2.7 turbo diesel I have changed the glow plugs
and the fuel filter and it will only start if I use easy start does
any one no wot the problem might be.

middlesbrough, cleveland, UK - Mon 18th August 2014 06:32pm (GMT)
  • Subject : engine wont start
    is the starter motor ok ? needs to be good to start the engine
    kenneth anders
    warrington, England, UK - Sat 20th December 2014 09:26pm (GMT)

Subject : TURBO
turbo has gone on 2005 ssangyong rexton
dont think it has
destroyed itself but is making rattling sound and loosing power- AA
said not to drive it - ant ideas on cost of repair?

MILTON KEYNES, UK - Mon 18th August 2014 02:36pm (GMT)
Subject : rexton 4wheel drive
I have a 2005 rexton auto . The 4wh doesn't seem to work no lights on
dash and don't hear anything . But the 4wl does work the light comes
on dash and I can hear it activate. What could be the problem

leeds, west yorkshire, UK - Fri 15th August 2014 06:46pm (GMT)
Subject : Oil leak on auto gearbox
Hi - i am battling to get rid of the oil leak from the automatic
gearbox of my SSangyong Rexton 2.7 xdi 2005 model. Initially i
replaced 2 pan gasket, the leak is not coming from teh pan, eventually
thru the breather pipe from the top, this then stopped now its leaking
at teh wire Harness taht plugs into the front of the gearbox, changed
o ring, after a while still leaking. please help.

Glanny Naidu
Richards Bay, South Africa, za - Mon 11th August 2014 02:33pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Oil leak on auto gearbox
    i have the same problem did you get yours fixed ? trying to get the O
    ring part not easy here in UK ? Any help ..

    kenneth anders
    warrington, England, UK - Sat 20th December 2014 09:30pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Oil leak on auto gearbox
      Hi i have just replaced the plug adaptor where the wire harness fits
      and there is no more oil leak. teh o ring can be bought from any
      bearing company, when you replace it, please apply some grey silicone.
      then you are sorted out. regards Glanny

      glanny naidu
      Richards Bay, kzn, ZA - Wed 21st January 2015 07:07am (GMT)

Subject : blowing whirring engine sound
i am experiencing intermittent blowing whirring sound when
accelerating and some loss of power. seems to happen more often when
temperature is higher.
i have a 2005 ssangyong rexton 2.7 turbo
any help appreciated

milton keynes, UK - Mon 28th July 2014 04:53pm (GMT)
  • Subject : blowing whirring engine sound
    Nothing to worry about, it is just the viscous fan working harder due
    to the warm weather.

    Andrew Germaine
    Garton on the Wolds, East Yorkshire, UK - Mon 11th August 2014 07:38pm (GMT)

    • Subject : blowing whirring engine sound
      Hi I am having a problem with my rexton it sounds like the interior
      fan is blowing really hard when I accelerate in low gears ?

      Chelmsford, Essex, UK - Mon 24th November 2014 04:45pm (GMT)

Subject : Ssangyong Musso glow plug
The problem is no light in the dash for the glow plug. There is power
on the battery and the starter is going. The engine dont start. Eny
one know what the problem is?

Horten, Vestfold, Norway - Fri 04th July 2014 02:24pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Ssangyong Musso glow plug
    Samme problem her. Første symptom var at den begynte å starte litt
    dårlig, så kom LaPaz på en gang i blandt. Så kom den på hele
    tiden også under kjøring. Dog byttet jeg alle glødepluggene og vips
    var problemet borte. Bare ha det i bakhodet, på noen av disse bilene
    sitter de så hardt at de ryker.

    Tønsberg, Vestfold, Norway - Wed 16th July 2014 02:55pm (GMT)

Subject : Shocks upgrade
I have come across a free pair of Ironman 12791GR front
shocks and EFS elite 36-5560 rear shocks. I'd like to put them on my
2005 Musso sports ute, but I have no idea if they'll fit. Anyone know
if they'll get on? Any comments would be much


Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Tue 24th June 2014 04:48am (GMT)
Subject : rexton 2.7 xdi wont start
Hi my 04 2.7 xdi wont start with out easy start then runs okish rev it
and there smoke come from down by where exhaust meets engine and a
wierd squeel noise ive changed the camshaft sensor and new battery .I
had to tow a large caravan home like this and there were loads of
black smoke down side of van the carsppoweris still there but it all
so stalls when you take foot of revs any help would be great hi 5 as

wolves, west mid, UK - Mon 09th June 2014 06:25pm (GMT)
  • Subject : rexton 2.7 xdi wont start
    Hi, Replace the pressure booster sensor on top of your intake

    John Dummler
    Wangaratta, Victoria, UK - Wed 23rd July 2014 02:26pm (GMT)

Subject : rexton 2.7 xdi wont start
Hi my 04 2.7 xdi wont start with out easy start then runs okish rev it
and there smoke come from down by where exhaust meets engine and a
wierd squeel noise ive changed the camshaft sensor and new battery .I
had to tow a large caravan home like this and there were loads of
black smoke down side of van the carsppoweris still there but it all
so stalls when you take foot of revs any help would be great hi 5 as

wolves, west mid, UK - Mon 09th June 2014 06:22pm (GMT)
Subject : 4 wheel drive problem
The 4 wheel drive dont seem to engage even the 4 wheel high and low
lights are on the dashboard showig on , but only 2 wheels driving

Grahame Davies
Six Bells, Gwent, UK - Sat 31st May 2014 09:25pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 4 wheel drive problem
    hi did u try swich off esp because i have same problem if esp is on no
    power is lazy rexton but after esp off go perfect ...martin

    london, hounslow, UK - Sun 08th June 2014 10:59pm (GMT)

  • Subject : 4 wheel drive problem
    Sounds like a break in a vacuum pipe. The first one that went on mine
    was a small U shaped rubber pipe that connects to a vacuum modulator
    at the front of the battery box, pence to fix, the next ones to go
    were the steel pipes that feed vacuum to the wheel hubs (to engage the
    free wheel hubs)This is a bit trickier to fix, I made up some small
    copper pipes and fixed them in place using some epoxy putty. No
    problems since.

    Andrew Germaine
    Garton on the Wolds, East Yorkshire, UK - Mon 11th August 2014 07:43pm (GMT)

Subject : Problem partly fixed!
Hello. My 2000 Musso 3200 is on dual fuel and has an intermittent
problem on both fuels. Loss of power, gear changes become clunky,
won’t change down when it should. Found that the top connector
rubber boot, of the narrow plastic vacuum pipe from top of inlet
manifold to gearbox, was perished and letting in air so we taped it up
and this seal fixed the problem; thus I ordered a new
After installing the replacement I am getting the
identical problem after I have driven around 15km and it won’t
disappear on that journey. However, it appears that when I have parked
for a while and start up, it’s fine again. IN all other respects,
everything is working fine. Would appreciate any ideas about why I had
the improvement but still have a problem. Thanks to all.

Mooroolbark, Vic, Australia - Sun 11th May 2014 11:14am (GMT)
Subject : Glow plugs
Have a 2006 Kyron with 88Ks on it and am on the fifth glow plug.Light
comes on then have to get replaced.
Any one got any ideas
why,becoming annoying!!!!!!

Russell Spence
Rangewood, QLD - Wed 07th May 2014 07:24am (GMT)
Subject : Oil appears in water reservoire
I bought the 2002 model of Ssangyong Rexton (290) about 4 months ago
and have enjoyed using it. Recently, I started experiencing the
problem whereby oil appears in the water reservoire. I consulted
mechanics and they changed the head gasket for me, but the problem
Anyone with an idea about the possible
Thank you.

Tamale, Ghana, GHANA - Sat 19th April 2014 10:51am (GMT)
  • Subject : Oil appears in water reservoire
    had the same problem got it fix by skimming the head replace new head
    gasket and new head bolt the torque setting is a bit tricky cylinder
    head bolts 55nm and then 90 deg angle torque and again 90 deg angle
    torque hope this help

    johannesburg, south africa, UK - Fri 11th July 2014 12:00pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Oil appears in water reservoire
    Hi - I have a similar problem with my 2005 Rexton 2.7 xdi - took it to
    the agents - they identified it as the oil cooler. The oil cooler is
    very expensive unfortunately, I still need to fixe mine.

    Richards Bay, South africa, za - Thu 26th February 2015 02:42pm (GMT)

Subject : Engine warning light & high Temp
I have a Rexton 2005 RX270 XDI, When driving I have the engine warning
light comes on and at the same time the temperature gauge rises
instantly to above Hot. I pull over turn the car off wait 5 seconds
and turn it back on light off temp back to normal. Have Just
purchased the car and found a receipt from previous owner for Water
sensor, Have had it put over Computer and and found Code P1115 -
Coolant Temp Sensor malfunction. Does this vehicle have a Water temp
Sensor and a Coolant temp sensor, Brought a Manual for 220 series not
270 different, cant find manual for 270. Please help

Cobargo, nsw, AUS - Mon 14th April 2014 07:31am (GMT)
  • Subject : Engine warning light & high Temp
    Hi I have a Similar problem with my 2006 RX 2.7 XDI as well Check
    engine light goes on but the temp gauge drops to under C. I spoke with
    a mechanic he said sensor problem. Yes It has a coolant temp sensor.
    Not sure if replacing it will help ?
    How did you go with your

    Perth, WA, Australia - Mon 05th May 2014 03:11pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Engine warning light & high Temp
    It could be a electrical short problem. You could have somebody sit in
    the car and try and move/jiggle the wiring to see if you can repeat
    the issue. Try it first with the car not running but with the ignition
    on. If that does not find anything then start it up and do the same
    thing being careful about the things moving and hot in the engine

    Leopold, VIC, Australia - Sun 11th May 2014 01:13pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Engine warning light & high Temp
    My 2006 Kyron has this same odd overheat warning that comes up without
    reason. The first time it happened I nearly freaked out but when I
    stopped I found there was nothing wrong. I restarted and drove on with
    no probs. You can do it at the red lights or pull over. I've found
    that sometimes you can just keep going and it will return to normal in
    a K or so. However, if you don't actually stop, it can keep going on
    and off and drive you crazy. The actual stop and switch off cures the
    problem. It seems to happen if you take a break for half an hour after
    running the highway for 2 or 3 hours. A shorter toilet break doesn't
    seem to trigger it. Maybe a steam bubble forms or the block overheats
    the sensors while it is temporarily switched off. The engine bay does
    not seem overheated. In any event I'm not going to blow bucks on
    something that I can live with. Apart from that, I'm happy with the
    car. Cheers, Geoff.

    Geoff Stevenson
    Blackburn Nth, Vic, Australia - Tue 20th May 2014 07:15am (GMT)

  • Subject : Engine warning light & high Temp
    I have exactly the same problem with 2006 Kyron. It never alarms from
    a cold start (I CAN DRIVE ALL DAY) but once I stop for a spell and
    re-start the temp alarm goes off.

    Gold Coast, QLD, Australia - Wed 21st May 2014 04:42am (GMT)

Subject : Ssangyong Kyron Problem
Have a 2006 Kyron which i am about to give up on. Cut out after a
fill of fuel so assumed it was a problem with fuel, drained it,
replaced injectors, common rail pump, fuel tank and fuel line, filters
etc. Now has no power and a knocking noise. Have spent a fortune so
far and reluctant to have to spend more! Any ideas appreciated! Thanks

Joe Johnston
Newry, County Down, UK - Sun 30th March 2014 11:06am (GMT)
Subject : Starting problems 2006 Rexton 270
Some days my Rexton will start easily, other days it doesn't
start at all. It is the same with cold and warm engine. Error codes
tells us there are something wrong with the camshaft sensor and
crankshaft sensor. Both of them are replaced, wiring for the camshaft
sensor is also replaced. Power relay for engine system is also
replaced. I would be happy if someone have any ideas of whats wrong!

Frode Mørreaunet
Aafjord, Norway, Norway - Sat 08th March 2014 11:43am (GMT)
  • Subject : Starting problems 2006 Rexton 270
    i had similar problems, its the starter that needs to be refurbished
    or replaced. (the solonoid on the starter)

    Glanny Naidu
    Richards bay, South Africa, za - Mon 11th August 2014 02:37pm (GMT)

Subject :

- UK - Sun 02nd March 2014 02:09pm (GMT)
Subject :
My 2007 Ssangyong Kyron had a flat battery so i replaced it with a
brand new one,the problem now is the engine is turning over but not
starting has anyone any ideas what it could



sean conway
Dunlaoghaire, Dublin, Ireland - Thu 13th February 2014 11:40am (GMT)
  • Subject :
    I had an issue that sounds very similar. I ended up taking the car
    into the Ssangyong dealership, (on the back of a truck), they plugged
    it into the computer and reprogrammed the ignition to read the keys as
    it had been scrambled. They think that as I had been need a large
    transmitter tower on a minesite when the issue had occurred, it had
    scrambled the coding between the keys and the ignition. Took all of
    about two minutes to correct but cost me $300 for the truck ride.
    Still love the car though.

    Joe Meagher
    Perth, WA, Australia - Sun 02nd March 2014 02:46am (GMT)

Subject : Oil Cooler
Hi, I have a 2008 SsangYong Kyron, I recently put an external oil
cooler on for the transmission, the first one burst and the second one
is holding, when we drive at 100klms an hour transmission oil is
coming out of the dipstick join on the box, replaced the seals and
still pushing out oil, any suggestions?

Paul Morrison
Gladstone, Queensland, Australia - Fri 24th January 2014 07:16pm (GMT)
Subject : 4wd problem
why will my ssangyoung korando 1998 not go in to 4wd and have no
lights on my
dash board aswell
Also when I have been driving
for a while or put foot down its like it loses power for a second or
two and is very shaky

Johan de Beer
Phalaborwa, Limpopo, South Africa - Mon 13th January 2014 07:23am (GMT)
Subject : 2001 musso auto won't change up the gears
I have a 2001 daewoo musso 2.9td gearbox cooler pipe had a hole so
replaced with new pipe have filled gearbox up with ATF fluid have
drive and reverse but gearbox won't chnage up to 3rd or 4th gear any
ideas, could it be fluid or is the box broke.

Wales, Cardiff, UK - Sun 29th December 2013 12:10pm (GMT)
Subject : Ssangyong Rexton 2.7 XDi
Water separator light showed for about 3 minutes and has not shown
again,where is the fuel pump located on the 2005 model thanks

Warrington, Cheshire, UK - Thu 19th December 2013 08:40am (GMT)
Subject : Rexton Transfer Box
HI I have a Rexton 2005 diesel and about 4 half years ago starting
getting knocking noise mainly from back of car underneath, went to
garage etc couldn't say what it was, until 6 months agpo car wasn't
used very much but since then in use and noise gotten worse, helps
sometimes if increase back air pressure, just been told could be
transfer box, is this easy to fix? Sound is like loud knocking
especially when breaking now thanks

Rainham, Essex, UK - Thu 05th December 2013 05:46pm (GMT)
Subject : cant change from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive
Ssangyong 1989 musso 620el. vehicle currentlu only change within
seconds from 1st to 3rd gear in drive. Anyone can give guidance on
what the problem may be?

Vredenburg, South AFRICA - Mon 02nd December 2013 06:07pm (GMT)
Subject : Korando K290
I have a 2006 Korando K290 TDi E/l F/lift, which has recently
started not turning off. I have no problem starting but when I go to
turn the key off the engine still runs and I am having to do a force
stall. Mech and auto elec can't seem to find the problem. Any ideas or
suggestions would be most helpful.

- KZN, South Africa - Mon 18th November 2013 03:38pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Korando K290
    Hi KZN,

    I think the ignition system is managed by air/vacuum
    and one of the air circuits shuts off the fuel supply when the
    ignition is switched off.

    If air is escaping from that
    circuit, then the fuel would not be shut off when you turn the
    ignition off and remove the key.

    I head that this is how a
    2001 model is set up but I'm not sure about a 2006

    Good luck!

    Dublin, Dublin, Ireland - Tue 24th December 2013 10:50pm (GMT)

Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
hi I have a problem with the 4wd on my rexton the lights on the dash
don't go out when engine is on and it doesn't seem to click into 4h or
4l is this an easy fix or have I got a big problem.i have been told it
could be just a hole in an air pipe could it be that
thanks for your advice

eoin murphy
gorey, wexford, ireland - Sun 17th November 2013 02:19pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
    Possible the cucumber hose is leaking or cracked. Also check the C and
    J joints at the solenoid valve under the battery for leak.

    P.J, Sel., Malaysia - Sun 24th November 2013 02:01pm (GMT)

    • Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
      Cucumber hose** vacuum hose.
      PJ, Sel., Malaysia - Sun 24th November 2013 02:18pm (GMT)

      • Subject : 05 rexton 4wd not working
        Is the vacuum hose conected to the transfer box ?

        What does
        it activate ?


        Vincent Lalor
        Dublin, Ireland - Wed 02nd April 2014 01:08pm (GMT)

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