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Subject : Lifting Equipment

Just enquiring if any of you guys have experience with
lifting of a 2004 DTI 4WD Nissan Patrol if some one could advise what
will be the best height and the suitable brand for such

Kind regards,

Anisi Bloomfield
Auckland, North Island, NZ - Sun 28th May 2017 07:01am (GMT)
Subject : Spares for 1997 r3mr
Hi, can anyone advise where I can get spares for my Nissan R3MR 1997.
It is an import that was bought in Uk although I now live in Bulgaria?

Julian Cornmell
Varna, Varna, Bulgaria - Fri 21st April 2017 01:02pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Spares for 1997 r3mr
    What spares are you looking for? How many friends do you have still in
    UK that will search for you, buy for you, and post them for you?

    NZ - Sat 22nd April 2017 11:06am (GMT)

  • Subject : Spares for 1997 r3mr
    - nz - Sat 22nd April 2017 11:39am (GMT)

Subject : Nsfrontwindow lock
Front window N/S will not open both rear windows work with lock but
not front any ideas

Collin parkin
Rushden - Sat 01st April 2017 03:06pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Nsfrontwindow lock
    My crystal ball is cracked.
    What vehicle, make, model etc....?

    NZ - Wed 12th April 2017 07:56am (GMT)

  • Subject : Nsfrontwindow lock
    when you press the electric window switch, do you hear the motor in
    the door running?
    Are you able to lift the glass manually' by
    gripping it in your hand and lifting it/pressing it down into the
    Is glass loose in door?
    Any crunching noises from
    inside the door when you press up or down?

    - nz - Wed 12th April 2017 08:00am (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Terrano valve question
I have a question regarding a rubber tube that I don't
know where is suppose to go. You can see it in the photos

The engine is
and here is some other information about the

VIN-code: VSKTVUR20U0-532798 Model:
TVPULVFR20UGC-C-DE Model Series: R20 BODY: W

Prod M/W :

Thank you
very much in advance.

Darko Degmecic
- Croatia - Wed 01st February 2017 11:29am (GMT)
Subject : Nissan Navara 1997 computer dead

looking for a computer for nissan navara ute 1997
 Details: Nissan Navara 97 vc petrol automatic. numbers on the
computer MEC-321A17130

OR some help as to the reason the ute
won't kick over but definitely computer related.

Anna Te Rei
Castlecliff, WANGANUI, New Zealand - Tue 17th January 2017 02:49am (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Navara 1997 computer dead
    An integral part of the ECU is the immobilizer and anti theft
    In order of rising cost possible fixes
    Try a new
    key fob battery,
    then a known good car battery,(check the
    terminals and terminal connectors, and all ground straps from the body
    to the battery,. and from the engine and gearbox to the body.

    These models have a reputation for corroded ground points,
    and if you can see corrosion sneaking out of the ground cable at the
    terminations, replace the ground cables and grind the corrosion on the
    grounding points down to bare metal...electrickery requires a good
    ground return for the electronic signals that the computer relies on
    to regulate engine functions....

    If all the above fails then
    have the ECU scanned for faults that may have been recorded by the

    Google Fu using the query "1997 Navara/pathfinder
    won't start" gets multiple results


    Good luck...

    NZ - Tue 17th January 2017 10:10am (GMT)

  • Subject : Nissan Navara 1997 computer dead
    Also on this site there are procedures re resetting the Nissan anti
    theft system after the car battery has been replaced or

    enjoy the read, and please tell us what the
    solution was to the problem when you do fix it, so someone else can
    benefit as well...tks...

    - Nz - Tue 17th January 2017 10:14am (GMT)

Subject : Clutch Damper Pipe
My friends 96 Terrano2 2.7d has a leak in the clutch damper pipe near
to the rear axle. As an easy fix can this pipe be blanked at the
junction where the pipes come from/to the slave & master cylinders? If
so to I have to blank the pipe where it enters the damper ?

Glastonbury, Somerset, UK - Thu 29th December 2016 04:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Clutch Damper Pipe
    PS. Assuming there is some sort of mechanical damper at the end of the
    pipe and not just a bleed nipple !!!

    UK - Thu 29th December 2016 07:17pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Clutch Damper Pipe
    Would this be what you were wondering about?

    - NZ - Fri 30th December 2016 10:51am (GMT)

  • Subject : Clutch Damper Pipe
    seems like elimination is the way to

    - NZ - Fri 30th December 2016 10:59am (GMT)

    • Subject : Clutch Damper Pipe

      another vote for cut it off, bend it over, seal

      nz - Fri 30th December 2016 11:10am (GMT)

      • Subject : Clutch Damper Pipe
        Many thanks for the posts to threads John - I'm investigating later
        today and will update later. Cheers, Moby

        UK - Fri 30th December 2016 01:10pm (GMT)

        • Subject : Clutch Damper Pipe
          Update - owner has referred his car back to the garage that had
          originally diagnosed the problem as master cylinder related ! As yet,
          they are grateful for my input, and have now acknowledged the
          existence of the damper pipe, however several days later issue still
          unresolved !!

          UK - Thu 05th January 2017 02:17pm (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Mistral indicator issues
Hi all help would be much appreciated, I have a 1996 Nissan mistral
td27 , I have ahd some issues regarding the right indicator. I suspect
it has all occurred since a recond alternator was put in it, what
happens is the left side all works fine, put the right indicator on
and it makes everything in the rear except the reversing light flash,
also causes the vechile to beep as if its in reverse, put the hazards
on and only the right indicator flashes. any ideas on how to solve the
probem, ive had the dash out checked everything I can think of but
nothing seems a drift so im at a loss of what it could be. any help is
much appreciated, Cheers , Sean.

Sean Hayes
eketahuna, Wairarapa, new zealand - Thu 22nd December 2016 02:32am (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Mistral indicator issues
    Take your left rear indicator bulb out. Mark it so you know that this
    is the left rear indicator bulb.
    Then take the right rear
    indicator bulb out.
    Compare the bottom of the bulbs..are the
    connections on this bulb the same as on the left one?
    Are the
    locating pins on the side of the bulbs the same distance from the
    bottom of the bulb, or are they staggered, one high, one low?
    take the left hand indicator bulb and put it in the right hand
    indicator socket.
    Now try the indicator circuit

    If the left indicator bulb restores all system
    functions on the right sidethen you need a new bulb.

    if not,
    take the whole right hand taillight assembly out and check the wiring
    and all bulbs and sockets, and check that the grounding wire is
    connected to a bright metal connecting point on the body...

    cannot see how the replacement of the alternator could have caused any
    problem unless the technician replaced one of the bulbs in the
    taillight assembly as an extra, or disturbed the wiring in some way
    while he was checking your car.....

    please get back to us
    with a result, good or bad...could help someone in the future...

    NZ - Sun 25th December 2016 07:18pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Nissan Mistral indicator issues
    When your alternator goes phutt, try to have it rebuilt by a local
    automotive electrician.
    He should use a much better diode group,
    and first class shaft bearings in the rebuild.
    I tried a second
    hand alternator off another Nissan, (same model, year etc.) and the
    thing just did not work properly.(possibly different wiring
    I had the original rebuilt for $40 more than the cost of the
    second-hand unit...and it's still going well at twice the original's
    service mileage....
    This advice applies to both the Nippon-Denso
    and the Hitachi brands commonly found on the Terranos...

    - NZ - Sun 01st January 2017 07:56am (GMT)

Subject : Nats fault
Hi I have a nissan patrol 3 l y61 variant
The problem I'm having
is it won't start in the mornings just cranks over then the red nats
light comes on on dash But it starts fine after its been sat in the
sun all day coincidence I'm not sure...i have tested and replaced all
glow plugs 3 faulty power to plugs when heating etc fuel at injector
pipe on head when cranked
I have tried resetting the nats by
turning on and off 3 times unplugged the cont Siemens box above
glovebox on passenger side all fuses are good relays seem to click
over ok
I have completely run out of ideas but it always starts
if outside temp is above about 12 degrees will start nighttime no
probe but next morning after a cold night not freezing cold 5 or 6 but
under 12 ish no go in the morning
Any advise would be great as
this is my tow car for my business digger hire so really need a
solution before I burn it out in a quarry ha ha at night of course
won't bloody start in the mornings
Cheers guys

Seailles, France - Sat 29th October 2016 08:40pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Nats fault
    Replace the battery in your key fob. The nats isn't recognizing your
    key. Where do you store your key overnight? If you store it somewhere
    cool, the weak battery does not have enough power activate the key fob
    to communicate with the nats.
    Later in the day if you have
    carried the key around with you your body heat activates the battery
    just that little bit more, and viola, it starts.

    New battery,
    stat! (or a set of very small jumper leads)

    NZ - Sun 30th October 2016 09:24am (GMT)

  • Subject : Nats fault
    OK John will try leaving key in sunshine now
    It's left in ignition
    all the time as where out in the country plus we got our own anti
    theft dogs and shotguns
    I did try spare key but that's older than

    This one I hope your right but the sunshine out I will let you

    Seailles , France - Sun 30th October 2016 11:36am (GMT)

    • Subject : Nats fault
      Hi guys
      No joy with the new key fob batteries
      Started in the
      evening after I changed them
      Next morning nothing just spinning
      After 10 seconds or so the red light comes on on top of dash

      Any more ideas.....please

      Seailles , France - Tue 01st November 2016 07:29am (GMT)

      • Subject : Nats fault
        Missed the solution by ...thaaaaat much!

        Take the keys out of
        the ignition and keep them in the house somewhere warm, just in case
        there is a crack in the printed circuit board in the
        (cold causes the board to shrink, opening up a gap, heat
        expands made again....)

        Also could you disconnect
        the vehicle's battery overnight (this will force a reboot the ECM)
        (take the opportunity to give the battery a nice long charge at the
        same time) and try again in the morning.

        After that you may
        need to scan for codes on the ECM

        NZ - Wed 02nd November 2016 02:18am (GMT)

        • Subject : Nats fault
          Dave, how did this all work out? The answer could help someone else
          in the future....

          NZ - Thu 08th December 2016 10:28am (GMT)

Subject : Terrano running slow when check engine light comes on
Hello all, I use a Nissan Terrano 2 automatic transmission with ZD30
engine.I've noticed some few things with my car lately that I want
solution for:
1-The automatic transmission selection is slow to
pick when driving.
2-When on Parking or Neutral, there is an
unusual noise which comes from the gearbox
3-Very slow
unnecessarily when climbing the slightest of a hill
4-When driving
and I accelerate beyond 110kph, the check engine light comes up and
when I stop momentarily, it becomes difficult to move unless I press
on the accelerator fully before it moves and it behaves like that
until I turn-off the engine and turn it back on then the check engine
goes off and it becomes normal
5-Generally, its performance is
slow and driving it is so so annoying.

My mechanic suggested
a change of air flow meter/sensor but to no avail...I'm seriously
stressed about this car......Please help!!!! thanks

Accra, Ghana, UK - Fri 07th October 2016 04:48pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Terrano running slow when check engine light comes on
    read this forum from beginning to end. the cure for Your problems
    starts with a scan of the OBD2 computer that is in your vehicle.

    The codes will tell you where to start looking for a solution,
    and this forum has lots of previous experience on file.
    read it.
    P.S read about the No1 injector lift sensor for your
    engine problem, and think about draining and replacing the auto trans
    fluid (if you drop the pan, replace the filter as well).

    Nz - Tue 11th October 2016 10:59am (GMT)

Subject : r50 diesel pump
Hi I have an 98 R5o 3.2 Pathfinder (G3MR) Can anyone tell me where I
can get an electronic controller or even a pump from. Any help will be
much appreciated.

bromley, kent, UK - Mon 03rd October 2016 10:41pm (GMT)
  • Subject : r50 diesel pump
    Google-fu as a first resort
    NZ - Tue 04th October 2016 01:14pm (GMT)

  • Subject : r50 diesel pump

    this may or
    may not be your problem...but worth a read...
    Why do you feel you
    need a new pump or controller?

    - nz - Tue 04th October 2016 01:29pm (GMT)

  • Subject : r50 diesel pump

    see swapping 2.7TD pump in and eliminating

    - Nz - Tue 04th October 2016 01:34pm (GMT)

  • Subject : r50 diesel pump

    go simple..easier to find these pumps, no
    electronics to go phut...

    - NZ - Tue 04th October 2016 01:40pm (GMT)

    • Subject : r50 diesel pump
      Thanks John This is really helpful
      Truck has been surging when
      ticking over and moving then at other times cutting out.Has don 180k
      fantastic truck had no issues until now Think I will go with the 2.7
      and go manuel appreciate you replying mate

      Bromley - Wed 05th October 2016 09:04pm (GMT)

      • Subject : r50 diesel pump
        HI interested to see how you get on Myh truck is a 1998 terrano with
        120k and just recently getting the engine light come on then goes off
        some time it surges and every now and then it just cuts out starts
        fine idles ok so not sure what issue is any thoughts appreciated

        Auckland, New Zealand, UNZ - Thu 06th October 2016 02:14am (GMT)

      • Subject : r50 diesel pump
        you have OBD2 on board...use it.On Board Diagnostics V2.
        computer in the truck will tell you what it records as a fault..get a
        scan done and work from there.
        It may be something as simple as
        the grounding straps from the engine to the body needing to be cleaned
        or replaced and the steel where the straps contact the body and
        engine/transmission being sandpapered to bright metal as the sensors
        on the engine need the full 12 volts and continuity to transmit to the
        ECU electronic control units....

        See also no1 lift injector
        sensor faults...
        replace the fuel filter and check any gauze
        screen at the banjo fitting where fuel enters the injection pump.

        - NZ - Fri 07th October 2016 11:01am (GMT)

      • Subject : r50 diesel pump
        Ditto for you
        you have OBD2 on board...use it.On Board Diagnostics
        The computer in the truck will tell you what it records as a
        fault..get a scan done and work from there.
        It may be something as
        simple as the grounding straps from the engine to the body needing to
        be cleaned or replaced and the steel where the straps contact the body
        and engine/transmission being sandpapered to bright metal as the
        sensors on the engine need the full 12 volts and continuity to
        transmit to the ECU electronic control units....

        See also no1
        lift injector sensor faults...
        replace the fuel filter and check
        any gauze screen at the banjo fitting where fuel enters the injection

        - NZ - Fri 07th October 2016 11:02am (GMT)

        • Subject : r50 diesel pump
          Do a good service on the air filter, and while you are
          changing it take the hose which leads from the air filter housing to
          the turbo completely off the engine and examine it minutely. What you
          are looking for is a crack, usually in a hard to spot place that lets
          additional air (unfiltered) into the system bypassing the air sensor
          and upsetting the fuelling....
          Also check and clean the air mass
 is your friend...or replace it.
          This, along with
          the no.1 injector lift sensor, appear to be two of the most common
          Llease read this whole Nissan thread as all these
          things have frequently popped up before...again and again...

          NZ - Fri 07th October 2016 11:09am (GMT)

          • Subject : r50 diesel pump
            Mick, how did this all work out for you?
            Your answer could help
            others in the future....

            NZ - Thu 08th December 2016 10:31am (GMT)

Subject : Body kits
Hello i have a 1997 nissan terrano 3.2 g3m i was wondering what other
body kit or other model would fit as i want to change the original
bumpers and add extra. cheers

bristol, avon, UK - Fri 23rd September 2016 01:39pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Body kits
    Bristol, how did this all work out for you?
    Your answer could help
    others in the future....

    NZ - Thu 08th December 2016 10:32am (GMT)

Subject : Terrano Wheels
I have a 2005 Terrano 2.7 which has 17" wheels fitted
235/65/R17 on 8Jx17 rims offset 0 - I wish to fit 235/70/16 BF
Goodrich A/Ts on some Terrano wheels I have just bought which are
7Jx16 rims offset 10. Can't get BF A/Ts for the 17" wheels. Can anyone
please tell me if I can just change the wheels without any further
adjustments. Thanks in anticipation.

P Spittlehouse
Criccieth, Gwynedd, UK - Tue 20th September 2016 10:08am (GMT)
  • Subject : Terrano Wheels
    Is that offset positive or negative offset? Do some Google Fu....
    nz - Wed 21st September 2016 12:18am (GMT)

    • Subject : Terrano Wheels
      Thanks for showing interest and I believe the answer is positive
      offset. The 7J 16" wheels are off another Terrano II, but probably not
      the same year - bought them of the internet. Terranos up to 2000 had
      15" wheels then 16" wheels and from 2002 17" wheels. Don't know what
      the rim size was for the 15". Central bore and bolt patterns were
      always the same. Hope some of this info helps.
      Thank you

      P Spittlehouse
      Criccieth, Gwynedd, UK - Wed 21st September 2016 08:47am (GMT)

      • Subject : Terrano Wheels
        how did this all work out for you?
        Your answer could help others
        in the future....

        NZ - Thu 08th December 2016 10:33am (GMT)

Subject : Clutch damper pipe problems

I've just bought a Nissan terrano II to go on an epic
road trip from the UK to Mongolia. My friend has been helping me look
over it before the trip and he found the clutch damper pipe has
corroded so it needs to be removed. Is it possible to fit a blanking
plug into the block on the 3 way join along the clutch pipe and if so
does anyone know what size thread the plug needs to be?

Thanks very much

Jim Dunwell
Maidenhead, Berks, UK - Mon 22nd August 2016 06:42pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Clutch damper pipe problems
    Could you maybe cut the pipe and weld or braise weld near the end to
    block off?

    Nz - Sat 27th August 2016 07:33am (GMT)

    • Subject : Clutch damper pipe problems
      how did this all work out for you?

      how was the trip..or are
      you still om it?

      Your answer could help others in the

      NZ - Thu 08th December 2016 10:34am (GMT)

Subject : 1997 terrano 2.7tdi auto trans
Hi guys

Having some issues with my 1997 terrano 2.7tdi auto (
only 150000k) r50.
I've been noticing a lag when going from
reverse to drive, with the box taking longer than it should to engage.
Say 1-2 seconds. Gotta be careful to let it engage before giving it
any juce or it'll make a bit of a clunky groany sound that I don't
like and jerk.

Other than that it goes pretty

Anyway i got it looked at at a trans service place and
what do you know they found some metal filings when they dropped the
pan. Bugger.

So, any ideas on what the root issue
Have been estimated up to 4k to fix (o god), it would be good
to know more before jumping into that...

And then ideas on
what to do about it... fix, leave it, flick it, get a new trans (where
from?), general advice would be awesome.

Thanks in advance,
it's cool to see the level of help you guys are giving out here.

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand - Sat 02nd July 2016 08:40am (GMT)
  • Subject : 1997 terrano 2.7tdi auto trans
    Hi Dan ,Metal filings are never good anyehere .Would of thought a
    second hand auto trans would be your best bet . There a lot of r50
    terranos being wrecked on trade me so have a look on there and ask to
    see what they are worth . Have not heard to many bad things about the
    terrano auto trans especially with only that many k's on it . Have you
    ever had the trans serviced? . If it was mine and the motor and body
    was good I would be willing to spend a couple of grand to get it up
    and running as they are still worth 5 to 6 grand to buy
    John may
    have some better info for you .Cheers Steve

    ashburton, --- Please Select ---, New Zealand - Mon 04th July 2016 11:46am (GMT)

  • Subject : 1997 terrano 2.7tdi auto trans
    Steve has said it all.
    2nd hand good trans is the way to go.

    Some wreckers even give a 90 day return warranty (you put it
    in, you take it out and bring it back for another). Watch out for the
    "but if you open it up, no warranty' bullshit.

    At least check
    the dipstick and look at the colour of the fluid at the wreckers just
    as an indication.
    Do some research on the web...

    you have the "new" transmission out of the vehicle, take the pan off
    and check for debris, replace the filter (rock catcher) and of course,
    check for metal bits in the pan.
    Flush out the cooler in the
    bottom of the radiator and any auxiliary oil cooler very, very
    Contact Wakouaiti Auto and Engineering and buy a Magnafine
    filter, (some auto overhaul places may also have them, but had some in
    stock back in April) and put that in the return line from the
    cooler/s to the trans to catch debris that you might get dislodged
    while you drive.
    if only people treated their trans like they do
    their engines and renewed the fluid every is as simple as
    taking the output hose off the trans and putting an extended hose into
    a bucket to catch the output, while extending another hose with a thin
    funnel on the other end up to where you can tape it in place and pour
    new fluid (Dex3 or equivalent, it doesn't matter which brand, new is
    going to be better than old anyway) kick the engine in the guts at
    idle and watch ubtil say 2 litres of old fluid has squirted out into
    the bucket. stop the engine, keep pouring until 2 litres of new fluid
    is back in, and repeat. I use 8 litres of new fluid each time.
    the second 2 litre squirt, get in the cab and go through the gears, N
    to D and back to N, N to 2 and back to N.

    Stop engine and
    catch up 2 litres new fluid.

    Third squirt, N to 1, back to N,
    N to R back to N, and then park.
    You are trying to replace all
    the fluids in the various areas in the trans including the torque

    Your 4th squirt should be carefully done and
    measured unless you have another 4 litres of Dex3 ATF available if you
    get carried away, or you think about doing exactly the same method to
    the power steering..which use Dex3 as fluid.
    You need to take the
    PS reservoir off, clean it of debris (metallic dust caused by metal
    surfaces grinding e.g. the pressure pump, then put the reservoir back,
    but block off the return (smaller hose entry) on the reservoir (I use
    a 50mm long piece of hose and a 7.62x39 round as the projectile fits
    the smaller hoses and the body fits the larger ones, but you can use
    anything round and pluggy to block this off, then extend the return
    hose to a bucket.
    Tape this hose securely, the fluid is going to
    come out at high pressure, and will squirt 3 metres unless aimed at
    the bottom of the bucket. Ask me how I know.
    The reservoir empties
    is 5 seconds at idle, even if you jam that funnel into the neck of it
    and have a litre in there.
    Get a helper to swing the steering
    wheel lock to lock, don't let the pump run out of fluid.
    It used 2
    litres of fluid to flush and fill.
    That leaves about a litre to
    make final fluid level adjustments after you drive your Terrano and
    recheck hot levels n both......

    - NZ - Thu 28th July 2016 12:24pm (GMT)

  • Subject : 1997 terrano 2.7tdi auto trans
    Before you panic, do the flush routine as above after you have dropped
    the pan and replaced the filter.
    That way your testing of the
    trans will cost you about $100.
    If no improvement, then the
    replacement of the trans is the way to go.....

    - NZ - Thu 28th July 2016 12:34pm (GMT)

    • Subject : 1997 terrano 2.7tdi auto trans
      How did this all work out for you?

      Your answer could help
      others in the future....

      NZ - Thu 08th December 2016 10:35am (GMT)

Subject : Terrano remote fob
I have lost my remote entry fob,I can buy a new one but I do not know
the part number for it,where or how can I get the correct number for
my vehicle,it is a 1997 Terrano se touring 2.7 tdi

Mark shepherd
Derby, Derbyshire, UK - Wed 01st June 2016 09:44pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Terrano remote fob
    Your can try the Nissan dealers who should ask you for ID as well as
    the vehicle so that he can get the code sorted.
    Or go to/phone a
    locksmith to see if he can help.
    Have ID with you because they
    will ask for it.
    How would you feel if some scumbag could walk
    into any place and order a fob just on the registration number of your

    NZ - Thu 28th July 2016 12:30pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Terrano remote fob
      How did this all work out for you?
      Your answer could help others
      in the future....

      NZ - Thu 08th December 2016 10:36am (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Terrona II 2.4i rear brakes won't work?
Bulbs have been changed and fuses are fine???
Angela Davie
Brisbane, QLD, Australia - Fri 13th May 2016 10:45pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan Terrona II 2.4i rear brakes won't work?
    Are you saying that the rear brake lights do not light up when you
    apply the brakes?
    But the fuses are good, and the bulbs are
    Then you should check two things:
    The brake switch above
    the brake pedal in the cabin for continuity (does pressing the pedal
    pull on the switch so that it makes contact inside the
    and the ground leads from the tail light housing to the
    chassis for corrosion which stops the completeion of the electrical

    Electrickery requires a path back to the battery via
    the chassis or via a separate earth wire to complete the

    Battery positive out, through wire, through fuse,
    through brake switch, through stop bulb, through wire to chassis, back
    to negative terminal on battery via earth straps from engine and

    NZ - Sat 14th May 2016 03:47am (GMT)

Subject : Nissan Terrona II 2.4i rear brakes won't work?
Bulbs have been changed and fuses are fine???
Angela Davie
Brisbane, QLD, Australia - Fri 13th May 2016 10:30pm (GMT)
Subject :
How to switch on/off rear wiper(boot door) of Nissan terrano r3m-r
kampala, makindye, uganda - Fri 22nd April 2016 06:19pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    On the lower edge of the dash to the left of the steering column on a
    right hand drive terrano is the on/off wiper and washer switch, it
    rocks left and right to activate.
    If it does not work, the first
    thing to do is to check the fuse box (under the dash, far right side,
    next to the bonnet release, and then if the fuse is OK, go to the rear
    wiper and squirt lubricant down the shaft as far as you can, because
    the shaft can and will bind through neglect and lack of
    If all that doesn't work take the interior panel off
    the rear door and check the wiring continuity to the wiper motor, them
    the wiper motor itself....

    NZ - Sun 24th April 2016 10:46am (GMT)

Subject : Electric cooling fan
Hi my Visco fan has stuck on,2.7i inter cooler 2001 it roars like a
lion every where I go, want to dump it and fit a Kenlowe/equivalent
electric fan anybody fitted one, whats the size I fit best supplier,
having difficulty getting hold of kenlowe someone said they had gone

- UK - Mon 11th April 2016 11:56am (GMT)
  • Subject : Electric cooling fan
    Take a good hard look at the space available between the water pump
    pulley and the radiator after you have taken away the fan itself and
    the viscous coupling.
    Measure it.
    Now try and find any thin
    electric fan of any brand which will fit there.

    When you find
    it, buy it.

    You will also have to purchase a fitting that
    inserts in your top radiator hose and which houses a temp sensor, and
    wire that to a variable
    switch gizmo with relays so you can set
    the on and off temps for the electric fan.
    Plus wiring in the fans
    themselves including fuses etc.

    The theoretical size limit
    for the electric fan is one that covers the largest amount of the

    You don't have to go by the size of the present
    shroud as the electric fan sucks up right against the core, and when
    it is not working air flows through from the vehicle's forward

    Whereas the viscous fan has to have a certain
    amount of clearance to cope with the possibility of the engine moving
    both sideways and back and forth, hence the plastic fan

    It's not a great deal of trouble to take the
    radiator out (disconnect the auto trans hoses of course0 and replace
    the viscous fan coupling..usually they come attached to a new water
    pump as well.
    Look up the youtube videos on how to repair and set
    the viscous coupling to work properly.

    Nz - Wed 13th April 2016 11:14am (GMT)

    • Subject : Electric cooling fan
      Thanks for that, just had an email from Kenlowe they no longer
      manufacture aftermarket fans or give advice it's a sad day as I have
      used them for years. Not much distance between viscous coupling and
      radiator but I guess I could squeeze on in, will try demon
      Thanks guys

      - Fri 15th April 2016 10:38pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Electric cooling fan
    For your edification and

    or you can look at second hand units ex bmWs etc

    - nz - Wed 13th April 2016 11:20am (GMT)

    • Subject : Electric cooling fan
      Kenlowe certainly not dead

      NZ - Fri 15th April 2016 12:50pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Electric cooling fan
    How did this all work out for you?
    Your answer could help others
    in the future....

    - NZ - Thu 08th December 2016 10:37am (GMT)

Subject : help please
I have owned my Nissan terrano regulus for 3 years now. I had it came with a Japanese manual so I have done alot of
researching.......i recently converted my electronic injection pump to
a mechanical one as the electronic one failed.

I have
recently noticed an antifreeze leak.....I traced it to the side of the
engine......took it to a garage....if standing infront of the car
facing the engine.......its leaking from the left side.

There is a cover there.....which the Mechanic can take off.
But being an extremely rare vehicle one has knowledge of
what is under the cover....we believe it is either the frost plugs or
possibly a gasget.

I'm just trying to order the parts I need
so it can be fixed.

FYI all of my parts take 4 weeks to get
here as I only know of a supplier in Japan.

Please help.

london, Ontario, canada - Fri 04th March 2016 12:35am (GMT)
  • Subject : help please's a 1997 Nissan terrano regulus right hand drive with
    the KD-JRR50 model QD32 engine


    london, Ontario, canada - Fri 04th March 2016 01:20am (GMT)

    • Subject : help please
      Most likely to be the inbuilt engine oil cooler...see video

      NZ - Fri 04th March 2016 12:06pm (GMT)

  • Subject : help please
    bigger engine and cooler plate on side of block but same

    - NZ - Fri 04th March 2016 01:06pm (GMT)

Subject : rear passenger window won't open
Hi bought some wind deflectors for my terrano and can't open rear
passenger window all others work fine ,no noise of moto wen I press
switch ,could this be the moto?any ideas thanks

swansea, West Glamorgan, UK - Fri 26th February 2016 04:22pm (GMT)
  • Subject : rear passenger window won't open
    Could be coincidence, the motor could have burnt out, the module in
    the door which senses obstructions could have fritzed itself, there
    may be no power getting to that door, the lead in wire 9look for a
    rubber coated couple of wires going from the pillar to the door) may
    have been broken for one reason or another, the switch either in the
    driver's control or on the door itself could be will
    need to get out the voltage meter and see what is going on. The motor
    is common to a lot of Nissans, you just have to get the one that is
    for the right or left hand side of the car (opposite rotation). The
    serial number on the motor will tell you which to get from a
    wreckers..simple to disassemble the door, take out the motorised track
    and replace the motor when it is out of the car.

    NZ - Tue 01st March 2016 09:33am (GMT)

Subject : Wiper Stalk
can any one help I require a wiper stalk for a 1995 Nissan
Mistral. Or where I can get parts for a Mistral of this year in the UK
as there are a few things I require for her. Any help would be most

Ottershaw, Surrey, UK - Sun 21st February 2016 11:09am (GMT)
  • Subject : Wiper Stalk
    Google search:

    second hand car parts uk

    Seems a lot
    of companies now online to make your quest easier???

    Let us
    know how you get on.....

    NZ - Thu 25th February 2016 03:44am (GMT)

    • Subject : Wiper Stalk
      Hi John,
      I have been searching for months now with no joy. They do
      not fit our model. But thank you we will have to jam the wiper switch
      to constant when snowing and raining.
      Thanks again

      Ottershaw, Surrey, UK - Sat 05th March 2016 10:24am (GMT)

  • Subject : Wiper Stalk

    - nz - Thu 25th February 2016 03:51am (GMT)

Subject : Rear Seat
How do you remove the 2 seated rear seats from a 1995 Mistral as I
have tried everything. Or do I need to unbolt them from the floor

Ottershaw, Surrey, UK - Sat 20th February 2016 12:13pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Rear Seat
    I bought the same truck about a year ago now and like you love it. I
    have the same year as yours and I have got the back seats out on a few
    occasions but normally by luck than anything else. One thing I do
    always do though I move the middle row out the way and fold the backs
    all the way forward then on both mounting points there is a rather
    strong metal lever which you flip over I think. I can't remember fully
    and sometimes it take some messing about. I haven't noticed any red
    tabs or anything that actually show you what to

    NZ - Sat 20th February 2016 08:50pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Rear Seat
      Good morning,
      Thank you I will now try this as I can not see the
      leaver that you are talking about.

      Ottershaw, Surrey, UK - Sun 21st February 2016 11:03am (GMT)

  • Subject : Rear Seat
    If you are referring to the third row seat, I am sure you will have to
    unbolt them to remove.Have done this on my own mistral.Dont forget to
    replace the bolts after removal to stop water ingress.

    auckland, new zealand - Wed 24th February 2016 07:00pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Rear Seat
      Hi everyone thanks the 3rd row was unbolted and taken out it was a
      pain doing it.......Can any one assist with a wiper stalk for it as
      I'm about to do along trip and would be great if it worked properly on
      the trip.

      Ottershaw, Surrey, UK - Wed 24th February 2016 07:03pm (GMT)

Subject : AT malfunction
Hi! I have a Nissan Terrano TD27 with AT transmission. Problem is it
won't shift from 1st gear to 2nd gear unless yiu hit the 4000 rpm
first and it will shift to 3rd and so on. I already drained and
cleaned the tranny box and filter and replaced with new ATF but to no
avail. I need your expert advise on this, thanks.

Jimmy B.
Manila, Philippines - Sun 07th February 2016 03:45pm (GMT)
  • Subject : AT malfunction
    I, too, have and am still experiencing the old "sticks in first when
    cold, especially after coming to a stop at traffic lights within 2 km
    of home"
    My solution which has worked so far is to pull to the
    side of the road, engage reverse and back up 10 metres. This seems to
    loosen up whatever is sticking in the auto and it then drives normally
    for the rest of the day, week, month...until unpredictably the the
    problem hits again.
    you have done what I did, new filter, new
    fluid, and I even fitted an extra in line filter with a magnet as well
    as pleated paper core to eliminate all possible ferrous particles etc
    down to X microns.
    I will see if I can locate a problem flow chart
    re the trans and let you know what i find.
    Others may have the
    same problem and a (hopefully) simple and cheap solution.

    NZ - Mon 08th February 2016 04:29am (GMT)

    • Subject : AT malfunction
      But even with this, though it has
      reduced the incidence, the problem remains.
      P.S. my vehicle has

      NZ - Mon 08th February 2016 04:33am (GMT)

    • Subject : AT malfunction
      Thanks John! Will try in my Terrano what you did in your car. Maybe
      your solution to that AT problem will work fine with mine also. I'll
      let you know at once.

      Manila, Phils. - Mon 08th February 2016 12:28pm (GMT)

      • Subject : AT malfunction
        Jimmy, how did it work out for you?
        NZ - Mon 04th April 2016 11:05am (GMT)

Subject : chassis
hi there , could you tell me if Nissan mistrals[1994] have a full
chassis ? [ I am contemplating purchasing one and chopping it down to
a flat deck ute ]

wairoa, nz, nz - Fri 05th February 2016 10:27pm (GMT)
  • Subject : chassis

    As for
    safety measures, the Nissan mistral have, a ladder frame chassis

    le the Terrano II had two or five doors and a body-on-frame

    NZ - Sat 20th February 2016 08:44pm (GMT)

Subject : chassis
hi there , could you tell me if Nissan mistrals[1994] have a full
chassis ? [ I am contemplating purchasing one and chopping it down to
a flat deck ute ]

wairoa, nz, nz - Fri 05th February 2016 10:25pm (GMT)
  • Subject : chassis
    Im pretty sure it does have full chassis .Shared the same d21 model
    chassis with the terrano and navara .
    Would be an interesting
    conversion and quite possibly one of a kind .We had a mistral for
    quite a few years and was quite a capable 4wd . They just looked
    narrow as they were quite tall compared to the terrano .

    nz - Sat 06th February 2016 06:37am (GMT)

Subject :
Hi john . Our trusty r50 terrano has started the famous rear end
wobble . It seems to be fine driving around corners but when is quite
bad when you give it throttle then take your foot off the gas . Which
bushes are most likely to be worn . My guess would be the rod which
runs parallel with with the axle and is attached to the chassis and
the diff housing . (Panhard rod ??) Hopeto get up on hoist this week
for a look .

- nz - Sun 31st January 2016 05:42pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Believe it or not, Steve, it is the bushes at the ends of the radius
    arms, which being OEM rubber, degrade and allow the axle to move
    forwards and backwards under acceleration and deceleration..but not
    equally at each side, thereby steering the vehicle causing it to
    But you need to replace the panhard rod bushes,
    You will need a very good hydraulic press because the rubber
    bushes are surrounded by a steel sleeve, and the steel sleeves rust
    very solidly into the bush formed in the radius arm.
    Using a
    hyrdraulic 20 ton press with a socket just the right size to exert
    pressure on the edge of the bush sleeve...scary but doable, and be
    prepared for a big bang when the rust loses it's
    Supercheap or Repco can order all the bushes in, or if you
    know the right people in the trade it shouldn't take long to source
    them. they are also advertised on TME, of course.
    I used Nolathane
    from Aussie, so far have only done the lower control arms, the upper
    are shorter so have less effect on the steering, and as OEM they have
    lasted over 220k without signs of cracking.
    plenty of Google-Fu
    will get some amazing complaints made to the National Tranportation
    authority by Americans that have been scared to death of their killer
    vehicle, have replaced everything they thought could be causing it,
    only to finally find that they could have replaced the offending
    bushes by buying and then fitting ready made new arms in a couple of
    They are normal maintenance items, they are rubber
    and they wear out.
    Have fun....

    NZ - Tue 02nd February 2016 10:55am (GMT)

    • Subject :
      Thanks John . Pretty sure it has had the bushes done before as they
      look like the red nolathane ones . So are they easier to press out
      than the OEM bushes?

      nz - Sat 06th February 2016 06:41am (GMT)

      • Subject :
        If they have been done once before, they should be easier to press out
        the second time..unless they have been immersed in water a lot,
        crossing rivers, launching boats etc.....
        IIRC the Nolathane
        bushes are assembled by pressing in the poly bushes first, then
        inserting the steel inner bush. Reversing this procedure might help
        with easy withdrawal....

        NZ - Tue 09th February 2016 10:55am (GMT)

Subject : Old 1980's Nissan Pickups
I remember the old 1980's Nissan Pickups, are there no forums or
information on them any more? Does anyone know what their exact model
name was? Are they long gone now?

London, London, UK - Sat 30th January 2016 07:22pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Old 1980's Nissan Pickups
    those pickups 9utes, flatdecks etc) went to all parts of the world.
    there was the 620 model, the 720 model, the Navarra, the D21 hardbody,
    the bakkie, etc etc.
    Google-fu is your friend.

    Google ;
    1980s nissan

    NZ - Sun 31st January 2016 08:24am (GMT)

Subject : Mr
First time 4x4 owner in need of knowledge.When I put my terrano 2 into
four wheel drive it feels like it engages and the light comes on. But
it doesnt work the front wheels or props but the truck still holds
back in 4wd low range. Any ideas

Tiverton, Devon, UK - Thu 28th January 2016 07:11pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Mr
    How do you engage the 4WD system? Switch on dash, or lever on

    If lever on floor, the linkage may be frozen with

    Crawl under the vehicle with the engine off, Hi\Lo
    selector in 2H.
    Try and turn the front drive shaft by
    If the hubs are engaging, you will be able to turn a small
    amount and hear the click in the front hubs as the splines engage,
    then the shaft will be locked in to the hubs.
    On a level surface,
    with the main gearbox transmission in neutral, the handbrake off, you
    will be able to move the vehicle forward just by turning the front
    prop shaft by hand.
    Then if you spin the shaft back the other way,
    you will hear the hubs disengage and the shaft will
    This is what happens when you drive in reverse to
    unlock the front hubs...

    Now you will know that the
    front hubs engage IF the prop shaft is turned.

    The only way
    to turn that shaft normally is to select 4WD, high or low.

    you have 4 axle stands and a good hydraulic jack, and don't mind
    taking a small chance at disaster, jack both front and rear axles off
    the ground and suspend them on the axle stands so no wheels are
    touching the ground.
    You can brace the chassis with other axle
    stands, or large flat pieces of wood, as long as you do not allow the
    braces anywhere near the wheels...

    Carefully get into the
    vehicle and start the engine. With the main gearbox in neutral (or
    park with an auto) move the 4wd selector to 4 low.
    Now select 1st
    gear and let out the clutch.
    Use a helper to see if at least one
    of the front wheels are spinning, and at least one of the rear

    I say one of the wheels at each axle
    because normally the front diff is neither "locked", nor Limited slip
    diff (LSD) and sometimes the rear axle is not "locked" or even fitted
    with a Limited slip differential either.
    LSD means one wheel will
    spin faster than the other, but the slower one will "kick"
    periodically as if trying to catch up with the spinning wheel..thereby
    giving limited traction....3 wheel drive rather than 2

    If the
    rear wheel (s) spin, but the fronts do not move, degungify the Hi/Lo
    lever where it enters the box until the mechanism moves smoothly and


    Basically, if you wait more than a couple of
    years before moving the levers, they will rust up through salt, grime,
    snow, water etc.

    Preventative maintenance is simple; once a
    month, all through the year find s green lane with mud or wet grass or
    a gravelled road with a loose shingle surface and engage the system
    and give it a workout.
    Any surface that allows slippage of the
    wheels so the transmission does not "wind up" and ensure that a very
    expensive steel part does not go "ping"

    Get back to us if you
    want further info, but a visit to your local library should provide a
    fund of 4WD how-to books for your edification and delight.

    NZ - Sun 31st January 2016 08:15am (GMT)

  • Subject : Mr
    I had that, someone had sheared the lugs that transmit the drive in
    the f hubs.get a parts diagram of the hub (my dealer printed one off
    for me) undo the allen bolts pull off the cover and have a
    mine the broken bits had been removed.

    - UK - Sun 22nd May 2016 11:08pm (GMT)

Subject : Interiors
Hello All
can anyone tell me in a 2002 nissan terrano II Dashborad
fill fit into the 1995 terrano II?

cabinda, angola, Angola - Mon 25th January 2016 03:16pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Interiors
    The chances of anyone else in the world having done this are very slim
    to none. Though it was worth asking, you will now have to do some
    dismantling and measuring
    if you want the answer to your
    Do you have access to either of the vehicles?

    NZ - Tue 02nd February 2016 11:00am (GMT)

Subject : terrano won't start
Hi could any one help me with my terrano not starting,it's starts
fine most of the time but when I lock it (with key fob )it won't
start doesn't seen there's enough power in the battery ,before I dash
out to buy a new battery do you think this is my problem?

swansea, West Glamorgan , UK - Fri 15th January 2016 03:50pm (GMT)
  • Subject : terrano won't start
    NZ - Sun 17th January 2016 07:29am (GMT)

    • Subject : terrano won't start
      Thanks for your reply will get new battery tomorrow than again
      swansea, West Glamorgan, UK - Sun 17th January 2016 07:36pm (GMT)

      • Subject : terrano won't start
        So, how did the battery replacement work out?
        Did you have to
        also reprogram the security system to get the fob integrated once

        NZ - Tue 09th February 2016 10:57am (GMT)

        • Subject : terrano won't start
          Hi John sort haven't been on here for a while yes fitted new
          battery all good now, my truck is 1999 model didn't have to do
          nothing else she's going well now thanks

          swansea, West Glamorgan, UK - Fri 26th February 2016 04:14pm (GMT)

Subject : Nissan 2.7 td
Truck won't star since I took it for a swim. Took on water. Got a
snorkel so engine ran then died. Got all water out, drained oil, new
oil filter, drain fuel and filter, new glows. Everything mechanical is
working, just not firing up. Anyone got any ideas? I'm think
CPU,rescue truck was land rover, drowned too! Got it running now , no
computers just mechanics, both trucks have had same things done! Help
gota beat the landy!!

- Nz - Mon 28th December 2015 10:31am (GMT)
  • Subject : Nissan 2.7 td
    What year Terrano?
    Early one do not have ECU, are all mechanical
    thank you Lord...
    Just to clarify....
    Does starter motor turn
    over engine quickly as per normal, or slowly..perhaps too slowly to
    start engine? (starter/contacts/battery problem, wet starter motor
    internals, dirt/sand?)
    Have you tried spraying WD40 into intake
    of turbo while someone else spins engine over on starter?
    will allow engine to start and run while the spray is going into the
    turbo intake.
    If engine starts using the WD40 you have an
    injection problem, probably the injection pump/lines/injectors full of
    One last thing, have you replaced the air filter, and
    checked that the old filter didn't dissolve/come apart and block the
    air intake to the engine...

    Give us more

    P.S. 4WD clubs teach you that the first thing to do
    when attempting the crossing of a body of water is to try to find a

    Happy New Year!!!

    NZ - Thu 31st December 2015 12:09pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Nissan 2.7 td
    it's been a year OJ,
    How did this all work out for you?
    answer could help others in the future....

    - NZ - Thu 08th December 2016 10:38am (GMT)

Subject : Transmission oil pushed through breather hose in four wheel Nissan Navara
I am driving Nissan Navara Vehicle. One day four wheel transmission
oil from the breather hose flew out. Could I know the reason please.

shailendra Prakash
Tavua, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands - Wed 16th December 2015 07:44am (GMT)
  • Subject : Transmission oil pushed through breather hose in four wheel Nissan Navara
    Most likely you drove through deep water like a stream or even the
    sea, like when launching or recovering a boat, and water has gotten
    into the transmission, foamed up and expanded, pushing the foamy mix
    out the breather. Drain and refill all the axles and gearboxes, as the
    water you drove through may have gotten into all of them, and it is
    better to be safe than sorry...

    NZ - Wed 16th December 2015 09:52pm (GMT)

Subject : Re. Nissan Mistral engine of while driving
I have Nissan Mistral 1997 model. From 1week while driving car
suddenly engine shut down
May I know reason for that?? Please
provide solutions to repair

Kunal Wawge
Mauritius , Mauritius , Mauritius - Sat 12th December 2015 06:23pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Re. Nissan Mistral engine of while driving
    You'll have to provide bettwer details than that if we are to try to
    help you. Does the starter motor turn the engine over when you turn
    the key? If not, look at the battery and the battery connections. get
    back with a better description of the troubles you are having....

    NZ - Mon 14th December 2015 10:02pm (GMT)

Subject : handbrake light
Hi I failed my warrant as the handbrake light is oo on the dash but
handbrake is working fine on my Nissan mistral 1997

sue gilmore
christchurch, aranui, nz - Mon 07th December 2015 09:48pm (GMT)
  • Subject : handbrake light
    The light will stay on if the brake fluid is low in the reservoir . I
    would of thought whoever did your warrent would of checked that So
    maybe that is not the problem . It is normally atached to the fire
    wall on the trivers side .

    nz - Tue 08th December 2015 05:03am (GMT)

    • Subject : handbrake light
      Its the park brake.the fluid is fine ,but thanks

      christchurch, aranui, nz - Thu 10th December 2015 11:34pm (GMT)

      • Subject : handbrake light
        I would check the switch under the handbrake pivot,could be stuck in
        the on posistion.

        auckland, nz - Thu 10th December 2015 11:57pm (GMT)

Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
Ihave a Terrano which I have owned and
maintaind from 12 months
old,recently it
has started loosing cooling water with
external leaks,is this a common fault,
orginally I needed
to refill the expansion tank now its the rad,any ideas

Peter Cleminson
Manchester, Lancashire, UK - Fri 13th November 2015 08:49pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
    Did the engine get hot at all , Any bubbles in the radiator when the
    engine is running ?

    nz - Sun 15th November 2015 10:42am (GMT)

    • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
      Steve thanks for the reply,engine runs at
      normal temp,no
      bubles,have noticed that with the heater off the expansion tank keeps
      the rad full,heater on level drops in radiator,coolant loss is
      500m/100 miles,sump oil level is static,hope this helps,peter

      Peter Cleminson
      Manchester, Lancashire, UK - Mon 16th November 2015 07:17pm (GMT)

      • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
        Sounds like it could be a leaking heater core but that would mean that
        you would have wet carpets in the foot well under the dash. Maybe
        leaking heater hose ?

        NZ - Tue 17th November 2015 06:25am (GMT)

        • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
          Steve,have not been able to find any external leaks,have disconected
          the heater hoses and connected pipes from the engine to see what
          happens because the heater has a drain tray which exits near the
          chassis and is difficult too see, will let you know in a few

          Peter Cleminson
          Manchester, Lancashire, UK - Wed 18th November 2015 04:15pm (GMT)

          • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
            Steve,air temperature dropped so had to reconnect heater also had
            aproblem finding a suitable piece of rubber pipe,
            will have
            another try next week,Peter.

            manchester, Lancs, UK - Thu 26th November 2015 07:49pm (GMT)

            • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
              Did you notice any water loss in the time you had it disconnected?
              nbz - Mon 30th November 2015 08:23am (GMT)

              • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
                Steve unfortunately I used a piece of
                convoluted plastic pipe
                which would not
                seal under pressure,I now have a piece
                19mm rubber hose and will try again in a few days,will let you know
                when i have
                some reliable info.Peter

                Peter cleminson
                Manchester, Lancs, UK - Wed 02nd December 2015 07:00pm (GMT)

                • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
                  Steve,cooling water loss with heater dissconected is approx 500mls/100
                  it is beginning to sound serious.Peter

                  Peter cleminson
                  Manchester, Lancs, UK - Wed 09th December 2015 07:38pm (GMT)

                  • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
                    Is it an auto gearbox ? Pretty sure there is an oil cooler / heat
                    exchanger in the bottom of the radiator that cools the trans oil using
                    the engine coolant . Check your trans oil dipstick to make sure there
                    is no milky stuff on it . Had that happen to my old toyota cressida
                    back in the day . Stuffed the trans .

                    - Thu 10th December 2015 08:00am (GMT)

                    • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
                      Steve,it's a manual,sump oil no change,have stood in a pit underneath
                      with the sump guard off and engine running and can't see any
                      leaks,500ml over 100 miles must be a very small drip every 5
                      min's,thanks for your interest,Peter

                      Peter cleminson
                      Manchester, Lancs, UK - Thu 10th December 2015 03:45pm (GMT)

                      • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
                        Whatever coolant additive you have in the system will leave a trace of
                        that colour from any go over the exterior of the engine with
                        the engine off but hot as in just after a good run.. Pay special
                        attention around the water pump area; it is obviously happening when
                        the system is hot, and the pressure in it is 14lbs sq inch. If the
                        leak is external, fine droplets will come out then and should leave a
                        mark, or a very clean patch somewhere on the engine...
                        you will have to pressurise the system by attaching a special pump to
                        the radiator neck, and look for leaks. It may come to having to take
                        out the injectors after leaving the pressure on for say 48 hours, and
                        seeing if coolant comes out of any cylinder when you spin the engine
                        over with the starter, as the coolant will be thrown out as the
                        pistons go up and down...That would confirm a head gasket breach into
                        the cylinder. The leak could also be into the engine oil galleries so
                        look for more than usual- in- winter moisture induced emulsion.
                        (Creamy foamy oil) Good luck.

                        NZ - Mon 14th December 2015 10:14pm (GMT)

                        • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
                          Steve,thanks for the advice,will see what I can do,may take a while as
                          we are going to look after my daughters house while she is in
                          hospital,I will get the car over the pit in the next day or two and
                          keep you posted,thanks again,Peter

                          Peter cleminson
                          Manchester, Lancs, UK - Tue 15th December 2015 12:19pm (GMT)

                          • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
                            Steve,in the last few days the heater fan has stopped working on no2
                            speed,I suspect the resistor is faulty,its not urgent but I dont know
                            where its located,could you point me in the right direction
                            please,thanks Peter ps had a quick look at the pump cant see any leaks
                            but will spend more time first opportunity i get.

                            Peter Cleminson
                            Manchester, Lancs, UK - Wed 16th December 2015 07:59pm (GMT)

                        • Subject : 2004 3ltr Terrano
                          John & Steve Thanks for the advice,problem turned out to be cracks in
                          the cylinder head above valve seats in cyls 1&2,cured by an expensive
                          new head oil in to one cyl
                          and water in to the other,again thanks
                          the help, Peter

                          Peter cleminson
                          Manchester, Lancs, UK - Tue 02nd February 2016 07:25pm (GMT)

Subject : Terrano workshop manual
Hi there,
I am desperately trying to get hold of a Nissan Terrano
2.7 ll service manual to cover my 2001 TDi. Paperback seems to by as
difficult to get hold of as rocking horse poo.
Does anyone have
one or a link to a decent pdf file to download.

Kevin Durrant
Newtownards, County Down NI, Northern Ireland - Mon 26th October 2015 08:38pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Terrano workshop manual
    I have the service manual in PDF. Do you still require it? If so, send
    me an email then i shall send it back to you.

    Michael Etale
    Nairobi, *Not Applicable, UK - Wed 06th January 2016 11:33am (GMT)

    • Subject : Terrano workshop manual
      Warning Will Robinson possible scam alert
      outer mongolia - Tue 02nd February 2016 11:03am (GMT)

    • Subject : Terrano workshop manual
      also got a terrano .will be very glad if you can send the manual to me
      as well.
      thank you.

      coert van rensburg.
      saldanha, south-africa - Tue 02nd August 2016 01:46pm (GMT)

      • Subject : Terrano workshop manual
        the rear braking system not ok
        kampala, kampala, Ug - Wed 18th January 2017 07:35am (GMT)

Subject : dust cap sizes
i have a split dust cover on my front dog bone steering link bar the
bar is not ols so i want to replace the split cover has anyone any
idea of the dimensions so that i can buy a replacement

canterbury, UK - Wed 21st October 2015 08:32pm (GMT)
  • Subject : dust cap sizes
    If you can see it, you will be able to reach it.Get under there with a
    set of calipers and measure the torn boot.
    You will have to take
    the drag link out anyway to fit it.
    I was able to buy a dust boot
    for a ball joint for another vehicle only because the factor I went to
    had scrapped about 10 brand new ball joints and had kept the caps and
    their retaining springs.
    You may have to do a lot of telephoning
    before you find the right dust boot....

    NZ - Thu 22nd October 2015 10:58am (GMT)

Subject : stalling
I have a 1995 mistral 2.7 diesel auto
in the morning it starts on
the button,
then after a couple of minutes it starts stuttering
the just stalls, even when driving, any ideas please

sheerness, Kent, UK - Mon 28th September 2015 09:50am (GMT)
  • Subject : stalling
    The stalling after a couple of minutes: are you actually driving
    along at over 20mph, or under 20 and / or coming to a stop or trying
    to accelerate away?
    The reason behind the question is that the
    starting on the button means the glow plugs are obviously working at
    the start; however there is a tricky little relay which activates
    until the temperature of the coolant reaches 50c, or the speed of the
    vehicle reaches/exceeds 20mph.
    This relay cycles the glow plugs
    to keep "the fire lit", so to speak.
    How quickly can you restart
    after the engine stops?
    When the engine is warmed up, normal
    operating temperature, is there any stalling/stuttering then?
    you recently done any maintenance, e.g. changed fuel filter, changed
    battery etc etc?
    You could test the operation of the glow plugs by
    connecting a multi meter to the buss bar that connects all the plugs
    together and noting the voltage at start, and the lower voltage that
    occurs when the relay cycles the glow plugs at a lower voltage until
    the parameters are met to cease operation...

    NZ - Wed 30th September 2015 10:18am (GMT)

Subject : 3.0 patrol

I have a 2001 3.0 tdi patrol.Im looking for ways to gain
more power out of the engine? The problem is when towing? engine temp
guage rises very quickly and is very underpowered?
any help would
be appreciated?

Thanks Doug.

coin, malaga, spain - Fri 18th September 2015 02:41pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 3.0 patrol
    You have two choices...
    if you are happy at all other
    times with the performance of the vehicle,but it is too underpowered
    for towing...reduce the size of the caravan, or slow down and enjoy
    life in the slow lane.

    If you can't stand the performance of
    the vehicle overall, and it's getting you down, change your vehicle to
    one with higher horsepower.
    The 3.0 is known to be weak on
    horsepower, and in Aus and NZ has the least hp of all it's

    You can't change that.
    You could install a
    new more powerful engine, but you would create an

    Your choice.
    Spend money on better cooling
    system, new radiator, extra electric fans, aux engine oil cooler and
    extra large auto trans cooler (with fans) and still lack hp uphill, or
    change the vehicle....

    nz - Wed 23rd September 2015 09:56am (GMT)

    • Subject : 3.0 patrol
      Google 3.0 Nissan diesel problems and be prepared to spend an hour or
      two reading about problems especially with pre 2003 engines..Aussies
      are blocking EGR off, catch can on PCV from tappet cover to turbo
      inlet, extra large inter cooler to cool charge air down to improve HP,
      EGT gauge to know when to back off and avoid grenading the engine,

      NZ - Wed 23rd September 2015 10:28am (GMT)

Subject : Terrano II Turbo
Hi there. I have happily had my 2000 2.7 TDI Terrano II for 13 years.
No major mechanical problems. However, I have noticed that I no
longer hear the sound of the turbo when it kicks out at cruise speed.
Consumption has increased. Could it be that the turbo stays on? Or
could it be a pipe that has worn or cracked. Mileage 277 000 odd
This lady would appreciate any advice.


Marie Rossouw
Johannesburg, South Africa - Thu 10th September 2015 08:35am (GMT)
  • Subject : Terrano II Turbo
    check very carefully all the rubber piping to and from the turbo
    intake for any splits, holes etc. take the rubber hoses off and bend
    and twist them because the rubber could be perished and either let air
    out, or let unfiltered, unmetered air in.
    If you have access to a
    pressure gauge, attach it to to a point on the pressurised side of the
    intake manifold and read the pressure while driving, accelerating,
    backing off, and cruising.
    Also check the inter cooler for oil
    leaks. If you can see where oil is leaking out, there is a hole...this
    will let out the turbo pressurised air.
    The oil that goes through
    the intercooler is blow by fumes from the comes from the
    tappet cover, down a small tube and into the rubber air intake hose
    between the air filter and the turbo mouth.
    You can take the whole
    inter cooler off and clean it out. It can be done b y sloshing a good
    amount of petrol through it several times until the petrol comes out
    without oil in it, but if you do this let it stand outside for 24
    hours for all the fumes to dissipate..otherwise big boom in engine and
    lots of repairs needed.....
    By cleaning the inter cooler it
    restores the efficiency of cooling the turbo pressurised air which
    provides more power.

    NZ - Sun 13th September 2015 11:20am (GMT)

Subject : Oil smell
Strong smell of gear oil once car is warm when opening any window on a

Banbury, Oxon, UK - Wed 12th August 2015 07:57pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Oil smell
    Could be oil out of the seal on the back of your transfer case where
    the drive shaft connects . ( be nice to know what your driving) Could
    be flicking onto the exhaust .

    ashburton, nz - Thu 13th August 2015 10:12am (GMT)

  • Subject : Oil smell
    When you open any window of a vehicle moving at speed, there is a
    vacuum produced which sucks air in through every available gap..which
    on WD21 Terranos includes the area of the gear
    selectors/handbrake/console. The gearbox is right there, and the front
    diff vent will give off a sulphur smell when hot.
    So, to combat
    this, as Steve said, check for actual leaks from the seals of the
    transfer case, front diff and manual gearbox. Without jacking the
    vehicle up (if it is a Terrano) you should be able (depending on your
    size) to crawl under with a torch (flashlight) and have a look up into
    the console area between the seats where the gear sticks enter the
    cabin, and see if the gaiters/packing have tears or have rotted away
    through old age and heat.
    The way to combat the leak of hot smelly
    air is to put the ventilation controls on fresh air, the fan on at
    least 1, and depending on the heat, turn the a/c on as well.
    the windows wound up.
    While the fan is working it will boost
    pressure in the cabin, keeping the smells and transmission heat out.

    - NZ - Fri 14th August 2015 06:17am (GMT)

  • Subject : Oil smell
    The is oil smell every time I hit 100 km/h
    Albert Moyo
    Harare, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe - Thu 29th October 2015 10:07am (GMT)

    • Subject : Oil smell

      nz - Mon 14th December 2015 10:19pm (GMT)

Subject : Manuals for WD21 Terranos...90 t0 96 including engine 2.7TD,8nn5e800wdpawnp,ndz0k

- NZ - Mon 27th July 2015 11:57am (GMT)
Subject : tie rod ends
Hi haven done alot of work on my terrano 11 1999, thought i,d change
upper front ball joint and tie rods has rubber boots were
gone,haveing purchase the parts ,ball joint easy,tie rods hard to
remove rusted on,any way got them off ,now my new tie rods are realy
tight to fit on were the castle nuts go on,are they supposed to be
this tight,can any one help,i cant get them on thanks

Paul Cullen
swansea , glmorgan, UK - Tue 21st July 2015 10:11am (GMT)
  • Subject : tie rod ends
    The taper of the ball joint has to be drawn up tight by the
    castellated nut; this takes quite a lot of effort but is perfectly
    normal..and one of the reasons you have to usually use a pickle fork
    device or a screw driven device to unseat the taper when disassembling
    If the nut winds onto the thread easily before you use it to
    draw the taper into position all should be well....
    But do ensure
    that the tie rod ends that you bought are the right ones...if the
    taper is way out, the threaded part way short, then you may have been
    sold the wrong tie rod ends.
    Compare the old with the
    new..steepness of taper, overall length of threaded part
    Parts assistants have been known to make
    After you get it all back together, get a professional
    wheel alignment done. Talk to the mechanic and ask him to run his eye
    over the work you have done?????

    NZ - Wed 22nd July 2015 11:13am (GMT)

    • Subject : tie rod ends
      Thanks for your reply think i have been sold wrong ones,will sort it
      and get tracking done thanks

      Paul Cullen
      swansea, wales, UK - Fri 24th July 2015 02:11pm (GMT)

    • Subject : tie rod ends
      Thanks for your reply think i have been sold wrong ones,will sort it
      and get tracking done thanks

      Paul Cullen
      swansea, wales, UK - Fri 24th July 2015 02:15pm (GMT)

      • Subject : tie rod ends
        How did it turn out with your tie the end??
        nz - Mon 14th December 2015 10:21pm (GMT)

        • Subject : tie rod ends
          I haven't been on here for a while but thanks all sorted now.was
          sold the wrong ones.

          swansea, West Glamorgan, UK - Fri 15th January 2016 05:56pm (GMT)

          • Subject : tie rod ends
            By a stroke of fate, this also happened to me only a week ago.

            Dyslexic parts salesman... all good now...

            NZ - Thu 24th March 2016 03:47am (GMT)

Subject : tie rod ends
Hi haven done alot of work on my terrano 11 1999, thought i,d change
upper front ball joint and tie rods has rubber boots were
gone,haveing purchase the parts ,ball joint easy,tie rods hard to
remove rusted on,any way got them off ,now my new tie rods are realy
tight to fit on were the castle nuts go on,are they supposed to be
this tight,can any one help,i cant get them on thanks

Paul Cullen
swansea , glmorgan, UK - Tue 21st July 2015 10:07am (GMT)
  • Subject : tie rod ends
    As above..check that the parts you have been sold are identical in all
    measurements to those you took off the vehicle.
    As an example, the
    1991 Japanese WD21 Terrano can be fitted with one of three different
    drag links in the steering...and the changeover was around
    July/August/September of that year.
    Guess who has kept the
    original drag link to take into the parts sellers????

    NZ - Wed 22nd July 2015 11:20am (GMT)

Subject : nissan Terrano combination lamp
I am looking to get the wiring cable for my Nissan terrano 1998 2.7
tdi se left side combination lamp

Wolverhampton, UK - Fri 17th July 2015 09:34am (GMT)
Subject : free wheel hub
I have a Nissan d22 year 2002, I fact I have a problem with my manual
free wheeling hub gear. which is worn out and am unable to find same.
anybody can help please.thanks

port louis, mauritius - Wed 01st July 2015 11:47am (GMT)
  • Subject : free wheel hub
    If it is worn out, you will have to replace it. Go to a Nissan dealer
    and ask for a quote. If you happen to get the part number look on the
    web for overseas sites offering the same thing, perhaps for less
    money??? or go to a wrecker and see if you can buy a spare hub, or
    replace both manual hubs with aftermarket ones....

    NZ - Thu 02nd July 2015 06:00am (GMT)

    • Subject : free wheel hub



      NZ - Sun 05th July 2015 07:05pm (GMT)

      • Subject : free wheel hub

        for 2002 etc. go onto Milner website and check out what
        is available, contact company.....

        NZ - Sun 05th July 2015 07:10pm (GMT)

Subject : rear halfshaft oil seal
My rear half shaft oil seal is leaking does anybody know how to
replace the oil seal and how hard is it to replace

wayne ellis
hemsworth, west yorkshire, UK - Sat 13th June 2015 11:54am (GMT)
  • Subject : rear halfshaft oil seal
    What make, model, year, motive power, exact point of leak etc can you
    provide so we can give an answer?

    NZ - Sun 14th June 2015 03:43am (GMT)

  • Subject : rear halfshaft oil seal
    -t257434.html <
    Google is your friend.....

    - NZ - Tue 16th June 2015 06:57am (GMT)

  • Subject : rear halfshaft oil seal
    Its 1998 and its leaking in to the rear brake drums on the passenger
    side only

    wayne ellis
    hemsworth, westyorkshire, UK - Tue 16th June 2015 07:52am (GMT)

    • Subject : rear halfshaft oil seal
      Sorry its a Nissan terrano 2.7td on a 1998 plate
      wayne ellis
      hemsworth, westyorkshire, UK - Tue 16th June 2015 07:55am (GMT)

      • Subject : rear halfshaft oil seal
        Jack up and take off wheel.
        Disconnect parking brake and brake
        Look in behind the backing plate, locate the four nuts which
        hold the baffle plate to the axle housing and remove these
        Construct a puller that attaches to two of the wheel studs
        and attached to that a slide hammer (dent puller)to draw out the axle.

        The reason the axle is hard to withdraw is that where it fits
        into the diff carrier it is splined and pushed in..a friction fit.

        Once the axle is out, there is an oil seal left in the hole,
        remove it and replace with new.
        Coat seal and axle splines with
        diff oil and Carefully push the axle back into place without ripping
        your nice new oil seal and line up the holes in the axle housing with
        the studs.
        You may have to knock the axle back into place with
        dead blow hammer after all the splines are lined up with the carrier
        in the diff, and then tighten the nuts you removed when the studs go
        through the holes in the axle housing.
        Reattach the parking brake
        and tube.
        These instructions are taken directly from the pdf of
        the workshop manual which I referred to..but it appears to have been
        taken down unfortunately.

        NZ - Wed 17th June 2015 05:20am (GMT)

        • Subject : rear halfshaft oil seal
          Thanks john will take a look at the weekend when I have more time to
          do it

          wayne ellis
          hemsworth, westyorkshire, UK - Wed 17th June 2015 08:26am (GMT)

Subject : Power window switch wiring
I have a 1995 Terrano II SLX 2.7TD. I removed the cenre conso;e to
adjust the hand brake and all the wires became disconnected from the
power window switch. My manual does not have the wiring diagram for
the colours of the wires in the car. The wire colours I have are black
with 2 spade connectors; White/Red with 2 spade connectors; Red/Blue;
Red/Green; Red/White; and Black. The switch from the console has
Nissan part number is 08540-01242. Stamped on the side is 2295. Can
anyone help with the PIN number to wire colour?

Gandesa, Tarragona, ES - Tue 02nd June 2015 03:19pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Power window switch wiring
    Cant help you with your wires but pretty sure you dont adjust the
    handbrake under there >

    nz - Wed 10th June 2015 11:06am (GMT)

Subject :
Hi there,

Just got a Terrano 1990 - 2.7 Turbo diesel a month
ago. Never had a 4wd before and I am not so sure if the brakes are
working as they should for a truck.

So basically when I hit
the brakes on a flat road they work fine, lock the wheels if I want
and hold the car strongly.

The problem happens when downhill.
If I am going down for more than 500 metres and I am pushing the
brakes constantly they start loosing efficiency and sometimes the
brake light in the dashboard flashes. I can still brake, but I have to
push harder and the pedal does not go all the way down anymore. As an
example in that situation I can't lock the wheels cause the brakes are
not efficient enough.

Is that how it suppose to behave on a
truck? Loose efficiency when used non-stop for a period of time?

wellington, wellignton, UK - Mon 01st June 2015 11:24pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Your truck weighs about 1800kg and requires a lot of braking effort to
    You probably have disc brakes on all 4 wheels? If not you
    will have discs at the front, and drums at the rear.
    All types of
    brakes will lose efficiency when activated for a long period of time.
    Google brake pad boiling gases etc.
    As the pads become hotter, the
    surface of the pads where it touches and rubs the disc actually boils
    away as a gas. Gas produces little friction..braking effect goes

    When going downhill, select a lower gear,
    especially in an automatic gearbox vehicle..say click off the
    overdrive, which then leaves you in 3rd gear,then when the hill gets
    steeper, select 2nd gear, when it gets really steep use the brakes to
    drop your speed down to 10mph or less and select 1st..this will hold
    the vehicle to a low speed even on a very steep hill.
    Yes, the
    engine might rev to almost 4000rpm, so what? It won't blow apart, it
    uses hardly any diesel fuel, and it will rapidly cool the radiator and
    engine down.
    If you really can't stand the noise brake hard to a
    comfortable speed or below, release the brakes so they can cool, and
    let the engine slowly rev up again.Repeat ad nauseum.

    Go back
    up through the gears as the incline decreases.

    Use the gears
    when decelerating downhill, and keep the brakes in

    Yes, Google "brake fade" and learn what happens with
    continuous riding of the brakes....

    Ultimately you can lose
    all brakes when the brake fluid gets so hot that it boils the water
    which invariably is sucked into the fluid because common brake fluids
    attract water over time, and vehicle brake systems have vent holes in
    the reservoir caps which allows water laden air in; this forms
    droplets which fall to the lowest point in the brake circuits...the
    wheel calipers.
    The steam produced inside the caliper is
    compressible, and your foot goes to the brakes.
    you have crashed, the fluid cools, the steam becomes water and
    voila...the brakes will work perfectly again for the crash

    So, every 2 years drain the brake fluid out of
    the reservoir by sucking it out, refill with new fluid, get a friend
    to help gently and partially pump the brake pedal,(put some wood under
    the pedal between it and the floor to restrict the movement to the
    area in the master cylinder that normal braking uses) and crack each
    bleeder at each caliper, starting at the furthest away from the
    reservoir, and pump new fluid through all the brake system to ensure
    that the fluid has the least possible accumulation of water.Keep the
    reservoir topped up all the time so no air bubbles get in the

    Google hygroscopic brake fluid, and flushing brake
    lines, and the various types of brake pads that work well either when
    cold, slightly heated, or for out and out racing situations..which
    only work when hot...and which are definitely not recommended for
    streeet use........

    NZ - Fri 05th June 2015 10:51am (GMT)

    • Subject :
      Would this model have a brake booster on the back of the alternator
      that could be faulty ? Sounds more like what you have said above john

      nz - Fri 05th June 2015 01:29pm (GMT)

      • Subject :
        Yes, Steve, the vacuum pump is on the rear of the alternator on this
        model.Master cyliner, reservoir and booster on the firewall in front
        of the driver. I was just going on the symptoms..OK braking
        (sufficient to skid wheels) on level ground...bugger all after riding
        the brakes for 500 metres downhill. I hope he doesn't die before he
        sorts his brake technique out....

        NZ - Sat 06th June 2015 12:14am (GMT)

        • Subject :
          Yes brakes are quite important . He said the brake light was coming on
          when pumping the brakes . This would normally mean low brake fluid .
          In our old mistral if you pumped the brakes really hard at an idol the
          brake light would come on and an alarm would sound when it lost all
          the brake boost pressure . Once you stopped pumping the brakes the
          pressure built up again really quickly and light and buzzer would go
          off . Never did it under normal driving conditions .

          nz - Sat 06th June 2015 01:15am (GMT)

          • Subject :
            So the Mistral lost vacuum quicker than it could be built up at idle
            and with high pressure on the brake pedal...which would make
            sense...and could also be part of the problem with him riding the
            brakes going downhill...he would run out of vacuum assist, because the
            engine would only be idling, and therefore the pedal would only go
            down a little, and would need 60% more effort to depress, which would
            feel like his brakes had gone away.
            Another damn good
            reason to select a lower gear..that speeds up the engine and produces
            more vacuum, perhaps overcoming some of his crap braking
   least until his pads fade or his brake fluid
            Nice one Steve....

            NZ - Sat 06th June 2015 05:37am (GMT)

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