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Subject : Shudder and loss of power
My Mitsubishi Colt 2.8Tdi 4x4 double cab has an intermittent shudder
and loss of power whilst driving on open roads at speeds between
80-120 Km.This problem appears for no reason and lasts for about 1 km
then disappears.Mechanic has checked transmission,brakes,suspension
etc .but cannot find the fault since the problem did not manifest
itself in the 4 days the car was with him.Anyone experienced the same
problem?To me it sounds as though the back brakes are binding all of a
sudden but why should the shudder/vibration also affect the steering

Marco Breschi
durban, Hillcrest, south africa - Thu 12th May 2016 10:02am (GMT)
Subject : 2011 Shogun Elegance Won't go into 4WD
I have a 2011 LWB Auto Diesel Elegance. Bought October last year.
Tried putting it into 4WD for the first time last weekend and it will
not go, put it into gear, roll forward front wheel lights on dash
flash briefly and then go off.
Any ideas?

Sharon Bates
Northampton, UK - Tue 05th April 2016 11:08am (GMT)
Subject : Engine Rattling / Knocking
I have a engine knocking rattling sound when I start my Pinin 1.8GDI
2001 when cold, I start the car from cold and the revs raise a bit
high on starting and then after a minute or so the revs drop down to
normal but the engine as the sound of a diesel at first to be honest
not a petrol, I had the timing belt kit and water pump changed around
400 miles ago at my local Mitsubishi dealers and the high revs on the
first cold start happened after I had the timing belt and pump done,
the belt was done at 50089 miles and has full dealer service history
from new, once the engine has warmed up its really quiet on tick over
and the revs hold at around 800 rpm, any help would be appreciated,

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK - Tue 15th March 2016 02:00am (GMT)
Subject : engin knocking
hi I have a 04 Mitsubishi shogun sport 3ltr v6, I have a knocking
noise when I start it up from cold, when I put it into gear it gets
louder it goes away when it gets to running temp approx. 10 to 15
minuets, I took it to Mitsubishi this cost a fortune, they said it was
crank noise, I removed crank it all measured within tolerances so put
it back with new big end bearings, also changed all hydraulic cam
lifters because 2 were stuck, but to ne success when I started it up
it was still nocking the same as before, can anyone help before I go
insane, thanks in advance,

regards john,

john walker
willenhall, west midlands, UK - Tue 09th February 2016 03:09pm (GMT)
Subject : misfire
ColT TDi first start is fine once you switch it off when you start
again it misfire and no power

east London , south Africa , UK - Sun 07th February 2016 10:51am (GMT)
Subject : Mitsibushi challenger 3.5gdi
Recently brought my truck,an was running good, had a little miss but
nothing to bad, drove around and seemed fine. It had an oil leak so I
put in the shop to replace the crank seals,filters, belts etc.Cost me
thousands.. Finally got it back from the shop, drove 10kms if that and
it cut out on me. Revs when high, the dropped an died.(lucky I jst
threw it into neutral). It runs goid when cold, but once warmed up and
I slow down it dies out?
Took it back to the shop, he reckoned
nothings wrong, so gave it back. Same thing happened again? So third
time now and its back there.
The mechanic has said its eitha the
air flow meter, manifold leaking or no gas getting to it?
suggestions as Im sure, he just dosent have a clue and is just taking
my money.

Northland - Whangarei, Nz - Thu 05th November 2015 01:15am (GMT)
  • Subject : Mitsibushi challenger 3.5gdi
    I have the same problem, after a major service and replaced all the
    belts, my triton is doing the same thing. Have you found out what the
    problem was.

    Adaan Haupt
    Durban, KZN, South Africa - Thu 14th January 2016 04:47pm (GMT)

Subject : front wheels indication flashing
I have a shogun mk3 3.2 lwb it goes in/out of 4 wheel drive ok but the
front indication lights keep flashing any ideas why, and a remedy
please would be greatly appreciated

jim matcham
dover, kent, UK - Sat 24th October 2015 07:29am (GMT)
Subject : Overdrive
I have a 1996 Pajero SWB 2800 turbo inter cooler. 42000 mls import.
The overdrive works intermittently. When it does kick in the rpm
drops by around 1000 rpm. I am looking at the solenoid to isolate
this problem. Any body help? Thanks

John B
Dunfermline, Fife, UK - Thu 22nd October 2015 03:06pm (GMT)
Subject : pajero ABS locked up
I have a 2014 pajero LWB, 15,0000km, tyres in excellent condition.The
wheels locked up on a wet asphalt road when a braked, after a car
pulled in front me and stopped. there was no pulsing on the brake
peddle nor did any lights shine up on the dash.
i was doing about
35km/h. mitsi agent said there is no fault! anyone else had any

Also under acelration the rear end of the car slid
out on me going up hill ON A WET ROAD at about 40kmh,there were no
warning lights on the dash. traction control was on. again Mitsi
service agents said there is nothing wrong with the car

wgtn, new zealand - Wed 21st October 2015 06:44am (GMT)
Subject : sat nav MP-8000
I have a 2005 Elegance and the sat nav displays NAV 1 then the screen
is blank i had not used it for a couple months but was working fine,i
have taken the disc out and put it back in again and sounds if its
loading up ok every thing else displays ok except the sat nav,is there
any set procedures i need to do ?

Derrick Glassford
Wakefield, west yorkshire, UK - Sun 18th October 2015 07:00pm (GMT)
Subject : mitshubishi l200
Hi can anyone help I have a 11 plate warrior that the tick over goes
up and down on its own when stood is this normal or a fault that needs
looking at

Tony Sutcliffe
north Yorkshire, UK - Fri 02nd October 2015 07:32am (GMT)
Subject : Broken Fan Belt
Hi have noticed broken fan belt on my Mitsubishi Shogun 2005 Elegance
3.2. Now Rear Lights and Brake Lights not working, does anyone know if
there is connection between these. Thanks

D Robertson
Midlesex, UK - Sun 13th September 2015 01:11pm (GMT)
Subject : Can you reset speedometer on a second hand unit?
I recently had to change the dashboard on my Mitsubishi Shogun due to
a malfunction on the temperature gauge. The unit I brought was second
hand and when installed the mileage showed up at over 50,000 miles
more than was on my car! Is there anyway I can reset it to the
original mileage of the car?

Christchurch, UK - Fri 11th September 2015 08:23pm (GMT)
Subject : Mitsubishi shogun2.8 /vibration through vehicle
when vehicle reaches approx 45 mph vibration starts continues
to 65mph approx, happens whilst in or out of gear,
coasting or driving
it continues any ideas people

cleethorpes, UK - Thu 03rd September 2015 02:59pm (GMT)
Subject : vibration through vehicle
when vehicle reaches approx 45 mph vibration starts continues through
to 65mph approx, happens whilst in or out of gear, coasting or driving
it continues any ideas people

cleethorpes, UK - Thu 03rd September 2015 02:51pm (GMT)
Subject :

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland - Wed 02nd September 2015 08:10pm (GMT)
Subject : pajero to triton
Does anyone know if a 1994 pajero engine will fit in a 2001 triton ute

justin sherman
Brisbane, qld, australia - Thu 06th August 2015 10:53am (GMT)
Subject : sat nav
Hi,just bought a second hand mitsubishi elegance 2005.Could any body
tell me where the sat nav dvd machine is placed as to place a map disc
in,the model is a mp 8000 Mitsubishi,i have looked everywhere but
can;t find anything,regards Tom.

Tom Berry
Blackpool, lancashire, UK - Sun 26th July 2015 04:03pm (GMT)
  • Subject : sat nav
    The sat nav dvd machine on mine is under the dash above the passenger

    falkirk, UK - Sun 09th August 2015 10:35am (GMT)

Subject : 53 plate shogun sport equippe
Does anybody know if it is possible to fit a 3 point seat belt into
the middle of the back seat as I have 3 children and often need them
all to sit in the back

iain Hughes
lancaster, la1 3lw, UK - Sat 04th July 2015 09:28pm (GMT)
Subject : rocket gasket 2002 mitsubishi pinin
anyone know how difficult it is to fit a rocker gasket to a Mitsubishi
shogun pinin 2002? or what a reasonable price would be for a mechanic
to charge? it's been such a reliable car to date that we feel it's
worth a try.
thanks in advance!

atir roche
LONDON, London, City of, UK - Sat 27th June 2015 05:59pm (GMT)
Subject : High rattle and squeaking sound
what causes the high rattling and squeaking sound in my 1996
mitsubishi pajero 2.5tdi, yet when its new it sounds fyn.if any one
knows the solution please help me out.

- Uganda - Fri 12th June 2015 12:27am (GMT)
Subject : light on intermitant abs 4x4 light
2001 mitsubishi shogun spoort 2.5td intermitant abs light and 4x4
light on thanks dougie

Woodingdean/Brighton/BN2 6UA, e/sussex, UK - Fri 01st May 2015 02:07pm (GMT)
Subject : mitsubishi shogun
my shogun starts fine then just after a few seconds the engine just
slows and cuts out. starts fine again but have to wait at least 5mins
before setting off otherwise will cut out again. once i am driving its
fine and can stop and start all day long with no problems. any advice
please please

denise jones
abergele, UK - Wed 29th April 2015 01:42pm (GMT)
Subject : Mr
I have a Mitsu L200 1996. 2.5D 4D56 engine. slowy driving in a car
park, there was a clunt and a bang from the engine and the truck
stalled. When in gear and rocking the truck backwards and forwards
there is not movement in the engine. Taken off the sump and cannot
turn the crankshaft. Something is jammed solid somewhere! I have a
service manual. Does anybody have any thoughts as what could have gone
wrong???? Cheers in advance

New Milton, Hampshire, UK - Wed 08th April 2015 12:09pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Mr
    you have probably snapped a rocker shaft.
    Remove the cam cover and
    have a look. These are not difficult to replace and not expensive to
    They fail because the rockers are not adjusted properly on a

    watford, hertfordshire, UK - Thu 21st May 2015 08:56am (GMT)

  • Subject : Mr
    you have probably snapped a rocker shaft.
    Remove the cam cover and
    have a look. These are not difficult to replace and not expensive to
    They fail because the rockers are not adjusted properly on a

    watford, hertfordshire, UK - Thu 21st May 2015 09:11am (GMT)

Subject : knocking engine
Oil level shows full but oil warning light is on, the light flickers
when selecting automatic transmission and also engine idle fluctuates
when selecting auto

ady Williams
Wrexham , clwyd, UK - Sun 05th April 2015 08:11am (GMT)
  • Subject : knocking engine
    I have a 2003 shogun 3.2 did automatic engine oil level shows full on
    dip stick but the oil light flickers when in park but goes on and off
    when selecting automatic transmission and engine is knocking, has
    anyone ever experienced this problem.

    ady Williams
    Wrexham , Clwyd , UK - Sun 05th April 2015 08:32am (GMT)

Subject : engine running lumpy after head gasket been replaced
we have a 2.5d shogun mechanic replaced head gasket now engine is
running like a miss fire and smoking bad from exaust?? need help asap

james baines
liverpool, kirkby, UK - Fri 03rd April 2015 02:15pm (GMT)
Subject : Engine cutting out at low revs when warm
My Challenger has just started the nasty habit of cutting out at an
intersection when stopped. The revs are low & the engine is warm. It
is fine when I start up in the morning but after about 15 mins driving
she nods off in the queue...any ideas anyone??

Brooklet, NSW, Australia - Tue 31st March 2015 09:08am (GMT)
  • Subject : Engine cutting out at low revs when warm
    Hi, i experience the same problem on my Mits Paj, 2.5tdi. However on
    mine there are two temperature sensors where the thermostat fits. One
    on the sensors that connects to the temperature gauge seems to be the
    cause of the problem.if i disconnect it the car runs fine. Disconnect
    yours and see what happens.

    Botswana, Botswana - Wed 22nd July 2015 08:16am (GMT)

Subject : Shogun Cutting Out
I have a 2003 Shogun 3.2 did. It has a problem of cutting out as soon
as you engage gear (auto box. At first the thought was fuel pump, tank
etc but all this has proved to be good. Even off a separate fuel
supply it revs, returns to tick over, but as soon as drive is selected
it dies. Any ideas please?

Robert Price
Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, UK - Thu 26th March 2015 06:58am (GMT)
  • Subject : Shogun Cutting Out
    Did you finds solution as I got same problem
    Merthyr tydfil, Mid glam, UK - Fri 24th April 2015 07:58pm (GMT)

    • Subject : Shogun Cutting Out
      havevyou sorted your cutting out problem on your shogun I have same
      problem??? Regards Rob

      abergavenny, UK - Mon 09th November 2015 07:28am (GMT)

  • Subject : Shogun Cutting Out
    Hi can u help my shogun does the same it a 3.2 di.d warrior estate
    2004 it just started to do it as it been stood for few month ive
    changed filter and it still same can you point me in rite direction
    plz thanks daz 07826670282

    sunderland, tyne and wear, UK - Tue 12th May 2015 07:26pm (GMT)

  • Subject : Shogun Cutting Out
    Hi, I've got the same problem. Pajero 2007 been standing for a while.
    Checked everything, changed fuel filter; gave the car injector cure
    and diesel cure and now it battling to start, if it does start it
    idles for a min and cuts out!!!! Any advice please.

    Johannesburg, Gauteng, south africa - Sun 18th October 2015 03:16pm (GMT)

Subject : noise after clutch change
I have just had a garage fit a comple clutch kit in my shogun warrior
sport after the thrust bearing started to squeal. Since I picked the
motor back up I get what people are describing as a 'chatter' which
goes when I put my foot on the clutch. I spoke to the garage that
fitted the clutch and the only answer I get is that it's 'the nature
of the beast!' They all do it!! This didn't do it before so surely it
can't be gearbox related or down to gearbox oil change which was done
when the clutch was fitted. Any pointers or the smallest amount of
help would be greatly appreciated. The only thing I will add us that I
am sure it was not fitted with a Mitsubishi original part, but would
this make such a noise on tick-over? Many thanks in advance .

Redditch, Worc's, UK - Fri 13th March 2015 01:58pm (GMT)
Subject : mitsubishi shogun 2004 3.2 did stuck in 4 wheel drive low

we have the above model. we have an amber light
flashing on the dash and no green lights.

all transfer
switches are okay. but light will not go off.

any ideas
anyone please.

if anyone out there thinks that they know a
lot about this model i would appreciate sharing some of your knowledge

rotherham, south yorks, UK - Sun 08th March 2015 04:33pm (GMT)
  • Subject : mitsubishi shogun 2004 3.2 did stuck in 4 wheel drive low
    It was the front ABS speed sensors faults that caused a the amber diff
    light to flash on my 2003 3.2 did. Did it if you drove more that 50
    yards in 4 wheel drive. Computer showed short circuit fault on both
    front sensors.

    Southampton, Hampshire, UK - Sat 21st March 2015 12:46pm (GMT)

    • Subject : mitsubishi shogun 2004 3.2 did stuck in 4 wheel drive low
      Iv got mitsubishi shogun elegance 3.2 auto, iv had the orage light
      flash when I turn it off and then back on again it goes out, when you
      drive 3 miles it comes on again, the front wheel lights flash green
      first then it goes to the middle and flashes orange??? Did you have
      same problem and how did you fix it, what was the code for it???

      clara statham
      SWADLINCOTE, Derbyshire, UK - Sun 03rd May 2015 05:55am (GMT)

Subject : To change from MPH back to KPH
I have a 1998 3.5 V6 Auto LWB GLS Pajero that I brought from Australia
to the UK and the mitsubishi local dealer did some electronic thing to
change the speedo to read MPH rather than the original KPH.
I am
now taking the faithful stead back to Australia and need to change the
speedo reading back to KPH.

Can anyone tell me what
electronic wizardry is involved and where it is located. Also, how to
change the speedo back to KPH.

Many thanks

Ken Spong
Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK - Sat 14th February 2015 06:19pm (GMT)
Subject : on board display
can any one tell me if i can change the on board mileage display from
k/m to miles on the screen .(how many miles left in the tank ) many

tony booker
marlow, buckinghamshire, UK - Tue 10th February 2015 04:28pm (GMT)
Subject : Rear stop lights
Just updated my 19yr old Pajero for a 56 plate shogun equip 3.2 I want
to have the rear high level tail lights connected to the bumper tail
lights but cannot get hold of the freflecters/bulb holders, can anyone

Barry Harvey
Newcastle, Staffordshire, UK - Mon 09th February 2015 11:50pm (GMT)
Subject : equippe sport
Are these shoguns known for gear box problems or am I just unlucky.
Ipswich, UK - Mon 09th February 2015 09:26am (GMT)
Subject : starting proplem
i have a shogun mk 3 it starts fine but a couple of times just cut
out as i start to pull off but starts up agian any ideas

Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK - Sat 07th February 2015 03:35pm (GMT)
Subject : my temp
my temp gauge is reading 3/4 when driveing but when you put the cluch
in it goes down 97 triton 4x4

cooran, qld, australia - Tue 03rd February 2015 12:04pm (GMT)
Subject : mitusbishi l200 new shape 08
I'm driving this jeep about 8 months know and a few weeks ago engine
management light came on so I brought to a mechanical he put on
diagnosis but couldn't find any fault so he told me it just needs a
good service after a week later it happens again so I brought it to
another guy for diagnosis an it reads fault with fuel pressure
regulator system is this a common problem for these jeeps and is the
symptoms of bad regulator enough to bring on engine light an put jeep
into limp home mode as this happens every time I'm stopped at traffic
lights and engine is left idioling, I drops back to a maximum of 2000
revs until I turn off the engine and restart it light stays on but
revs go back to normal until I stop again and if I keep the revs up
while stopped it's ok apart from light being on please help me out
with this one cause I'm baffled?????????.

padraigpearce brennan
Dublin , Dublin city , Ireland - Fri 30th January 2015 10:36am (GMT)
  • Subject : mitusbishi l200 new shape 08
    egr valve had the same problim get it took off and cleaned only takes
    30 min

    glasgow, lannarkshire, UK - Fri 13th February 2015 08:31pm (GMT)

    • Subject : mitusbishi l200 new shape 08
      mate check the egr valve i live close to you have a diagnostic machine
      that i can check your egr valve for free i had this problem

      glasgow, UK - Tue 03rd March 2015 10:41pm (GMT)

Subject : 2003 £ dr Pinin
I would like to convert the fixed rear windows to vent opening is this
possible? thanks

Gill Gallagher
Portsmouth, Hampshir, UK - Sun 25th January 2015 05:04pm (GMT)
Subject : l200 warrior 2006
i have owned above vehicle for 6 years now.This problem happened afew
years ago once and now again yesterday. Happened both times in cold
weather ( 1 degree) and before -5 degrees. Driving along at truck gets
to about 50mph and starts pulling and bouncing about.Got told its the
fuel freezing in fuel pump.put new fuel filter on 1st time it happened
and old filter was all waxed up. was going to renew again . is this
the fault or is it something different? how can i prevent from
repeating? any ideas?

darlington, durham, UK - Fri 23rd January 2015 03:22pm (GMT)
  • Subject : l200 warrior 2006
    If you look in the manual, in cold weather you can add some unleaded
    to thin the diesel. Up to 20% rings a bell but do check

    NKT, Sflk, UK - Fri 06th February 2015 05:58pm (GMT)

Subject : bad starting
2013 3.2 shogun bad starting been back to mitsubishi who say they
cant find anything wrong i have had to use easy start spray to get it
going any ideasregards roger

Bordon, Hampshire, UK - Thu 22nd January 2015 09:21am (GMT)
  • Subject : bad starting
    do you have the folt as i have one the same

    Sheffield, uk, UK - Fri 30th January 2015 09:06pm (GMT)

Subject : Fan belts breaking
I have a Shogun Sport 2004 plate and the fan belts keep breaking. My
mechanic can't find what's causing it. Any ideas please

Sandra Barber
Sheffield, UK - Tue 20th January 2015 02:24pm (GMT)
Subject : engine temperature not showing on 1998' Shogun
My engine temperature gauge stopped working showing nothing but engine
is hot.
It started showing a low reading temporarily then dropped
to nothing again

David Madgin
Chard, Somerset, UK - Sun 18th January 2015 09:58am (GMT)
Subject : Intermitant ABS LIght
Hi I have an intermittant ABS light showing.
Works as normal most
of the time but then will come on for no apparent reason and will not
Happens more in wet weather.
can anyone point me
in the right diirection?

graham erskine
Tonbridge, Kent, UK - Fri 16th January 2015 08:08pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Intermitant ABS LIght
    Hi, I used to have this on my "N" reg 2.8 Pajero, found the cause was
    the plastic filter that sits on top of the brake oil resavoir, cleared
    the abs fault if removed, no problem with brakes!

    Barry Harvey
    Newcastle, Staffordshire, UK - Mon 09th February 2015 11:59pm (GMT)

Subject : mitsubishi shogun 3.2 2004 starting problem
struggles to start then wont tick over
then wont start

checked the primer pump and goes soft.

rotherham, south yorkshire, UK - Sat 03rd January 2015 08:07pm (GMT)
  • Subject : mitsubishi shogun 3.2 2004 starting problem
    have you found the folt as i have the same
    there is no light on
    just doing the same as yours my number 07976890046 give me your number

    Sheffield, uk, UK - Fri 30th January 2015 08:59pm (GMT)

Subject :
My 2002 mitsubishi montero 4x4 makes a chirping noise when it starts
up and when you drives. Trying to find out what it can be

Watauga, US - Sat 27th December 2014 08:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Have you checked the belts. Sounds like one may be worn or loose.
    Accrington, Lancashire, UK - Tue 30th December 2014 09:36pm (GMT)

  • Subject :
    My Delica did this and even thought the crank bolt was firm the crank
    pully had started moving. Removing the pully shoewed the washer as
    shiney so slipping back and forth with engine vibration. The pully
    keyway had also widned increasing the noise with wear. The crank bolt
    was tight as it had bneen thread sealed. New pully solved the problem.

    Altrincham, Cheshire, UK - Fri 06th February 2015 03:56pm (GMT)

Subject : Crank but no ignition
I have just got a 95 pajero 2.8 turbo intercooler diesel automatic,
last night I placed the drivers side wing against a tree and it caused
a dent in the wing and side step, got it out fine got it home and
begun work in the morning to try and 1. Repair the wing and 2. Remove
the side steps.
Side steps removed fine, went on to the wing,
tried removing the wing but got fed up and ended up just getting part
of it off and repaired wing the best of my ability, put it all back
together went to start the truck and nothing.
No dash lights like
glow plugs, handbrake, battery, seatbelt you know the usual,
everything apart from the 2 front wheels flashing green on the dash
display, for the 4 wheel drive diagram.
Engine will crank and
crank and crank but no start, please any help would be muchly
appreciated :)

Craig Coleman
Somerset, UK - Wed 24th December 2014 05:08pm (GMT)
Subject : Central locking not working
Hi I've just had new fan belt on M reg shogun pajero lwb and now my
radio turns on and off alsorts of lights flash on the dash now and
then headlights don't seem as bright and the central locking isn't
working although the alarm bleeps and lights flash when I press it.
Can anyone help please?

Stacey Williams
Derby, UK - Wed 17th December 2014 09:22pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Central locking not working
    Hi, I had a simaler thing happen to our C3 and it turned out to be a
    duff battery.

    Peter cox
    Beckenham, Kent, UK - Sun 21st December 2014 01:34pm (GMT)

Subject : water loss
hi any ideas I have a 2001 y reg 2.5 diesel sho gun sport problem is
it is loseing water found water coming from head gasket and top hose
into block but cant tell exactly have to top up water weekly engine
has only done 69000 milels any ideas cheers jim.

fyvie, Aberdeenshire, UK - Mon 15th December 2014 09:45pm (GMT)
Subject : Ticking noise when engine under strain
I have just bought a 2013 Barbarian L200 with 7k on the clock, runs
great however slight ticking noise can be heard under strain i.e when
accelerating or going uphill, any thoughts what this could be, should
I be concerned ?

- UK - Sun 14th December 2014 01:46pm (GMT)
Subject : Ticking noise when engine under strain
I have just bought a 2013 Barbarian L200 with 7k on the clock, runs
great however slight ticking noise can be heard under strain i.e when
accelerating or going uphill, any thoughts what this could be, should
I be concerned ?

- UK - Sun 14th December 2014 01:46pm (GMT)
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