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Subject : mitusbishi l200 new shape 08
I'm driving this jeep about 8 months know and a few weeks ago engine
management light came on so I brought to a mechanical he put on
diagnosis but couldn't find any fault so he told me it just needs a
good service after a week later it happens again so I brought it to
another guy for diagnosis an it reads fault with fuel pressure
regulator system is this a common problem for these jeeps and is the
symptoms of bad regulator enough to bring on engine light an put jeep
into limp home mode as this happens every time I'm stopped at traffic
lights and engine is left idioling, I drops back to a maximum of 2000
revs until I turn off the engine and restart it light stays on but
revs go back to normal until I stop again and if I keep the revs up
while stopped it's ok apart from light being on please help me out
with this one cause I'm baffled?????????.

padraigpearce brennan
Dublin , Dublin city , Ireland - Fri 30th January 2015 10:36am (GMT)
Subject : 2003 £ dr Pinin
I would like to convert the fixed rear windows to vent opening is this
possible? thanks

Gill Gallagher
Portsmouth, Hampshir, UK - Sun 25th January 2015 05:04pm (GMT)
Subject : l200 warrior 2006
i have owned above vehicle for 6 years now.This problem happened afew
years ago once and now again yesterday. Happened both times in cold
weather ( 1 degree) and before -5 degrees. Driving along at truck gets
to about 50mph and starts pulling and bouncing about.Got told its the
fuel freezing in fuel pump.put new fuel filter on 1st time it happened
and old filter was all waxed up. was going to renew again . is this
the fault or is it something different? how can i prevent from
repeating? any ideas?

darlington, durham, UK - Fri 23rd January 2015 03:22pm (GMT)
Subject : bad starting
2013 3.2 shogun bad starting been back to mitsubishi who say they
cant find anything wrong i have had to use easy start spray to get it
going any ideasregards roger

Bordon, Hampshire, UK - Thu 22nd January 2015 09:21am (GMT)
  • Subject : bad starting
    do you have the folt as i have one the same

    Sheffield, uk, UK - Fri 30th January 2015 09:06pm (GMT)

Subject : Fan belts breaking
I have a Shogun Sport 2004 plate and the fan belts keep breaking. My
mechanic can't find what's causing it. Any ideas please

Sandra Barber
Sheffield, UK - Tue 20th January 2015 02:24pm (GMT)
Subject : engine temperature not showing on 1998' Shogun
My engine temperature gauge stopped working showing nothing but engine
is hot.
It started showing a low reading temporarily then dropped
to nothing again

David Madgin
Chard, Somerset, UK - Sun 18th January 2015 09:58am (GMT)
Subject : Intermitant ABS LIght
Hi I have an intermittant ABS light showing.
Works as normal most
of the time but then will come on for no apparent reason and will not
Happens more in wet weather.
can anyone point me
in the right diirection?

graham erskine
Tonbridge, Kent, UK - Fri 16th January 2015 08:08pm (GMT)
Subject : mitsubishi shogun 3.2 2004 starting problem
struggles to start then wont tick over
then wont start

checked the primer pump and goes soft.

rotherham, south yorkshire, UK - Sat 03rd January 2015 08:07pm (GMT)
  • Subject : mitsubishi shogun 3.2 2004 starting problem
    have you found the folt as i have the same
    there is no light on
    just doing the same as yours my number 07976890046 give me your number

    Sheffield, uk, UK - Fri 30th January 2015 08:59pm (GMT)

Subject :
My 2002 mitsubishi montero 4x4 makes a chirping noise when it starts
up and when you drives. Trying to find out what it can be

Watauga, US - Sat 27th December 2014 08:00pm (GMT)
  • Subject :
    Have you checked the belts. Sounds like one may be worn or loose.
    Accrington, Lancashire, UK - Tue 30th December 2014 09:36pm (GMT)

Subject : Crank but no ignition
I have just got a 95 pajero 2.8 turbo intercooler diesel automatic,
last night I placed the drivers side wing against a tree and it caused
a dent in the wing and side step, got it out fine got it home and
begun work in the morning to try and 1. Repair the wing and 2. Remove
the side steps.
Side steps removed fine, went on to the wing,
tried removing the wing but got fed up and ended up just getting part
of it off and repaired wing the best of my ability, put it all back
together went to start the truck and nothing.
No dash lights like
glow plugs, handbrake, battery, seatbelt you know the usual,
everything apart from the 2 front wheels flashing green on the dash
display, for the 4 wheel drive diagram.
Engine will crank and
crank and crank but no start, please any help would be muchly
appreciated :)

Craig Coleman
Somerset, UK - Wed 24th December 2014 05:08pm (GMT)
Subject : Central locking not working
Hi I've just had new fan belt on M reg shogun pajero lwb and now my
radio turns on and off alsorts of lights flash on the dash now and
then headlights don't seem as bright and the central locking isn't
working although the alarm bleeps and lights flash when I press it.
Can anyone help please?

Stacey Williams
Derby, UK - Wed 17th December 2014 09:22pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Central locking not working
    Hi, I had a simaler thing happen to our C3 and it turned out to be a
    duff battery.

    Peter cox
    Beckenham, Kent, UK - Sun 21st December 2014 01:34pm (GMT)

Subject : water loss
hi any ideas I have a 2001 y reg 2.5 diesel sho gun sport problem is
it is loseing water found water coming from head gasket and top hose
into block but cant tell exactly have to top up water weekly engine
has only done 69000 milels any ideas cheers jim.

fyvie, Aberdeenshire, UK - Mon 15th December 2014 09:45pm (GMT)
Subject : Ticking noise when engine under strain
I have just bought a 2013 Barbarian L200 with 7k on the clock, runs
great however slight ticking noise can be heard under strain i.e when
accelerating or going uphill, any thoughts what this could be, should
I be concerned ?

- UK - Sun 14th December 2014 01:46pm (GMT)
Subject : Ticking noise when engine under strain
I have just bought a 2013 Barbarian L200 with 7k on the clock, runs
great however slight ticking noise can be heard under strain i.e when
accelerating or going uphill, any thoughts what this could be, should
I be concerned ?

- UK - Sun 14th December 2014 01:46pm (GMT)
Subject :
I have a mitsubishi montero 1993 3.0 4x4 I have a problem when I drive
it normal shift, the 4x4 engage some time disengage other times stay
in 4x4, any one have knows, please reply.

California, US, UK - Wed 10th December 2014 05:01am (GMT)
Subject : mitsubishi l200 2002
Engine management light comes on when going up hills knock engine off
light goes out after 30 secs then okay till I go up hills again

Graeme Lowrey
Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK - Sun 07th December 2014 09:20am (GMT)
  • Subject : mitsubishi l200 2002
    This is a common problem and Mitsubishi knows about it and does
    nothing!OK if you look near your Turbo you will see connected to it
    the Wastegate which is lying horizontal and there is a diaphram
    connected by a rod that goes in and out when the Turbo is actuated.You
    can ether spray WD40 on it in case it is sticking. The other solution
    is if you follow the pipe down from the Wastegate to the engine you
    will see that it is connected by 2 nuts and the connection is
    oval.Make blank cover in metal and place it on top of the Gasket being
    careful not to break the fluted end of the pipe.This will then render
    the Wastegate as inoperative but will not affect your engine that you
    would notice.This in turn should stop the management light from coming
    on.I think that it also could be an electrical sensor problem giving
    the management system a false reading hence having waited for 30 secs
    thye system resets and off you go

    brestak village, Varna - Mon 08th December 2014 12:52pm (GMT)

Subject : 4 wheel driver stuck under 4H
I was driving in a muddy road and locked 4by4 under 4H. After passing
that muddy road it can go back to its normal position.

Maseru, Lesotho, Lesotho - Wed 05th November 2014 10:02am (GMT)
Subject : Accelerator free play
Hi all
I have a 1998 2.8td lwb shogun and would like to know the
correct free play on the accelerator pedal as there is almost 50mm of
play on mine and doesn't seem to be any adjustment left on the thread.

Peter Cox
Beckenham, Kent, UK - Tue 04th November 2014 09:23pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Accelerator free play
    I had a similar problem, the accelerator cable came loose on the
    carb.I put it back retightend ht nuts everything was fine.

    Kingston, Jamaica, UK - Sun 23rd November 2014 01:48pm (GMT)

Subject : Triton starting only in reverse
I have a Triton 2.5 DI-D that will only strat in reverse gear. there
are three switches on the gearbox one for the reverse lights one for
the speedo, what is the third switch for. When i take that switch out
and keep the pin in i can start the vehicle in any gear. Please does
anyone have a answer for me.

Gysie Burger
Strand, Western cape, South Africa - Wed 29th October 2014 03:16pm (GMT)
Subject : Mitsubishi shogun 3.2 di-d

my shogun 3.2 di-d wont key startnaturally , only when i
remove the intake hose and spray either fuel or aerosol in it does it
key start. does anyone know why this is .

kingston, jamaica, jamaica - Mon 29th September 2014 07:12pm (GMT)
Subject : 4H Gear Position
Hi, I got used 97 Montero Sport LS. I wanted to ask if you set gear to
4H position, does the stick move sideways? At 2H/4L the stick is
"locked". 1st time to own a 4WD Montero. Thanks.

Cebu, Cebu, Philippines - Thu 25th September 2014 07:51am (GMT)
Subject : Triton upper control arm bolts
I have a 00 model 2.8mk titon, upper control arm bolts keep coming
loose any ideas thanks

Lismore, Nsw, Australia - Wed 27th August 2014 08:00am (GMT)
Subject : turbo charger
please help me im looking for a wastegate actuator for my l200 2.5
di.d auomatic on07 plate

sheffield, southyorkshire, UK - Tue 26th August 2014 07:19pm (GMT)
Subject : snorkel
is there anywhere or anyone who can fit my snorkel to my
shogunsport[2005]in the doncaster area please???cheers

les robson
doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK - Sun 24th August 2014 11:21am (GMT)
Subject : Indicators on Shogun Elegance
I have just bought a 2010 Shogun Elegance and the only indicator which
is flashing is the small square at the bottom of the vehicle. I have
just contacted the dealership and they have told me that the
indicators/lights on the reverse of the vehicle are just reflectors?
Can anyone confirm this please as I find it hard to believe that an
indicator about 2 inches is the only one that should flash. Thanks

Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK - Tue 12th August 2014 02:28pm (GMT)
Subject : air condition problem
Hi, I have pajero 99, 3500 GDI.. I have problem with air conditioning
system.. When i switch it on the rpm pointer goes down and make stress
to the engine .. After that i loss the gas..please advise me ??

muscat, muscat, Oman - Sun 10th August 2014 05:57pm (GMT)
  • Subject : air condition problem
    I have exactly the same problem.. its driving me nuts.. i have a
    shogun 06 registration.. have you had any solutions or answers on what
    to do mate.. any sort of help will be gratefully accepted cheers

    craig milligan
    kilmarnock, Ayrshire, UK - Tue 02nd September 2014 02:38pm (GMT)

Subject : Gear Box?Transmission
Hello, i desperately need help. My GDI 3500 V6 2005 is starting
without a problem but the engine cuts out when gear is engaged. When
driving, the gears take a little more time to engange and you have to
step on the accelerator for you to go fsster

Ushiwa Choza
LUSAKA, Lusaka, Zambia - Fri 08th August 2014 11:11am (GMT)
  • Subject : Gear Box?Transmission
    My Mitsubishi pajero 6G74 engages gear pretty well during the first 50
    miles. when the engine gets hot, changing gears stays at 3 or 4
    regardless of speed, Engine warning light flashes and stops as the car
    hesitates. what is this and remedy please.


    joviter katabaro
    Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Fri 30th January 2015 03:14pm (GMT)

Subject : spacestar 1.9 did
hi I have a strange electrical prob with my spacestar 1.9 DiD unlocked
car as normal went to start car no dash lights checked batt and fuses
all ok then checked fuses again removed 40amp ignition fuse then re
installed it all lights came back on any clues have to keep doing this
every time I use car any help please

loughborough, leicestershire, UK - Thu 12th June 2014 11:01pm (GMT)
Subject : Indicators stopped working
Hi, both my indicators have stopped working on my Mitsi Shogun 3 door
P reg car, please can someone advise on what could be wrong? Thanks

lostwithiel, cornwall, UK - Tue 06th May 2014 01:39pm (GMT)
Subject : back seats
how do you put the back seats down on a 1992 pajero lwb. and does
anyone know hoe to drain the radiator as i want to flush it threw . it
has a overdrive on it does that affect it .

Adele May
halesowen, west midlands, UK - Sat 26th April 2014 12:40pm (GMT)
Subject : 3500 GDI
Reply with quote
Sad guys i really need help here im driving
mitsubishi pajero 6G74 3500 GDI model 2001, its have been having this
problem of lossing power, like when its cold it will start
and drive well and when i stop and start it agian then will be no
power it will drive for some time then the power will come back, but
today is just stopped well im
driving now is not starting, what
can be the problem please help

Gaborone, south East, Botswana - Mon 21st April 2014 04:35pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 3500 GDI
    Hi, It seems that thermostat valve is stucked and allowing direct flow
    of water from radiator to engine before getting a specific
    temperature. Surely heat indicator will show low temperatue as
    compared to earlier. Thermostat valve price is app 12 to 15 US
    dollars. It is located just after the out water pipe from radiator.

    M Irfan
    Kuwait, Kuwait, kuwait - Tue 20th May 2014 05:22am (GMT)

Subject : boost pressure
recently whiletowing caravan up incline engine management light came
on pulleed over stoped and turned off engine after a couple of mins
restarted all ok until another incline same again
took car into
garage mechanic put delphi tester on came back with error code 28

mechanic says its
boost pressure intake pipe pressure too
he checked all pipes for splits but nothing.
what's the cause and if it's safe to tow anything.

wigan, grrt manchester, UK - Fri 18th April 2014 07:58pm (GMT)
Subject : shogun 3.5 gdi
hi can you help me every now and again the back wheel on my shogun
locks if ye turn the car off and turn it back on its goes ok its a
frightening experience when we are all in the car

stoke-0n-trent, staffordshire, UK - Sun 02nd February 2014 02:51pm (GMT)
Subject : gear box oil smell
i have recently bought a 56 plate L200 Animal, after a week or so i
started to smell what i think is gear box oil in the cab, what do i
need to do? is it a case of a new gear box or is it something else,
there is no clunking noise when changing gear or slipping of the
clutch when driving but the smell is getting worse, please HELP as im
panicing that this will cost ££££££

Paul James
goffs oak, hertfordshire, UK - Sun 19th January 2014 08:01pm (GMT)
  • Subject : gear box oil smell
    make sure its in 2 wheel drive! do not drive in 4wd on road
    John Halsey
    Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, UK - Thu 27th March 2014 01:49pm (GMT)

Subject : speed sensor abs
hello,my shogun currently has the abs light on and when i plug it into
the code reader it comes up with speed sensor erratic behavior, i have
done a data check and all 4 speed sensors are working fine,any ideas??
thanks dave

david jones
holyhead, wales, UK - Thu 16th January 2014 06:47pm (GMT)
Subject : vibration
hello,my 2003 shogun 3.2 did has a bad vibration when you go over
40mph but if i take my foot off the excelerator the vibration goes
away,only vibrates when the power is on,any ideas?? thanks dave

david jones
holyhead, wales, UK - Thu 16th January 2014 06:43pm (GMT)
  • Subject : vibration

    The Problem Is Caused By What To Do
    Shudder as car
    accelerates from stop or low speed Loose U-joint Tighten U-joint or
    have it replaced
    Defective center bearing Have center bearing
    Loud clunk in driveshaft when shifting gears Worn
    U-joints Have U-joints replaced
    Roughness or vibration at any
    speed Out-of-balance, bent or dented driveshaft Have driveshaft
    Worn U-joints Have U-joints serviced
    clamp bolts loose Tighten U-joint clamp bolts
    Squeaking noise at
    low speeds Lack of U-joint lubrication Lubricate U-joint; if problem
    persists, have U-joint serviced
    Knock or clicking noise U-joint or
    driveshaft hitting frame tunnel Correct overloaded condition

    Worn constant velocity joint Have constant velocity joint

    Riyadh, ARRIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA - Sat 01st February 2014 10:27pm (GMT)

Subject : 3.2 Shogun speedo
I have just bought a 2002 Shogun 3.2 DiD LWB- its runs like a dream
but when I was on the motorway I was following my husband doing
somewhere between 70-80 mph and the speed was reading 50-60. This
morning my son took it out with a sat nav for comparison and reckoned
it was reading about 10mph slow
Any ideas?

Plymouth, devon, UK - Fri 06th September 2013 02:33pm (GMT)
  • Subject : 3.2 Shogun speedo
    What size tyres are on the vehicle? If they are larger(taller)than
    original, the rolling circumference is altered and the speedo reads
    under your true speed.
    Two complicated solutions:
    Go back to
    original size tyres;
    find an electronic gizmo that alters
    the signal from the VSS (vehicle speed sensor to take into account the
    larger tyres.

    Simple solution: add 10mph to indicated speed
    and enjoy the fact that your odometer is clocking on the miles at a
    reduced rate.....

    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:33am (GMT)

Subject : noise
HI i got a 4 wheel drive l200 the year is 1994. I got a strange noise
coming from the air filter. I clean the air filter but the noise i
think is coming from the engein and is making that loud sound.Can i
have an advice

port louis, mauritius, mauritius - Wed 28th August 2013 04:58pm (GMT)
  • Subject : noise
    Don't switch on the engine; this will reduce the sound so there will
    be nothing to worry about.
    Seriously..we can't tell what is making
    the noise until you describe what you are doing when it makes the
    noise; are you accelerating, slowing down, is it hot, is it cold, does
    it change after a couple of kms driving etc.

    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:37am (GMT)

Subject : Fuel Release Cable
Hi . My fuel release cable has corroded & snapped. Is there an easy
way of replacing it?

Cary Plumpton
Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, UK - Wed 24th July 2013 12:43pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Fuel Release Cable
    Theoretically you should be able to extract the broken bits from each
    end of the mechanism; then you need to measure the overall length of
    the broken bits to find the length of new cable; buy the new cable and
    with a little lubrication and luck slip the new cable into the outer
    and voila: working mechanism.

    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:39am (GMT)

Subject : Fuel Release Cable
Hi . My fuel release cable has corroded & snapped. Is there an easy
way of replacing it?

Cary Plumpton
Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, UK - Wed 24th July 2013 12:39pm (GMT)
  • Subject : Fuel Release Cable
    See above answer: covers all the salient points.
    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:40am (GMT)

Subject : showgun
hi I have a 1992 Mitsubishi showgun and it keeps backing up and my
radiator pips keeping going flat I have flushed the radiator out and
put a new thermostat in what can it be

lytham st annes, lancs, UK - Sat 20th July 2013 01:13pm (GMT)
  • Subject : showgun
    Looks like you need a new radiator core and/or a new bottom radiator
    to engine rubber hose. The water pump is producing suction and for
    some reason (usually one of the two above) there is no flow of water.
    Replace the bottom hose first as it is the cheapest solution.

    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:44am (GMT)

  • Subject : showgun
    ineed some explanation about this problem
    joanel michel
    miami, florida, UK - Tue 15th July 2014 05:23am (GMT)

Subject : Roof Rack and Roll Bar
Hi - I ve just bought a 2004 Double cab Warrior with a full length
Mountain Top ( Gas struts ) on the back. I want to be able to carry
ladders/steps etc so need either a roll bar that fits with the
Mountain top in place, or a Navara style roof rack where the back bar
protrudes behind the rear of the cab. Does anyone know where I can buy
either please ?

Spit Maloney
Greenhithe, Kent, UK - Mon 08th July 2013 08:43am (GMT)
Subject : oil pressure switch change
what size spper or socket do i need to remove oil pressure switch to
change it thanks kevin

kvin tapper
walsall, west mids, UK - Sat 29th June 2013 05:55pm (GMT)
Subject : water leak
I have replaced the radiator the water pump and the head but still
have a leak any ideas

Samantha Walters
looe, UK - Wed 12th June 2013 11:23am (GMT)
  • Subject : water leak
    WHERE IS THE LEAK???? Can you see it on the outside of the engine or
    is the coolant disappearing somewhere inside the engine?

    UK - Thu 16th January 2014 08:47am (GMT)

Subject : abs light not coming on
its not the bulb
paul lecluse
woking, surrey, UK - Tue 07th May 2013 01:53pm (GMT)
Subject :
Looking for the wheel arch extensions, front and back for a 2005
Shogun Sport, any ideas where to source?

Bishop Auckland, Durham, UK - Wed 17th April 2013 11:01am (GMT)
Subject : wet drivers side footwell after it has been raining and the car is stationary
every time it rains water gets in the drivers side footwell while
being usd and parked up i have checked the drains comeing off the
windscreen has any one any ideas

mr john gatward
jersey ci, channel islands, UK - Wed 10th April 2013 06:41pm (GMT)
  • Subject : wet drivers side footwell after it has been raining and the car is stationary
    I am guessing its right hand drive like my model with same
    cicumstances. open the drivers door and close to the hinge there an
    opening that carries the door wires. is that rubber that belongs there
    intact? water runs down there and enters if the rubber is missing or
    loosened. observe the passenger side and rectify.

    - trinidad, UK - Mon 14th April 2014 10:26pm (GMT)

Subject : electrical problems
I have a 2000 Mitsubishi pinin 1.8 pinin, the indicators have stopped
working {hazards still do}, side lights have also packed up though all
lights work if headlight function is selected.both front and rear fogs
have ceased working,
On the other stalk rear wash/wipe and front
washers have also stopped working.
I have recently had the cambelt
changed and the 4x4 select released on front diff.
can anyone help

Clare Weaver
Newport, Isle Of Wight, UK - Sun 10th March 2013 11:19am (GMT)
  • Subject : electrical problems
    Same problem, , did you manage to sort it out :)
    BOLTON, uk, UK - Thu 26th September 2013 08:32pm (GMT)

    • Subject : electrical problems
      yes thankyou it was the solders on the ICU unit resoldered all tickety
      boo :) but not before mitshubishi saying I needed whole new new centre
      piece indicators etc which they charged me £170 and then told me I
      didn't need it so still new unused! tried ebay but to no avail :( out
      of pocket big time!

      clare weaver
      cowes, Isle of Wight, UK - Thu 26th September 2013 09:02pm (GMT)

      • Subject : electrical problems
        If you mean the box on the rear of the fusebox, have already changed
        that and the stalks from a scrap vehicle,

        Thanks for

        Bolton, Lancs, UK - Thu 26th September 2013 09:54pm (GMT)

Subject : Mitsubishi Shogun Warrior 2.5td
Hoping someone can help> I have recently bought a mitsubishi Warrior
2.5td, it is a 2006 model. While driving after using 4x4 it just died.
I coasted to the side of the road. The engine management light is on.
The car starts and then splutters and idles very low, when accelerator
is pressed it smokes but does not rev. I have it at a Mitsubishi
dealer here in South Africa but they claim they cannot diagnose the
problem because it is an imported car and they do not have the right
engine on their computer. I have two questions 1) can mitsubishi not
get the codes for this from you in the UK? and 2) what could the
problem possibly be?

JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, South Africa - Sun 30th December 2012 03:07pm (GMT)
Subject : L200 Oil leak.......
Is there anybody out there that can help me solve my Oil leaking
problem, I changed the sump gasket only to hav to do it all again as
just didn't get it quite right 1st time around because couldn't remove
the sump to clean it all up properly so had to take it all apart +
clean it all up + fit another sump gasket on it, Hav done all of this
properly, bolts tightened etc but still seems to b leaking from
somewhere but can not see where from as the engine is covered in oil,
I woz wonderin if any1 else has had the same problem after changing
the sump gasket + did you eventually find out wot it woz?? Could it b
the oil pressure switch??

Joe Millichamp
Newport, Monmouthshire, UK - Wed 26th December 2012 04:05pm (GMT)
  • Subject : L200 Oil leak.......
    did you change hose from alternator to sump gets hard and leaks.
    original had no sump gasket was sealed with grey silicone can try
    that. check oil pressure unit and finally check crank shaft seal

    fareed khan
    waterloo, carapichaima, Trinidad and Tobago - Thu 23rd May 2013 12:33am (GMT)

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